JOE GORGA: First Photo of JoGo… As A Chippendales Dancer!!!

October 17, 2012   We have the best readers/commenters at SH!!!


(Thanks to SH reader “Wan”!!!)

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52 comments on “JOE GORGA: First Photo of JoGo… As A Chippendales Dancer!!!

  1. I still can’t get over hearing JoGo say, that when he Did perform for both Chip & Dale…he made a couple thousand a night! OMG -Oh No He Didn’t.. just say that — did he?!! I guess both Chip & Dale had pretty deep pockets!!!!


    • That’s what Ive always heard Candy. I doubt he danced for Chippendales or anyone else. That looks like a recent picture ….totally a ploy to take the heat off MeGo. If JoGo was dancer we would heard that story by now especially considering all the overt sex play.


  2. Oh geez… for those thinking this is a real photo, it’s not. A creative reader, Wan, photoshopped it for our amusement.


  3. Photoshopping is terrific! Only one minor suggestion, the pencil you used for the elephant trunk is too big, you needed to use a golf pencil instead of a no. 2 sharpie.


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