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  1. This was very sad. Jill is really crazy, more so than I thought she was. Watching her eyes and listening to her talk about how the Bethenny fight was supposed to be just for drama, and how much she loves Aviva’s dad and felt sorry for him, was enough to make me sure that I never wanna see her on another Bravo show again. In all seriousness, I really think this woman is slightly mentally ill.

    • With you, she is a NUT! Was it me? Did she think Bravo needs her? She may be rich but does not have the goods to back her up!

      • that s what I thought. I couldn’t wrap my head around anything….the most bizarre being that Bethenny forgave her husband therefore she should have forgiven the spawn of satan herself…? She has a child with her husband! They are connected for life! Jason has a soul! need I say more?

    • She’s a legend in her own warped mind… Can’t stand her voice, her words, her attitude, couldn’t watch the interview. Ugh. Get real help Jill. Her sister is some kind of shrink… and probably just another “yes man’ to Jill.

      • i think her sister got all of the common sense. When she tries to “tawk” to Jill, Jill probably hears only what she wants to hear because she told Andy that she makes up stories in her own mind and then acts on them. If she were poor, she’d be institutionalized for hearing voices that make her act like a lunatic. However, because she’s wealthy, she’s considered a little high strung and eccentric.

    • She is definitely not wrapped too tight, but through all of the crazy there was some truth. This is supposed to be realty TV and yet storylines are being discussed in offices. Fights are being planned to boost ratings. Producers are setting people up and manipulating situations. Sounds a lot like Jersey.

      Too bad when Jill asked why she was fired Andy didn’t man up and tell the truth: Jill wanted too much money and Bravo knew they could find cheaper participants willing to degrade themselves for a lot less.

      • Also, Jillz sounds super demanding and competitive. She might have just given the producers so many headaches they deemed she wasn’t worth it.

      • @Nic, these are valid points.

        But Andy doesn’t owe Jill anything. She made her own mess. There is no “truth” that will ever satisfy her.

  2. I think she and PT are twins separated at birth. Both are batsh!t CRAZY! Really, Jill? Was Bethenny in on the fight set up for “drama”? Did she forget to get Bethenny to rehearse the script with her? Unbelievable.

  3. I felt really embarrassed for Jill during that whole interview! Did she really desperately try to convince Bravo how much they “need her” to improve their ratings? Ugh!

  4. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Bethenny was watching. I bet she came up with some good wise cracks. I watched the entire thing and sort of enjoyed Jill making a fool of herself. I feel really rotten for saying that but my goodness, this lady is beyond narcissist. She takes narcism to a whole new level. I have diagnosed her with Grandiose Disorder, LOL. Does she really have 1M followers on twitter? Cray-Cray Jillz must not “block” the haters like the other HWs, accepting that publicity good or bad is still publicity, LOL.

  5. This was just wrong on so many levels. Andy is up to something allowing her to be interviewed. Not sure what it is, but noticed after the show he tweeted out asking what people thought and would they like more of these type interviews BIZARRE. I just realized part of Jill’s surname name is in the middle of the word biZARre Lol. No need to comment on Jill’s well rehearsed commentary this blog will blow up today with comments I’m sure. I will, however, say that just hearing her voice was upsetting. I’d forgotten how awful it was. Between Jill and Lea on RHOM it’s a toss up on most irritating voice AND the things they spout.

  6. Wendy Williams said Jill was wired up to tape every thing without Andy knowing but one of the housewives blogs alerted Bravo so Andy knew all about it? well….was it youuuuuuuuuu? lol

    • Summer: PUH-LEEEEZE, gurl! Jillz appearance was planned… a well-known fact for weeks. Unfortunately, some sites got it wrong and reported that Jillz was BACK as a NY Housewife. Poor Jillz! TFC!! SH

      • Save your sympathy for “poor” Jillz. According to her blather last night, she reported that she has 2 tv shows in the works. Of course, they are probably on public access or in her mind only. Either way, she can revel in her own self delusion.

  7. And Jill deserves everything she got.. She literally SOLD OUT HER FRIEND for ratings and expects Bethenny to accept her apology. Narcissism at its finest – lets blame Bravo instead of ourselves,and now that Bethenny is #winning, she wants to be in it. I used to like Jill, but good riddance, lady.

  8. You have to give it to her, she has some balls! That was a whole year of pent up emotions spilling out the only problem was she came off really tacky. This is what fame must do to some people, quite sad really. She did however make Andy squirm on a few occasions when giving the Bravo secrets away, that was fun to watch.

  9. Jill just came across as pathetic, I was embarrassed for her begging for her job back, she rambled on and on Andy looked bemused most of the time. She said she was upset by the sound of Bethenny’s voice well I was very upset and annoyed by the sound of hers for different reasons obviously.

  10. Wow…I can’t believe this… she is something else… Jill we have moved on please do the same. She seems so proud of the fact that she is still in the limelight. Andy deserves the torture he gets from her. Jill is never wrong and always puts herself in the best light.

