ANDY COHEN: WendyWilliams Explains The Jillz Drama… VIDEO

October 17, 2012  11:11 pm  

To further explain what the evil-minded, dastardly deceitful devilish, craftily cunning conniver JillZarin was up to after she stomped her feet, got her way and bamboozled herself into MissAndy’s private abode, otherwise known as the Bravo Clubhouse… let’s listen carefully to what WendyWilliams says Jillz was planning… unbeknownst to the Lord of the Housewives!

According to MissAndy’s colleague and member of MissAndy’s NewYorkMediaMafia, Wendy says that Jillz had wanted her appearance to be a TWO-PARTER… and Jillz planned to distribute the much-longer, unedited audio version of her secretly taped appearance to various media outlets.   Until MissAndy got wind of Jillz’ diabolical scheme and shattered her well-planned commercial enterprise!

What should be an even more of a slap in the face to Jillz is the fact that MissAndy had Amy Phillips’ photo right behind Jillz!   Friend of SH, Amy Phillips, does the fabulous Ramona Singer imitations…

 “Where’s my Ginger’s photo??”

Note to Wendy:  New judges are NOT needed on DWTS… Paula Abdul is totally bizarre, adds nothing and is NOT qualified to judge the technical aspects of ballroom dancing.  The three judges; Len, CarrieAnn and Bruno, are perfectly fine.  Don’t mess up a good thing…

Speaking of Silex on CouplesTherapy… here’s Alex demonstrating the worst acting ever!