If you’re lookin’ for a fabulous review of the EX-NY Housewife on last night’s WWHL… get on over to TVGasm, where our Ronnie/flipit has written the penultimate analysis!  FYI:  There was NO WWHL “AfterShow”… “Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky”!!!


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64 comments on “EX-NEW YORK HOUSEWIFE: BFrankel’s Review…

  1. My goodness, anorexia is taking a toll on that girl. You can see how her hair is starting to fall out in the picture. I hope the poor thing can snap out of it soon for her daighters sake.

    • Remember anorexia is a sign of the only thing you can control in your life, meaning everything else around you, you do not have complete control of and your own personal thing you can hold, control and live is the illness of anorexia.

    • Yes, Bitchenny needs a big fat juicy cheeseburger! Maybe, when she eats something substantial, she’ll get a better ‘tude and poor Jason won’t have to hear her squeal, “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t…”

  2. Poor, deranged Jillz!!! TBH I thnk they edited her to make her seem more spastic and Violet Beauregardey but Andy has the BEST poker face i’ve ever seen. how can he hold his own against her that firmly?!!! shocking.

    • LOL, I think it was easy for Andy to maintain a poker face… He was sitting there thinking, “see, the cray-cray, I have to put up with?”. He just kept letting wacko Jillz talk showing us her delusion of self importance. Maybe one of the professors at the Louisiana University who reads Ms SH, will use that episode of WWHL in the psychology department to demonstrate someone who suffers from extreme Narcism and Grandiose Disorder. Wiki definition: GDs are characterized by fantastical beliefs that one is famous, omnipotent, wealthy, or otherwise very powerful. I feel no sympathy for Andy Mandy having to deal with her.

  3. I tuned into the Jill Zarin interview last night. She is essentially the same Jill Zarin.

    What the interview does prove is that these women, given a taste of the limelight even briefly, just cannot let it go. They will cling for as long as they are awarded even a 5 minute segment to anyone who will have them.

    Jill is “pushing” her product line. Hers is Spanx and now jewelry she claims are being sold in high end stores. She is angling for her own show while berating Andy for firing her butt off the series. One thing is obvious: she is still unable to let the whole “Bethenny thing” go for very long.

    It appears as though she may have overplayed her hand, something she acknowledges, but it is also true that both she and Bethenny are cut from the same cloth: sheer ambition where Bethenny came out the “winner”. Whatever Jill had in mind at the time backfired in her face as Bethenny was quite capable of “cutting the ties” while Jill has been unable to let go.

    Whatever the purpose of that one on one interview it did validate that Jill Zarin is really a “nobody” in the entertainment industry and her absence is only felt by Jill Zarin.

    Few people really care and it is sad that she is unable to grasp the fact that her 15 minutes of fame has come to an end. Something the others should take into account as well since the time will come when all of them feel the “ax” thus ending whatever “claim to fame” they feel they have earned when selling their souls in the process..

    • Well said. I watched also + it was certainly cringe worthy at times. Andy’s slow, careful explanation re her release from the show was particularly awkward and painful to witness. Jill was flailing in the deep end of the pool- desperate to redeem her ego and attempting to somehow charm and even pressure the audience for validation. It was like watching a formerly wealthy woman trying to maintain dignity while selling her last pearl earring on the street during the Great Depression. Chutzpah? Yes. And pathetic too.

      • The fact is that “dignity” is a word they left behind when they each agreed to participate in these shows. Some would be willing to sacrifice whatever soul they have left to remain on tv since the idea of “stardom” far outweighs the cost.

        What Jill Zarin was doing was “begging”. In trying to convince Andy and herself that she is still “viable” she left dignity at the door.

        Along with Alex McCord who has managed to shred any sense of dignity by agreeing to participate in such a trashy show as “Couples Therapy” she has signaled her own willingness to leave hers behind for the sake of cameras filming her making a total fool out of herself.

        Unfortunately, these women are addicted to the spotlight and will go to any length to maintain it.

        Jill Zarin’s attempt to recapture it is pretty pathetic. She has nothing of substance to offer.

        • Perhaps Jill has been reading SH blogs. Some commenters here have said that they would prefer Jill to PT (including me). This may have given her false hope.

