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October 15, 2012   2:15 pm  Bravo

 Thanks to SH reader “Maya”!!!

Last week I dedicated my blog to all my fans and let them take over talking for me. (If you missed it, you can read it here. I didn’t just do that for the fans though, I also did it for the haters. Before you judge any of us, think about this:

More than half a million people follow me on Twitter. (I know they don’t all love me, but that’s OK. I love the ones that love me, and I respect everyone’s opinion.) With all those followers, and lots of people who don’t even follow but still talk about us, it’s a good bet that there are hundreds of thousands of comments about me and the RHONJ show on Twitter, right? They all exist. They’re all real. But there are too many of them for me to put them all on my blog.

I only have so much room for my blog each week, so I had to pick and choose which tweets to use. There were thousands of good ones and thousands of bad ones, but I chose the ones I chose because I had something to say. I was sort of telling a story. I wanted to point out certain things I thought were important or interesting or funny or ridiculous — things I thought would make for a good blog.

I’m sure if I had 10 different people pick out tweets for me, I would have had 10 totally different blogs. You could chose tweets that make me look great, or tweets that make me look bad. Can you see where I’m going with this? Welcome to TV!

There’s only so much room to tell the entire story  of a group of people’s lives in just 45 minutes, so a lot gets left out. Before you hate on me, or hate on any of us in front of the camera or behind it, remember, you’re only seeing a small part of the whole thing.
Thousands of tiny things, good and bad, make up all of our lives. There were so many fun and hilarious and even boring things that happened in our lives last year that you didn’t see. (Don’t miss the Lost Footage episode next week because you’ll get to see some of it, including our big Campout Cook Off!)


But if you want to get to know who we really are, try and look at the whole picture. Meet us at appearances, read all of our blogs from day one, see how we interact with people on Twitter, and you’ll see who you can relate to, who you wish you lived next door to, and who you can’t stand.   And just like your friends IRL, sometimes you’ll get mad at us when we’re having a bad day, but that’s OK too, because none of us are perfect.

I’ve found that the people that are my true fans, who stick by me, encourage me, and have become part of my new extended family aren’t blindly part of “Teresa’s Army” — it’s actually the opposite. They’re the ones who’ve taken the time to look at the whole picture and know a real person isn’t just one catchphrase or comment or scene or mistake. Thank you all. I am YOUR loyal fan!

And so our season is over! Thank goodness! It was a rough one, at least for me. (Again.) It does make me sad that the other women on my show all wanted to get together to try and take me down. But I guess it’s nothing new. Every city seems to have a Housewife that the other cast members suddenly stop getting along with — Bethenny, NeNe, Lisa — but they shake it off and keep being successful. So at least I’m in good company!

I’m not proud of how I let the other women get to me at the reunion, how I lashed back and said things I regret now. I wish I had more control, I tried to stay in control, but I had just let the entire season of them saying things behind my back and plotting against me get to me. It’s hard to shrug off when it’s family. It built up, and I didn’t handle it perfectly. I wish I had. I wish I was perfect, but I’m not. But I’m not going to beat myself up about it, and I’m not going to let the bad get me down.


It’s been a year since we filmed all the bad stuff, and it’s been a really great year. I have more blessings than I can count or deserve! I just shot the cover for my 4th cookbook:FABULICIOUS ON-THE-GRILL: Teresa’s Smoking Hot Backyard Recipes! It will be out in Spring 2013:

And no, no Housewives or their kids or pets or car washes  were harmed in the production of this cookbook! Milania Hair Care and my Fabellini are doing amazing — we’re adding new retailers all over the country every day! My Juicy Joe and I are great. He’s still my best friend and my rock. One of the best things about him is that he just doesn’t care about the B.S. You need people like that in your life, especially if you work in the B.S. Industry! And my girls, my beautiful gorgeous girls, are great! My baby Audriana just turned 3, can you believe it? And my Gia is almost 12!

My heart is still broken for my brother and his family. Only time will tell what the future holds for us. Right now, I just can’t look back.

You know, there was this movie when I was kid in the ‘70s called The Gumball Rally where these guys were all racing across the country and Franco, the Italian guy, says, “And now, my friend, the first rule of Italian driving,” and then rips off the rearview mirror from his car. “What’s behind me is not important,” he says. I always loved that scene, and it’s true. We have to keep looking forward to move forward. I’ve ripped off the rearview mirror. The road ahead is so exciting, and I hope you’ll stay on it with me!

Follow me on Twitter @Teresa_Giudice or visit my website at for more information on my appearances, where to buy Fabellini, Milania Hair Care, and PearlBrite!

Tanti Baci,
Teresa xx


“Don’t Look Back….”



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321 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s BravoBlog… Look At The “WholePicture”… Looking Forward To The Future “Don’tLookBack”…

    • Teresa ‘s brother is a loser , I know Melissa is in all of this …….but Joey has been adding
      too all the lies .
      These people have no shame and no integrity no one could make me do this too my sister
      where are your morals Joey , SHAME SHAME SHAME . [ ALL FOR A DOLLER]

  1. Love treeeee!!!!

    Don’t look back, heal from the pain (we all heard and saw it in your voice and eyes last night!) and focus on the positive.

    All the best to you!

    • Teresa, I am so very sorry also in seeing you in so much pain. Your brother has
      so much hate because he too doesn’t see how his wife has twisted his mine,like he
      thinks you twisted your parents. If he wants his children to see their grandparents
      it is up to him and nobody else!!!!!! Not your fault, so do not let him do that to you
      I too had a sis-n-law like Melissa (all about her). All the other ladies were so
      mean too!!!!! Andy loves it when they are bullying you. Andy, laughs thinks it’s
      funny and doesn’t see how much you are hurting… you “T” keep up the
      great job and take care of your pretty little girls…….

  2. Tre – I think you handled yourself better than most of us would have if we had to sit through hours of looking and listening to 4 of the most jealous, immature, hypocritical b*tches on the planet – and their equally vile husbands!

  3. Tree,
    Great blog. Love the lil story at the end about Italian driving. Here’s a lil funny from my family to yours. My son, THE GABE, got his learners permit this year and he is actually a really good driver. The only sticking point I have with him is, he always “forgets” to use his turn signal. So its become a mantra in the car.
    Me: Use your signal, Gabe.
    Gabe: They don’t need to be knowing my business.
    Anyway, Here is a soundtrack for your rearview mirror story. Since MeGo is all on this “I need time” thing.


      • @mp That was Brilliant……Love, Love, Love this video and song by Jo Dee Messina!!
        Your son’s comment “They don’t need to be knowing my business,” along with The rear view mirror analogy…..bye, bye is a True Gem……..
        I hope Teresa puts that on her ipod Asap…and is blasting that song on her stereo at this very moment! Thanks for doing this mp…I loved it!

        • @mp p.s. Teresa is also a fan Destiny’s child…Survivor! I remember reading it in one of her older blogs!

          • Oh cool. I hope she knows that when I am on my treadmill listening to this song and envisioning great female survivors, she would be top of the list.

      • LOL. I first glanced at this and thought you was callin me a son of a bitch. bahahahahaha. But yeah. he is a character for sure. :)

        • Bahahaha! i just reread what I wrote too and it does look that way! :) My daughter has her driving permit too and my right hand is really sore from holding the “oh shit” handle above the door.

          • LOL. My passenger side floorboard is getting a hole worn in it from me stamping on the imaginary brake. But, come next year when he is off on his own on the roads I know I will be wishing I could be right there.

            • I hear ya! Here we say they are growing up so fast but I think of that commercial of that dad having a conversation with his daughter while she’s about to drive away in his car & he’s seeing her as a 4 year old. (sigh)

              • they are a blessing! :) Especially when I tell the younger one (13) to go and make change for a $20 while we are waiting to be seated at a restaurant….and he goes to the change machine…he brings back $20 in quarters. The stuff they do just cracks me up….bringing me 360 to your son being a stitch with the blinker comment! :)

              • LOL. Thats like the one time I told my daughter to weed the lawn(as punishment for something) Anyway, she had no idea what was a weed and what was not. So husband hollars from back porch Come look at this. There’s my beautiful sweet daughter on her hands n knees with kitchen scissors clipin the dang grass. She would have been out there all day if we let her.

        • That’s funny as hell. Truth be told I was a maniac for turn signals until I moved to Sacramento. When you use your turn signal here people speed up and almost hit you. I think I’m going to start quoting your son (hopefully not to a cop).

      • I like her too. My favorite of hers is this one… This one goes out to Bravo for the ride they just took us viewers on.

