DINA MANZO: Dina “ClearsThingsUp”

Just to clear things up… OCTOBER 17, 2012   DinaManzo

A lot of you are wondering why in the world I would film with Teresa after staying away from the housewives for so long. Let me first say that I’ve gone to every single one of Teresa’s parties that I’ve been invited to, most of which the cameras were NOT rolling. When Teresa asked me to attend the fabellini launch my first question was “will there be cameras there?” She said yes, but you can come after they leave”…as I have done in the past. But that’s not where it ended…

(What most of you don’t know and you can choose to believe this or not, but up until the night of the deck debacle and Teresa showed up at my doorstep crying, I had no idea that she was even fighting with Caroline and Jacqueline, that’s how much I stayed out of that bullshit and even after that night I had no idea of the extent of the hate until I watched it live with all of you)

Now back to the fabalini launch…I showed up 2 1/2 hours late hoping the cameras would already be gone (I know that it was naive of me) I was promised that I didn’t have to be mic’d at first, just show that I was there to support Teresa. When I arrived one of the producers took me aside and explained to me that Teresa was really taking a beating this season and needed some much needed “on air” support. As a friend I felt bad for her, as a human being I never like to see anyone standing alone (I was always that girl in the lunch room who went to sit with the loner in the corner of the cafeteria) It is also why I was so quick to forgive Danielle at the reunion. I don’t like when Everyone is against one person and I certainly don’t like to see this happen to someone I care about. Teresa has always supported me and has especially always supported Project Ladybug. She has come to every charity event I have ever asked her to and never complained taking this time out of her crazy schedule to help me. At the time I was even under the impression she was doing celebrity apprentice for ladybug. In the end she chose another worthy foundation, was I disappointed at first???

Absolutely, but she explained to me how she met this beautiful little boy with a rare disease and it really hit home for her. Now how can I be mad at her for helping a sick child? I was proud of her for giving a foundation that i was told had no prior national exposure a platform. BUT I would be lying if I also didn’t feel a bit obligated to be there for her “on air” too because of this. I would cut off my right bubbie for these kids and one quick scene on housewives didn’t seem that bad at the time…Boy was I wrong, do not mix booze with raw emotions…let me first explain that 90% of our convo was about her brother and Melissa.



That is where the “blood is thicker than water” comment came in. Think about it, does it make sense that Teresa would bring that up about her and Caroline’s relationship?? You guys are smarter than that… Now from my understanding this scene was shot AFTER even the reunion and things with her brother was worse than ever. I was explaining to Teresa that blood is NOT always thicker than water when her brother has to get in bed with his WIFE every night and not her….and we all know (unfortunately) about Joe Gorga’s poison. Water wins in this case every time! TRUST ME.

So here I am giving Teresa advice to just give her brother his space then she brings up my sister…did you see the look on my face? I was pissed but before you go getting mad at T I’m sure the producers convinced her this was a good idea, I could be mad at her but I understand the position she was in. I also understood via text from Jacqueline that I was a topic of not only season 3′s reunion that was just filmed but throughout season 4 as well. A part of me felt I should say my peace and I was pissed I was even brought up, I don’t know who did it and at this point I don’t even care.I had also had a few fabellinis on an empty stomach after a LONG day of shooting for HGTV and there was a lot of hurt off camera with my family who is on the show. So I went ahead and said how I felt about the joke in the book. Do I regret talking about it on camera? Was it wrong of me?? Yes yes yes… But it’s done and I can’t take it back. I should have walked away but I didn’t. I do feel that this book nonsense is all that -nonsense…but I regret talking about it on film.

Ok… It’s now Sunday night, I wrote this before I saw the last reunion tonight…I still feel the same about regretting filming but I DO NOT feel bad about defending Teresa, I know what it’s like to be on the other end of an attack like this and I don’t think it’s cool. She had nothing to do with my issues with my family in fact as I said before my issues stem back all the way from season 1. Teresa and the girls were buddy buddy up until last year, so please stop saying I chose her over my family…it’s really annoying. I would also like to say that I have 11 siblings…my family does not consist of just who is on this show and yes I do talk to the other 9 and I’m quite close to many of them and my parents. So enough with thinking I will die alone please…

I will publicly say I think they ALL handled this wrong…I begged some of the players (I won’t go into who) to just respond with kindness and all this will end. But I understand how emotions can get the best of you…they did tonight after I watched the show. I do wish all this could end, I don’t like seeing people especially WOMEN fight like this. If you can’t get along with someone or you feel that they just don’t like you…JUST STAY AWAY. Well at least that’s what works for me, you can completely FORGIVE people for how they treated you but it doesn’t mean you have to go back for more. Do you guys get it??? Thanks for listening~ Peace


(Thanks to SH reader “Anika”!!!)

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218 comments on “DINA MANZO: Dina “ClearsThingsUp”

  1. I find it truly amazing that Dina and Chuck are cut from the same cloth. Dina is zen and kind and reasonable and fair and joyous; Chuck is angry, bitter, nasty, boorish, rude and petty.

    • I totally agree. Dina has a lover not a fighter spirit. Caroline has a Oscar the grouch attitude. Or as one of my aunts fav. Saying “she’s a lowdown heifer.”

    • So true. Dina seems to really work at being a good person. It truly takes work and being able to see past yourself and empathize. Admit your wrongs and move forward.Caroliar aint never gonna be that person.

    • I tell you, what chuckie and jax did to Dina was bad enough that Dina can’t stand being around chuckie.

    • I like Dina, I really do, but something about this doesn’t add up. Maybe she’s backtracking from all the hate that she’s getting? I don’t know why she would write this if she weren’t getting some hate her way but the thing is, her brother and sister acted like bitter idiots on national TV bashing T and not taking responsibility for the demise of their relationship with her. They are both (chris and chuckie) responsible for attempting to break T down publicly. I personally would not want to be associated with family members that are known for defrauding the public and that are seen as bullies trying to break down a person. I wouldn’t say anything bad publicly, but I would definitely distance myself as to not be guilty by association. Wouldn’t it be worse for her BRAND to stand with family that is clearly being malicious? I thought that Dina was brave, until now, for standing up for the truth and not allowing herself to get bulldozed by the Manzo fans. Am I wrong?
      Why would the mention of Chuckie make her pissed off? If she truly feels that the joke in the book is nonsense, why the heck does she regret talking about that on camera? For the record it is nonsense and for Chuckie to use that publicly as a playing card for hate; makes her even more stupid that she already is.
      Fabellini on an empty stomach– so what? It appears that she is making excuses for filming which I don’t understand why. Isn’t this sort of like a backhanded slam at T? Maybe I should re-read this when I am not so tired.

      • I get what u mean and agree… I feel like she wants it both ways. She does not want to really tell whats wrong, but still wants to look good, and be the loved one. She actually looks more and more like a coward to me. All that talk about removing herself from drama, but she still in the limelight, and In the middle of it. And dont think it is wrong to support T, if she feels that shes been treated bad, even though Chuckie is her sister, bc T has been her friend for many years and is guardmother to her daughter. That makes T family too.

        • She does seem to want it both ways, not tell but be favored. Caro did take her in after her divorce, problems stemming from S1 she says.. sounds more like it’s about the Bravo show than family issues… we’ll never know what really is the deal from any of them.

          • There was a rumor – I believe it was here on SH – that Dina is mad at Caro, Jaq + Chris because they didn´t quit the show when Dina had to leave because of the situation with her daughter (i.e. the baby daddy not allowing Lexi to be filmed). According to that rumor she felt as if they “didn´t support her”… OMG, if that should be true, Dina is definitely to blame for the rift! That would make her such a self-centered egoist. Why would she even expect her siblings to give up their tv-presence/income source only because she cannot have it. That would be so selfish!

            Then there was the thing about her brother Jamie´s wedding. Dina wanted it on her show and then she blamed Caroline for taking it to Bravo. But I read that Jamie was the one wanting it on Bravo because of the much larger audience. Nobody watches Dina´s show, that´s why he chose to air it on Bravo. That explanation makes a lot of sense, more than any other. It wasn´t Caroline´s decision to make, it was Jamie´s. And then Dina was pissed off and didn´t even attend the wedding. What kind of a sister does that?!?!?! So selfish. Who knows, maybe she even influenced the other 9 siblings not to attend, either, convincing them they needed to “support” her. Who knows…

            So, if those things were to be true, there certainly wouldn´t be room for praising Dina like some poeple here are doing. But, of course, like you said, we´ll never know the real truth…

            But I have to say, something always struck me as odd about Dina and things don´t seem to add up, so I am inclined to believe that she is not the Zen kind of peaceful angel that she likes to portray. I kind of believe there is a selfish biotch in there…

            • I agree… no one, myself included, is all sweetness, light and zen. Dina is ambitious..not that there’s anything wrong with that… but I could see where the above situations would run interference with ambitions. Having her brother’s wedding on her show would have been such a boost to her ratings and viewership.