    • I like Bethenny – she is annoying as hell but I LOVE her drive. She’s tough as balls, fights and gets what she wants. Women like her have a hard time staying in a relationship b/c men are naturally built to want women to be somewhat submissive to them and play second fiddle. This is certainly not Bethenny and never will be.

      I liked watching her show b/c I wanted to see her develop her brand and her products. We rarely see how extremely successful people make their fortunes. We never see the human side of their struggle to reach the top. Bethenny laid all out there for all to see – faults and all. That’s what I liked about her show.

      She is a smart woman that is focused, driven and confident. We need more women like her.

    • Dust you say? Ode to the “fired” HWs all across this great land of ours. Jax,Don, Kathy, gonna get you too.

  4. I have to say it was cringe worthy to watch.. listening to her life.. jet setting all over the world.. why the heck does her ego demand some validation for this crazy show that we watch but cringe at it weekly… their embarrassments.. the lengths they will go for any type of drama. I mean I NEVER have issues with my female friends that these ladies do weekly.. now either their acting or “Money Can’t Buy You Sanity….la la la” BUT i really do not like Bethenny Frankel AT ALL!! She was a very ruthless, driven women who actually thinks she’s funny. She’s the ultimate control freak and how Jason stays married to her is just unbelievable.. it has to be the $$$.. he could do much better… This woman may have amassed a fortune but her character… ZIP! i LAUGHED when people would go to see her “speak”.. i said really? the woman’s a train wreck week after week? May one of the audience members could give her a piece of advice!! I feel $ doesn’t buy you happiness and i don’t think she’s so happy.. i mean look at the above pic??? That women is under lots of stress… she looks terrible.. and pics add weight on you! But in defense to Bobby and Jill.. they were responsible for getting her on the show and i’m sorry if it wasn’t for them.. she’d never have been known to this level.. so yes.. Bethenny is ruthless to the highest degree and doesn’t care who she leaves in the aftermath.. but guess what??? Happiness has evaded her as well.. and sadly karmic does have a way of coming back!! I predict this marriage won’t last and either will all the following relationships.. but for Jason’s sack i have he grows a “pair” and finds a woman who is deeply emotionally available…

    • Here’s the rub CB, there can’t be a Skinny Girl without the skinny. When I see BF’s pictures, have to wonder how much ‘bringing the skinny’ must be like a monkey on her back. In my opinion it was a short sighted choice of branding one’s persona. Jason probably has a case of the golden handcuffs….poor guy. Either way Frankel was on the path to fame and fortune Jill or no Jill. Thankfully I’ve reached an age way past girlfriend drama but I have witnessed professional (shark tank) scenarios between women that would spin even Teresa’s head. That’s probably how I got caught up in the HW thing in the first place.

        • He may now know what he got. However, I believe Bitchenny faked feelings to wrangle him into her web in order to get a spin off and a baby. I never believed that she was in love with Jason because she’s as good an actress as Alex. B was all nicey-nice to Jason’s parents until she got hitched. Then she demanded that they stop bothering her.

    • Wow! Tell us how you really feel about Bethenny. I must confess up front that I am a BF fan. That being said, there were times during the last seaon of BEA that I wanted to strangle her. Lighten up girl! I find it odd that you have so much ill will towards her. What did she do to you? Bethenny (by her own admission) was and is a driven woman. She wanted success and she got. It seems like she got everything she wanted in one year(success, husband and baby) and that can drive anyone crazy. When the gods want to torture you…they give you what you want…old proverb. I hope that she and Jason are able to navigate these tricky waters and come out whole. They have a beautiful baby and she should be the center of their world. Anyway, when a man is successful he is “driven” in a good sense- eye on the prize etc. When a woman is “driven” she is is bitch…think Martha Steward. I have also found that dicotomy sad. At the end of the day, Bethenny is no different than any other successful person on the planet…part angel and part devil. It takes both sides to succeed. As for your dire predictions, I hope they do not come true. As for you as a person to have made such scathing comments….I wish you peace. You certainly don’t seem to have it now.

