ANDY COHEN: WendyWilliams Explains The Jillz Drama… VIDEO

October 17, 2012  11:11 pm  

To further explain what the evil-minded, dastardly deceitful devilish, craftily cunning conniver JillZarin was up to after she stomped her feet, got her way and bamboozled herself into MissAndy’s private abode, otherwise known as the Bravo Clubhouse… let’s listen carefully to what WendyWilliams says Jillz was planning… unbeknownst to the Lord of the Housewives!

According to MissAndy’s colleague and member of MissAndy’s NewYorkMediaMafia, Wendy says that Jillz had wanted her appearance to be a TWO-PARTER… and Jillz planned to distribute the much-longer, unedited audio version of her secretly taped appearance to various media outlets.   Until MissAndy got wind of Jillz’ diabolical scheme and shattered her well-planned commercial enterprise!

What should be an even more of a slap in the face to Jillz is the fact that MissAndy had Amy Phillips’ photo right behind Jillz!   Friend of SH, Amy Phillips, does the fabulous Ramona Singer imitations…

 “Where’s my Ginger’s photo??”

Note to Wendy:  New judges are NOT needed on DWTS… Paula Abdul is totally bizarre, adds nothing and is NOT qualified to judge the technical aspects of ballroom dancing.  The three judges; Len, CarrieAnn and Bruno, are perfectly fine.  Don’t mess up a good thing…

Speaking of Silex on CouplesTherapy… here’s Alex demonstrating the worst acting ever!

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38 comments on “ANDY COHEN: WendyWilliams Explains The Jillz Drama… VIDEO

  1. Am I the only one that plays the clip of alex busting her behind and laughing every single time SH posts it. OMG I think I have finally lost it.

      • Do you know that she started to sell her Towel Line.. LOL from that slip?? I couldn’t stop laughing.. she’s CRAZZZZYYYYYY and yes .. a really bad bad actress.. Isn’t it sad really when their not on TV anymore how low all of them will stoop? esp. the NY housewives.. I mean orange county housewives you hardly hear about after their not signed on again.. but NY Geezzzzz.. their egos are unbelievable!! I mean Jill Zarin for ex. is worth 35 million dollars… Can you even imagine that? and to beg Mandy Andy??? “Since she can’t stand being rejected????” Get a therapist and get over it already… Count your blessings and be QUIET.. :):)

    • Haha! Wendy Williams was on in the waiting room of my doctor’s office this morning and that was the first time I saw the clip with Alex…..I busted out laughing so hard and got some dirty looks. Guess the others in the room didn’t see the humor!

    • I think the creepy turtle neck bathing suit really makes the clip! I wonder if she chose that so that she wouldn’t show her red hives?

  2. I loved when she said…”You can’t replace me Andy”….uhh Guess what Jill – he DID…LOL
    I cannot believe she played the religion card when she said her “replacement” Heather wasn’t really Jewish…..I mean – How does she compare herself to Heather? Heather is a self-made smart VERY SUCCESSFUL business woman – Jill MARRIED her success. And please does ANYONE miss her mother? I remember that episode where Bobby had to line up a bunch of rental cars and they had to test which one was the most comfortable on Gloria’s flabby old arse. I remember thinking – they didn’t really do that did they? Is this woman really that picky that she can’t plop her butt into any car that was provided… Thank god the viewer’s spoke – and BRAVO listened….

    • She’s sick. She actually told Andy she needs to bring Gloria on the show. Yeah right, he will do that the minute he puts Ginger, the nose licking dog, in the Club House. I can’t believe she brought that up. I have no doubt what Wendy Williams said is true. That Jill wanted a 2 part and recorded it. The bloggers have had enough of her too seems like it.

      She is delusional.

      The only way Andy should bring on Gloria is to have Gloria and PT’s pervert Dad on at the same time hitting on her, telling her he would give her a squirting orgasm and give her a clit licking lizard and slam his hard on in her back during a game. I’m sure Gloria would still find time to lecture Andy to bring her daughter back “stop poking me”, all the fans want Jill back “stop poking me” Heather is not jewish “stop poking me” in my book when I wrote.., “stop poking me”. Well, I think that’s a perfect SNL skit myself ;)

      • Haaaahaaaaaaaa Lab, I just spit up my morning coffee because of you making me laugh so hard ( I thank you for that) omg, wait a second,sorry had to wipe the coffee off my laptop and myself…getting back to your comment I couldnt agree more and thanks for starting my morning with a smile and a ;)

      • I’m stunned at the ego of Jill Zarin. She sees Mandy making a big deal over Giggy, Mama Elsa, and even letting that pervert George on these shows and thinks that she and her family have SO much more to offer. These people are delusional to think, much less say out loud, that their FANS want them back and that they are irreplaceable……EVERYONE is replaceable, Jill, especially you.

