KATHY WAKILE: KomaKathy’s BORING BravoBlog… “Growth, Learning, Health” Blah, Blah, Blah…

October 17, 2012  10:57 am  Bravo...  

Too many hurtful things have been said and too many feelings have been trampled on. Everyone is talking and no one is listening; I wonder, where do we go from here?

In life there isn’t a rewind button, but unfortunately in reality TV there is. It is always difficult to have to deal with issues you thought were already put to rest. I guess in some ways though, it can be beneficial. It has shown me a way to learn from mistakes and try to make the future better. I have always believed that life is about growth and change, and I’d like to share some of the things that I have learned and some things that have helped me grow.

I have learned that most people are good-natured and supportive. I have learned that the viewers are caring people whose interest in me is very heartwarming, and I want you to know you have my sincere thanks. I have learned to listen to critique and criticism and understand the difference between helpful constructive criticism and just plain meanness. I have come to understand who I can count on and has my best interest at heart and who does not. But most of all I have reaffirmed that my family — and by that I mean my husband, my children, my mother, my sister, and brothers — are the ones who have never wavered in their love, support, and kindness. They are the true meaning of family.

I have grown so much as a person, and the RHONJ experience has enabled me to become involved in many charitable organizations that are now so close to my heart. As you know, I have become very involved with The National Brain Tumor Society. Just this week I was invited to be the keynote speaker for a program held by The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation in NYC. These experiences and the giving and sharing that accompany working for a cause are life-changing and positive. I urge all of you to get involved in helping out in any way that you like. It will change you in the most wonderful way!

I encourage you to all to stay positive. I have learned that is the key to healthy growth and a fulfilling lifestyle. And I wish you all the best until next time.



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110 comments on “KATHY WAKILE: KomaKathy’s BORING BravoBlog… “Growth, Learning, Health” Blah, Blah, Blah…

  1. I would like to tell you Kathy that most of us were already involved in charity work long before the RHONJ. I know, you’re just late to the game, again.
    Ok. Now just move on so I don’t ever have to see you again.

  2. She is super annoying. She showed her true colors in this reunion. I don’t believe/trust anything about her.

      • I’d like to thank Ms. SH for posting that picture of Ritchie sucking on Kathy’s lip, I won’t be able to eat for a week and I need to fit into my Mother of the Bride gown. God Bless you for this service, this picture will be posted on my refrigerator and I expect to be barely able to hold down water.

        • Now that is the product Katfish should be pushing on QVC.I am positive that priceless picture is a very effective diet aid. Can the cannolis, this is the real money maker. Congrats on the wedding.

    • Yep and don’t you just love that passive aggressive quip about her REAL family. No mention of the Gorgas who she humiliated and disrespected. How about an apology for calling an elderly man with a heart condition a COWARD? Seriously, she had a go at elderly people. How much lower can these people go?
      I hate this wench!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Exactly! Even Don Caro demonstrated moments of brief humanity during the Reunion. The only thing out of Koma’s mouth was vitriol! She was acting as if she was on the rag, her dog died and she had a boil on her butt AND these events were all the work of Tree. That is how insane and bitter she came across. If she wasn’t joining in on the bullying, she faded into the background.

      • Still loving that Juicy asked her if *anyone was talking to her* and told her to sit back and shut up! LOLOLOL

        • I know donnalee me too… it really was the best put down she could have received. She looked like she knew she wasn’t relevant… and she wasn’t. Missed the reunion segment when she trashed Tre’s parents… nice one.. or Rosie bellowing off stage. Hope they are gone for next season… got your botox, nose fix, cannoli kit, get outta here!

  3. “in life there is no rewind button”. She must be stealing all of Chuckie’s bumper sticker wisdom.

  4. Does Katfish not realize that the viewers got her number at the reunion? She hasn’t grown a bit. She has always been the nasty jealous person that we saw on the reunion show. “It’s your show, the Teresa show” spoke volumes to me. 1. It IS her show. 2. You were overcome with jealousy over your cousin’s fame so tried to take it from her. 2. You went on the show, bashed and attempted to defame her 3. Between bashing sessions you made it obvious you wanted to be her (i.e cooking, calling your desserts happy endings, naming your desserts after family members) Even your castmates barely acknowledge you. What a disgrace you are.

    • disgrace and cold bitch. I just can’t get over her katfish kooch and her vile husband’s wood. UGGG. I’d go on hunger strike before I would ever touch anything she makes.

    • I LOL when Kim D. said everyone knew about the set-up but WHorsey & KAT-FISH and without missing a beat WHORSEY jumped on that to play victim once again and said “EVERYONE KNEW BUT ME” guess she even knows KAT-FISH is not important,she used her for what she needed, and she could go away now.

      • Yup, at last season’s reunion Meho made out like she and Katfish were the victims of mean ole Tree but this reunion Meho was all in for herself. I wonder if poor old Katfish even saw it coming..

