RAMONA SINGER: Ramona’s VERY SHORT BravoBlog… Likes Heather; Loves Sonja; Loathes PTHousewife…

October 15, 2012  Bravo

                 “Geez… this is like the TSA!  I told you I didn’t have any weapons on me!”

What a season we had! It was full of ups and downs and plenty of surprises.
I didn’t like Heather in the beginning and now I do!! I adored Aviva initially, now I stay as far away as possible from her. Carole is a unique person, different from any friend I have ever had. I enjoy and embrace her.

Sonja, there is not enough I can say about her. She brings so much joy, laughter, and sincerity into my life. I truly love her like a sister.
There is nothing I would not do for her.

I, for one, am happy I am in a better place with LuAnn. The reunion can be a tough place. We are asked so many questions and put on the spot. When Andy asked me about LuAnn and what happened in St. Barths, I answered in my usual unfiltered way. It clearly made LuAnn uncomfortable and she began to scramble to deflect the attention. This is why I apologized as quickly as I could, even though it was too late. LuAnn’s personal relationships are not my business and I should not have commented. I’m glad to be in such a positive place with her after what we have gone through and hope to stay there.

I truly wish all the women the best and thank them all for a great season five!

I also want to thank all of you for your continued support the past five years. You are all amazing fans and make the show worth doing!

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12 comments on “RAMONA SINGER: Ramona’s VERY SHORT BravoBlog… Likes Heather; Loves Sonja; Loathes PTHousewife…

  1. I usually like what Ramona wears..but I wasn’t a fan of the blue dress either. It didn’t come off well on the camera maybe it was prettier in person. I don’t blame Ramona for keeping her distance with PT regardless of any future apologies it would be hard to feel relaxed and open around her after the verbal tongue lashing she gave Ramona. Sonja and Ramona’s friendship is sincere and comes off that way on camera. I remember when Jillz and Ramona would go back and forth and yet still claim friendship…the vibe with Sonja is much more real and relaxed. I hope all the ladies come back, except PT who I can’t believe would even want to. I don’t think she enjoyed it.


  2. Yeah, of course “Luann scrambled to deflect attention” Ummm…. I took it more like she (Luann) was about to open a can of whoop @ss on Ramona and spill some unsavory secrets – which is why ol’ Ramonster ‘apologized as quickly as she could’.


  3. I do love Ramona, I think she is a force of nature and we all should have the same vim and vigor that she embraces life with. I think she is trying to grow and not be so OCD, she’s in therapy. The right kind of therapy, not with some fame-ho looking for camera time “doctor”. Do you hear that Amadore and Sophony and any I’ve missed I’m sorry, I don’t care what their credentials are ANY doctor that would televise their clients SESSIONS is as narcissistic as his patient, which is not unusual and, as a matter of fact, that profession has an inordinate amount of them, it’s the God complex thingy… And, Ramona has her faith as well. It’s amazing how having faith in your life does make you a better person. Ramona’s a good soul and I think if she didn’t have faith in her life she would have never recognized her need to change. Faith forces you to re-evaluate yourself on a pretty constant basis, not to the point of neurosis but in a “how can I be a better person and reflect the values and strength that I get from my faith” type reflection. I think Ramona may be the reason that Sonja was looking at online dating sites that were faith based. I really believe Ramona was encouraging Sonja to bump onto herself and suggested Sonja reconnect with her religion as a good way to get centered. Sonja just took the advise and gave it the Sonja treatment by turning that into a better grade of dating site! I love ya, Sonja but, you need to cool your jest, get your head out of your ass and get it together, you have a daughter, SNAP OUT OF IT. Okay, Sonja rant over…

    Also I think Ramona takes note of what she sees of ehrself on the show and tries to right the wrongs. And I never thought she was an alcoholic. Not saying she doesn’t like to party now and then but, 5 years I’ve been watching RHONY and of the MANY parties/weddings/vacations/dinners/lunches/meetings that there was alcohol served I can say I’ve only known her to be drunk twice. Think about it.


  4. Probably should have wrote this under PTs blog but…..I cant believe PT would say she doesnt regret the show. She was crazy unhappy from like the third episode. It didnt really seem like any of the girls liked her….more like tried to keep a lid on her. Like…lets try to be nice to PT so she doesnt ruin another event for us. And I think Carol of all people really tries to like everyone. I guess her “no regret” is an indication that she wants to stay…otherwise I think she would have said…hell no. And we would have heard the old…..cameras following me around just wasnt for me….story.


    • @ Parkview I think Carol laps up the groveling to her highness that PT does, Carol is so full of herself it’s not even funny and the worst thing is she is always pointing fingers!!! She’s a hypocrite of the worst kind. Pass-adina. Talk about no self-awareness!


  5. If Ramona would do anything for Sonja, why won’t she help her keep her home? Isn’t Ramona filthy rich? She has a huge home in the Hamptons that has to be worth many millions! Why won’t she help her out financially??


    • I don’t believe that Ramona is filthy rich. Also, Sonja should do the smart thing and downsize–she doesn’t need even a fraction of the space in that house–keeping a huge house like that (in NY and France) when you can’t afford it is irresponsible. Why should Ramona enable Sonja’s financial irresponsibility and poor judgement? Plus, Ramona “has” a home in the Hamptons, but she may not “own” it in that she could have a huge mortgage on it, so she could be in debt up to her eyeballs just like most of the housewives on all the shows. I don’t believe Sonja for a second when she says she works her a** off. She’s been a lady of leisure for far too long, and even if she digs herself out of her financial mess, I’ll bet she will be back in financial trouble again before too long. She’s not exactly a brainiac, and I totally understood when Heather told her she wouldn’t know what real work was if it bit her in the a**.


    • Sonja’s debt is huge. At least 7 million for the film suit alone. Not even multi-millionaires can help friends with that type of debt


  6. I have never been a RaMOANa fan. However, I felt she handled herself during Aviva’s insanity tour quite adroitly. She kept her comments and thoughts to a minimum and allowed Aviva enough rope to hang herself. RaMOANa did not and still does not owe that selfish & insane Aviva an apology and should not bother to give another one.


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