  11. I must admit that Jill didn’t bother me as much as most folks. In fact, i was sure exactly why she was fired. After last night’s WWHL with JIllzine, I now understand the reason. She tried to “write” the scenes she was in. She actually tried to manufacture drama to try to be topical or important. Her continued stream of nonsensical consciousness revealed much more than she probably realized. In fact, she proved to be one dumb fool. Every time she opened her mouth, she changed feet, “I got along with everyone in the last season.” And, “I don’t know why I was fired. I was a great person. My family is everything to me. I’m irreplaceable.” blah, blah, blah. Memo to Jill: I was once a fan of yours but no longer. You weren’t even missed by me this season. Maybe, you can’t be replaced and that’s fine because I hope there are no more idiots running around the city like you. Please go away and just shut up!

  12. Wow. This woman will never be happy in her life no matter her circumstance. I feel for her but, I would never want someone like her anywhere near me. I think Andy could not take another moment of her off screen begging and pleading so he let her “show her ass”. I’m starting to believe that Andy is not amused; it’s more of a “am I seeing and hearing what I am” type of laugh. I think he is just so amazed at how willing, Hell, more than willing, some people are to show their asses! It’s more of a reaction of befuddlement type laugh than a condoning type laugh…do I make sense here? Lmao! (that is a “me laughing at myself” type of laugh, in case you were wondering!)

  13. Poor delusional Jill! She actually thinks she was/is relevant. Gah! I’d forgotten how her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me. :shudder: Now I realize why I’ve been able to tolerate RHNY since she left.?

    Loved hearing how hard the housewives work to create drama and keep themselves on the shows. ::surprise surprise:: Watching Andy squirm=priceless!!! :)

    If Andy and his ilk are so concerned about the toxic relationships on the shows, what the hell is he going to do about RHNJ??? Is there a show anywhere as toxic as that one? I call BS on Andy and his concerns about toxicity.
    The Real Houswives franchise is the gift that just keeps on giving… ;)

    • That whole toxicity thing was the biggest load of BS. He fired her to show all of the other housewives he is the boss and to remind them that no one is irreplacable. He wants them to know he’s in control so they won’t dare try to use the fame the network as provided as leverage to ask for more money.

  14. Booted Housewives = Desperate Housewives.

    Is Andy getting a power kick outta all this? He sure seems to like people sucking up to him & Bravo. Maybe that’s the type of people they seek to be on these shows?! Would make a lot of sense when you think about it. Yikes.

  15. Yeah, andy is worried about the toxic relationships on housewife shows. Thank goodness we have andy looking out for our moral fiber. Thanks, andy.

  16. How many times a day does Jill call the talent coordinator for Bethenny’s show? Jill probably has the # on speed dial.

  17. jill threw herself under the bus and tried to blame andy and bravo. when andy asked what he had done, she said that he had bethenny on his show all by herself, and he never does that. can anyone say JEALOUSY? from the way she was talking, you would think she had planned out the whole season herself. very narcissistic.

    the other thing that i seem to recall from last night’s show was that she said people know her, and that they don’t know these new women. did anyone know jill before the show? no. at least with two of the women, we had some idea of who they were. carole was married to a radziwill, so you know that lee was her mother-in-law and jackie kennedy was her aunt via marriage. these are not small names. aviva married fran drescher’s cousin. anyone not know who fran drescher is? i didn’t think so. heather was the only unknown to me. also, not sure what point she was trying to make by saying that heather had not converted to judaism so she isn’t jewish. who cares? that is her personal thing, not jill’s and not ours.

    finally, why would she dream up this whole scenario about a fight between and her bbf, bethenny, and then not bother to tell bethenny? we saw bethenny being hurt so much that season. i think jill bordered on sadistic. i will always love bethenny. if anyone made the show, it was bethenny and her humor, and her smart remarks. it certainly wasn’t jill.

  18. I must have something wrong with me because I thought this was a very honest interview, both from Jill and Andy. Little tid bits of things were mentioned and not denied, which gave us a peek into how the show is made. I can’t believe that Andy allowed Jill to comment on her going into his office or calling to say she is going to do this or that. They basically admitted that nothing is really spontaneous on the show…. it is ALL set up. I’m actually relieved in some strange way…. it is like someone is finally being honest with me about something that I knew but they wouldn’t admit.

    I see Jill’s flaws of course, but I still like her and I actually thought everything that she said made sense…. well except what she was saying about the new housewives…. I didn’t watch this season and know nothing of these women, so I don’t know if what she was saying regarding them was true or not. I would like to see more of these type of interviews…. giving us a glimps into how the show and the drama is manufactured. I’m sick of the shows…. I’m ready for the truth.

  19. I recorded the show and then deleted it. I could not bring myself to watch or listen to her. Good for Andy for letting her show the world what a sick, demented, vicious, selfish,self-centered person she really is. She ripped out Bethenny’s heart for all to see.