  4. Keep driving forward, Teresa. And by all means, leave Jacqueline in the distance…standing on the road…hitchhiking. Pretty soon, she will run out of things to say about you, your career, your husband, your kids. Leave her in the past. She can never be trusted again.

  5. Great blog! Never look back- I gotta remind myself of that from time to time :) Well, well, well. Tree did not name any other RHONJ by name in this blog…I wonder if any of the others can or will do the same. We all know the one HW that will have Tree’s name sprinkled throughout her blog..Leave them in the dust, Tree. I’m rootin’ for ya!

    • Hmmmm I wonder who will talk about Teresa the most… Sprinkle cookies or crazy jac? That was a great Blog Teresa, you threw no one under the bus… But let the all have it… Damn girl, I wish I could do that…you might think that you lost it, but you did what we as your fans needed… You let them have it, a little! Nice closure, for the viewers… It didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth, like I am sure the others will… :)

      • I’m gonna go with Crazy Jac. She is like a dog with a bone. Tree did lose it a little but did you see the discomfort in her face when her brother took the stage. That was very sad. She is better than me…I think if I was in that situation with a SIL and former friends who had thrown me under the bus for two seasons, I would have REALLY lost it and put all of their business in the street. The other witches and their families pick relentlessly at Tree but out of loyalty to those who she cares about that aren’t on the show- she keeps it to herself. I don’t think I have that type of self- control.

        • Either do I Richmond… I respect that in Teresa, I would have lost it…I can only wish for that kind of control.. :)

  6. YeS!!! Awesome blog Tre. And the don’t look back is so true. I didn’t remember that movie, but tried to always, “remember Lot’s wife..” I like the rear veiw mirror better. You made my day!

      • Why? cause she made it everyone’s business by going on the show and when her husband was in the vineyard on the phone with his Girlfriend!! I mean C’mon- I love how Andy Cohen questioned him about it, LMAO!

        • Why did she make it everyone’s business? Did she say they joe cheats… I do believe that everyone else made it their business, because they didn’t have a story line.. I agree to disagree with you..:)

            • I don’t care! That’s my point… Why do you? Is he cheating with you? If so, I don’t care again…

              • Clearly, she cares a lot:-). Lol! I think it is part of watching the show that makes @chris nyc have an opinion. Just as hard as you are trying to tell people not to care, they are expressing an opinion too! I don’t understand how the fans of Tre flip out when 1 out of 20 comments are in support of someone other than Tre and people attack them endlessly. It happened to me too! BTW…I agree and think it is pretty clear he is cheating and if the vineyard footage wasn’t enough, the way he answered Andy on the reunion should have cleared it up. I know if I was in her shoes and I opened my life up for the whole world to see, I would feel like an idot acting like he is not cheating.

              • If you didn’t care you wouldn’t be watching the show!!! kathy and richie know the real deal, family don’t sell out family and that’s a line they wont cross! but even without them spilling the details, look at the character of this man, he used his twin brother to obtain a license! who does that? he call his wife the “C” word on national TV-he drives drunk and where the heck does this neanderthal get all his money?? LMAO Pathetic

              • The creepy Wakiles sold out their family Day 1. Why do I think you have never watched the show? Koma thinks she deserves a piece of the pie now hand it over. You must have missed the “burn the witch at the stake comment. Or calling Teresa’s parents hateful names. If the only way they can get on TV is trashing Teresa then they are lower than pond scum.

              • Chris NYC, we don’t care. Why do you? I don’t care if big Albert has a waitress on the side, if Chris Liarita has a sane girlfriend on the side, if Icky is humping anything in a skirt or if JoGo does guys.

                Like it would be headlines and shocking if any of these guys had something on the side?

        • What about doncaro’s big Al cheating away with Jill whatever will she do? Whatever it is it won’t be as good this blog was! Lol lets stop hating it’s to hard! Lol Thanks

        • It doesn’t I actually feel sorry for her, she does not deserve to be called the “C” word on national TV by this caveman neanderthal!

    • Is he cheating with you? You must have been there to know the fact that “her husband has been cheating on her.” What is her name? Why won’t she come forward and expose Joe, that would give your random statement credibility. It is unfair you psychics know what is going on and won’t come with the proof–so your just thinking out of your ass-that stankin’ thinkin’.

      • What? C’mon how much proof do you need that Joe cheats? check out the pics of him and his Girlfriend at the casino, I guess he is going to say that it was his assistant or something he was with at 3am, right? take off the blinders you are not teresa! only she’s got the blinders on cause she has children and like a good italian women has to try to keep the family together

        • It was pretty obvious that that story was made up. The girl looked like the ones that go around asking you for a drink. You saw no pictures of a girl sitting on his lap. And the picture of him holding the door of a car is obviously him helping some one in and not getting in the car himself. Don’t believe everything you read.

        • I just read that that was Joe’s look alike brother and his wife in the pictures at the casino. I saw the pics, and it could be either Joe or his brother. But the woman definitely looks like the brother’s wife. Boom! Story explained. No scandal. But you seemed so sure of yourself.

          • You are so right, Tanya. Bravo itself has edited and changed time lines to create controversy. It’s actually quite appauling how Mandy and his cohorts deceive and deliberately mislead the viewers. By the way, Jackal has posted pics on one of her relentless, twitter fits that SHE knows have no validity as to Juicy’s cheating. . Juicy Joe seems like a no bullsh-t kind of guy, who basically finds this whole scenario annoying and seemed very sincere to me when talking during the reunion about his conversation with Chris Laurita concerning how he met Jac. Have heard before that Chris was committed to someone else, but broke his engagement to marry Jac . Also heard Carobully had Jac investigated. Maybe that;s why Jachole slapped Carobully in the face, which she admits to in season 1, The Manzo/Laurita/Wakile cartel have zero qualms about stooping below family or friendship boundaries to remain relevant on this show. Without the Giudice bashing, none of them are even remotely interesting enough to remain on the Bravo payroll, which is really what this is all about.

    • Why do you care if Teresa’s husband is cheating? Do you sleep in their bed? Why don’t you care about Jacqueline’s husband cheating or Caroline’s husband cheating on top of the the brownstone? How long until they are finally busted? exposed?

      • On top of the brownstone? lol, I doubt Caroline’s husband cheated on her, look at the character of the man that is all I am saying, Teresa should not put up with a man that calls her the “C” word, not a good example for her daughters, the man is a poor excuse for a husband!

        • Yes let us look at the character of Albert Manzo who sat on top of the Water Commission illegally and stole NJ taxpayer money and health benefits, got booted by governor Chris Christie, and has a mistress named Jill. What a character indeed!

          • So now its a fact he had a mistress named Jlll, when did that go from rumor to fact? where the proof.

            • That’s true there is no proof. Right now as it stands it is pure speculation. The thing that we know for sure is that they have both admitted that Al sleeps in the apt over the Brownstone and does not come home much. Chuckie is also moving to Hoboken with Lauren. No mention of Al moving there too.

        • Not everyone is mic’d up for hours at a time when they have an argument with their significant other. Have you ever heard of a frankenbyte? Juicy Joe is no prince but he is certaintly a lot more likable than the other gonzos Joe gorgoe(can’t pay PSE&G bill), richie lips(stole from exxon), chris laurita(stole 18k from a charity).

          • frankenbyte?? WTH? here is why I am bringing up the whole Joe cheating thing cause he is a really bad liar + (I personally saw him with the brunette in the pics at the casino on the west side hway driving back to nj) I mean Andy Cohen made an fool out of him last night, its not hard to do, very rehersed answers to Andy’s questions, totally contrived bs

            • Where are your pictures? You claim to have seen him. Not hard to click the cell phone and get a grainy picture.

              • That is fine with me, but where are the pictures? You make a sweeping claim about seeing Juicy, then can’t substantiate it. Anybody can say anything. Hey, if you make a few bucks by selling the picture to a tabloid, good for you. Just say the picture will be available in the Enquirer in a couple of days. At least that lends you a little credibility. Other wise, I saw Chris Laurita with his arm around a 25 year old blonde when he was in town a few weeks ago – heading west toward Vegas.

            • They all rehearsed, its a fake show. A frankenbyte is a very old reality tv trick, where they take sound bytes and edit them to piece them together. They do this for interviews, and also they sometimes overlay a sound byte from another time and place over a scene. Have you ever watched something and you hear them talk but the camera isn’t ON the person talking, the camera is looking at someone else or something else? Look at the phone call again and you will see the choppy editing work. Some producers have been fired because of this season. And just out of curiosity if you did see them on the West side highway what kind of car were they in?