      • Hello MC:

        Nice to know of you. I enjoyed reading your heartfelt as well as insightful post! I felt I would enjoy sitting with you and sharing concerns on vast issues and gain calm and rewarding input. Your perceptive and discerning synopsis is exemplary is grasping much if not even all – of this poster blog!

        I concur on many if not all points – it is just that I am not privy to all aspects of Dina inferences. She has always seemed to talk out of both side of her mouth, sort to speak. As I found her obnoxious and deplorable with Danielle. Danielle beautiful children now have that haunting display of “that gang” crucifying their mother! Now that horrid legacy plays for out on screen! Because the sister’s were “determined how high the standards were to set!” Danielle paid her dues – according to the laws of this law!

        Caro-Don quote being: “We are thick as thieves! along that line. Dina has traits that seem sincere. Yet, she give with one hand only to take back with the other! How can a loyalties be depended on in that vain? The remark about sitting with the child in the corner. Bothersome at best. She did not display compassion and discernment for someone on national televison!

    • I respectfully disagree. In season 1 Dina was a really mean person who was not zen but total hate. She was very mean toward Danielle. Dina is full of it. She is probably still angry that Caroline and Jac were not fired like her. She owes Caroline a lot for setting her up with her current sugar daddy…oops, I mean husband Tommy.

      • Danielle was a NUT. Who WOULDN’T want to NOT be around her?

        Besides, I don’t really remember Dina being mean to Danielle. I just remember Caroline having a stick up her butt when it came to Danielle, Teresa being the follower, and Jacqueline throwing her friend and sister in law under the bus during the finale.

        • For sure, Danielle is a crazy nut. I agree with you on that. However, Dina didn’t have to be cruel and she was. Saying things like “she wants to wear me like last year’s versace” and the whole book thing. That was just plain ol mean.

          • I also agree that Dina was mean to Danielle in the first season. She made snide remarks, and had a passive aggressive way about her back then. There is more than one way to be mean to someone, and Dina showed that she could very well be mean when she felt like it. That’s one reason I never warmed to her like a lot of other people seemed to do, because she reminded me of the stereotypical mean girls from middle school/high school, who used passive aggresssive haughty behavior. At that time in season one, the Manzo family used to say stuff like Dina is not a fighter and doesn’t like confrontation and stuff like that, but she sure had a “b*tchy” attitude and that can lead to major confrontations. I do respect her for trying to rise above all of the negativity though, and being self aware enough to know that the type of behavior that has been displayed on the Jersey installment just isn’t cool.

            • See around this area Dina was the one with all the juicy stories.Brfore the season 1even aired i had heard a lot about her cheating ways and what her ex in laws thought about her.I like Teresa a lot and i by her taking the high road as for dina i dont know her but it seems like an act. but i like zen ppl.By the way when i went to zen jens shop in pompton lakes nj. Her staff seemed to b team caroline /gorga and had lots of pics even w/ komakatfish.

      • I agree, like the other ladies on the show, Dina is no saint, season 1, I was not sure what to think of her and found her to be mean as well????

  2. I think forgiving people but not going back for more is pretty much what Dina’s approach is to Jax and Caro. She’s saying she loves her family, but she’s showing that she isn’t going to get involved with their crap anymore.

    • I come from the same kind of situation with my family and I see Dina and I have the same attitude: Forgive, but don’t forget, and, don’t be a masochist. Separate yourself, keep peace with yourself, do your best to stay whole. That’s all you can do.

    • I agree. I didn’t like Dina very much s1 but, hey, folks can change and I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt here. She was a bitch to Danielle (no excuse for that) but, dang, that one is a nutjob, trying to be all gangster with that punk, Danny. The Manzos try to throw that badass vibe out there, too…..they’re all just ridiculous. I wouldn’t be surprised if in retrospect, Dina just decided to be a better person…much easier to change when you’re away from the mob mentality. And I don’t believe that the friendship between Teresa and Dina has one thing to do with any of those other people….they’re friends from way back and have managed to stay that way in spite of thecrap swirling around them.

  3. It’s all about making choices. Dina has the wisdom to be around those that support her and stay positive. That takes most of us a lifetime to learn.
    Why would anyone want to be around Caroline and Jax when they put out such negative energy on a stupid tv show. Just for a few bucks and a little fame? Speaks volumes about them.

    • Makes you wonder who respects people when they get like that. They both seem to be wallowing in their own misery.

    • Hello Paula2:

      It almost makes it seem as though things may be pleasant the next time around for NJHW. If there were to be a another – newer attempt at portraying New Jersey in a more wholesome light.

      It been wonderful hearing people stand up for NJ. While the series did a very poor job of heralding the virtues and the panache of the state and it’s people. I have been there it was lovely – as were friends and persons that we met!

    • I dont really think she does. She clearifies a lot of things and for me its seems like she just want to set the record straight and explain herself and the actions that has been going on.
      Well done Dina

    • Dina did say she wrote this after the reuion show, again Caro and Chris blamed Tre for Dina not talking to them. Maybe she is sick of them saying that. Maybe she would like to see them stand up and say they were the ones in the wrong.

      • Definitely- in a subtle way, she is giving back to her siblings the same as what they were giving to Teresa: the “just own it, admit it and move on.” I think she wants Caro and Chris to see that they are doing to her what they have accused Teresa of doing all season. I also admire that she is evolved enough to see this for what it really is: total nonsense that means nothing in the long run. There are more important things in the world than the petty arguments between all of the women on the show.

      • Then she needs to say that to Caroline not millions of people who dont give a crap. Dina was a pot stirrer and just like Teresa she fools her fans with her fake miss goody two shoes act.

        • Plus insofar as Dina is concerned she’s a beauty and has quite a following… had she stayed on HWs she would have been one of the favorites for sure…. unless editing got in the way.. she was popular and fans were upset that she wasn’t coming back.

        • I don’t think I’ve ever thought of either of them as “goodie” kind of women. Tell me what they do to caused you think that. (Lisa this is not a mean reply, I really find myself wondering because maybe I missed something)

        • Agreed lisa, she does need to say that to Caroline and not millions of people who as you said “Dont give a crap”. Dina was/ is a ^hit stirrer and not this miss good two shoes she tries to protray on camera.Teresa acts just like her with the I am old school and I love my fambily and I never do anyting wrong Shirley Temple Act…with that mouth of hers and filthy cuss words,that screech of hers that sounds like nails on a chalkboard…they are so much a like.

    • I have to agree. She said she left the show due to her daughter and husband. She tried her own show and it failed. Everyone knows she doesn’t have the most fantastic marriage. He cheated on her before the big wedding and many have said that he still is.

        • I caught the wedding show Dina was on… frankly I’m surprised he’s her type… in those clips he was like a high school kid…. attitude wise… not appealing.

      • This is to no one in particular… I the only one who is amazed at the judgement and stating rumor as fact regarding these people’s marriages? Many people get married for different reasons and stay married for different reasons, some honorable and some not, both men and women. There isn’t one formula or standard for everyone although one would hope that there is love and respect on whatever level that is acceptable for BOTH people. Judging these people’s marriages from the little we really know or see is just an effort in futility. And I don’t care if you live next door to Caroline or Teresa or Dina, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors….and, yes, I know that they put it out there but I guess it kind of bothers me to hear things continually stated as factual that no one could possibly know.

        Ok, going to get a bandaid…I skinned my knee falling off my soapbox :-) .

    • LOL, its so true. Who is Dina fooling with all the peace and love BS. In season 1 she was horrible to Danielle and was all about HATE. She is a big hater and is still pissed that Caroline and Jac were not fire like her.

      • was she fired or did she leave? if she was fired, why was she fired? she indicated that she walked away.

        • The rumor is that she was fired becuase her husband didn’t want to be filmed and I think he didn’t want their kid on the show too.

          • Hello Hoosha:

            Just trying to remember all the pieces, hope you do not mind.