      • I too don’t have ill feelings towards Bethenny. I felt like Bethenny genuinely tried several times to make up with Jill and it was JILL who was the cold witch, over and over. When Jill started taking hits with the viewers for her hateful behavior towards BF. It was only when Jillz took heat from the viewers that she wanted to make nice with BF. I think Bethenny had a very difficult childhood, mother was not paternal and Bethenny has a hard exterior. She seems to be very determined to break down those barriers with the help of her therapist. Bethenny worked her butt off for everything she has, much like Tre is doing. I am not going to knock anyone for being successful even Tre, who I don’t much care for, I admire their determination and success. I do think she is way too thin and wouldn’t be surprised at all if she suffers with anorexia, her personality does fit the profile.

    • CB, I don’t know what happened, but I posted after you, agreeing with you yet my comment is above yours. Anyway, we agree on most points about Betheny. I’d also like to add than I’m NOT a Jill fan either. She gets on my last nerve. Betheny is a whole other story of a pathetic, shell-of-a-woman with no depth or compassion for her so-called “friends.” Her life is a trainwreck waiting to happen. Jill is just a shallow wannabe who misses her 15 minutes of fame. She’s just pathetic and that interview did her no favors imo.

  5. And we all thought the Kray-Kray person was Kelly, missed that shot, Jill was the bulls eye the whole time. What a whack job, talk about your own world and living in it. She may not pay for followers, but she paid Bravo for that special, why would Bravo air that, unless they wanted to make Jill more of a fool than she already is! OMG she is a NUT! Again, I ask Bravo, you want to mix it up, bring on a Pych, and analyize these women, Jill will ring a big DING DONG for craziness.

    • Kelly IS cray-cray. I re-watched some of the scary island shows and the reunion show from that season, and that girl has some serious issues. I don’t think Jill is crazy – I think she is someone who got addicted to the limelight, and now finds herself fighting to get back into it – like the popular girl who got cast aside for the newer, prettier girl.

  6. I loathe Jill Zarin as much as I do Bethenny Frankel, Teresa Guidice, Taylor Armstrong, and Vicki Gunvlason. But I will credit both Teresa and Bethenny with having the wherewithal to capitalize on their “fame” while the spotlight is still shining on them. Grab it now because it won’t last.

    Bethenny began to wear on the fans after awhile with her constant whining, weeping, and nit picking. Teresas 15 minutes will be soon over for similar reasons. And Taylor Armstrong cannot disappear fast enough.

    But Jill tops them all with her never ending pursuit of fame. With all she has, a Manhattan condo,a Long Island vacation home, money to spend, a devoted spouse, and all the perks that go along with that status, she is never happy.

    “Narcissism” is built into the premise that the entire world is eager to watch you live out you life in front of a camera as much as you believe it yourself. Even when all you have to offer is you.

    As dumb as she was at least Kelly Bensimone had the ability to disappear into obscurity without much fuss.

    Sad to say this never crossed Jill Zarin’s egotistical mind.

    • Kelly Bensimon disappearing into obsurity?? She was last seen in July walking a red carpet in a fringy bathing suit to promote her new book (someone should have told her to clean up the lady parts before parting her legs for a paparazzi photo). And she’s constantly going to benefits and fashion shows and taking photos with real celebs.

  7. Was I the only laughing looking at MissAndy expressions while interviewing Jill? He was like – “Oh Man – she is sooo crazy. This is gonna be good!”.

  8. Hi, there is a rumor on twitter going around on twitter that JIll secretly taped her interview with BravoAndy ?
    Jill ZarinVerified ‏@Jillzarin

    Did @WendyShow just talk about last night @bravoandy?


    carol daley carol daley ‏@caroldaley

    @Jillzarin @WendyShow @BravoAndy yes and it wasn’t very flattering. She said you secretly taped the whole interview w/o Andy knowing.

    • New York is a one-party state for recording. If one party consents to recording a conversation, it is legal. Since Jill and Andy were talking, Jill could legally tape the conversation. However, if Jill has some type of Bravo contract clause prohibiting disclosure, then she could be in a breach of contract.