  20. Interesting interview, Jill still holds RHWONY close to her heart and sounds like the hurt is still fresh. Andy admitted Bravo listens to their fans and this contributes to the direction of the real housewives shows, so what happened to RHWONJ? Clearly fans didnt enjoy watching this season; it was constantly talked about on social media sites, fans were not happy with the direction of the show, yet Bravo still allowed for the housewives to trash Teresa, plant and stir up drama when Bravo have the power to change the direction of the show for the better? What will happen next season, as many fans will switch off due to the negativity and nasty housewives? Will Bravo listen to the fans and fire the nasty housewives? I can still see Jacqueline face at the reunion part 3, glearing at Teresa like she had venom in her eyes; So sad to watch, obviously Jacqueline needs mental help and her husband, family and Bravo thinks its great drama for TV and brings in the ratings. I do believe Andy and the producers have favourite housewives and is obvious Caroline & Jacqueline are there special housewives. So when it comes to selling the Housewives DVDs of the last two seasons of RHWONJ, who is going to buy them? With all this negativity, lies, planting drama and causing emotional destress in housewives lives, Bravo and producers should take responsibility. Families have been torn apart, friendships damaged, divorces, driven to mental illness and a one suicide. Bravo could be accountable for this and find themselves in many lawsuits in the future. Bravo if your really listening, bring back the fun, laughs and glamour in the real housewives franchise with a ‘dash’ of drama.

  21. To think she said she cant listen to Bethennys voice… I think it’s possible she read blogs about ppl hating her voice and used that same line. If anyones voice is grating its jillz

  22. What a miserable human being Jill Zarin is. Not once did she answer a question about anyone else without getting in some kind of dig, i.e., being “attacked” by Mario, Heather not being quite Jewish enough, Bethenny being the one who was “done” with the friendship, blah blah, blah. Poor Jill. Always the victim. Does she not realize that anyone with an iota of sanity is not buying her bullshit, and that listening to her put her self-serving twist on well documented events is highly offensive to one’s intelligence? She really is like an excrutiating weeping anal wart that won’t go away. Last year she claimed she was happy to be off the show because it was so toxic. Now here she is asking why she was fired, practically begging for her job back, and is so lacking in self-awareness that she truly believes that Andy would regret getting rid of her sorry ass? I, along with countless others, consider it the best decision he’s ever made. Every word that comes out of her mouth is either an all out lie, or a shocking example of how mentally ill and delusional she is. I will agree with one thing she said – she really IS like Aviva’s father. She’s offensive, obnoxious, makes my skin crawl, and deserves a swift kick in the ass. Seek psychiatric help, Susan Saunders. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  23. Andy mentions several times the toxicity of last season; and how the toxicness is what made them shake the cast……sure, andy, sure…..is that why all five RHONJ were already invited back for next year?

      • But if they were INVITED back, then Bravo isn’t really making the decision based on viewers opinions…. THEY are…. the cast…. they should not have the option to choose to come back or not…. they should be fired by Bravo because doesn’t Bravo want to ‘shake it up’ and ‘get rid of the toxicity’ and more importantly ‘listen to the viewers’. The fact that they were invited back leads me to believe that Jill being fired had nothing to do with what the viewers wanted.

        • Annah: The Housewives can say that they were invited back… they all say that! Trust me, Bravo is NOT sitting around waiting for a Housewife to send an RSVP. Bravo has already made their cast changes. As for MissAndy basing Jillz firing on “viewer preference”… PUH-LEEEZE! IMO, the only reason Jillz was on WWHL was a loud and clear message to all Housewives… look at the “star” of the RHONY; you could also be booted, no matter how “big” you think you are. OH… and MissAndy let Jillz look like a moron. TFC!! SH

          • The only thing I could think about was that thing around her neck, she looked like she was in a sifi movie and that was an alien voice translator. Then I started wondering if she was trying to help out a friend by wearing that. When she plugged her jewelry like it all made sense. She’s not even a housewife anymore but she still uses Bravo as an imfo-mercial. So I agree she did look stupid, metophorically and litterally. That necklace was about as akward as her fawning over B.Frankle, AGAIN!! .

  24. She tweeted Andy after the show saying she saw the SkinnyGirl Bottle while there and did he do that on purpose to diss her, as he knew she would see it. She is seriously delusional. I think giving her face time on TV is adding to her illness, she needs meds, not kidding…and I thought Kelly was CrayCray!

    • I noticed the Skinny Girl bottle and thought it was there to irk Jill. Yes, the entire world is out to “get Jill”. Hah! Jill’s plug of her jewelry line was said to irk Ramona… Jill’s presence on WWHL was to irk Silex… Jill’s Blame Game never, ever ends.

  25. If she had any class or sense, she would have moved on and been successful without Bravo – success is the best revenge.

  26. I know some think she’s crazy but wouldn’t that just feed into the show? Like some of the cast on NJ? I thought they only kicked people off these type of reality shows for being too boring. ?

  27. Omg. This lady is so dull. Look at her Pinterest Board from a recent trip she took to London. Bear in mind that London is perhaps one of the most exciting and charged cities to visit. Read how she describes a boring package of grapes. Something tells me her trip to London was for a couple of hours and that perhaps it was her first visit. In one post she calls Piccadilly Circus, Piccadilly Square. She also has a picture of a carton of Tropicana, there’s also a picture of a van with an advertisement for bananas. There are 23 pics, many of which are ‘cool packaging’. Anyway, 1,389 follow the purveyor of dull’s ‘London Trip October 2012′ Pinterest Board.

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