            I was under the impression that she left on her own accord. Perhaps, something to do with being with her daughter. Also, her lovely daughter was her’s and her ex-husband – was my thought. Remember her packing for vacations? As Dina would cry as her daughter laughted.

      • I think she left due to the legal issues with her daughter. Fired or walked, either way it wasn’t her decision. She wasn’t popular when she was on the show. Remember Danielles words, she use to work in the salon. All the sudden Dina was better than everyone else. Almost everyone did not like Dina and the way she treated people on the show.

  4. Dina and Tre share alot in that they have both been persecuted by DonCaro and have risen above it to find their niches of success. Tre needs to see the peace Dina has found in leaving RHONJ. Perhps if the next season lays off Tre she will be able to spend less time and energy having to defend herself at every corner although I don’t know if Mandy will let that happen. She definitely has paid her dues and deserves her own show. She probably would hate to leave the show because she needs the money. She really is between a rock and a hard place.

  5. Dina has every right to defend herself. When you get upset or have a big fight with someone, sometimes time will cool things down. But its harder if the other person is still talking about you to other people. I was getting ready to forgive a friend recently after a long rift when I was told by a mutual friend that she is still saying bad things about me. But yet she wants to be friends again? No, my ex friend is not Jac. But now I cant trust her at all. I think this is how dina is feeling.

  6. Dina put her money where her mouth is and walked away from this show. Hard to sympathize with the whining of those on the reunion who are “done” (to use their language) – you’re not “done” if you keep coming back for more filming!

    • I thought Dina was let go because she forged her ex husband’s signature to allow their daughter to be filmed? But they made it seem like SHE willingly quit, to save face and the lawsuit that was being threatened by her Ex.

      • Again this was a huge rumor and I’ve never taken the time to look into it (I mean could i really anyways?) lol! Everytime I read something on Dina, this comes up. Hence, I was asking a question above, not stating I knew. ;)

        • Ask yourself this question – Who gave that information to Danielle? Was it Teresa? Was it Caroline? Was it Wacky Jacky?

          • I think you are probably right. If it is true that Jaq gave Danielle the information about Dina forging the signature, that would explain Jaq’s suddenly making up with Danielle at the reunion. Danielle could have outed her and Jaq made sure that did not get mentioned by the hugging love fest even after Danielle was trying to get Ashley put in jail. It is pretty amazing how similar Dina and Teresa’s problems are. Am I wrong or was Dina the first person contacted for the show and brought the others onboard?

            • Apparently, Angela Hadjiapostoli is Dina’s ex-husband’s sister (Lexi’s Dad). Angela owns the salon in Wayne, NJ Nisha where DIna and her BFF Jen used to work. Jen is Chris Laurita’s ex-fiancee. Chris was cheating with Jac in Vegas while he was engaged to Jen. Jac becomes pregnant and forces Chris to marry her. So Chris breaks it off with Jen. Danielle gets her nails done at the Nisha salon in Wayne by none other than Jen, so that is how she knows about Jac, Chris and Vegas. Angela, the owner of the salon asks Danielle how the air time Bravo contract works for her girls, do both parents need to sign? Danielle says that in her case both parents have to sign because of joint custody. Angela tells Danielle, that her brother has joint custody of Lexi and he was never asked for authorization nor did he sign any contracts. So having this information our dear ol’ Danielle tells Jac who confirms this info. At the reunion, Caroline goes all bonkers on Danielle about what she did to Dina, hence the lawsuit Lexi’s dad threaten on Bravo for putting on Lexi. But it was not Danielle, it was Angela, Lexi’s aunt that told her brother. So, instead of facing a lawsuit and possible jail or fines for forging a signature on a contract, she quit the show.

              Jac and Chris may have told the truth about meeting in Chicago, I don’t know for sure about that. Chris was not serious about Jac, she was his side dish when he was in Vegas. Jac realizes that Chris will not breakup with Jen and she gets pregnant. This is why the Laurita’s did not like her, she threatened Chris and the family, so he married her because he had too (old Catholic family). What Jac is afraid of is that Chris will leave her for someone else or is cheating on her because he never loved her. What starts wrong is not going to end right.

              I don’t have first hand information on this, I got it from googling and found very old sites and posts on this. Even on yelp a review on the salon business. I have to give alot of credit to whomever the Jen girl is. She could have sold her story and all the pictures from her time spent with Chris and the Lauritas. It doesn’t mean she will not do it, but for now, she has shown more class than Jac ever will.

              • Given her silence, Im thinking this Jen is smart enough to realize that she dodged a bullet with the Manzita fambly. Good for her for staying out of the drama. Im betting her ex fiance has a couple of “what ifs” floating around in his head. Bad enough Chris has to keep putting out Jacs fires…but Im sure she has given HIM a crazy attack at some point. Im sure Jen was upset at the time…..her fiance impregnating a Vegas stripper and all…..but sometimes we dont know what is best for us. Good for Jen.

              • A very good breakdown of the whole Dina situation, Anita, and a very plausible explanation. The story sounds very true and is exactly what I understood, as well, from the snippets of info that we did get.

                The Jac story, on the other hand, is too much speculation for my taste. How can you know what was going on in Chris´s mind? How can you know whether Chris loves Jac or not? There are lots of possible scenarios in this story. Maybe Chris really wanted Jac but she didn´t want to leave her home in Vegas (she had Ashley and her parents living there) and that´s why they were on and off. Maybe that´s why he tried settling with someone from his hometown, Jen, but maybe he didn´t love Jen and actually never forgot about Jac. Maybe Jac did get pregnant w/out intention and then, as a consequence, finally decided to take the step and move to NJ so they could be a family. That scenario sounds very plausible to me, too. Ultimately, we will never know the truth, unless someone who is involved will spill the beans…

          • I think it would seem like its Danielle b/c she goes to Dinas ex salon but knowing caroline or Wacky u never know.

            • Prolly wacky jackie who divulged info to danielle about dina. Now that we have seen the things jac has done to teresa (as far as spilling confidences) its safe to assume she may have done it about dina also. They didnt really get along on the show, so you just know nasty jac was doin her scheming. Also i didnt mind dina on the show. Yea she had some remarks but she was funny.Dina may have heard things about danielle even before the show and didnt want to associate withher, which is understandable if that was the case.

      • She did. George was furious that Lexie was on the show. Dina was forced to remove Lexie from the show and I think she left also. She has never said but I heard after she closed her business that was located in the Brownstone, she quit the show and wanted to reopen the business. The Manzo family chose not to let her open it back up in the Brownstone.

        • Somehow I missed this when reading. I asked this question below. Dina’s husband is part owner, though. It seems that he would have as much say as Caroline’s husband.

          • Exactly. It only makes sense that if Dina Wanted to… she could & would have, after all, her husband is partner’s with Al. They are brothers, and the business was left to the two brother’s when they lost their Dad. Dina CHOSE to walk away… from the show…..from ALL the Bullsh**!

  7. Great post, thanks for sharing. Dina is so very real and so very kind. Am glad someone has Tre’s back cuz I gotta say, it’s chilly in Jersey. Eek.

  8. I thought it incredibly boorish of Chris Laurita to say he wasn’t going to say anything bad about Tre but then go on — and on! — saying that he assumed Teresa must have played a part in the problems he’s having in his relationship with Dina.

    It’s amazing to me that he said this at the reunion that was taped just a month or so ago despite Dina’s repeated written protestations — which we know Jac, at least, would have read online — that the issues between her and her family members had nothing whatsoever to do with Teresa.

    I find it breathtakingly hypocritical that Jac and Chris and Caroline all pontificate ad naseum with respect to the Gorga family problems — who’s right, who’s wrong, and what needs to be done to fix things — when Chris doesn’t even seem to have a clue as to what is causing the rift with his own sister.

    One has to assume that he doesn’t even care enough to find out and, along with his ridiculous wife, is just piling on Tre.