    • Job: Yes… what a bunch of BS. More ridiculousness from Wendy. There was word weeks ago about Jillz meeting with Andy and there was no “secret” about it. FYI: Kindly check the SH blogroll… if the site’s not there, their link will not be on SH. TFC!! SH

  9. Here goes Nassau Jill again with her idiotic and classless humblebragging and First Avenue buzz words of the decade… ‘Pat Wexler’ ‘Hamptons lunch’ ‘St Barts’ and on and on. I winced the entire interview. Boy oh boy did Bravo know what they were doing with the airing of this interview. The just let cameras roll and she did all the digging herself. I have NEVER been so second handedly embarrassed in all my life. Jill, you really don’t get it, do you? Take a drive out to whatever exit you came from on the LIE (oh, I’m sorry I mean the ‘Manorville exit’ of course!) and read books, donate time and money to worthy causes like the Islip Southwest Airlines Terminal, and give Bobby a break. He needs it. You had your time… unfortunately, all of the time just showed how much of a name-dropping wannabe you are. I know people ‘come up to you’ and they’re just ‘soooo nice’ – honey, that’s because you were entertaining in that ‘Isn’t-She-That-NPD Redhead-On-That-Was-On-That-Show-With-Bethenny, You-Know, The-Gauche-Meddling-LAWN GYLAND-Wannabe-Pat-Wexler-Name-Dropper’ kinda way. Jill, truth be told, I wish you the best, but this was just… pathetic. You have to be smarter than this. You were used once again by a TV Exec, by a network that allowed the snippets of you being awful during your taping and ‘have me back tour’. Run off to St. Barts and hide for a little while, it’s nice and quiet this time of year, and most of your Long Island/Queens brethren go during this October ‘season’.

  10. Not watched the interview but want to watch it but apparently Jill admits that Bethenny feud was stunt for the show.
    I am glad I was right. As I said, s1 and s2 of NY was boring. By then, Atlanta and NJ were offering bucket loads of drama=ratings and OC was in season 4 and Tamra was being a bitch (again deliving those ratings). NY- JIll made that show into something that was and is able to compete with the other RH shows. Jill feud with Bethenny (although making Jill looking the worst), made that show watchable. At the end of the day, viewers want to see elderly women cat fight.
    s5 of NY was boring and again I and many other people actually missed Jill. Yes, call her what you want but those were the reason why NY was watchable.
    So Yes, Miss Andy essentially does owe the success of NY to Jill whether people like it or not. She delivered Gold Rated Drama which means more money in his fat pocket.
    I can’t believe how still people to this day think Bethenny is the second coming. I always felt there was something off about her, her continuous lies did not add up and now she has a walmart version of the Ellen show- c’mon.

    • I agree. Why did everyone seem to hate S4? I loved S4 and it is what got me hooked on these Housewives shows to begin with. S4 was so laugh out loud HILARIOUS! Alex spilling champagne on her kid, Sonja throwing Alex out of her house, Countess on a camel, Kelly’s crazy eyes when looking at the snake, Ramona in a red wig pretending to be Jill whining about too small diamonds….each week that season never failed to nearly making me pee my pants from laughing so hard.

  11. I thought this Jill interview was weird. I wonder if Don, Jax and Kathy were sweating bullets watching a perfect example of what fixin to happen to them.
    Don, Jax, Kathy,
    Bravo favortism is dictated by dolla dolla bills yall. So Cat Rodriguez just hung yall out to dry. You picked the wrong side. And ultimately it came to the show via from Danielle. So…. bahahahahahahahahaha
    Sorry bout ya bad luck


  12. I’m around many extraordinarily successful women on a daily basis. I don’t know ONE woman who is as bitchy as Betheny. It’s not necessary to steamroll over and use people to be successful. In my opinion people who become successful by stomping on others lacks the intelligence and emotional stability to do it otherwise. Betheny’s success has come by throwing people under the bus, running over them and then backing up over them. Wash, rinse, repeat. Many victims have fallen hard under the bus in the name of friendship with this vile woman.

    There is nothing about Betheny that I find appealing. She’s an unattractive, controlling smartass, who is unnecessarily rude, hateful, and a mean girl with a rotten heart and no soul. I feel sorry for the people who think they’re her friends. I feel even worse for her husband who I think is probably a good guy. She will raise her daughter to be a mini me, which is sad. Womenkind does not need any more Bethenys in this world. She’s the poorest example of a supposedly successful woman I can imagine.

    Betheny gives all successful women a bad name and that name is bitch. It IS possible to be a very successful, wealthy woman without the bitchiness. The same goes for men. The most wealthy, successful people I know, both male and female are kind, generous and have healthy friendships with many people from all walks of life. This idea that you have to be a bitch to succeed is ridiculous. You don’t it you have intelligence and empathy for others.

