RHONJ REUNION REVIEW… By The Friendly Closet Freak! … VIDEO

October 15, 2012  From @Closet__Freak

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31 comments on “RHONJ REUNION REVIEW… By The Friendly Closet Freak! … VIDEO

  1. LOOOOOOved the video!!!You hit the nail on the head when you said “who gives a shit” only wanted to add that Caroline is a “Madam” she knows it as do we all!!!

  2. Love this, agree on most especially, “I don’t Care” and why Joe Gorga has problems with his Dad! Old school Italian dad would not like his son as a Chippendale, and aren’t a lot of them gay? I still Jogo is doing Andy!

    • Good point. I don’t think any old school parent — Italian or otherwise — would be happy to have a stripper for a son.

      • My old school Daddy would of had a fit if anyone in our family especially a boy getting nakie for women, he would of not been a happy camper! Putano would of been his words or worse!

  3. I think Joe G is bi. I thought she rambled more than usual but she does make me laugh out loud. I so hope she watches rhobh and gives her reviews.

    • I was at the store today and saw the latest cover of In Touch Magazine…Teresa’s Husband Hits On Melissa. WTF. I would understand if he hit Melissa, but not hit ON her! Then Caroline shows up on my Facebook Wall with a general announcement that the latest “pallette” from Catface is called “Too Faced”!!! LOL! It’s only $48.00:P

  4. “I can’ dance for mutthafukkahs I don’ know.” Really, isn’t that a great philosophy for living one’s life? LOL!

    • Talk-a-bout Breakin’ it down! :)

      The other so called “hosts” AC, WW, AC, etc. have been put on notice! :)

      • For real. I have listened to this three times already. So entertaining. “a bitch is wired” Love it. If she was on my DVR I would have done had it set to “keep till I delete”

  5. Did yall think it was odd that MeGo hushed her husband up when he was interrupting Kim D? She said “why wouldn’t you want to hear what she has to say” or sumpin. Sounds to me like, brace yalls selfs, KimD and MeGo were in on this whole thing to frame Tree. JoGo might have just been havin a bit of a brother moment, trying to redirect the convo. Kim D is NO real friend to Tree , at all. Tree needs to punt kick that gal out of her life. Hour long DAILY convos with Jax? what? Again I think ANYONE that “knows” all the drug(allegedly) dirt is dirty themselves.

    • This story with all the plot twists and conspiracy theories is so Juicey (pun intended of course) My head is spinning from your comment:P Oh Made: I saw a great band from Nashville last night called The Farm. Country plus funk plus rap plus southern rock plus gospel…thought of Gabe and his music:)

      • It really makes more sense that way. Nothing in it but shame for Tresa’s parents. MeGo dont give a rats long tail about them. And Kim D…. that girl aint right.
        I used to think that Jax was just trying to make Tree THINK that Kim D was the source of the texts. Now I think she is trying to plant a seed that its Shelia. Just spitballin here.
        Also this JoGo kept equipment that Juicy loaned him stuff is sorta telling to me. My brother worked for my husband when he was out and lets just say some shady crap went down there toward the end… work trucks being stripped and whatnot. Brother’s garage FULL of our company stuff. My brother was not in his right mind.And who helped my brother strip the truck? The shady skank dirtbag ho he was hooked up with. So I do know that stuff like that does cause fambily bullcrap. Very dark time for my fambily.

        • I think for sure Jaqs was in on it and i think Bravo “hires” Kim D and Kim G to further story lines and get the ball rolling, for drama!

  6. Love her! Only thing i disagree with is that MeGo didnt strip as a bartender, I think her stripper outfit was a school teacher.

  7. I love Closet Freak. She’s smart and saves me a shite load of typing since she says exactly what I think.

  8. I love closet freak! I also wondered why Joey G. was yelling “you took my parents from me” and Melissa said on WWHL that they have dinner with them once a week. Who is telling the truth?

  9. Nothing DaGorgas touch makes complete sense. Nothing they comment on. Nothing they are employed by. Nothing in their past.

    It all adds up to the fact that someone in the room is lying.

  10. I LOVE this woman, I hope she’s still here and does ALL the reunions. I wonder what the “real” reason papa Manzo did’t show up? Was it an unhappy bride was the excuse he had to work? Give me a break, what’s the real story……???

  11. I have a dream… that we might not be judged by the amount of pasta we cook but by the content of our character… LMAO

  12. So basically Kim D reasoning is that Melissa didn’t promote her boutique on the show and chose to get her clothing from another boutique with a similar name. So riddle me this, did Kim D have a verbal or written agreement will Melissa to promote Kim D’s fashions? Did Kim D help Melissa to get on the show in exchange for promoting her boutique? Did Kim D pay Melissa to promote her boutique and wear her fashions? Or did Kim D try to extort Melissa into promoting her boutique by threatening to expose here secrets like she is doing with all the other HW’s including Teresa? This seems like an unsually way to conduct business. Will Kim D extort Teresa’s cookbook empire and try to get backend money for making Teresa look innocent of the reunion show? Well I have checkout Kim D’s boutique website and I didn’t see anything that I would want to wear. The items are expensive and I did not see any high-end designers in the bunch. Well maybe this is why Kim D has to resort to extortion. It’s kind of sad. I wonder has the online boutique generated any traffic or soar in sales because of the show? As anyone here bought any of Kim D’s clothing either in store or online? Just curious.

    • I don’t know. I hadn’t even heard of the other store, Posh until MeGo started talking mad noise about KimD’s store on WWHL the first time she was on and making her ugly witch faces while doing it. She didn’t have to do that. Of course there’s a lot of behind the scenes we don’t know about. I guess… Since the MeGo/KimD Posh/Posche blowout. The owner of Posh has made it known that her store was established first. That puts KimD on blast for stealing the Posh name for her own and just changing the spelling. I think MeGo should just go to Posh, buy her darn clothes and stay out of it. KimD rolls with the big boys and plays dirty, apparently.

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