    • You are so right Real Mafia Grandmother. Always thought Chris Laurita was above some or most of this nonsense, but after listening to the reunion show #3, don;t think he is so very honest at all. He and Jac have plenty to fess up to about their own finances and the accusations of fraud regarding their clothing line businesses, to say nothing of the BLK fiasco, another lawsuit and another attempt to cover up fraud and theft. Who on earth do these people think they are??? If you love Dina so much, then admit where the estrangement issues are and both you Carobully absolutely know it has NOTHING to do with Teresa. What a fool you will both look when it all becomes public knowledge? Many people have already figured it out, so just fess up and quit the insane accusations against Teresa, esp. you, Caroline. Stop with saying Teresa has an agenda to ruin your family. Please! When and WHY would she do such a thing.? Teresa was genuinely bewildered by your attitude toward her in season three which was Bravo producer inspired and you know you went along with it so you and your whole family would have some relevance on the show and ,could continue your pathetic attempts to shill your irrelevant, unwanted products on T.V. and get paychecks for your children, who, by the way, aren’t children anymore. Your outrage over Teresa’a initial cookbook comment was so nothing for you to scream about. No one really understood your outrage until it became apparent that you and Bravo were trying to create controversy.. Most fans for the longest time couldn’t figure out what the h ll you were talking about. It is now apparent and you and your whole family look ridiculous , but yet you continue on and on and on.Please quit.. You look like a loon. All of you do. Just take a look at your puppet of a sister-in-law. Wack job, train wreck. Her sanest moment was slapping your face before the show ever aired. The viewers know a lot more than you think and only the dummies believe you and Chris and Jacquelines absurd lies. You have sold your souls to Mandy and Bravo.

    • Sorry Jo, but Dina was the only one to walk away from this show when it got so ugly. She has been Teresa’s good friend for 15 plus years and is godmother to tre’s youngest daughter, a very big honor for Italian Catholics, so why should she drop Tre because of Carobully;s inane acussations?. Her estrangement from Carobully has a lot to do with their gay brother, Jamie’s, wedding which was originally supposed to air on Dina’s show .until Carobully interfered and it wound up on Bravo. That was dirty pool as Dina’s show could have used the ratings boost. That is why Dina was not at the wedding.and Chris’s support of the vilifying attacks by his cray, cray wife along with supporting Carobully by NOT revealing the truth about much of this backhanded fiasco have contributed to more family estrangement. So, no, Dina is so NOT full of cray. Caroline has almost a monopoly on that load.

      • I think she walked away because of a legal issue with her daughter. I don’t think she walked because she wanted too. Why then would Dina keep up the idea of having her own show with Bravo. Her show was only on for two weeks. I think there is alot more Dina is not saying.

        • Dinas Show was nt on Bravo for 2 weeks. Her Show is in its 2nd season on HGTV. What r u talking about?

    • I agree, Jo. Dina walked into that situation and deliberately put on a mic knowing the cameras were rolling.

    • I agree. My personal belief is she is the ultimate golddigger. She was flat broke and showed up at Carolines door with her child and lived there. She and Tommy started seeing on another and he even cheated on her. She married him in that elaborate wedding and gossip says he is still going out on her. Dina says that she is only not speaking to 2 of her siblings, but others say there is more she isn’t talking to. She refused to go to Jamies wedding.

      • I used to think the same thing that tommy cheats…..but i go tp the browmstone a lot =( and i never she albie. Tom is alwas there even on the floor to see how things are running.Als to busy with jilly.

      • Don’t know much about Dina, but I did start to watch her wedding from the link in the SH masthead, and I was totally turned off when she was saying she wanted the biggest wedding cake anyone’s every seen, the most flowers, etc. Can’t relate to that at all. Most people I know with money are more refined than to act like that or spend like that.

  9. Dina talking about Chris and Jjacqueline?
    -Water wins in this case every time! TRUST ME.

    Ashlee and Jax?
    No sure if everyone remembers the twitter exchange between Dina and Ashlee when Jacqueline jumped in and gave Ashlee the complete opposite advice as Dina to clearly be spiteful.
    -I begged some of the players (I won’t go into who) to just respond with kindness and all this will end. But I understand how emotions can get the best of you

    • Wow, I was just going to make a comment on the water wins in every case part of the blog. I thought the same thing – Chris must choose his crazy wife. That’s why he made the statement about the rift with Dina being Teresa ‘s fault. If he said it was Jacqueline (which it probably is), he would probably wake up with Jac standing over him with a knife.

      • Ha Ha!
        I Rumor is (and I am sure I read some of it here) Chris was engaged to Dina’s best friend (Jenn?) when he met Jax so that didnt sit well with Dina. She was very close to Chris until Jax moved here due to the “bun in the oven”. Jax didnt get along with Dina for a long time and I’m sure when they finally did start getting along, they “fake it til ya make it”, which is jaxs favorite line to teresa. I am sure Jax spoke from experience. Jax and Caroline didnt get along either I assume because Caroline stood with Dina. I believe Jax and Caroline only have a relationship because Caroline and Dina don’t speak. I am sure if the sisters do makeup, Jax is out! I think Jax relationship with Danielle was based on their mutual hate for Dina.

        • What is amazing to me is how stupid they are going on tv not thinking al their crap was going to fly out! I am also surprised Danielle has kept all of Jac’s crap a secret, which eventhough I don’t like her either, makes her a better person than crazy Jax!

          • I actually internet searched Jen like you did around the time roxy poxy account came out. Looked for salon and got her name and searched from there.

            I think Danielle truely cares about Jax, in a nonsexual way (or may it is a sexual way?) and that is why she is not telling her secrets. It’s like that ex-boyfriend you ended off on a bad note, but you don’t want to burn your bridge with them because you will take them back in a heartbeat. They had that wild child bond. I respected Jax a lot when she stuck up for Danielle on the finale. Danielle really wants friends but she doesn’t know how to act without chasing them away.

  10. They say Teresa is the link but its really Jac. Dina has hinted a couple of times. Jac has said in her blog before that Chris and Dina were best friends before Jac came into the picture.

    Dina is Teresa shes jealous of SIL because she took her best friend/brother away. Her husband cheated on her.

    Jac is Melissa the ex-stripper, gold digger, call girl, “victim”, like to use their kids as an excuse, and shady past.

    Chris is joe he’s going to always side with his wife.

    Caroline is Kathy she sided against her own blood for reality tv when Jac and Caroline decided to stay on the show without Dina.

  11. Ok I get really annoyed with Dina’s comments. She doesn’t sound like the most loyal Tre friend tbqh. She seems pretty spoiled and full of herself.

    • BINGO…it’s all about Dina…at least she admitted to being disappointed that Teresa picked Nephcure instead of her Project Ladybug.

      Sad to think Dina can’t put her feelings aside to lend support to her brother Chris. his youngest son is autistic and ALLL Dina raves about is How hurt she is….no wonder she and Teresa get along so well….poor me. …victims selfish brats

      • She stays away from Chris because his wife is a crazy wack. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings for what Chris is going through. Since she generally does not twitter crazy crap like Jac, how do you know she is not being supportive?

        • I’ve read that this “Lori” person is REALLY WACO JACO lmao good one Waco we all no who u r there’s no fooling Teresa and Dina fans….now go SCRATCH!!!!!!

      • Okaaaay, so Chris Laurita is supposed to get a free pass on being an @sshole ‘cuz he has a son with autism. He should be allowed to misrepresent the cause of his estrangement from Dina and she is not supposed to attempt to set the record straight? Okaaaaay.

        Clearly, Chris has no interest in making amends with Dina or he would not be attempting to put the blame for the breakdown in their relationship on Teresa when clearly she is not the reason Dina no longer speaks to him. Whatever happened between them, they need to work it out and that isn’t going to happen when Chuckie and Chris keep blaming Teresa instead of acknowledging the real problem, whatever that may be.

      • We can smell you or your Mom’s comments a mile away. Get off the internet and take care of your family. Please go see a psychiatrist.

      • this sounds like something only WacJac would say!!!! Are those voices in your head talking to you again Jacqueline? This time you’re Lori, huh?

  12. some interesting comments! Jacqueline is seeming shadier and shadier as this all unravels.
    jac i think your about to get exposed!

  13. Dina did the mature thing, stated her opinion on her blog without name calling instead of a mean girl Twitter war. She had the right to defend herself because her own siblings brought her into the fight on the Ho show. They didn’t have to go there but they did.

    As far as Chris, I agree with Juicy that he is shady. He cheated on his fiance with Jax. He stole millions and millions from a corporation. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And Jax remember the cliche, if he did it with you, he will do it to you.

    • I agree. It must be maddening for Dina to have an agreement with her family, to not speak of what the issues are between them, but have to endure Caroline and Chris publicly making up nonsense and insinuating something it is not.
      Dina warned them on twitter a while back, if they kept it up, she would talk. I can not imagine any sane person listening to someone talk about someone they care about, get blamed for something they had absolutely nothing to do with and never saying a word. If I have ever seen someone push someone to talk, it is this situation. Dina does not touch on it, but can you imagine the emotion she must feel when she hears Caroline give advice on family? Dina has said nothing unkind about her family, she has kept the issue quiet. She simply has not allowed them to pretend it is something it is not. She is not a bad person for that.