  5. Interesting that JoGo or MeGo are not mentioned as fambly. Doesn’t she think that they have her best interests at heart?

    • It was a SNUB, I tell ya! A purposeful, hateful SNUB!!!

      She deliberately left them out of her toast – - – I mean blog!


  6. It would be interesting if K did really believe in growth & change. Sad some people say that & can’t figure out how to apply it to their lives. I guess her daughter moving on to college is her idea of growing (?) well at least it’s change. But the boring blog title , this is KomaK after all. We wouldn’t expect anything else right? :D

  7. Charity work? She has no money to give and no one even knows who the F she is. She’s some boring B-wad second string dink wad on a reality show so how does she dedicate herself to charity? What, does she go and bag up the trash after banquets? Shut the F up, you bug eyed, big butted, tuna smelling yawn festival. Get ta gettin’,

    Oh, and be sure and take your foul penis nosed husband with you.

  8. In the words of Juicy. Who cares??? Was anybody talking to you? Go scratch! No one cares Im hungery and want to go eat! I am sorry I loved Juicy being part of the reunion. What are YOU gonna do? No what are YOU gonna do. Bring it midget! lol I loved it.

    • Me too…. I wouldn’t want to be married to a Juicy type… but I loved his attitude on the reunion… it was real… like “we all know this is bulls**$! so let’s go already.”

      • Actually, if the cheating rumors are false (and I think they are…there’s just no proof), I wouldn’t mind being married to a guy like Juicy. While I’m already married, some of the qualities I love about Juicy are the qualities I love in my husband. My husband keeps quiet and doesn’t fight my battles unless I need his help, he calls a spade a spade, and he isn’t afraid of anyone. He doesn’t take anyone’s crap, but he’s a good friend and a good brother. BUT, don’t cross him. If you do, you’ll be sorry. I think Juicy has all of those qualities and, at the reunion, Juicy was crossed and the others were sorry.

          • He reminds me of my hubby only difference is my hubby says kick rocks instead of go scratch. Which by the way if there was a best one liner of the season Juicy wins with Go scratch hands down. It was funny as hell. I love the way he just doesnt give a crap what people think.

  9. I wonder if any of her kids friends eat anything she prepares??? I wouldn’t walk within 10 feet of that house!!

    • I think that is the real reason why her kids “friends” didn’t show up to their party. Certainly not because Bitch the Rich told them not to invite them so they wouldn’t know they were related to Teresa (too late you joined the show she was on all on your own, BRAVO I’m sure did not have a gun to your head) I would bet they have no firends because their parents are white trash and the few they might have had are not allowed there anymore.

  10. It took her to go on a National TV show to get involved in a charity that deals with children that are inflicted with the same condition her daughter had one would think that she could and should have done that years ago and promoted that as her storyline for 2 seasons instead of trashing her cousin every chance she got within smelling distance of a camera or using her sisters sexuality as a way to garner followers to schlep her cannoli kits to or to brag about her husbands nasty ass erection as her alarm clock and to whore out her children’s naivety (coughing) about good ol’ beast like verbally abusive life threatening Aunt Rosie coming out. I think Kathy needs to go back to her kitchen and stick her head in her oven instead of Bravo Andys ass!

  11. So, everyone got their blog in but Whackoline, which she said she was going to submit on Sunday and that was the last we would hear about T from her (yeah right!) So, was the nut case lying or are Bravo and her still battling it out in the “editing” process? LOL I can’t imagine she would let this one last opportunity to list every little bit of info she has told us OVER and OVER again pass!

    • You have to give her time for certain liquids to wear off. :) KomaK & Mego are too boring to worry about i/m/o. & Jax , her rants are funny but sad at the same time. I like Carowhine’s best. I did feel sorry for her at first but the whole pity thing only lasts so long. If she keeps going (& unlike some viewers I hope she does) I will still watch , the comedy in it is just too funny to pass up. She gonna get Tre & dem viewers with all dat venom grrrr!!! :P But I do hope Chris L. pulls Jax back from the brink. I think unlike the narcissistic Caro, Jax’s anger is , in part based on missing Tre & she’s afraid of eggmitting it so she blames Tre like some blame their old b/fs & g/fs they’re still in love with.

  12. Have you noticed that the least relevant people on this show always have the longest blogs?

    Kathy…”GO SCRATCH!!!”

  13. I’ve said it once and I will say it again. I honestly think she picked those fights with Teresa at the reunion as her attempt to stay relevant. She’s the only one of the NJ Housewives who aren’t in Bravo’s most searched list. She’s just too boring!

  14. Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is a fish canoli and why would I want to buy the ability to make on from a box? I thought she was doing desserts?

    • RGM, you are much nicer than I am. I would tell her to go somewhere, shall I say,….. considerably HOTTER.