              • I get what you are saying only problem is none of them are actors and Joe seemed visably uncomforatable with Andy’s questioning of that particular scene, I mean he isnt the sharpest tool in the shed, ya know? beamer to question #2

              • He was uncomfortable answering questions to that phone call because there was no “cheating phone call”. They have to play along with all the made up nonsense that comes with the show and you can tell Joe does not want to play Andy’s little games. Look back at the scene and you see how fake the phone call is. Juicy gets up because he does not want to participate in the hours and hours of filming and retakes. He has important legal business to do back home. The scenes make no sense, the shadows are in different places, people change their positions around the table, in mere seconds, the sun will move rapidly. Was she driving the car?

              • A really good example of this frankenbyte business was when mama elsa from RHOM was having it out with that drag queen. The show made it look like Elaine walked off and said sumpin smart to Mama Elsa.I cant ‘member what like shut up or sumpin similar. Anyway camera wasn’t on her face and it didnt quiet gel with the rest of Elaine’s tone.
                Now the taste like fish thing outa Rich from NJ was prolly audio from another time. But seriously there couldn’t have been anything on this earth that he was talkin about ‘cept… well what he was talkin bout.

              • Well I I think you saw what you saw, could be juicy or someone who looks like Juicy.Lots of Italian guys in NJ/NYC look like Juicy or Joe gorga. If someone snapped a picture of me every time some guy in college was chit chatting with me I would look like a harlot! He could have cheated in the past, present, or will cheat, but it’s very easy to stand beside someone and talk to them, while their friends snap away pictures.

              • Man you blew it big time! You must have followed them around since you have the “scoop”. You had plenty of time for some nicely framed pics! Wow the money you could have made! So where are the pics? I can claim I saw Big Al and Jill but since I don’t have pics……

              • I can claim that I saw MeGo at the pharmacy, filling an industrial sized prescription of Valtrex……

              • My point is that anybody can go on the internet and make spurious claims in order to cast aspersions on somebody’s character. I take such claims with the grain of salt that they deserve, as would anybody with an ounce of sense.

              • No need to be nasty, I have not disrespected anyone here, problem is I have a differing opinion and you can’t handle it, don’t read my posts then!

              • Different opinions are great. I think there is a chance that Joe cheated on Teresa, but I don’t know for sure…. so I don’t down right accuse him, I just say… maybe…. Then, at the same time, it doesn’t even matter to me. It is between him and Teresa and I find it of little interest. Not just with Joe either…. I don’t care what goes on with any of the couples in their marriages. It is way too hard to judge intimate relationships because they are so complex. I think what matters most when passing judgement is to look at someone’s intent, someone’s motives…. their purpose for doing and or saying the things they do and say. I think I would be less hurt if my husband cheated than I would be if he purposely told all of my secrets and tried to turn people against me….. there is a difference between malicious cruelness TRYING to cause someone pain and doing something stupid for your own selfish reasons and inadvertently causing someone pain. I think the way Jacquelyn betrayed Teresa would be worse than Joe cheating. Again… this is MY opinion, and it may differ from yours.

    • She is losing alot of support from other women thou by not doing something with him. Its like he is walking over the top of her and she is letting him. Alot of women can respect a woman who isn’t strong enough to boot him for cheating.

      • @laceyschatting Why should Teresa end her marriage because of strangers that are not IN her marriage think she should??? I would think Teresa a complete buffoon if she would end her marriage because popular opinion based on a TV show. Really, listen to what you are saying…There were 2 solid seasons of Juicy being loving and nurturing and just, ah! adorable with his wife and daughters. The man goes through the toughest moments of his life WHILE BEING FILMED FOR A REALITY SHOW and pops off and calls his wife a name out of frustration and that should equal divorce? If women are really saying that they need to examine why the have no empathy for Juicy? My Lord, I am so grateful I don’t have people as unforgiving in my life that they don’t judge me from my behavior in such an infinitesimal degree…Get over yourself!

  7. Teresa ended the season on a high note. No bashing of the other HW’s, including Chris Liarita, Albie, Lauren, Critterfur, Greggy, big Albert or Ickie.

    It is doubtful Wacko, Chuckie, Katty or MeGo will have the intelligence or class to do the same.
    In her own way, Teresa was able to say “bye-bye biotches, can’t see you in my dust.”

    • I think Teresa handled it very gracefully. She has moved on and is focused on the future. Her 4th cookbook will be out in May and I am sure she has plans to expand her product line. Teresa used the RHONJ as a vehicle to a bigger and better career. Sadly the others are driving the Bravo train right off a cliff.

      • I definately agree with you on that one, at least she is not trying to start a music career at the age of 32 singing songs a 19 year old would sing! she is smarter in her business ventures, just really off when it comes to chosing men!

            • If Juicy is Teresa’s Achilles Heel then so be it. I will admit tho I love some Juicy keeping it real and calling out the Katfish and Richie the Perv. When Jax was wallowing in weird and random Joe G cut her off at the knees with one swipe.When Caro started preaching her same old sermon Joe told her quite simply to stop. After two seasons of the most contrived ,poorly edited, Frankenbytes and Frankensteins (yes Jax I’m looking at what’s left of your face) Juicy was huge relief.

  8. as long as Melissa is dancing half naked on stage trying to be a new on the scene pop star diva at her age and encouraging her husband to talk about his poison and rip his clothes off on stage, I don’t think there will be too much reconciliation with the senior Gorga’s. There will always be friction until Melissa stops using Joe’s money to make it as a brand new 20 year old sexy pop sensation in her thirties. her songs would have to be downloaded a half a million times to be worth all this investment and schlepping off to every flea market. I am sure the senior Gorga’s are not proud of the life Melissa has dragged Joe into – and the fact that Melissa coming on the show was expressly and proven to be directly for hurting Theresa….There will never be peace in the Gorga’s under these circumstances.

    • T should just make peace with herself and not ever with JOGO and MEHO. It’s clear to anyone with eyes and ears that have seen the entire seasons 3 and 4 that they were out to hurt her simply out of pure jealousy and entitlement.

    • i still cannot figure out why Tarzan keeps saying it was broken before he got on the show and he’s so full of hurt from the things tre did to him that he doesn’t think they will ever reconcile — i remember their first episode after the christening tre was SHOCKED when tarzan called her garbage and started a fight with juicy (instigated, whatever) — and through the season little tidbits coming out about how tre ignored them and excluded them from filming events because she didn’t want them getting any spotlight (you know since its always only about her) — yet tre said they were at all the events she hosted that had other people than just the castmates (her housewarming) — so is this hurt coming from the fact that tre didn’t try to get them on the show after S1? he felt he was entitled to it? i know tarzan made some reference about being upset because tre said wacko, caro, and dina were her family (can we say baby yet) — it really doesn’t add up — i do think Tarzan and MeHo are fabricating a large part of this apparent tre-inflicted damage to give themselves a story line and that it has always been about getting on the show for them so that they can make MeHo a pop star.

  9. Love Love Love you. Time to move on Teresa and heal the pain. You do have a wonderful husband. He showed his love for you on episode 3 of the reunion. You have wonderful children. Enjoy life and move on.

      • True. Wonderful husbands also don’t announce to America that their wife’s hygiene challenged lady parts taste like fish, either. I would rather my husband call me a “C” than to out my “C” as being a fishy mess.

          • Tell that to KatFish Wakile. Her husband told the world that her cooch is nasty and now she will be forever known as KatFish. She should prolly see a doctor about her fishy problem, ‘cuz that ain’t normal.

            • I know, that’s why I added an additional douche. Repetition is the mother of learning. Seriously though, a fishy smell means something is off. Ha! HA! Ana- your always funny.

            • You’re right, it isn’t normal…. I’ve always thought it was horrible that women got a reputation of smelling fishy. What ever man or men started this rumor was with some sick, nasty skank who needed to see a doctor and probably have a bath…. OR the man is just smelling his own nasty stank that he left behind in the woman. Sorry, this topic REALLY peeves me off.

        • Quite possibly the worst bit of TV ever. Catfish cooch will be forever branded thanks to Richie the Perv. Would anyone willingly do business with that?

            • I could never eat anything from the proclaimed Goddess…yea freaken right. YUCK! How fitting to come out with Cannoli kits considering the creamy filling would taste, look like or be fishy. HMMMM, things that make you go hmmmm…..

              I’m going to have to wait months to eat ricotta cheese.

          • Bleecchhhhhhh!! I gotta ask- WHYYYY did they have to air that?? Not a Katfish/ Dickie fan but good Lord, Bravo?? Not a mental image I want. I am no stranger to 4 letter words and I have a pretty bad mouth at times but that was So. Freakin. Disgusting. Ew and when they actually asked Katfish a question she compared her husbands d*** to her alarm clock. She must have not got the menu that we thinks her husband is nasty.. Bravo Editors and the Wackiles- Vile people.