      • WELL SAID, FIFY!! I’m sorry but there are some who seem to think that if Dina says ANYTHING AT ALL then it smacks of support for Teresa (God forbid!) therefore Dina is creating drama, being self centered and that she should shut up and go away. Her blog was anything but a Teresa lovefest…..she held Teresa accountable as well as others on the show. Obviously, her blog was written out of frustration with the whole lot of them…..and, frankly, it sounds like she is sicker than sh*t of being dragged into the show’s ‘storyline’.

        • I didn’t watch Season One, but this comment rang a bell – when Jac said she cdnt tell Tre who she tweets, it has to be Dina, cuz she said Tre wd beat the person down. Let’s face it – Jac CANNOT sic that lunatic Tre on Anybody!!!!!!

          • If ANYONE AT ALL is tweeting or texting Jac….and Jac may be making all that up….it surely IS NOT Dina. Jac and Dina strongly dislike each other. They have for years….before the Housewives were a glimmer in Ms Mandys eye. The LAST thing Dina would do is side with Jac over Teresa. There is tons of speculation over the real reason behind Jac and Dinas feud. Jen the nail girl fiance, Carolines influence, Danielle and the book…whatever. I think its simpler than that. Most people can see that Jac is a troublemaker and a bad friend. As soon as she has a problem with someone, she runs around and tells their business. If you are no longer friends with someone….you stay out of their business. Whatever they told you AS A FRIEND IN CONFIDENCE is to be locked away in the vault and key thrown away. They told you that as a friend. It is SACRED. If you break that code….you are a bad friend. Makes no never mind that you are no longer friends. Thats it. Isnt that enough for Dina to have a problem with Jac? Does anyone believe that Jac just started doing this because of the tv show? Im sure she has caused countless problems in the Laurita family. I would not be at all suprised if she was the root cause of the current sibling rift. ……because she is not the hurt little girl Caroline keeps insisting she is. She is the hurter. SHE does the hurting.

            • Totally agree, parkview. Anyone with half a brain can see that Jac is not a reliable friend….and Dina is not that stupid. IF there is any merit whatsoever to the ‘secret’ texter and ‘secret’ tattletail stories that Jac is throwing around, then my money is on one of those twits at the PFS who kept insisting that Tree come back inside and stay when Tree was talking about just leaving right then. Those girls seemed like famewhores in the makin’, just trying to keep the drama going. Or maybe it’s that upstanding, everybody’s friend, skanky Kim D. She wouldn’t be the first person to play both ends against the middle.

    • Fake or not, that’s what *roxyproxygirl* was claiming..that Chris got with her. I don’t see any *twitter eggs* claiming to get with Juicy!

  14. I can relate to Dina 100%. I am in a similar situation, I do not speak to multiple family members because of issues that stem beyond not seeing eye to eye on things. I can tell you that my life is a more peaceful environment and its OK to not talk to certain people who bring nothing but hurt into your lives. She owes NOBODY an explanation as to why she doesnt speak to them or why she is still friends with Tree.

  15. So, Dina said Tre has supported her with Project Ladybug. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Tre choose a Trump charity to support during her Celebrity Apprentice stint and not Project Ladybug?

  16. I cant get over MiniJoe was a Chippendales Dancer. How petite he must have looked next to the average height men. I think he meant Chip and Dale Dancer…like those chipmunks at Disney World who dance in the parades.

  17. Jac is at the bottom of all these “problems” – she fed Danielle info about Dina’s daughter’s father not signing a consent form to be on the show. Caroline and Jac did not back Dina’s play when she walked from the show because one wanted to promote her nasty adult children and the other doesn’t like the fact that Dina didn’t accept her as the golddigger, got preggers on purpose way she snagged Chris Laurita. Caroline backed Blk Water for her “sons” to be run by her brother Shady Chris. So now she owns Chris’ loyalty and the kids have moved on to a restaurant venture. IMO, Jac was made to break her friendship with Teresa as payment for Caroline’s bail out of the brink of bankruptsy Chris because getting Teresa off the show would put the Manzo boys back in the spotlight.
    Dina has always said Teresa supports her and that they are friends. Dina and Teresa do not get into their individual family problems or take sides in them. Dina was sick of her brother, sister and SIL not owning the real reasons why they don’t speak – enough said. It is all about money and revenge and the Manzo/Laurita crew knows how to play those cards all too well..

  18. Dina walks on water.She politely says the only reason she went there is because teresa was going to use LB on CA. She didnt know they would keep the cameras there that late. They get their best scenes when everyone is leaving. This is textbook def of passive aggressive. You are talking about a fame whore who married a supposedly “straight” guy who admittedly cheated on her. In my world theres no maybe he is straight so i’ll marry him. It does help that he has lots of money and my wedding will be a big show focusing on how much I spend on this wedding. I’ll give her this least she is staying relevant whith no shows to promote. OH WAIT!!!!! DINA BMUD PARTY!!! check the ratings for that show as i have and you’ll see why she is jumping into the tank

    • I truly think she is the ultimate golddigger. She married a cheater for the money and he is still cheating. She closed her business in the Brownstone, her show flopped and she is alittle out there with all the zen, crystals and all the weird stuff she is into.

  19. Hard to believe she & Carowhiner are sisters. Dina comes across as a happy , whole person while Caro just seems bitter & codependent. I’ve always liked Dina , she seems to be a total human being with her own life & Caro sits around getting (even more) bitter & plotting. The same thing Dina pointed out about Danielle in the first two seasons. Her sister needs to take a not from Dina’s play book & get her own life , her own happiness , before she gets any older. Even when it’s blood it’s hard to respect someone that seems to have “Loser” stamped on their forehead.

  20. I feel bad for Dina, she’s tried to stay out of it as much as possible, but the other ladies, even Teresa, keep dragging her back in. At least Teresa is a real friend to her. Caroline and Jacqueline bring her name up just to prove they can talk about someone other than Teresa, and to use her as another reason to hate Teresa. I’m not a Teresa fan, but the other ladies, especially Jacqueline, are ridiculous

  21. ” I don’t like when everyone is against one person”says the person who led the mean girls rountine against Danielle with the “She All over me like last Year’s Versace”.
    I didn’t want to be taped…but you let them put a mike on you.
    I had no idea Caroline & Theresa were fighting…your husbands work together, you both talk to your parents & siblings and no one mentioned it, in a year you never saw each other at a family party, it’s all over social media which you use & read, and in a year you never received an email or text from Theresa, Caroline or Jax about it…….ok sure.
    I don’t want to be part of the Housewives franchise…but you run to the be on the talk show of the Executive Producer of Housewives and have popped back on for appearances on hw every season since you left.
    Whoever said above the Dina& Chris with Jax relationsahip is probably alot like Tre/Joe with Melissa is Spot on. Dina’s TRUST ME comment looks to be saying as much

    • Am I wrong to say the span of time between Dina leaving the show and distancing herself from all the women and the night Teresa came to see Dina after the deck ambush was only three months? I dont think it was a year. And they all agree, even Jac, that Dina stayed away from all of them. Also, eventhough Al and his brother work together, believe it or not, most men dont get involved in this petty nonsense their wives are indulging in. As much as I resent Als whole water comission thing, I think he is probably one of those men. Hs probably used to Jac and Carolines little spats with other people, and doesnt think much of it when its going on. Most men just dont care about this kind of garbage.

  22. Thanks for clarifying that for me, gramalot! It sure wold have made MORE sense for Jamie’s wedding to be on Dina’s show IMO. Featuring the decorations and the cake, to what they were all wearing, it would have made more sense. I could not understand why it was featured on HW’s!

    • I REALLY dont get why they all wore lillipads on their heads LOLLLLLLL Dina wouldn’t have let that ish happen!

