ANDY COHEN: Why Is MissAndy “Interviewing” An Ex-NY Housewife?…Re-Post From October 7, 2012… RumorRested…

October 7, 2012  6:45 pm   RE-POSTED October 16, 2012  2:55 pm  

MissAndy just posted this to his Facebook page:

The ONE commenter who asked the right question:

NOTE:  Yes, there is a “leak” that Jillz is returning as a RHONY.  That “leak” gets the side eye… a double-triple side eye.  As does MissAndy’s “interview” with Jillz.  

  • WHY would MissAndy be publicizing this little chat with Jillz?
  • WHY would Jillz be asked BACK?
  • WHY, as the commenter above asked, exactly is MissAndy “interviewing” Jillz?
  • WHEN is this “interview” taking place?
  • IF the “leak” has any legs… there would be no “interviewing” Jillz.  There would be “secret” negotiations going on and Jillz would be saying zip per that ironclad Bravo contract.  Jillz’ return would be a total shock to RHONY viewers.
  • IS it possible that MissAndy is “interviewing” Jillz about her take on the RHONY reunion… and nothing more?   Jillz has been very vocal about her wish to stay relevant and STAY in the public eye.  Poor Jillz just cannot get over the fact that she’s no longer a Housewife.  This summer, Jillz made her huge announcement that she was asked to be a national correspondent on ABCNews.  THAT turned out to be a short stint on the very short-lived summer stink of a show “GoodAfternoonAmerica”… the show with the ultra-smarmy host…

    Hey!  If yer lookin’ for a smarmy-type… I’m yer guy!

Jillz and smarmy guy… along with the other chick… AND the SusanLucci of male daytime drama guys who show up everywhere, Cameron Matheson, on GAA…

Go away, Jillz… and STAY away!



Let’s take a good look at the RUMOR floating around re Jillz’ appearance in the BravoClubhouse, which aired on last night’s WWHL.

The RUMOR is this:  the brilliant, but dastardly devious, Jillz had everything set up to SECRETLY tape her visit to the Clubhouse.  Yes, Jillz… the epitome of digital devilishness… had it all planned out to lure MissAndy into his own Clubhouse and tape their entire conversation.  Jillz was then planning on selling the tapes to media outlets.

Jillz was gonna let all the world know WHY she got da Bravo boot… and how unfair and biased MissAndy was toward her.  Jillz also wanted to make it VERY clear that SHE was the star of the RHONY; that SHE brought the ratings; that SHE thought up the clever plot lines (ex:  Jillz visits Scary Island unannounced…); that SHE was the key player in the success of the RHONY.

There are huge holes in this “plan of Jillz”… which was brought to light by a member of MissAndy’s NewYorkMediaMafia, WendyWilliams.

The BIGGEST hole is the post above… from NINE days ago.    Andy had no idea he was gonna be ambushed in his very own Clubhouse by an EX-Housewife, but asked viewers if they had any questions for Jillz.  SPECIFICALLY Jillz!

Hope Jillz got THIS guy involved in her sneak attack on MissAndy… 

17 comments on “ANDY COHEN: Why Is MissAndy “Interviewing” An Ex-NY Housewife?…Re-Post From October 7, 2012… RumorRested…

  1. I couldn’t believe the narcissism out of her mouth and the absolute cluelessness. “Andy I sold you that story in your office, Remember, I said Bethany and I were fighting and it would be a good show?” Oh, but poor Bethany didn’t go along with it so she is a jerk. Wow, Jill. So you thought your friend would be happy that you were throwing her under the bus? If I thought I didn’t like her before, I had no idea how much I was going to dislike her after watching her last night. Just appalling behavior from a grown woman.


    • Appalling behaviour like that makes great telly. 30 minutes of WWHL with Jill was far more entertaining that whole of s5 of NY. That’s saying something! It made me realise, how much I miss Jill, for all her faults, she clearly makes NY compulsive viewing.
      Imagine NJ without Teresa (although she is the star, the rest were bitches to her though), OC without Vicki (yep tamra is bitch here tbh), Atl without Nene, BH without Kyle , Van without Jody and Miami without Lea (she seems to come across as the bitchy one out of all of them). NY without Jill- who gonna make NY watchable?
      I am probably now either going to get hated or disliked or not.

      Don’t worry, I think I might just cry. I watch so much reality tv! I really need to stop watching RH- I swear apart from RH and the odd British reality show, I do watch actually intelligent telly………..


      • Not hated, I liked Jill, sure she could be over the top but aren’t all these crazy housewives. I watched the first two eppys of this season of New York, and couldn’t watch it. I missed Jill whining and screeching BobbbbBAY. Although I didn’t care for Bethanny, too needy and selfish, even for this bunch, lol, if Jill really did it for a plot that’s pretty icky. The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Beverly Hills is about all I watch on the Reality T.V genre. I have gotten kind of hooked on the British soaps…again….Corrie Street, East Enders, Holby City, and Emmerdale. I try to wait a couple weeks so I can do a marathon because typically the shows are only 22 min. I am more into the period dramas, and really I don’t think there is ANY ONE that does that better than the British. I also LOVE their cop shows/ dramas. I usually watch more British show on the internet than whats on here in the U.S, the internet is a beautiful thing, lol. My newest favorite show on BBC is Wartime Farm, basically, staying on a farm only using what was used during that time. Really enjoy it, I am not sure if its considered reality, but it’s under factual on BBC i-player. Not sure if I can say what I downloaded to watch the British shows. Found it on BBC America for ex pats missing British tv. Just if anyone is curious and would like to watch Downton Abbey instead of waiting til Jan 2013. ITV is showing it now, and it’s been really good. I have no patience and I tried waiting until I found out how long I would have to wait. Oh, one more thing the BBC and ITV players, each eppy last 30 days from the time it’s shown. So the first eppy of Downton Abbey will be up for a few more weeks, just FYI. Hope it was o.k to go off topic a bit, double checked the rules to see if I would have to delete the non housewife stuff. Didn’t see anything in the rules, so If I did err, very sorry.