            • Oh my Lord! I meant to say “Not got the memo” not “Not got the menu” When I thought it couldn’t get any more gross. Ima go flush my head down the toilet now, y’all.

              • @ mp This was too funny… sides are starting to hurt…from laughing!
                I have to ask…do you work with a mac/apple? I ask, because it’s time for me to get a new lap, and I’m still undecided. I’ve heard that the 2013 windows version for p.c. will be a BIG change, so I’m thinking that maybe now is the time to finally get a mac. I’m thinking If I have to re-learn…..I might as well switch from a p.c. now. Crazy expensive, but in a long run it might be the wiser choice. Any thoughts?

              • Glad you liked the video ktrgirl. I am on a hp desk top. I dont know chit from shinola about computers. I’m so old skool that every member of my fambily has a iphone ‘cept me. I don’t see the need. In fact my cell rarely even gets charged up anymore since I usually have at least one of them with me at all times. And really hate the idea of being tethered to any other body that feels the need to ring me up. Basically when it comes to computers I just use what my husband buys for me. tee hee. But A mac would be cool.

      • Maybe that’s their pet name for each other! That damn word is flying all over twitter. I actually don’t even care anymore. And that’s my problem. ;)

      • Amen to that! He is a horrible person. He yells at her and tells her to shut up. I don’t even tell my dog to shut up!!! lol

      • Wonderful husbands don’t worry about another woman’s business and call her names – the good ones stay focused on on their own family and business.

        Ritchie, Chris and Joey should pull on their man-panties quit taking punches at this vulnerable woman and get off the show.

      • If you haven’t noticed Both Tree and Joe use coarse language and it means nothing to them. It’s not what I do but it’s their style. Tree’s own words to Caroline ‘I had some wine and called you a C. What’s the big deal ?” I think they were embarrassed because it was caught on tape not because it was said. Like it or not it’s the way some people talk to each other and to them it isn’t a big deal or disrespectful.

  10. Teresa, love, love , love your blog and your honesty. You are indeed a survivor but the difference is..Teresa you do it with grace and class. Thank God for Joe Guidice or the Reunion would have been unbearable. I know your family will flourish and triumph over adversity . Wishing you continues success and great happiness. Keep being the wonderful role model that inspires us all.

    • Oh C’mon! how is she or her family good role models? are we watching different shows? Husband could face jail time for obtaining a fake license? Bankrupcy, ect, ect ect…WOW

      • I have known people who have had dwi’s and bankruptcies. Are they the scum of the earth? NO. Have they messed up? YES. Just because someone calls them a role model, it doesnt mean she meant in their backruptcy or something illegal that they did. THat is not what is being praised. What is being praised is the ability to brush harmful things off ones shoulders. How to suceed even when you are feeling down and are being attacked. The ability to go onwhen you have so many daggers against you. Some people find that amazing.

        • Here is what I find I amazing that they were able to live in a mansion when their income was $79,000 in 2010!! explain that Amazing fact??

          • i find it amazing that tarzan and meho were occupying a house under a construction loan — net income and gross income are entirely different things

              • Why do you scrutinize only the Guidice’s when the Gorga’s and Laurita’s are guilty of the same thing?

              • Look “you reap what you sow in life” they have pretended to have money, run up enormous debt and then filed bankrupcy, nuff said!

              • They have withdrawn their bankruptcy filing. So no need to go all old testament on their azzes. Funny how the lauriats 57 million dollar bankruptcy goes completely unnoticed . Oh well haters gonna hate!

              • Of course they withdrew it, they were being fraudulent by running up hundreds of thousands of dollars in CC debt, are you condoning their behavior? why else would you be defending them

              • @Chrisnyc I was waiting for you to try to venture into “fact world” and as soon as you did you proved yourself void of any. There was no 100s of 1000s of dollars in CC dept. You hold no validity where I am concerned. Don’t bother flaring up your carpal tunnel by responding to me, I shant answer.

              • Speaking of fakes…Chris is there a reason you are writing under two different names? Are you having difficulty deciding which Chris you want to be? Is it so you can agree with yourself because you might just be the only one with your point of view so you have to validate yourself? I am sorry.. Must be hard deciding which Chris you want to be . As far as caring, you do understand that this show is for entertainment? That just seeing bits of someones life on television doesn’t mean you see everything that is going on in their lives. So, dont get your panties in a bunch when you feel someone doesn’t feel the same way you do because they just dont care…”Can you say,Its not real?”

      • The bankruptcy was discharged.We will see when Juicy goes to court what actually happened with the DL. Teresa is working hard, taking care of her family and flourishing in the face of adversity. Teresa stays positive rather than giving in to the negative. I find her especially inspiring because she focuses on what is truly important and that is keeping her family together while creating a brand and a career. I have acquaintances who have filed bankruptcy and while some learn a lesson others do not.

        • i agree completely. tre is a wonderful role model — she went from being a pampered housewife and spending all the bacon honey brought home — to learning she lived in a house of cards — to rising from the ashes and complete humiliation that had to have caused — and branding herself and getting out there, hitting the pavement, and doing whatever it takes to provide for her family when her husband couldn’t (in part due to the collapse of the housing market) — all the while putting a smile on her face, keeping her children secure by telling them everything’s okay, and moving forward. all this as her cast mates were turning against her, her family was coming on the show to publicly humiliate her, and everyone that got a talking confession on the show spent two seasons talking about what a horrid person tre is. when i see her as someone who is trying to provide for her family (words she has often used to describer herself, too). so no — it’s not too hard to see how tre is a role model. i chose not to put the blinders on and believe all the trash talking the others said about her, when in the same episode you see her out working her butt off — and i’m sure internally she was shaking, crying, screaming, and praying for guidance on how to get out of her legal problems — and the fact that they withdrew the bankruptcy and are working to pay off their debt is a positive thing in my mind.

          • ITA. I didn’t identify much with Teresa the first two seasons . She was the sidekick , the fun friend who spent wildly and entertained lavishly. I thought even then that she was a devoted and loyal friend who was arguably doing Jax and Caroline’s dirty work .
            I became a huge fan when she started to rebuild her life and focused on starting over. She reminds me of Scarlett O’hara and that famous “As God is my witness I’ll never go hungry again” line. She could have crawled in bed with a bottle of booze and a vat of pills and silenced her sorrows. She could have toddled over to Jax or caroline’s and pissed and moaned about the bankruptcy or Juicy or anything. Cuz let’s face it if Debbie Downer is in your DNA then you will be Debbie downer.
            If anyone had told me that on the surface shallow little Teresa would take on the world , join Celebrity Apprentice and started building her brand? i wouldn’t have believed it. Yet she did all those things and more. No tears, no woe-is-me, no blame just strap on your work boots and move forward. And where were all those good friends and family? Did they cheer her on? Oh hell No? They didn’t offer her solace or kind words. They talked smack every chance. Teresa’s cousins and brother crawled up on her back and added to her burden because and this is really rich ..They deserved a piece of the pie….and promised to take Teresa down to get it. The irony is rich…Who is still up? Teresa. Who is going down in flames the rest of the haters. Yes I call Teresa my role model

        • Sometimes filing bankruptcy is a sound decision. California’s homes are under water, some by 50%. Filing bankruptcy for many was a necessary decision. Banks got greedy.

          • right but not when you knowingly deceive and run up huge amounts of credit card bills ect to display a lifestle you cannot afford, then file. I am sure you are speaking about people who were legitimately under water with mortgage ect

      • They are not role models, unless we are talking about role models for future Jersey Shore cast members or Bad Girls Club. If Teresa truly believed in uniting a family then she would stop hating Melissa. Teresa is the root of all the fights. She sells stories and puts her own children on the cover magazines with quotes about their dad going to jail. It is really sad.

        • It’s life and apparently you missed the comment on this very site by the young woman who was ill and was not certain what her future would look like. Teresa is her role model and gives her hope to keep moving forward in a positive way. I feel much the same, you can be a light to others and still be imperfect. My old southern mama always said “you have to take the bitter with the sweet”. Teresa exemplifies that for me. We all have trials in our lives but they either make us a better person or break us forever. I choose not to let my difficulties define me.

            • these people are far from “perfect” heck one of them may be going to jail for the license fraud case and who knows what else they are involved in!

          • It is a world where we are all flawed and we all fail. Sometime quite stunningly. The difference is whether you learn from it.

          • I think in order to agree or disagree with you Chris, we would have to define what a role model is. It is all about perspective. Would a Jehova’s Witness consider ANYONE who was not doing ‘God’s work’ as a role model? Even if it was the best, most decent, loving, giving person in the entire world…. without dedication to God religious people would not see that person as a role model. Would you see a reformed drug addict as a role model? Probably not, but someone struggling with addiction might.