  23. Well I don’t really like to quote bible verses on an entertainment blog, but here it goes. The only reason why these families are being torn apart is because they are not following Gods laws and principles regarding marriage. Scriptures are listed below. Here’s the thing when a grown man gets married his mother, sisters, aunts, female cousins don’t get to run his life anymore. All the decisions that the husband and wife make are none of other family members business especially if it has to do with personal preferences. If your male family member knowingly dates and marries a stripper, whore, alcoholic, drug addict being mean to her will not make him leave his wife. If you don’t like the wife that is fine, but if you try to turn the whole family and community against her the husband will always side with his wife. Meddling yenta’s need to stay out of other people’s marriage and concentrate on their own spouses. Truly happy married people are usually so into each other they don’t have time worrying about what other married people are doing. They have a life and enjoy every minute of it. All of this me and my brother were best friends before he got married, so this is why I don’t like my SIL in nonsense. The most profound and honest thing Teresa has ever said is that both she and her brother changed after they married. Bingo when you get married your role in life and title changes. Your spouse becomes #1 not # 3 or #4 behind other family members and this applies to both genders.
    Gen 2:22-24, Matt 19:4-6, Mark 10:6-9

    • You have a family before a wife or husband. Are they suppose to disappear because you have new love? Odd. When I am in a relationship, that person is TO NEVER meddle in the bond that I share with my family members. PERIOD. It doesn’t have to make sense to them, but it is what it is for me. Relationships don’t always work out and your still left, if they accept you, with your family. I never understood how a relationship with a spouse should overrule/diminish the relationship with blood family.

      • I used the word meddling because it means to interfere unduly with something that in not one’s concern, to intrude into others peoples affairs or busisness, to handle something without permission. If you don’t like your BIL or SIL that is fine but don’t try to break them up because they will mostly likely side with their own spouse. Now it seems to me the most of Teresa’s fans don’t like Melissa and they have a right to not like her. Just think about worst case scenario, the Gorgos breakup and Divorce. What about the kids? The Gorgo children at least appear to be happy in their family and with their parents. So Poison tells his children I divorced your mother because she lied about being a stripper/thief a few years before we meet. My family tried to warn me about your mother but I didn’t listen so now that the truth is out I’m divorcing your mother. So now the woman who loved, raised and nurtured them from birth was hated by their father’s family for doing something unethical /illegal before she even meet their father. How should/ would the children handle a divorce under these circumstances? How should/would the children feel about their mother and father? How should the children feel about the other family members how hated their mother because of her past? Does anyone really want to see 3 small children watch their parents break up because of things that happen before their marriage. Dina said it best. Give married people their space. This is just my personal opinion but I think that Teresa does want to see her brother and SIL divorced.

        • I totally think Joe knows Melissa was a stripper. I think *IF* Teresa was involved in the setup it was to nationally humilate Melissa, not for her brother to divorce her. I think Teresa just wants peace and Melissa isnt willing to let grow of the grudge she is holding against her. I’m not going to deny that I think at this point Teresa probably hates Melissa after everything that’s happen in the last two seasons. Melissa and Joe’s complaints against Teresa weren’t strong enough to hate her as much as they do. Wanting her to be a better aunt? well Teresa made a valid point, I had 3 kids when you had 1. How did they expect her to doat (sp?) on her niece? Everyone knows the first grandchild (Gia) gets the most attention.

          • ITA. Teresa must hate Melissa by now. I think she probably disliked her forever. She wanted better for her brother…but yeah, she hates her now. Melissa has attempted to take Teresas whole life from her. And you know what? She has largely succeeded. All she really has left is her kids, parents and husband. Apparently taking her husband away from Teresa is Jacs job. Melissa took her friends, she made her housewife career a living hell. She took her brother. No, not because MiniJoe isnt spending all his time with his sister anymore. How stupid an excuse is that? But because she has disallowed Joe from having a relationship with his sister. If Teresa doesnt behave exactly as Melissa wants her to, no MiniJoe for Teresa. Siblings can and do have relationships that dont involve spouses. You simply dont discuss them. Is it ideal? No. But believe me it happens all the time. You do what you have to do. I am not fond at all of my first husbands parents. I keep their names out of my mouth and I think they do the same. And you know my kids enjoy a nice relationship with them. I want that for them. And Mel should want her husband to be happy and see his sister. IMO she does not. She is punishing Teresa for whatever slight, real or imagined. And Mel has taken what used to be a playful relationship Teresa had the other ladies on the show and turned them all against her. She started on Jac before she joined the show. There were tweets between Mels sisters and Jac going way back. Jac and Mel have been way closer for way longer than either would have us believe. Now I wonder how she will try to bring down Teresas business success. Im sure there are little signs of this here and there. I just hope Teresa is doing the right thing right now and paying her bills, putting away money. These things dont last forever. Especially when you have a family member trying so hard to ruin everything.

    • Next time you are blessed to attend the wedding of a friend or family, keep in your heart the promise to “Speak now or forever hold your peace”

    • Thanks CNS. The sad truth is that it doesn’t appear anyone on any of these shows is trying to follow Biblical principles.

    • I agree with your post 100%! I in no way think Joe should choose Teresa over his wife, but I think Joe needs to realize his wife is not playing nice and ask her to stop with this crusade against his sister. Teresa apologized repeatedly, but Melissa keep coming up with new excuses to be mad. In my opinion Melissa is trying to rip Joe from his family because she wants full control of him. Melissa is very competitive and use to being the center of attention in her family and wants it in the Gorga family. She doesn’t want respect she wants to be treated superior. If you notice she likes only the people who kiss her a$$. You cross Melissa or dont worship her, you are going down. I fine her to be very malicious and coid. She needs to realize there is room for both families in their life, and she doesnt always have to be the center of attention. I think in the beginning of Joe’s marriage, Teresa tried, but eventually got fed up and did and said things she shouldn’t have out of anger. Both Teresa and Melissa said that Melissa stopped returning Teresa’s call after the wedding. That is shady. Kiss his sister’s ass, than do a 360 (or is it 180?) right after you snag her brother? I believe Melissa is controling and out for blood.

  24. I would be curious to know if this has had an effect on The Brownstone. It may have been brought up before (it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve missed something), but I know Dina used to work there a lot and her husband is part owner.

    • yea im dying to know about al and tommy’s relationship and if al and tommy told them all to gtfo? if you had a successful family business, wouldn’t one of the kids want to take it over? chris and albie are doing nothing w their lives besides living off reality tv. what ever happened to albie trying to go back to law school? his stint in the police academy? the truth is no law school would take him after he never went to class, never studied and more. just was a couze (sp) around campus living off reality fame. i’ve heard thru the jersey law school grapevine that he simply didnt show up and didnt do his work.

      • also find it odd that vito paid 100k for private school education and works the deli counter in upstate ny. wonder why he never pops the ? to lapband lauren.

      • like how do these bros work together and act as business partners but their wives who are sisters avoid each other? how the hell do they do it?

        • See I’m in the south, so I don’t get the inside scoop. I wouldn’t pop the question if I were Vito, either. She’s way too unstable. I honestly feel sorry for her. She is treated soo differently from the boys. I know she can be nasty, but in her case, I really think it’s due to low self esteem. The same could be said for Jacqueline, but I really don’t care. She’s too old to be holding that crutch with her hatred. I love Dina and hope she isn’t too upset with this mess!

          • Agreed – Vito is the big winner this season. He got the biggest wake up call of his life. Let’s see if he’s smart enough to have paid attention.

  25. Everyone on this show knows just about everything is recorded and taped. When she arrived at the charity, and was told she was going to be taped becasue Teresa needed “help”, why didn’t a lightbulb go on? I am not on anyone’s side, but I just thought that if she was so adamant about staying away from all the drama, she still agreed to be miked and taped. Go figure. Something else that was weird here was the comment about Teresa’s brother having to sleep with his wife every night instead of her. Yuck!! Why even say that!!?? Gross!!

    • The comment about sleeping with the wife every night is her way of commenting on Chris Laurita and Jacqueline’s situation. At the end of Season 1 Jac and Chris took Danielle’s side. They did not support Dina especially and made Dina look very bad… I definitely did not like Dina after the table flip dinner party, but now that I know more of the story, I get it. Jacqueline says that everyone can still be friendly with Kim D besides Teresa because Teresa’s family was hurt over Kim D’s actions, meanwhile at the end of S1 Chris says Danielle is always welcome in his home after Danielle launches an inappropriately timed attack on his sister Dina, with Jac publicly injecting her 2cents in there to take Danielle’s side, too.

      These people have zero ability to self-reflect which is infuriating because IT’S ALL ON FILM. I really don’t get how people can be anti-Teresa or Dina in this situation. If we want to be anti-anything, be anti-Bravo.