    I don’t find Betheny appealing. She’s not funny or witty unless she’s hurting another person with her sarcasm, which is the lowest form of humor imo. Too bad she isn’t more intelligent and able to use her brain instead of her smartass mouth to gain attention and success. Her M.O. is always, without fail, to put other people down to make herself feel smarter, better, and to fluff up her tremendous ego. I find that disgusting.

    I predict she will eventually be a miserable, divorced woman who will happily give custody of the little girl to her husband to raise. She’s too selfish and self-centered to make the personal sacrifices it takes to be a good wife and mother. She has no empathy for her husband or daughter that I’ve observed. They’re just a pain in the ass to her.A good parent, especially a mother, has to put the child’s well being above their own. Betheny isn’t capable of doing this and I think she’s at least smart enough to understand that. I can’t imagine the horror when this little girl is old enough to stand up to her mother. It will be a nightmare because she won’t be able to deal with it, just like she can’t deal with her normal husband. What kind of freak gets pissed when their husband gives them a lovely surprise birthday party? How is that bizarre behavior going to play out with a little girl who needs to have a birthday celebration?

    In my opinion Betheny is a pathetic, sad freak of a woman who will never find peace, joy or happiness in her life. She may be wealthy but money isn’t what life is all about. Life is about love, having loving, reciprical relationships with other human beings and giving more than you receive. This woman will never “get it” or change. She’s too emotionally unstable and scarred to ever be able to find true happiness. In all the years I’ve watched Betheny, I’ve never seen her show compassion or unconditional love to another human being. It’s always what Betheny wants, what Betheny needs, what people do that pisses her off, what Betheny lives for… without giving one shit about anyone else.

    She is truly to be pitied and is an example to young women of the person you NEVER want to grow up to be or consider a role model. Sad, but true in my humble opinion from observing people all of my life.I would never and have never bough anything this freak has to sell. I, and my friends refuse to support a person who has no moral, values, heart or soul. She’s an empty shell of a person with no redeeming qualities that we can see.

    **Sorry I got carried away but Betheny really gets under my skin. I’ve never liked her or the type of woman she is. I don’t understand how anyone could admire this freak of nature who is such a cruel, heartless bitch. Sorry if I offend her fans but this is just my opinion and take on her.

    • Well, one thing is for sure, she is laughing all the way to the bank. I don’t perceive Bethenny as evil and I think Jason and baby Bryn have been a good influence on her. Bethenny is a tough cookie, most definitely a drama queen and extremely driven. Not the worst qualities in the world. I remember her sobbing after trying to make nice with Jill who would not accept her apology at the time. Matter of fact, sounds like you described Jill to a tea above.

    • Oh for goodness sakes! Bethenny is driven, shrill, often times just “too much”… but she’s hardly the devil! She’s just like many other successful individuals who have achieved a lot very fast at once; they now has magically deem themselves some sort of expert. She was lucky, but she worked hard for it too. She may have drank too much of her own kool-aid though.

      We are entitled to our opinions, but your missive against BF speaks a lot more about you. This is disturbing to read…. hopefully though it was cathartic for you and you can now move on with your life.

      • @Ray, love it!! “hopefully though it was cathartic for you and you can now move on with your life”. I too have vented at times and you are right, sadly it can be therapeutic.

        • @mamarj and @lisbeth – I love my guilty pleasure of RHONY; this is where I live and all of us in NY know someone like Jill, Bethenny, Ramona or the Countess. It’s what makes this show so fun to watch. But I’d like to think most of us can separate our real lives versus what we see on TV. The diatribe concocted by @lisbeth was just… bewildering to read. I really hope you are able to move on now.

          • Thank for the comments about going on with my life etc. but my life is perfectly happy and I have no problem separating real life from what I see on TV. LOLBetheny is on TV and in the public eye so she’s fair game. She presents herself as a successful woman and role model. I don’t happen to believe she’s a good role model.

            I just have issues with women like Betheny. I believe it’s possible to be successful without feeling you have to be a bitch. That’s a stereotype I would love to see stop in regard to women. We can succeed without it and I know women far more successful than Betheny who have done it. I’ve also known women who have done it like Betheny has and without exception, they end up alone and miserable. Maybe she will be the exception but my experience says the odds are against it. Many women come from broken homes where they have been abused and/or neglected and still can be happy and successful as adults. That’s no excuse for bad behavior.