            When we consider someone a role model it usually comes from recognizing positive traits in that person that we wish we had, are working to have or just plain admire. Deciding who should be or not be a role model to individuals is not really logical, no one can say what we should or shouldn’t admire in another person. I may not personally think of Teresa as MY role model, even though I admire many things about her, I can see why others might feel that way. And you know what, its OK, I really don’t mind that there are different opinions out there and that some consider Teresa their role model. It hasn’t affected my life up until this point and I hope it doesn’t affect yours. Hopefully you can just let people find strength where ever they have to….. even if it is in Teresa Giudice.

            • Lisa, I have read your comments for along time even tho I am new on here I think you made valid points on Teresa and Joe which I agree with you, and I have seen some of the posters come at you with guns blazing I admire you for not backing down. You have the right to your opinion esp. when its not the popular one.

          • I abhor the term “role model”. I always reminded my children that their sports stars or singers or writers, etc., that they looked up to, could always be imperfect. Appreciate the goodness they might do, but don’t look up to them to be any sort of model for yourself. I understand what you mean about Tree and Joe. I don’t understand that mentality either (where they’d rack up tons of debt KNOWING they’d declare bankruptcy anyway + pretend for a dumb t..v show that they had wads of cash to just throw around on designer clothes and tons of new furniture). Maybe they believed they were just playing a part on a scripted show, but TO ME, portraying yourself as having tons of cash to burn while the rest of America was sinking into financial dispair, was disrespectful, unrealistic and disgusting, in my book. The only nice thing I could say is that Tree seems to be working hard. How they’re still living in that huge McMansion is beyond me. How they could afford just the heating bill, is beyond me. What do they do again, to earn that kind of money???? It doesn’t add up to me……….. I’m sick of picking them all apart because every single one of the HWs are all winding up to be really deviant, disgusting people to me, and it makes me feel sad to watch it anymore.

            • Done, I agree with you on so many points.All of them seem to be hiding something, and I think maybe 1 or 2 have owned up… I am sick & tired of all of them but I just wish for ONCE Teresa would say and take resp. for ANYTHING she has said. Just own one thing Teresa and then maybe some people will think you and your hubby are NOT the schiaters you protray?…something to think about.

              • She won’t. These people are ALL not worthy of our hate or disgust or approval. They’re not worthy of anything. It’s a waste of time at this point and a true embarassment to educated women out there.

        • Hoosha, do you really believe Teresa or ANYONE controls what is put out on covers of magazines or inside in the articles. NOt SO!. Magazine covers are deliberately misleading, edited, rearranged to attract impulse purchases, and in general FOS. Teresa has wised up some, but naively thought when she answered questions asked of her that she was doing just that Honestly answering questions. She was not savvy enough to suspect how badly they would twist things around to misrepresent ANYIONE in order to sell a copy Melissa, by the way, hated Teresa from the get go. If you are a long time watcher of RHONJ , I don’t know how you can make the crazy statements you’ve made. Melissa, and you can check this out if you dig around, has tripped herself up with so many lies, she can’t keep it straight anymore. For example, she mislead everyone when she claimed to babysit two of Teresa’s daughters so Teresa could attend her Fabillini launch party. Well, that’s pretty phenomenal, as she took the girls for their mannie/peddies on July the 11th and the launch party was in September.. There are numerous time line mishaps and outright lies by Mewitcha that she can’t seem to keeo track of. Please understand that Mewitcha shows many of the characteristics of a sociopath. Don’t believe a word Melissa says. She is an articulate liar while Teresa cannot think on her feet at all and often says things that are not clear, and all the Teresa haters/Melissa lovers jump on her and misrepresent her intentions, when you know Melissa is smarter that Jogo and Teresa by about 80%. The Gorga DNA chain does not have any Rhodes scholars in their history. Check the time lines and ridiculous lies from Melissa. You will be amazed. As to the reason, the Gorgas are selling their house it is SO NOT because of Teresa and Joe’s girls possibly bullying Antonia (Melissa and Jo’s daughter) it’s because they are living in a spec home that was built for resale (it was never Joe’s dream house gift to Melissa) and they cannot afford to meet the huge mortgage payments.. They wanted to impress Bravo with their 13,000 square foot home and thought it would help get them on the show which they had both been pestering Bravo to do for three years before they were finally cast. There are documents online that list all the finagalling they did to mortgage and remortgage that property and now their options have run out. If they are moving for their bullying excuse, then why is their Jersey shore house ALSO on the market. They are desperate for money and their dumbass idea of Melissa raking in the dough with her :”singing career’ IS AN ABSOLUTE j joke. The source and root of the dysfunction in the lives of Teresa, her brother Joe and their parents is Melissa. .

  11. for all of us that seem to see the logic in Theresa’s side more than the attempts to convince us by Melissa that Tre is behind every single bad thing. Remember. There were plenty of Taylor supporters on this website. Miss SH..I would love to see a poll of those that thought Taylor was a conniving back stabbing plotter and Melissa and Tre. I bet the same Tre supporters are people that were also not buying Traylor trash’s garbage. and the people that supported Taylor are also Melissa supporters? What do you think?

    • I agree and have thought about like that to. Bc Taylor and Melissa is the same person to me. I guess if u`ve seen one sociopat, u`ve seen them all.
      Not that they cant be different, but they like to act like they were in a movie. Remember Taylor/the tea party: If U cant be my friend, please dont be my enemy! And Melissa/Reunion: U dont get to play the victim. Guess who the victim is! ME! It is something they´ve worked on in front of the mirror a lot! And its just to flawless, to much and to rehearsed to have anything to to with human emotion, that dont work that way.

      • I was married to a socio path..Truly a person that knows not one real emotion and tried to act like they think other “real” people would react. Melissa does have a few of those qualities, but I think that Traylor trash was really a true socio path like my ex. Tre is all about real emotion, and same with Jaq. Jaq is just cray cray though. Old red is trying to prove herself as some sort of Mafia momma able to control everything around her.

        • Taylor is more dark, yes and Melissa more attentionhungry, but have a feeling we havent seen Melissas “potentiale” yet, when she for real was testing to see the reaction of her dipping her toes in dark water, on Wendy W recently (and the reunion where Jaq had to remind her!), where she flat out lies about T twisting her arm.
          There was not a doubt in my mind that that didnt happen. But think it was a very bad sign and got chills down my back and was actually shouting at the cpscreen: U didnt! That did not happen! Atleast not the way she wants us to think.

        • Nancyadopt, So true. Tre just doesn’t have what it takes to contrive what she’s has relentlessly been accused of. She is all about friends and family loyalty and is so shocked and hurt by her family’s betrayal, especially her, brother Joe. Yes, Jacqueline is definitely cray all the way and another poster child for personality disorders, hers being an “I;m a victim , pity me disorder. Melissa an outright sociopath and Carobully an obsessive personality disorder manifested by a pathological need to control EVERYTHING. What a trio these guys make. Oh, as for Katfish, sh’s just plain despicable and has deluded many viewers by pretending to be the voice of reason, but is actually a MASTER PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE POS. .

      • She sounded like a freaking demon when she said that. Her voice is always so high-pitched and sugary sweet and all of a sudden it was like the exorcist speaking. Poor Teresa has to seriously keep herself and her kids away from that situation. I just wish she were allowed to adopt her niece and nephews. Those two are unfit parents. And her sisters are so bad that RHONJ explicitly state they would never want them on the show. Those poor babies, I bet they’d love to move in with Zia Teresa.

        • Yeah, they “loooove” to project. She`s the dangerous one, not T and her beautiful girls. The reason why her daughter is so sweet and quiet, is probaly bc kids are smart and from infants already learn to not attract the bad attention of a parent, who only think of them as in the way or as an object they can use. My heart breaks for these kids. They are the real victims.
          U can tell that Trees kids lives in an envirement, where they dont have to fear their parents. They are free and supported.

    • @nancyadopt If I were a bettin’ woman I would bet you’re right. I am firmly anti Melissa and ******. Total Teresa, the girls and Juicy admirer.

      • @ adioslumatic Hi adios. I’ve been looking for you…. only just now saw you. It’s getting late now, so I’m signing off, but I just wanted to say hi! I really enjoyed talking with you the other day! Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow. Hope all is well! In honor of Teresa…tanti baci
        Did I spell that right?

  12. From Famewhorgas (is this okay miss sh?). For all those that think Melissa doesn’t lie. and also she completely lied about how she and Joe met. Their own interviews about the year they met and location have changed dramatically from interview to interview. So if you are goign to lie about something as big as working as a teacher, where you went to college, and how you met your husband…of course you are going to lie about Theresa without even blinking an eye.