  26. Love Dina…glad she had the smarts to leave when she did..or even if she had to leave because of Jac and Dainelle. Love her show on HGTV but if it is not doing well, it’s just because she needs to be on a better, major network, HGTV seems to mostly be about buying, selling, flipping, decoratinf’s not much about parties..which is why I love her show. I don’t need to buy or sell or flip a house but I am always in for a fantastic party!!! She creates a party that creates lifetime memories.

  27. Dina gets points for leaving that hot mess of a show….she also doesn’t need to explain showing up for Tre as she doesn’t work for BravoAndy (or Caroline). She can do whatever she wants but that aside if anyone has watched Caroline in action I wonder why anyone would blame Tre for any of that small moment of Dina saying No, you didn’t do anything bad. They were friends before the show, Dina is the Godmother of Tre’s daughter, and they support each other. What Teresa asked her about the book was because, I think, she really didn’t think it was a big deal (IMO it wasn’t). Caroline use to laugh at things like before.This is what I think is so hypocritical of Caroline..she talks about Tre’s marriage, her kids, all the things that Tre had always avoided doing back…I think mostly because of her loyalty to Dina. But Caroline preaches about family and in the guise of ‘helping’ Tre and her brother & Melissa, the family!, she deals blow after blow to Tre and her family. Dina sees it, and I’m sure she has lived it..Dina seeks peace and Caroline is so far the opposite of that, that the best option is to stay away from that house where the rule seems to be We Will be the Judge of Your Family cause ours is perfect…Ha!

    • LOL over Lexi Manzo’s comments in S1 that she was glad she didn’t have a mean old fat mom….really just saying that her mom had cool clothes and was young at heart…but pretty sure she meant Auntie Caro was a beast to deal with!

    • @viciouscircle Well said….I completely agreed with everything you wrote! It’s nice to see & read some solid clarity!

  28. I doubt Dina knew that T and Carowhine were arguing, even tho they are sisters, I doubt Caro told her family much about it if anything, Caro is to wrapped up in herself and kids. Same with Chris, I doubt he still understands all the “subtleties” of the “game”Jaq plays along with Carowhine. I like Dina, I think she is the only one I believe, she walked away and if she got mic-ed so what? She also has a show that needs ratings. She has more integrity than any of them.

    • Chris L. needed Manzo money for BLK Water – he is tapped out. He can’t get a real job – no one would hire him to run a company because of his Signature Apparel scam. I hope he goes to prison and loses everything. (Take that, JaxAss, for saying the same to Juicy Joe).
      He was mad that Juicy Joe said he was “shady.” Guess what? Juicy Joe did New Jersey a favor – made sure Chris L. couldn’t run another Signature Apparel type scam in NJ.

    • She has integrity? I’m not hip to the first season, but for her to show up at Posche, pretend she and Tre were in personal conversation!!!!!!! She has no integrity and wd do anything to join the cast again. That wd be a fabulous backstory for Bravo next season, and take the heat off of MeGo for awhile. She is too gorgeous to be frowning!!!

  29. If Dina did not say anything, DonCaro would control the situation (along with JaxAss).

    I applaud Dina for stepping forwarding and saying that Teresas is not involved with her argument with Chris L. and DonCaro. I also applaud Dina for stating that she didn’t want to be on tape but agreed when the situation was presented to her – let’s face it, Tre needed some help. The Hate Machine was going full force against her.

    DonCaro and Chris L (Bankruptcy Chris – driving a Bentley and using a company plane for personal use) are lowlifes. Dina won’t go there and let us all know.

    JaxAss? Stirred the pot with Danielle, Kim D, Kim G and who knows how many messes she created. She is the worse of the lot.

    Melissa was sitting next to the 2 women who were involved in the setup – DonCaro and Jax. How stupid. The Laurita/Manzo gang wanted the whole show to themselves. They were using MeGo to knock out Tre and they were then going to knock out Mego. MeGo is so stupid. JoGo – what a walking wreck.

    JaxAss is the worse. Threw Ashlee under the bus. JaxAss is acting crazy to avoid a prison sentence. And using her child’s health condition. Guess what, JaxAss? You and Chris are going to have to payback. Liquidation of ill gotten assets. You are some dumb f*** thinking you could scam a company and get away with it.

  30. I honestly feel that argument is between Dina and Jacqueline. Remember when J blamed D for Danielle’s book? I think there wasn’t a good relationship between them and chris will obviously defend his wife. IMO and J also wrote in her blog that Melissa and Teresa relationship is just like hers and Dina’s. J said that Dina was close to Chris just like Teresa was close to Joe but something went wrong between them. Honestly I think they were being fake in S1 reunion, because J lied about Dina when really Caroline was the one who exposed Danielle,

  31. Well, Doncaro can’t even control herself & her own life so I don’t think she could ever have control of Tre’s. Mego needs to go , just for being as boring as paint drying & totally fake i/m/o. & yeah, when you look into what’s gone on in the clothing company Chris L & Jax were involved with, if it’s true, reallllly looks bad.

  32. Me Go and Jaq are the ones that have broken up families…Jaq with Dina and Chris and MeGo with Tre and her brother. They are both insecure, jealous bitches. Their husbands can have them. Tre and Dina seem quite happy living their lives without them

  33. This Dina is a hater who tries to seem all Zen & shit. Lying A hole. She hates her sister in law Jax because Chris L WAS engaged to Dina’s pal Jenn ( a nail girl like Dina) when he met & started banging Jax. She hates her sister Caroline for who the hell knows or cares why. Her husband Tommy has cheated on her for years & I read something about him liking strippers etc. hence Dina’s porn star boob job & hatred for Danielle Staub. She is only friends with Teresa for the cameras. They used to be closer but because of Teresa’s taking on Neph Cure for CA they are not as close. Her TV show Dina’s Boring Party is a yawn fest & even Wendy Williams made fun of it & said “Gurl ain’t no one watching” Nate Berkus made a comment in reference to Reality Show hacks who think they are designers as well. Dina is a hack who is just out for nay publicity she can get without doing the RH show which both her hubs Tommy & her ex (her daughter’s Dad)don’t want her doing. Her ex threatened her with legal action if she put her daughter on the show ever again or even discussed her. Again folks, it was laid out in the local Franklin Lakes paper.
    The viewers and various bloggers evidently FORGET there are people like ME who are from & live in Bergen County. I live in Mahwah. People in the area know these people & have heard the various stories for years!!! Teresa’s Dad Gino Gorga owned & operated a Shoe repair shop for years in Hackensack & Paterson. Tiny Manzo (Al’s 400 lbs Dad) ran for Mayor & lost in Paterson in the 1970′s. These people ain’t the hi faluten reality show “celebs” they pretend to be. Dina was a flat chested big nosed single mom manicurist in Wayne NJ for like ever. Teresa worked as an ASSISTANT buyer for Macy’s while she lived with her parents until she married Joe. Dina & Tommy did their wedding on a short lived reality show like 2005 & thats how she met the bravo people & got Teresa on board. Anyways. My 50 cents. Can’t stand Dina. Huge fat nosed phoney.

  34. IMO Dina is tired of her name being brought up on national TV every week and wants to stop it. Do you blame her? She actually has a life outside of RHNJ unlike her disgusting sister Caroline and her wimpy brother Chris. Dina tried to take the high road and not discuss their personal feud in public but listening to it week after week I think she has had enough.

    My guess is she’s tired of them blaming Teresa for something THEY clearly did to destroy their relationship with Dina. Caroline and Chris are projecting onto Teresa exactly what they did to Dina. I also think it was all about the almighty dollar. Dina probably didn’t go along with one of their schemes like BLK and they’re pissed at her. It’s not Dina’s job to save them financially, especially Chris and his crazy wife.

    Jacqueline has nothing anyone wants to buy and until she stops drunk tweeting all day, sees a psychiatrist and gets a real job she’ll be a financial failure. Caroline and Jacqueline have failed at every attempt to sell their products while Dina got a show on HGTV and Teresa has 3 NY Times Bestsellers,Fabellini and her Malania hair care products that are all successful. JEALOUS MUCH CAROLINE, CHRIS AND JACQUELINE???

    I admire Dina for defending herself. What is she supposed to do? Sit back and let them lie about her every week on TV? I would be pissed too! I also admire her for getting off this trainwreck of a show with her dignity still intact. I think she was smart enough to see what was coming and knew when it was time to leave.