    • Lol, yeah, that’s what I was thinking about the comment Jill made about comparing herself with Heather- the major difference between the two is that Heather is SELF MADE WOMAN.

      Which season was that episode? God, there’s so much I’ve forgotten about NYC over the years…

  3. Screw this crap! Here’s what it’s all about. Grab your socks girls!

    When you kids grow up, you’ll thank me someday.
    love you all,

  4. Ms SH, after watching that Wendy clip, did you hear of Jill shopping around her “undercover” tape recordings? It’s kinda fun to hear that the “bloggers” all said WTF?

    Hope you are doing well, always thinking of you and your family.

  5. Brilliant miles. Lmao. Please for the love of g..d no more Jill. She’s soooo dense. She doesn’t get it. We don’t want to see her or hear her. Every scene with her and her mom was boring. Her sister too. I remember watching “the glen miller story” on tv.

    • ALSO NO MORE WENDY WILLIAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH… SHE’S A WITCH!! But Jill.. OMG she was embarassing to watch.. i was cringing.. i’ve read her newsletters and this woman does have a fabulous life.. so why can’t she concentrate on HER LIFE instead of her EGO??? She should have left well enough alone.. and these shows are horrible anyhow.. i don’t know why i watch? LOL.. its so irritating… and I also don’t walk away from Anyone of them and think the world of each of the housewives either? Lisa from HW of Beverly Hills is my favorite of all time.. The most successfull is Bethenney but I really can’t stand the woman.. since money doesn’t make you “decent” in the world… or happy for that matter.. BUT WENDY WILLIAMS.. UGH!

  6. I don’t like Wendy Williams. Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper just do what Andy says. I don’t understand why Anderson Cooper as a respected journalist got into it with Theresa, because it was rude and completely unprofessional as a journalist. He should be impartial. When he said “I don’t have a dog in this race”, I beg to differ and that dog is his good friend Andy and Bravo. I don’t understand why if Andy clashes with someone about them expressing a different viewpoint, he is threatened. I’ve seen horrible bigotry and my male friend in junior/high school was mistreated before he knew he was gay and I physically took up for him and my dad wanted to teach him to box. Andy! There are people out there who are scary. You could just say I as a person will show them by example that you are respectful of their views in turn that you hope they will do the same. Blacklisting someone who makes a remark about the word “gay” keeps a healthy dialogue from happening. What I see is trivial and the real homophobes are not the housewives. It does not help I used to like everyone on the NY housewives and I believed Jill and Bethany were friends. One time in their season Bethany was really rude to Jill and Bobby with her ex-fiance who clearly was not going to marry her. I didn’t know if she was drunk, but when she started cursing at Jill, it was obvious that she was taking it out on her. It was uncomfortable to watch and Jill was hurt but didn’t say a thing where I would have. It is also interesting to note that Patti Stanger, another person chastised on Andy about gay men not being monogamous because she as a matchmaker requires that until the couple are committed, said that Jill had been really good to Bethany, getting her on the show, etc. I believe like NeNe did the same for Kim, who said she was grateful to NeNe even though they aren’t friends anymore. So at one time Jill was very likable, remember she said to welcome Simon when Alex brought him to the girls only dinner, and she and Bobby took Alex and Simon out to try to help them about getting their children in the “right” schools” etc. I also remember when Jill invited Beth to stay at her home for free, i believe it was in the Hamptons and beth said who does that, so nice, etc. but grumbled about cooking. Her mom, Gloria and her are well meaning “yentas” and I don’t believe they couldn’t have fixed their friendship, and I’ve heard that Jason and Bethany are not happy. It also reminded me of when Andy was really nice to Theresa and would show footage, over and over of Gia modeling at fashion week, while Theresa was pregnant, and look how it is now. I have not read his book but I am curious to see what he says about building them up and watching them be brought down, possibly orchestrating it. By the way I have been watching Couples Rehab, and after last night’s show my mom said Simon was overbearing to Alex and she does not know the back story. But after that show, I watched another VH1 show about unconventional couples, and that is an understatement, one married couple, the husband is a gay porn star who claims he is straight and it is just acting! They have been together for years, and she did not like him doing straight porn, but is ok with him doing gay porn. Blew my mind that he says he is straight and she believes it and says he is just trying to provide them with a better lifestyle, and they have a cupcake business!

    • You made about about the “gay” comments.

      Juicy’s made what, a few comments that could be considered offensive? And I only remember him saying these very few comments in season 1 and season 4. In seasons 2 and 3, I can’t remember him negative comments regarding homosexuality at all.