    TRANSCRIPT of Melissa Gorga admitting she LIED about being a teacher and was never a teacher PLUS VIDEO:

    From the August 2011 MyFox video (when asked about what she was doing before being on RHONJ):

    “I was a stay at home mom, I went to school to become a teacher, I never actually went and got the job, I graduated and got engaged all at the same time and my husband wanted me to run his business for him.”

    From the season 4 finale at the Posche Fashion Show (taped on September 27, 2011):

    Melissa: “First of all I was a school teacher, it’s very different from being a dancer. When your brother met me I was a school teacher do you understand that?”

    Teresa: “No, you were going to college.”

    Melissa: “And I was teaching second grade.”

    Video of Fox Good Day New York (6 minutes into video — it is the LAST one posted on the blog link):

  13. Typical Teresa – she doesn’t own anything. She is innocent and everyone else is jealous. She is the source of all the fights because she starts them. The poor woman will never find peace until she changes her ways. I hope when Dina is praying for Danielle, she also mentions Teresa becuase she needs it.

  14. have you ever heard melissa own up to all her lies? never happened, never will. all I care about is how people are, and Melissa and Jaq spend all their time, even now, trying to take down Tre. Why don’t they just try moving forward like Tre

    • Nancyadopt
      Why would someone spend every Moment of everyday hating like jack stabber does… Turn the energy towards your kids, get over Teresa… Doesn’t she know that worrying only causes more wrinkles? What a hateful person to wish bad things for Teresa’s family… She is being eaten alive by pure envy… Pathetic…

    • Exactly Melissa needs to give it up! None of those women have jobs except for Teresa! They are the jealous ones!

  15. lol!!! What’s that smell :P I still can’t believe Rich got away with that. & Jax on the floor. Too funny. It just amazes me how hard the Carowhine’s (& now) the Jax of the world will try to convince you of something that you’re the only one that could possibly know the truth about. I know Joe may be making other friends, but the whole Tre did this Tre did that , or she meant this by doing that… Seriously, Tre doesn’t know but they do ;P Like I said , when someone gets to that stage of hate & blame, I think the person they’re trying to hard to convince is themselves. The same way Carowhine convinces herself it means nothing when Al doesn’t come home at night. Maybe she’s learned her lesson. Don’t throw stones unless you want them thrown back at you with full truth. Everyone lives in a glass house to one degree or another. Only a child or narcissist would believe they have no flaws. Of couse I think the very lies & secrets that are kept are one of the reasons for the stone throwing to start with. Great pic. Oddly enough Caro’s likeness is the most spot on i/m/o.

  16. I don’t know why people get so mad when she calls it her show? It’s not like anyone else is worth watching. Their story lines are all about Teresa, too?

  17. Great blog Tre, the season filmed over a year ago is over, time to move on. You have not wallowed in self-pity the entire year, just kept on moving forward. Surround yourself with those who love and support you. What others think of you really doesn’t matter.

  18. Well, there all about Teresa because she’s not only more interesting (I like her made up words), but the other cast members put her in the middle of the story for the past 2 season. They could have shared the spotlight too , but they chose to use their time putting Tre front & center. Now they resent her . Ahhhh, the pitfalls of jealousy.

    • i totally agree — it’s like they made their own bed and now they’re pissed off because they’re sleeping in it. when you make your story line for 2 seasons all about what a bad person tre is, at the end of the day there is nothing that you add and you’re irrelevant. and i think they’re learning that now and they’re pissed. they really should have established themselves as their own people with their own story lines. they really shouldn’t be pissed about tre always making it all about her when they’re the ones always talking about her — her storyline on the show is out at book signings, funny scenes with her cute kids, and working through her legal issues. it’s not about ‘i can’t believe what melissa said, i can’t believe what joey did’. they screwed themselves over, tre didn’t.

  19. I like this blog, because it is positive and no bashing. Let’s see if Caro and Katfish decide to write their fair wells.

  20. i hate to judge anyone but it is so obvious that theresa thought she was the head HONCHO
    on the show,and when melissa came on,that began all the BS. theresa is very jealous of
    anyone who is younger,prettier and more talented than her. she also needs to get rid of that
    voice; after a few minutes i have to change channels.HER VOICE DRIVES ME CRAZY,but
    i will pray for her; she needs help desperately…….

    • And Melissa is supposed to be those things you described? Why would Teresa be jealous of the passed around and handed down to Josephine stripper? It would be a case of self jealousy since MeGo copies Teresa , her dresses, her voice even her Christmas cards. Imitation is supposed to be flattering but this borders on blatantly ripping off another person’s style and taste. It’s very stalkerish….and weird.

    • I disagree. Teresa never thought she was the head honcho of the show. In fact, in several of her blogs, she stated that she was just the silly side-kick of the Manzos/Lauritas, but she ended up becoming more popular than them. Melissa came onto the show and Teresa changed, yes. I’m betting anyone would change if their family members started filming a show with them with the sole intention of bashing them and airing out every family dirty laundry.

      Melissa is younger and prettier, sure. But let’s get real, that bitch does not have an ounce of talent. Teresa’s kids have more talent in their pinkies than Melissa does in her entire body. She doesn’t get recognized for her “talent” she gets recognized for being Teresa’s sister-in-law. In every interview she’s ever done, the interviewer only cares about asking her where her relationship with Teresa stands. Hardly ever does she get interviewed for her supposed “talent.”

      I bet you think Melissa’s voice is annoying too considering the fact that Melissa tries to imitate Teresa’s voice and squeals to a T. Why? Because she basically wants to skin Teresa and wear her like last year’s Versace.

      • Teresa has a likability and charm that Melissa will NEVER have, now matter what she copies from Teresa. No IT factor for Melissa.

      • Younger, yes, prettier NO. In my opinion Melissa is homely…. VERY homely. Her face is, OK I’ll just say it…. ugly. Her hair is ugly and her body looks like a 13 year old boy with breast implants. I find nothing appealing about Melissa. Teresa on the other hand I think has a very curvy sexy body and is beautiful. She could use some laser hair removal on her forehead, but other than that, she’s just about perfect.

        Fine…. Melissa has nice teeth and she really does have beautiful skin. THAT, does not carry enough weight to consider her attractive though.

  21. Did someone suggest Carowhine & Al Sr. fight? No!NO!NO! That doesn’t happen. Now sit in the corner while queenie-goo decides what to do with your head :P She’s perfect therefor her family is perfect- you didn’t know? It’s a narcissistic thang, happens right before the head spinning.

  22. Just watched the last part of the reunion on my lunch break and I have come away thinking Melissa is just a nasty bitch she was loving every minute of it. Jacqueline is a sorry excuse for a friend if ever there was one, I get that she was mad but to divulge confidences the way she did for the whole world to hear was disgusting.
    Caroline made me laugh when she said Teresa takes sensitive subjects and goes to the press with them, Oh does she mean like Jacqueline has done with the autism thing? LOL she is so full of it.
    Kathy just needs to STFU she was just making white noise! All of the men with the exception of Joe Guidice are big bunch of big girl’s blouses. Richie couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag.
    I do feel a little sorry for Joe Gorga because I think he really is upset and would like to make amends but as long as he is married to that Bitch Melissa it will never happen she does not want it to happen she wears the pants and he follows along like a lap dog.
    I do not get along with my brother-in-law but guess what? I don’t have to, my husband goes to his house, meets him for drinks ect they have a relationship outside of me. I don’t get the in order to have a relationship with her brother Teresa MUST except and love Melissa I don’t see why.
    The other thing I came away with was Everybody, except Melissa and Kathy knew something was going down, Caroline and Jacqueline are such liars, especially Jacqueline I do not believe for one second that in all her morning 1 and a half hour conversations with Kim D this did not come up.
    So why is all this blamed on Teresa they all knew something was going to happen and who to, just not what exactly. I hope Teresa goes on to bigger and better things and leaves their miserable asses in the dust.

  23. Teresa’s ghostwriter/blogger did a wonderful job filling her blog with a bunch of BS. How gullible you all are thinking it is Teresa’s words or even thoughts.

      • none of us care if she gets assistance to make her blogs more legible and understandable. That is why she is successful. She makes smart choices about where to get help where she falls short when she can and the situation presents itself I wouldn’t give a rats but if Jaq had some help on her blogs. Maybe they wouldn’t spend the whole time talkign about Theresa. It would be refreshing.