            Sorry if my comments offended anyone. Perhaps I did get carried away but this is an issue I feel strongly about. I think all of us, as women, need to be role models for our daughters and other young women. I just don’t want any young woman to think she has to follow Betheny’s example to be successful. You can be tough without being a bitch and hurting other people.

            • @lisbeth You are absolutely entitled to your opinion. And if you think Betheny is a bitch, then that’s how you see it.

              I’d say two things:

              1) Women who achieve success in a professional setting that is predominantly male dominated should be given some credit. You don’t have to like them, but however they did it, if it was done with legitimate hard work, a dash of luck and through no illegal ot harmful means, then that warrants some level of appreciation.

              2) Women who tear down other women’s success because of a presumed knowledge that they are a “bitch” are a lot more harmful to the cause. Men already work on pitting women against each other. It’s sad to see that women are so willing to do their dirty work for them.

      • Ray — I don’t have a horse in the Jill vs. Bethenny race, but don’t you think you could have made your point to Lisbeth just as well without the last paragraph? That was really harsh. Many commenters on this site express strong opinions, but IMO there’s no reason to speak to someone like you spoke to Ray.

        • And Lisbeth — You have nothing to apologize for; you didn’t attack any other commenters. This site is called Stoopid Housewives for a reason — to vent on the HW.

    • Thank you for expressing my sentiments precisely. I find Bitchenny to be a whiny, self-absorbed moron who enjoys dishing it out; but can’t take a single spontaneous moment that she hasn’t approved. Her patent explanation for her despicable remarks has always been, “That’s just my humor.” However, whenever anyone has given it back to her, she’s gone ape shit; as though she is the only person allowed to say whatever she wants. Her big “problem” with her loving husband was that others thought he was perfect. Geez-us! That’s hardly a problem. Her horn-like voice grates on my last nerve. I can’t agree with what she supposedly stands for: “The Skinny Girl” concept. She claimed to be a natural, health food chef promoting healthy choices to stay slim. Yet, she pushed her booze and mixers. Are they supposed to be health drinks? To me, that’s a paradox. She admitted to having eating disorders most of her life to lose weight. That screams, “Do as I say, not as I do” and she’ll do anything to line her pockets with moolah. She’s just a snake oil salesman, selling her slurp to naive victims of her “brand”. I’m glad I don’t live in her talk show market. I rarely watch anything with her in it: Skating with the Stars, Bitchenny gets hitched, or her tawk fest. Not interested.

  13. Jill is her own worst enemy. She thought that selling Bethenny out would be ratings gold and she would be the good guy completely back fired on her. She looked like a complete loser after season three and she still doesn’t get it that the viewers don’t want her back. Stop blaming Andy, Ramona, Jesus, or anyone else for the responsibility of you getting the boot.

    She played herself.

      • Jillz is still stewing today, I am not a follower but she tweeted to Andy early this morning that another example of his showing favoritism towards BF was that he kept a bottle of skinny girl on the shelf for an entire year. Doesn’t Bravo get a kick back from the HW merchandise, therefore, it would have benefited Andy and had nothing to do with BF?

        • Or, I’m even willing to believe that Andy simply likes Bethenny more than Jill. I know I do. But regardless, that Jill thinks this was some kind of message to her… I mean, wow. That is borderline mentally ill.

          • Yes, LOL, I stated earlier that I had given JZ the diagnosis of Grandiose Disorder. She is one cray cray lady for sure. I feel sorry for Gloria because I think Gloria has to be embarrassed

          • LOL, I diagnosed her with a worst disorder, LOL. Grandiose Disorder. Check definition on “the wiki”. Very disturbing this woman is and I bet her mother and sister just wanted to crawl under the bed and hide! Jillz Mom and sister are both confident, successful women but I am thinking they have their daily share of “humble pie”. Can you imagine if Bobbie every left her, oh my? I don’t even want to go there in my brain, it would cause an overload/power outage :D

  14. Wow. Jill is nuts. She is ACTUALLY wealthy (not fake Housewives wealthy) and has a loving husband and daughter. She is SO blessed but all she can think about is getting herself on tv. It’s sad. If I had her life I would enjoy every minute and spend my time doing POSITIVE things with my money and connections.

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