      The most offensive comment I can remember Juicy making is commenting that Greg had a “loose butthole”, but he apologized for it. I also heard, and I don’t know if it’s true or not, but that comment wasn’t related to Greg being gay, it was related to him being a man-whore.

      But like you said, there are so many actual homophobic issues out there, and Andy chooses to focus on a few comments that Juicy said. This, combined with constantly inserting gay stereotypes into these reality tv shows, Andy is NOT helping the gay community.

  7. RHONY is ruined. Heather and Carole are sane, sensible, normal, nice – everything that is wrong for a reality tv.
    RHONY did well because it offered us crap from the 99 cent store. Then on 5 they wanted to introduce us to three women from the $1 store. That is where it went wrong. You don’t need the “gorumet” offerings, you need the “crap”- the crap that offers guilty pleasure in seeing crap.
    What I am saying is the S4 cast were crap but enjoyable crap, one where you enjoy the “toxicity”. S5- it was like someone polished the three turd from the 99 cent store and stuck it in with the items from the dollar store. It did not click. The dollar items were sophisticated, classy, normal and were so wrong.
    Heather and Carole are self made, sane, sensible women and although they were enjoyable to watch, a part of me and i suppose a few here were not ready for the classic offerings rather missed the crap, in particular missing that “toxicity”.
    Although, I have some what stuck up for Jill on here (don’t shoot me), I do feel that what has happened has happened and she does need to move on. I miss her and still feel she should never have been fired.. If she came back on s6, she might be the cork screw that plugs the hole in the sinking ship for some time but it will always will be that cork screw that will look weird.
    Anyway, Real Housewives like many other reality tv shows are suffering from a ratings fall on the whole. How many wives shows are there? I suppose networks like E, MTV, VH1 and Bravo will either adapt or falter. Truth is, people don’t want to watch the “reality crap” anymore, there is too many of them now.

  8. Why did Zarin bring up the fact that Heather isn’t really Jewish? Is that relevant at all? Does Zarin think we’re all banging down bravos doors asking for more Jewish people on the show? It made no sense.

  9. I think this has played out just as Andy had hoped. Jill ,probably has been pestering Andy since her firing and asking why. Andy gave her the rope to hang herself, which she did. Jill looks more pathetic today than ever.Who are her advisors? She told Andy her mom was still angry with him. Has no one ever told this women NO? She certainly fits the Jewish sterotype to a T. She leads a blessed life but doesn’t appreciate it.I bet she will be the first to blow the whistle on Bravos dirty tricks.

  10. Are you guys sure the remarks are why Andy seems to hate Juicy? I don’t think he’s been that hateful & he’s not the only one on the show whose done that. So…?

    • That’s pretty much why we can’t understand why Miss Andy hates Juicy so much. Juicy hasn’t said or done anything that a few of the others haven’t said or done (Rich Wakile, the Manzo boys, JoGo, etc) but he hates on Juicy and Teresa. Miss Andy is biased and ridiculous

    • i have commented here on many past occasions, that it really is not tre andy hates, if so he
      is crazy, she is the show. it is joe he hates. and not for the so called call out by danielle re:
      the gay slur. sure bravo wanted that in. the reason andy hates joe is because joe just does
      not give a bleep, and they cannot stand not being able to control him. he is his own man
      and that is why so many women, on here like him. he won’t be phony for them, i think he
      considers it girly. after watching this last re-union, i think my point is proven.

      • I think you are right. Last night on WWHL Andy played this clip. Then he made a comment that this is pretty much what goes down when a producer gives a storyline to the HWs.

  11. I wouldn’t watch it, you couldn’t dare me to watch it and you couldn’t pay me to watch but when I read JZs reference to Giggy I felt so sorry for 35mil Jill. I mean no dignity, no self-respect, no class, no common sense just utter, sheer stupidity. It goes to show you that money is not an indicator of happiness. I’d sunning my buns on a yacht sipping Fabellini all day long. Oh, if were delivered for this 9-5 grind, not have to balance the checkbook everyday, didn’t have to figure out how I was going to have make the pay check stretch. I can hardly believe JZ is allowed to walk around without supervision.

  12. quite frankly I was never of fan of Jill but in a pinch I would rather do lunch with Jill than Andy, Anderson, Kelly or Wendy. What the heck happened to Anderson. Once a respectable journalist now a gossiping Harpy. Please Anderson quit the daytime crap and and salvage what’s left of your reputation and dignity. For crying out loud your a Vanderbilt you don’t need the money.

  13. Really? You’d have lunch with Jill? What would you tawk bout . Jill zarin, why she left nyhws. How she doesn’t care about her book sales. Booooooooring. Not a jill fan.

  14. Jillz is NUTZ. She reminds me of the old bra campaign from the 60s, “I dreamed I was floating down the Nile in my Maidenform brawr….”

    Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt….

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