ANDY COHEN: Why Is MissAndy “Interviewing” An Ex-NY Housewife?…Re-Post From October 7, 2012… RumorRested…

October 7, 2012  6:45 pm   RE-POSTED October 16, 2012  2:55 pm  

MissAndy just posted this to his Facebook page:

The ONE commenter who asked the right question:

NOTE:  Yes, there is a “leak” that Jillz is returning as a RHONY.  That “leak” gets the side eye… a double-triple side eye.  As does MissAndy’s “interview” with Jillz.  

  • WHY would MissAndy be publicizing this little chat with Jillz?
  • WHY would Jillz be asked BACK?
  • WHY, as the commenter above asked, exactly is MissAndy “interviewing” Jillz?
  • WHEN is this “interview” taking place?
  • IF the “leak” has any legs… there would be no “interviewing” Jillz.  There would be “secret” negotiations going on and Jillz would be saying zip per that ironclad Bravo contract.  Jillz’ return would be a total shock to RHONY viewers.
  • IS it possible that MissAndy is “interviewing” Jillz about her take on the RHONY reunion… and nothing more?   Jillz has been very vocal about her wish to stay relevant and STAY in the public eye.  Poor Jillz just cannot get over the fact that she’s no longer a Housewife.  This summer, Jillz made her huge announcement that she was asked to be a national correspondent on ABCNews.  THAT turned out to be a short stint on the very short-lived summer stink of a show “GoodAfternoonAmerica”… the show with the ultra-smarmy host…

    Hey!  If yer lookin’ for a smarmy-type… I’m yer guy!

Jillz and smarmy guy… along with the other chick… AND the SusanLucci of male daytime drama guys who show up everywhere, Cameron Matheson, on GAA…

Go away, Jillz… and STAY away!



Let’s take a good look at the RUMOR floating around re Jillz’ appearance in the BravoClubhouse, which aired on last night’s WWHL.

The RUMOR is this:  the brilliant, but dastardly devious, Jillz had everything set up to SECRETLY tape her visit to the Clubhouse.  Yes, Jillz… the epitome of digital devilishness… had it all planned out to lure MissAndy into his own Clubhouse and tape their entire conversation.  Jillz was then planning on selling the tapes to media outlets.

Jillz was gonna let all the world know WHY she got da Bravo boot… and how unfair and biased MissAndy was toward her.  Jillz also wanted to make it VERY clear that SHE was the star of the RHONY; that SHE brought the ratings; that SHE thought up the clever plot lines (ex:  Jillz visits Scary Island unannounced…); that SHE was the key player in the success of the RHONY.

There are huge holes in this “plan of Jillz”… which was brought to light by a member of MissAndy’s NewYorkMediaMafia, WendyWilliams.

The BIGGEST hole is the post above… from NINE days ago.    Andy had no idea he was gonna be ambushed in his very own Clubhouse by an EX-Housewife, but asked viewers if they had any questions for Jillz.  SPECIFICALLY Jillz!

Hope Jillz got THIS guy involved in her sneak attack on MissAndy…