    I believe her when she says she doesn’t like the bullying and ganging up on Teresa. Good for Dina!!! I don’t either. I’m not a huge Teresa fan but I defend her after watching them assault her verbally week after week. Nobody deserves that…NOBODY!!! I don’t care what Miss Andy says, verbal abuse is worse than physical abuse. Wounds heal. Words stay in your mind and psyche forever. I’ve been verbally abused and it’s horrible. For Bravo/Andy to condone this behavior and even defend it is appalling. In real life, this type of behavior is not accepted, so why are we accepting it on a TV show? For Teresa, this is her life. Her children will someday see this. Her friends and family see it. I can’t imagine how humiliating it has been for her. I was happy to see her and Joe fighting back this past week and I hope they continue to do so. It’s time for the Manzos to be on the receiving end of this assault in my opinion.

    Dina has more character in her little finger than Caroline, Chris and Jacqueline have put together. She didn’t sell her soul to the devil for a damn TV show and money. Unlike them, Dina is also a good parent. They need to spend more time on their children and less time worrying about Teresa’s life and family, which is NONE OF THEIR DAMN BUSINESS!!!

    While I’m on my soapbox, those of you who are saying nobody can criticize Chris and Jacqueline because they have an autistic child… I say they should expend as much time, effort and energy on their child as they do Teresa and Joe’s life and business. How the hell do these people spend any time with that child when she is drunk all the time tweeting and minding everyone’s business except hers??? Chris needs to put on his big boy boxers and tell Jacqueline to mind her own damn business, take the twitter and internet away from her and get her into AA and get psychiatric help for her. That woman is batshit crazy! If he can’t control her then CPS should step in and take that poor little boy away from them. He let her drive Ashlee to destruction. Is he going to enable her to do the same thing to his other children? Looks that way.

    People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.


  35. You would think as much as Carowhine worries about what other think or believe she wouldn’t want everyone seeing her lose it on national television , but I think she’s they type that just can’t be honest with herself , no matter what it costs her. Poor ol’ Jax I think is beyond even caring at this point. Maybe she just cared too much about her friendship with Tre going downhill after all these yrs. & it threw her into her tailspin. I really don’t think Tre has anything to feel bad about. She may have said ugly stuff to them (or about them) but what would you expect if you kept her name in your mouth at all times , & not in a good way? Maybe she thought insulting them would pull their heads out of the sand. Don’t know. But can’t say it wasn’t deserved.

  36. another thing that bothers me is dina explicitly did say on camera caroline’s name and don’t hold onto anger (like caroline) and be ugly. i dont think editing twisted anything!

  37. .Here’s how I see it. Caroline (who I have disliked for S1 Ep1) did Dina’s dirty work in regards to revealing Danielle’s book and as a resulted wanted her undying loyalty. Caroline may have wanted Dina to in turn do some dirty work for her perhaps against the other cast members. Dina didn’t want to pay the piper as it were, hence the reason why they are not speaking anymore. Caroline is the sneaky type that will come to your aid as a trusted friend or family member and then will insisted that she own you. Trust if Dina was not a sister, Caroline would have done something really bad to her. Now I get why Danielle said she was afraid of the family. Think about it, the fans and Bravo have tried to get Danielle back on the show. I’m sure Bravo would pay her a nice chunk of money to comeback. Heck, I think that Teresa would even welcome her with open arms instead of closed fists, but Danielle has repeatedly said no. Go figure.

    • CNS: Do we know if Bravo has extended some type of offer to Danielle or is it rumor? DonCaro and her Manzoids are scary (or as Danny had said “punks). DonCaro lies so easily and bullies all the time. Dina is now older and may be tired of being the “baby sister.” She wants her own life and is tired of the interference of Big Sister DonCaro and Big Brother Chris.

      • I bet if Dina married Tommy and wasn’t her sister, she would not be thrilled with his choice. a single mother with no money that would now have a stake in the Brownstone business. I bet Caroline wouldn’t let Tommy marry anyone but her sister. Seems like Caro likes to call the shot and for some reason everyone listens. Hence her sense of entitlement. Funny I just realized Jax and Dina were both single moms that married rich cheating men.

  38. I can barely write this b/c my eyelids are still fluttering after reading the line “…when her brother has to get in bed with his WIFE every night and not her….”
    gag, puke, hurl… could have been better written but pretty funny.

    • Well considering that there are(gay) rumors that her husband cheats on her and she is most likely his “beard” it might not be a good idea to make that comparison. I just hope Poison let’s this one slide. His twitter rants are vile.

  39. I just think Dina’s twice as smart as any of these other gals & more of a real person. She knows her sister is being ugly & doens’t want any part of it. & I mean really, even if she were your sis would you care if she dislikes you? Considering the source? Same with Tre. Why would what Mego (or any of them) think it should matter to Tre what they think of her? I wouldn’t say Tre is the brightest in most rooms but I do think when she walks into the room with these gals, she is the most intelligent person there. Also the one that stands to benefit the most from the show.

  40. To say dina is tired of having her name brought up on TV is like kim kardashian saying i really hate the cameras. This woman is an OFW (original fame whore)!! She is just more polished than the rest and knows how to keep her cool

  41. This just got way outta hand. Ya you are supposed to care about your wife, but you do not handle things like this. My sis in law is a bitch, she doesn’t acknowledge my presence and acts jealous when I see my mother-in-law more, but my hubby just tells me, well, she’s a bitch. To her face and at family things we are nice, but we’ve got her number. We don’t call her out on everything or insist she own up to everything, we just all coexist. And my hubby would NEVER call her names or yell at her.

  42. I have so many thoughts. Sometimes i think the manzos ( as mentioned) have some mafia ties. That would be a reason they always get a nice edit and why andy kisses their ass, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. I have no clue as to why dina doesnt speak to those two siblings, but i think she is doing something right. She isnt stating the reason, but she’s sticking by it, telling everyone that dina doesnt take carolines shit, and in the meanwhile making caroline look bad. Which i believe, is good for caroline. She needs that, it will humble her. So good for dina for letting everyone know that caroline doesnt have control over her, as much as she’d want to. I would however LOVE to know the reason. My only guess would have to be some legal issue. If it had to do with jamies wedding, there are too many things involved and bravo is one of them…andy is the king of denial. Im guessing it wouldnt be favorable to state the reason.

    • I’m also surprised to see all these negative comments towards dina. I thought she was well liked. I wasnt a blogger here back when dina was on the show, so i guess that contributes to it.

      • I could be wrong, but it seems like most of the negative Dina comments are coming from unfamiliar posters. If Im wrong there…ignore me. If Im right…well then hmmmmmmm…….

        • Parkview: You are right. I noticed the names as not the “regulars.” DonCaro and JaxAss strike again?

  43. The whole negative posts things , it could be trolls (as they say) people who aren’t really fans of the show & only come out for that reason, to get a reaction you know. In terms of Dina , I don’t recall any ugliness towards Danielle really. She may be a little full of herself but it’s hard not to be when someone acts like their world begins & ends with you. Of couse it’s based on a problem they have (in Danielle’s case, she’s a drama queen) but you can’t usually tell them that. I admit D.S. was wayyy to focused on Dina but I would love to see her come back to focus on Mego. I think Dina is , in general happy but you can’t say the same for her sis. That may be the difference. You have people like me who love to run into these types so you can get a grin from their stressing themselves out & not getting what it’s all about. But Dina isn’t like that , I think the drama & the stress that she sees her sister going through actually bothers her. Misery loves company but Dina refuses to be that company. It’s not like she can fix her sister so she chose to walk away.

  44. I tried to like Dina in the beginning but I was a bit put off about regarding how she treated everyone at her charity gala for sick children. I know you have to play things up for the camera’s but when people are volunteering their time to work at your children’s charity it’s not in good taste on camera or off camera to talk down to or insult your unpaid volunteers. If I can remember correctly, she referred to her unpaid helpers as her b*tches. Not classy at all. She also let Caroline and Teresa do her dirty work when they were bullying Danielle. I understand that she didn’t want to be Danielle’s friend and that Danielle did come off as a bit overpowering and weird but Dina was a classic mean girl to Danielle. Then I heard that the real reason for her leaving the show was because of a forged signature of her ex-husband to get her daughter on the show. It made me think, she is just as shady as the rest of them. I will say I liked her personality on her design show and I though the show was cute but it didn’t always hold my attention. I didn’t always like her design esthetic.

  45. dina is not the loving mama everyone keeps making her out to be. just read her daughter’s tweets. dina should have her tweets private, as most parents do. juicy joe is not the only one who thinks the c word is normal.

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