    • I think she writes them herself, and could give u a explanation why, but I dont care what u think of me, so I will refrain from wasting my time ;)

  24. Ugg, I don’t want to know any of these pet name things. Yuck, more some than others. ;P I know I’ve said it before , but there has to be a more interesting h/w in NJ than Mego. Fake & boring. Two of the worst sins you can committ. Well in t.v. world boring is about the worst. Fake is just boring in it’s self to me. Phony smile phoney laugh, she may bash Tre for attention, but I think even the hate is phony on Mego’s part. Jealous, yes. Hating ? I doubt it. I don’t think she knows how silly she looks being a mom & grown woman & just fakes everything up. Blacchhh. Boring.

  25. The only one who is defensive here buddy, is you. The comment i made pertained to what pitty pat may have incinuated as a role model, Maybe you should actually read the comments and try to UNDERSTAND what is being said before you run your mouth. You ask me a question about teresa income and her mansion. No one was discussing that. Again, maybe you should pay attention puhleaze as to what is being written instead of attacking every poster on here that is a teresa fan. I am giving you the same energy you are giving others. You are proving your statement, you reap what you sow.

    • Thanks sweetie. I really doubt the poor sucker actually has access to anyone’s financials. I just click ignore. I will re-state it so that certain people are clear IMO Teresa is an inspiration and a role model. Our family has had a rough time with our dear ones diagnosis but I am going to take a page out of Teresa’s playbook and stay positive and do everything in my power for the best possible outcome. The race has just begun and the finish line isn’t even in sight? Why would I give up now or believe for a moment that we cannot even begin to grasp our beloved’s potential. Teresa taught this old dog some new tricks. Smile y’all!

    • wow struck a nerve, this blog is a virtual Teresa love fest and anyone with a differing opinion is bullied! pipe down pit bull! to bad you are not discussing FACTS instead of fiction you cant answer the question right? no one that makes $79,000 a year can live in a house like that!! DUH

      • Her house is listed as only being worth 1.4 million. Over a 30 year mortgage she could be paying anywhere between $4000 and $6000 a month, depending on their interest rate and how much they put down.

    • Look at the FACTS and stop being a Bully, I am discussing her mansion if you can’t handle the truth dont read my posts, get it?

      • Chris… you have bullied your opinion to a ton of people on this thread. Your nasty negative attitude is not welcome by anyone. Maybe you should read ms SH rules and STOP attacking people. The same goes for you DARLING, you dont have to read mine.
        There is no nerve struck here, you care WAY too much about teresa and her hubby’s business. Why dont you go stalk her. I do not get offended by whatever misagosh you say, because teresa business is NOT my business. Do not try and bully ME about a stupid mansion and all your jack nicholson ‘you cant handle the truth’ bull. MOVE ON already.

        • the weird part is that their finances have been and continue to be scrutinized by the court system. i defer the determination of the affordability of their house to the courts and not someone who is commenting on posts to be disagreeable and get people riled up.

        • Do we know how much is owed on the house? First, second mortgage, etc. That is the only number that matters anyway. The government typically inflates the value for higher taxes. They are doing it to me right now. Didnt Joe Giudice build that house? If so, the cost would have been way lower. And anyone can be their own general contractor….even those who arent involved in real estate. So if the Giudices were well off at one point, isnt it possible they have much of the house paid off? If joe gorga can plunk down 1 million to build his spec house….er I mean dream house….couldnt Joe Giudice have done the same?

          • 1 million was just for the lot according to Mellisa on the reunion not the house that’s what she said when Teresa said they didn’t buy a lot in Franklin Lakes because they were to expensive and so they bought in Montville and said she would show the papers. Personally I don’t believe they paid 1 mill for a lot but I live on the other coast and for that money you’d get a whole mountain top. Plus when they had to modify their loan to a conventional from a construction loan didn’t their payments go up over 14k per month? How do the Gorga’s pay that along w/ins, electric, water/sewer/garbage, car pymts. food you know the basic month to month living expenses? Especially with Joey always on Twitter almost as much as Jaxhole and going to every single outing that MeHo goes to. When does he actually work himself?

  26. There are a lot of details that ought to go into a decent explanation of why the “ladies” hate Teresa so much, but here’s an attempt at a really simple distillation: Teresa knows how to SURVIVE and how to be HAPPY. The latter especially is no easy accomplishment for a lot of ppl, and certainly not easy for the Gruesome Foursome.

    • No teresa knows how to “spin it” to give you the perception that she is happy, she desperately wants to have a relationship with her brother this makes her very unhappy, and her Husband treats her like crap!

      • Chris I have read through the entire blog/comments and I have some questions for you! How much are you getting paid to insert yourself in the posters comments? What are you gaining? Why not just state your oppinion and keep it moving? Is Chris NYC the only name you go by? Is it important to you that everyone hates Tre&Joe? I

        • Chris sounds like a commenter from another blog I read. Same phraseology, same syntax, same repetitive “dog with a bone” style. It’s suspected over there that she’s one of the Marco sisters.

  27. I would be interested to watch next season, only to see if melissa and anyone else, can do anything else except talk about Theresa and stir the pot with her husband and his family. Love to see if there is anything else she can do…and I don’t mean sing as we already know that a person her age shouldn’t be trying this ridiculousness. Any for anyone that keeps saying Jay lo as a comparison. She used to be on In Living color and she was a choreographer and super hot whens he was younger. she has been doing entertaining movies since her early 20′s and was a huge star. People still like her because she is J Lo – no teenagers care or watch her music, just us older peeps, if that out of nostalgia. Me Go is not going to reach the teenie bopper crowd.

    • “we already know that a person her age shouldn’t be trying this ridiculousness” Nancy. you made me smile with that line. :) True that!!

    • No on compares MeHo to J-lo – on a serious level! The joke is MeGo-HO-Ho is just a J-Lo Wannabe! In other words Meho is NO…..J-lo…and that’s a fact…jack!!!

  28. Ms SH, Chrisnyc is not playing by your rules. Please clarify with her and poof her if she doesnt comply. (Does not play well with others. ). Thank you.

    • Paula2 have I disrespected anyone? no I haven’t, if you don’t agree with my opinion don’t read it, this is still America right? i am free to give my opinion, I am not name calling just stating facts

  29. Teresa is fabulous, RIGHT yeah! I am going to run up huge sums in CC debt buying stuff I can’t afford then turn around and file Bankruptcy ! then withdraw it cause I know I am being dishonest and could potentially do jail time!! yeah her husband is a real winner that may go to jail after using his brother’s ID to obtain a drivers license!! calling your wife the “C” word– these people are Losers and no one should be looking up to them!

    • I’m going to start my own business and call it Chriselyn INC. I’ll rack up millions of dollars from various people and organizations, I’ll then line the pockets of my kids and my family with bank….and then I’ll Drop the ball…and never deliver the promised and paid for goods! TO Boot: I’m going to file bankruptcy under Chriselyn INC… I NEVER have to pay a single penny of that money back to anyone!! Gee, maybe looking up to the Laurita’s is more up your alley!!

  30. Once again……A successful person is one that can build a strong foundation by the bricks that are thrown at her….keep throwing and Teresa will continue to build her Empire!

    • Exactly tlcory. If we let our detractors deter us we would never move forward. Teresa has already built a fortress from those bricks and ITA hope she builds an empire.

      • People can say what they want about Tre but she has been the only one that has moved on and is bettering her life, all the others are stuck on the hate train that broke down 2 seasons ago. How many of us has had friends, family etc that have gone through hard times and our advice to them was to move on, the best revenge is a happy successful life and Tre has done this yet so many people despise her for this same thing I’m sure they have advised someone in their life to do, I don’t understand the double standard. On a side note, Jax……ugh did anyone notice how she sat at the reunion? I mean really! At one point she actually laid down, what is wrong with her? I remember when raising my daughter and continually telling her when she has a dress on to sit like a lady, I do this with my Granddaughter now, Jax is so inappropriate, dress or not you are on a TV program learn how to have some self control and behave accordingly, also, she could NOT keep her mouth shut and stay out of ANY of Teresa’s conversations with anyone…I certainly don’t understand the Jax fans, what do they see inspirational in her to want to be a fan of hers, not trying to be mean but I really am curious. Ok rant over, Hope everyone is having a great night!

        • You made many excellent points TL. I don’t know how Jax can even begin to posture as a role model. The panty sniffing comment re: Tre discovering her brothers g-string/elephant apparatus was crude and unbecoming. Jax has no boundaries and is rolling around like a loose cannon. She may have the big house and expensive cars but she doesn’t have any class or credibility.

          • She might not even have the big house and expensive cars for very much longer. Though, she might end up in THE big house, as in prison.