        • Exactly. I love Coronation St, and especially Norris and Mary. I tried Eastenders but now it seems to go downhill so gave up on it.
          I love British cop shows- Luther, DCI Banks, Good Cop and loved that parody version of cop shows with Batiatus guy off Spartacus. That was hilarious. I love British comedy and chat shows. If only good telly from America and the good telly from Britain merge- it would be great telly.
          I love Hit and Miss- which was really unique and fascinating. I must admit, for a transsexual sniper, she was pretty.
          I love British documentaries- especially nature afrom human planet to planet earth to Exposure (from ITV) to Ross Kemp and even Karl Pilkington An Idiot Abroad (i know it is comedy travelogue).
          Did you watch the valley and geordie shore? It makes RH look like something for toddlers. I was shocked but yet so watchable.


  2. Jill must be a desperate housewife to do a one on one with Andy. If I was Jill, I’d say tp put me on with some other guest star (like Bethany or Danielle) and dish about the housewife show of the moment, plead the 5th, and play a play on words gay game!


  3. Jillz added the interview to her Bravo filled resume’. She probably thinks this interview was a good thing. *shudder*

    Poor Bobbi!


  4. I just was checking on JZ tweets, she actually treated early this morning another reason Miss Andy showed favoritism to Bethenny was by putting a bottle of skinny girl on his shelf for an “entire year”. She is still stewing. Laaaaarwd have mercy! By the way, she doesn’t have 1M followers, she only has approximately 550K. I know, who CARES, LOL.


  5. For me the interview was an eye opener. I think she let alot of secure information out and it made Andy look a lil uncomfortable. Jill admitting the fight she was in with Beth and how it would make good ratings, surprising Ramona on the St. Barts trip and it all blew up in her face, causing the fans to hate her and lash out resulting in her own demise. Look how she threw Luanne under the bus ( by saying she need to stay relevant, so this is why she brought pirate guy back to the vacation home ) so she can have a story line for next season, Jauqes and Luanne relationship which to me would still be boring. Also it gave me insight with the RHONJ. Caroline, Jacs, Kathy and Melissa all had to have a storyline and that was Theresa. They needed to keep the drama going to stay relevant and it has certainly blew up in Caro and Jacs face. I hope he clean house with these guys as it did with Jill. RHONJ has certainly been a hot mess to look at, worse than how Jill treated Bethanny and they need to clean house on this show as well.


  6. OK, I am not being sarcastic or snarky but am wondering why everyone seems to think Jill is so crazy? I think it is certainly plausible that Jill did set her own events up and pitched them to Bravo. I also think it is probable that Andy was completely biased. I also think he is proving that with the entire NJ season.

    What if the crazy NJ cast was successful in their attempts to bring T down? I would be rooting her on to come out and attempt to expose all the ‘reality’ about the show.

    I do think Jill is a little coo-coo but I kind of like her. With that said I only began watching NY Housewives the second to last season (?) or last….not sure so I am certainly not educated enough about her character to go guns blazing for her.

    I am just saying, there may be some validity to what she is saying…

    Also, one of the posters on SH predicted, a couple of weeks ago, that Jill’s appearance may have been set up a message for the viewers and cast of NJ. I think that too is certainly plausible especially when Andy was explaining how the change was necessary because the viewers were demanding it.


    • very insightful sugarbombs especially given how nice the nasty 4, well 3 so far, have posted pretty decent blogs this week for RHONJ hopefully they are shaking in their heels cuz none of them were/are as well known as jillz


  7. I’m curious as to just how Bravo/Andy “listen” to the viewers and do what the viewers want. How? When?

    If you post anything negative on the Bravo website they don’t publish it. If you email you never get a response or reaction.

    On his WWHL polls the results are always skewed in favor of Andy’s favorite housewives, not on what is being writtten on blogs, twitter, fb etc.

    If Bravo/Andy listened to the viewers, Taylor would NOT be coming back on RHBH!!! She’s the most hated hw ever and yet here she is…again!

    If they paid attention to ratings, then he would never have had Taylor, Caroline, Melissa, Kathy, and certainly not Jacqueline on our TV’s ever again. Not to mention Lapband and her creepy brothers or Ashlee.

    I read many blogs and regardless what fans are writing, Andy always has his favorites and pets and those are the hw’s who will be brought back. I don’t think he gives a damn what WE think or want.

    Soooooo Andy… tell us when you’ve ever listened to the viewers/fans. Inquiring minds want to know. I’m calling BULLSHIT on Bravo/Andy doing anything the fans and viewers want.


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