  15. I hope they kick her and her big girl’s blouse of a husband off the show, she brought nothing but jealousy and spite, I did not like her from day 1 but gave her the benefit of the doubt, every single episode all she can talk about is Teresa while also trying to garner sympathy with truck driver Rosie. I believe Teresa when she said Kathy was not accepting of her sister at first, she is probably only accepting now because of Miss Andy.
    The real Kathy was what she showed us on that reunion, she is a hateful bitch she can call Teresa’s parents names but as soon as anything is said about her father she throws a fit I was willing Teresa to punch her in the mouth and in her place I would have run back stage and put Rosie in a headlock.(Thank goodness I am not a housewife)
    I have no doubt Juicy has cheated on Teresa and I am sure Teresa has caught him out more than once I think she chooses to overlook it as many women do. Either way that is between her and her husband not for Katfish,Wacko Jacko, Chucky Mewhore to worry about.
    There is a lot more to Chris than meets the Eye “The quiet ones are the worst” In my best Juicy voice.
    I like Juicy, I like that he is a man’s man he can be a bit of a neanderthal at times but that is what makes me laugh about him. I love the way he stood up for Teresa using two words or less he put them all in their place and he made the rest of the men look like the pussy’s they are.
    Kim D looked horrendous and basically sat on the fence and cleared up nothing really, I did not see the point of her being there and Joe Gorga should have kept his apology evrything he said that night was true!

  16. I love how she uses the passive voice (should be passive-aggressive voice) in the first sentence.mLeta edit it and insert active voice: “Imhave said too many hurtful things and I have trampled on too many feelings.” Kathy is in troublemifnshe has to use a rewind button to learn about herself…especially if she believes that Bravo edits her to promote her self growth. I just might print this out as an example of now not to answer an open ended question about yourself. I hope Karhy becomes Missy’s backup singer and they all move to L.A.

  17. I like the idea of Katfish being Melissa-mess’s back up singer at garage sales. She could pour herself into more too small satin outfits and bee bop de she bop de doo. She could be like, a white Braxton.

  18. Did anyone notice how she said the only family she can count on is her immediate family? She did not do her usual references to everyone BUT teresa. Me thinks something is going down amongst these people…to be a fly on the wall!

  19. Does anyone else think Kim D. looks like Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars ? And also, Rosie is so flagrantly gay she really needn’t have come out to her niece and nephew. They for sure were not shocked. So believe Tre when she said Kathy was not accepting of Rosie’s sexual orientation. Andy should have called that neanderthal Rosie out for her vile diatribe . He just loves all his fellow gays despite any over the top disgusting behavior some display. Bet he loved all the penis exposure crap from Joe Gorga and Richie Wakile All that supposed machismo Jogo displays makes him look sexually confused. Bet if he realized that, he’d quit it really quick. No more Tarzan!!!.. People who harp on and on about their sexual prowess are usually not very secure about their sexual identity. Agree with others about Juicy. He was a breath of fresh air on the reunion show.

  20. Shame really , she could have been an interesting addition to the show. I think she let the producers & Carowhine do too much to direct her this season. Maybe that’s why she seems so boring, maybe the real Kathy got lost somewhere in the crowd. Or maybe she really is snooze worthy all by herself.

    • Kathy’s problem is:
      1. She’s boring
      2. She’s nasty and stirs up trouble
      3. She’s passive-aggressive
      4. Her husband is a lecherous pig
      5. Her husband is repulsive
      6. She talks about her husband’s disgusting boners
      7. She tastes like fish
      8. Her husband is repulsive
      9. Her husband is repulsive
      10. Her husband is repulsive
      11. Her sister is a sweaty psycho
      12. She’s irrelevant
      Feel free to add to list.

  21. “It Is Clear Kathy Wakile Has Not Learned … Yes, we can still see through you – the ruse that is truly Kathy Wakike!”

    We Did Not Even Have To Read Between The Lies!

    Until Kathy Wakile Meets Kathy Through Telling Herself Her Truths …

    Still “twisting-and-slanting-phrase’s in the most self-serving-Kathy-Wakile way!” I know the “twisted and slanted version of “the rewind button” phrase is right out of (copyrighted) phase of “moi-own!” From my Bravo post writing pages! Anything to make ones self appear important – relevant Kathy Wakile! “The farewell ‘spiel’” was “‘alluded’ to a ‘contrived’ ‘audience’” of well wishers and admirers. Strange – as if deluding herself – is the gist of her whole existences!

    Hopefully with all the free time “KaMo” has coming she will “replay the tapes” to learn that she was the issue! Kathy Wakile the “‘nemesis’-cousin(s)” along with the “nonsensical relations” reared their ugly heads and their spoils of vanity and self-centered and self-importance for notoriety!

    The constant diatribes of her cousin Teresa to promote herself for whatever she could absconded from Teresa’s sole rightful place on the planet! This was the driving force that lead Kathy Wakile ego! Kathy Wakile reckoned she she could gain the fame and popularity and all the riches and fame could be her personal oyster! As soon as she could yank it from “Guidice’s” grasp!

    “Heck of a deal!”

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