          • Oh so Jax made that comment…I heard it but I didn’t know who said it but was thinking that was just wrong! Why would she even say that? Is she now trying to convince the viewers that Teresa is into incest now? She better watch it because Teresa’s is going to get fed up enough to sue her for defamation of character or something along that line. Good Lord that woman is insane, I know everyone has been saying it but this reunion REALLY proved it.

  31. Maybe Jax and MeGo can move in together. Bye Bye Mcmansion ! Hello-o-o-o old van down by the river. Is MeGo Jaxstabber’s new girl crush? Careful MeGo apparently Jax is quite familiar with panty sniffing.

  32. okay I can’t read anymore of this BS…when people say “tre’s followers attack”..actually the anti-tre’s attack first (and not very well, might I add) want some proof? well let’s back up to the top where someone else wrote a nice comment (to teresa) and chrisnyc posts “do you really think she is reading these posts?” kinda rude, considering that poster did not attack you (chrisnyc) or anyone else for that matter. The fact that this blog is open to all comments and opinions means that anyone can write something nice to a housewife and we (meaning you negative nellys) can leave them alone! So I keep reading down the comments and I see Sophia writes “Teresa’s ghostwriter/blogger did a wonderful job filling her blog with a bunch of BS. How gullible you all are thinking it is Teresa’s words or even thoughts.” Thanks for calling us gullible…now that’s a great way to start off a conversation…attack everyone! (insert sarcasm). We get it….anti-tres hate that juicy is probably a cheater, they hate that they had to file for bankruptcy….they hate that they are living a life they can’t afford most of the time…..well the lauritas filed for bankruptcy, Al Sr is a speculated cheater, and katfish and meho both lived a different life before RHNJ….Meho’s “mansion” is just a spec home, which was hardly furnished (hence why they filmed in the closet only) and Katfish was a hairdresser and her nasty husband owns one gas station…..but the only part the anti-tres can see is what tre does….why not tell us all the wonderful things the other housewives do??? oh that’s right…there isn’t anything!! (just stating this now…this comment is not meant for lisa irishdragon…because she posts with integrity and does not attack others!)

    • That’s the irritating thing about the anti-Tre haters. They completely ignore everything else the other cast members have done, even they’ve done the same thing that Tre and her husband have done. The Giudices filed for bankruptcy? Well, so did the Lauritas. Where’s the hate for THEM? Joe Gorga got smacked a lawsuit on him for not paying his workers. Where’s the hate for him? Teresa has lied on the show, but then again, so has THE REST OF THE CAST. Caroline lied about hearing her say awful things about Melissa to her mother (It’s a lie because Teresa only speaks Italian to her mother, and Caroline doesn’t know Italian); Jacqueline lies that she wasn’t a stripper (Danielle, Teresa, and other commenters on Fame-Whorgas have stated that she was); Melissa also lied about being a stripper AND she lied about knowing Angelo (The fact that she changed her story numerous time in the finale proved that); and Kathy lied about the cookies in Teresa’s cookbook being her mother’s recipes when they were based on the recipes of Teresa’s mom (There’s no way that they were “passed down” because Kathy’s mother is the sister of Teresa’s father, and they didn’t live in the same area because Kathy’s mother wasn’t raised with her brother).

    • i agree – and i was not a tre fan until this year — i liked her and thought she was funny and goofy — but this year i became a big fan because i am so over the constant beating the other 4 do on her that i feel protective – like enough already!! the more they try to kick her when she’s down the brighter her star gets — and all the comments negating her being a role model keep lumping juicy in with her and saying ‘they’ — i think every comment regarding her being a role model was directed at her — i saw no indication people were saying juicy was too

  33. I find it interesting that Teresa lists NeNe, Bethenny, and Lisa as the housewives that were turned on by their cast mates… because the irony of it? All three of them were loved even more by the viewers. Especially Bethenny and Lisa.

  34. I think it’s good that at least Teresa and Caroline tried to take the high road with their blogs. Who wants to take bets Jacqueline and Melissa’s will be the “I’m still trying to prove I’m right” nasty and hateful ones?

    • I am not taking that bet. Oh boy, Jackholine hasn’t written a blog in how many weeks? She is saving up all that vitriol for one last (I hope) blog where she will be flinging poo left and right like some deranged chimp at the zoo.

      • 2 days ago on twitter she posted this….so why hasn’t it been posted is Bravo holding it back or has she not sent it in to Bravo? She is so damn transparent. She wants to keep on talking about T and once she posts her blog she said she is done talking about her according to her tweet her just can’t give that up yet.

        Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita

        I wrote a blog. Not sure when it will post and then no more mention of this season. It’s done now & so is my friendship with Teresa#Thankful

        • That b*tch is crazy. I still don’t know what Teresa did to her that was so horrible. If it is about supposedly setting MeGo up, why is Jackholine still friends with Kim D. whose fingerprints are all over that mess. I just don’t get it and Jackholine looks like an insane person for having such hatred for Teresa who didn’t do anything to her.

          • I think she was following orders from DonCaro & family and she was also doing everything in her power to keep the attention on Teresa and not on her and Chris’s business being “forced” into bankruptcy. Focus all the hate on T so the viewers don’t have time to focus on $55 million dollars and God knows what else is in their closets. Did you notice how she tried to change up her responses to T with saying “Honey” every time. Remember when T called Danielle honey at the Poshe show and Danielle told her not to call her honey and T said how about Bitch is Bitch better. Jackstabber was trying and failing with the honey this and honey that to the point every time she said honey I said Bitch to the TV. LOL (under my breath though)

          • looking back at some of the comments Wacko made while they were still friends (i’m so bummed its not OnDemand in my area i would love to go back and watch some earlier episodes) — i think wacko was mad that tre only talked to Wacko about her problems and didn’t inquire maybe as to how CJ was doing with his diagnosis and i think Wacko thought tre even twittering with Danielle was the ultimate betrayal because of the ashleeee incident — but tre mentioned on the reunion that wacko had asked to not discuss CJ and i think tre just left it alone completely as opposed to only leaving it alone when they were filming — and i think wacko is obsessed with tre and if tre made a move to make up with wacko that she’d welcome her back with open arms — i think wacko is ultimately upset that she’s out of tre’s life — sort of like a bad breakup where you can’t get over your BF. pretty sad.

            • Nicholas is the son diagnosed with Autism, not CJ.
              Also, I think Teresa suspected that Jac would go off the deep end and start spilling her guts, so T started holding back any incriminating info. Remember, Jac has “mutual friends” of T’s. Jac probably told a mutual friend something T said in confidence, so she knew not to trust Jac. Jac was running to all the blogs way before their falling out. I think T knew what type of person she was and knew not to share.

          • Yeah – I am still trying to figure out why Jax was “such a mess and sobbing hysterically” in the car ride home from the Posche fashion show. What the hell was SHE crying about??? She didn’t look that upset when she told Joey Gorga she would send him the texts??

            If we have to go thru another season of Jax “crying” about made up things – I WILL NOT WATCH!! I am seriously hating this botoxed hag!

            • I would like to see the after effects of all the Botox and crap she injected in her face. No way the Juvaderm / Botox / other silicone stuff can stay looking good.

              • Jack=as is a cyberbully with a cray cray, addictive personality coupled with way too much of the vino. Bad combo. Should be blocked by twitter execs. She’s a dangerous mess. Get off the keyboard Jac and pay attention o your children.

            • @ EM They were all at Kim G’s condo across the street having a “we killed off Teresa” party. I’ll bet money Jac stayed after everyone else, Kim G probably promised her driver to take her home. She passed out at Kim G’s and never made it to the reunion because she and Kim drank themselves blind the night before…when she didn’t show up the producers went to her house and that is why she was not there, they couldn’t get at her…when Jac stated why she wasn’t at the reunion during part one of this year’s reunion the production company put out a tweet stating they were at her house in the morning, they asked if she remembered…

      • Hilarious. LMAO. It is a little unsettling, tho, to watch and read Jacqueline self destructing before your eyes. What the he l is the matter with Chris that he doesn’t stop her.? Oh, I guess her craziness distracts viewers from focusing on his financial deceit What a great guy..

  35. Couldn’t agree more. I think Jax regrets listening to Carowhine’s hatred , where is that going to get you? Now she’s lost a 10 year friendship. Teresa’s flawed like everyone , but in the overall picture I think she’s a better person then Caro & has a more interesting life etc. I never understood , if you’re going to make a choice, why Carowhine over Tre?? What did Caro offer ? A place to lay the blame of her unhappiness maybe, but where has that gotten her? I just don’t think Jax’s fall is as funny as
    Carowhine’s. Partly because I think Jax started at a better place than Caro & partly because of the liquid that seems to be replacing something in her life.

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