REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK RECAP: Season Five, Episode Twenty… Reunion Part II



Season Five, Episode Twenty… Reunion Part II

by Sandi Duffy

Last week on the RHONY reunion Luann got all insulted that Carole told her she wasn’t A-list enough to wear her friend’s gowns.  I’ve got a newsflash for Luann, not only is she not A-list, but she’s AA-list.  That means she went through the entire alphabet and now are starting all over.

We begin part 2 with Luann and Tomas.  I have never seen anyone so excited that she f-ed someone who looks like a celebrity.  My late husband looked like Cal Ripken Jr, but I assure you, I never went around bragging that I was f-ing someone who looked like Cal Ripken Jr.

Bravo invited Jacques on the show and he declined.  Maybe he isn’t such an idiot.  Luann claims Tomas just gave her a ride home.  He gave her a ride, alright.  She is still going with she was hanging around with her “Italian friends”.  Why the cover up on the phone, Luann?  Why were you speaking in French on the phone?  If you didn’t f– Tomas, why were you speaking French on the phone?  Andy calls Luann out on speaking crappy French.  Hahahahahaha.  Andy also confronts her with the “I never change” line.

Andy then asks Ramona to comment on Luann’s partying ways.  Luann alleges that Ramona didn’t behave like a married woman in St. Barth’s.  Luann is a big ol’ slut and we all know it.

                         “I hate you, Carole…”

Luann accuses Carole of judging her.  Luann hates Carole because Carole is a princess and very secure in who she is.  This is the Carole I wish we had scene during the season instead of waiting until the reunion.  I’m all for anyone taking on Luann, except maybe Aviva.  I would even take Charles Manson’s side over Aviva and her leg.

Andy actually asks Sonja if she took it in the rear from Tomas.  Sonja never really answers the question.  Sonja is divorced and not in a relationship, so she can do whatever and whomever she wants.

One viewer calls Aviva out on her hypocrisy–criticizing Sonja for bringing men home, yet her father is scum who sleeps with women younger than his daughter.  Aviva claims she didn’t understand the idea of a girls trip.  Aviva is full of it.  Aviva is a killjoy.

Andy wants to know if Ramona and Sonja swim in the lady pond.  STFU, Andy!  You know they don’t.  He’s so desperate for a gay storyline on each Housewife show.

Gross, they are doing a George montage.  My skin is literally crawling from this disgusting old perv.  I can’t believe these women laugh him off.

The viewers hit Aviva with some good questions about her father.  Sonja is insulted that Aviva was willing to set Sonja up with her father, but wouldn’t set him up with Carole.

I am grossed out by all the George conversation, but am glad Aviva is being called out on her two sets of rules.

Oh crap, we are now discussing the stupid toaster oven again and I think Andy Cohen is reading my recaps because he calls it Toastergate.  We’re only half way through part 2 and I am officially bored.  This reunion should have only been one episode.

Oh, holy hell, Heather and Sonja are back to arguing about this crap.  Sonja even brought sample logos.  THE VIEWERS DON’T CARE ABOUT THIS!  I SPEAK FOR ALL THE VIEWERS!  I’m not listening anymore.

If I ever do reality a TV show, I can tell you right now, I’m coming out with my own slow cooker and recipes.  I love my slow cookers.  I had a Superbowl party where I made everything in  six slow cookers.  I tossed all the ingredients in the cookers in the morning and by the time guests arrived everything was done.

We get a montage of Sonja falling apart.  Aviva comparing her to Ann Nicole Smith was uncalled for.  I know people disagree with me, but I feel badly for her.  She was married to one of the richest men in the world.  I don’t care what her pre-nup or original settlement was for, he can come up with more.  Seven million to this guy is like a hundred bucks to the rest of us mere mortals.  The way Sonja talks about her ex makes me feel even worse for her.  She seems to still really care about him.

Aviva tries to back paddle on the way she treated Sonja.  Sonja wants Jacques and Luann to get married so much.  Newsflash, Sonja, Luann will never re-marry because she’ll lose her Countess title, and we all know how much she loves being The Countess.

I’d like to marry an English Lord because then no one can tell me I’m not a Lady.

Sonja makes me even sadder when she talks about her dog dying.

This reunion show is soooooooooo boring.  Right now I’m missing Alex telling Cindy she needs to get laid and then hyperventilating, that’s how bored I am right now.  I wonder if Couples Therapy is on now.  What is up with that train wreck?

OMG, I’m so bored, I’m doing Jacqueline Laurita non-sequiturs.

We do a Ramona/Aviva montage.  Didn’t we go over this in part 1.  I need to go back and look at that recap, but I’m pretty sure we already went over this.

I still can’t believe that she told Ramona her father shouldn’t have been thrown out of the party because he didn’t rape anyone.

I think Aviva had her lips done by the same butcher who did Carole’s lips.

I am LMAO when Ramona tells Aviva her father f–s 20-year-olds, so he doesn’t act like an 80-year-old.  Ramona calls out the “thousands” Aviva gave to the charity and it was only $500.  Aviva thinks if she or her father don’t raise their voices, they are not being cruel.  She’s an idiot.  Even Andy can’t figure out what Aviva expects Ramona to apologize for.

Aviva then discusses how her mother died from alcoholism and she’s very sensitive to drinking.  Aviva needs a psychiatrist desperately.  Her mother was a drunk; her father is a perv; she doesn’t have a leg; she’s afraid of everything.  TAKE A XANAX!

Ramona goes after Andy for picking on her about drinking.  She tells him he can pick on her for having a big mouth, but she doesn’t drink anymore than anyone else.  Go Ramona!  I’m all for anyone calling out Andy.   Where is Teresa  Guidice to ask him if she’s speaking Chinese?

Sonja talks about her interns.  I need some interns.  I could use people working for me for free.  We find out that Carole dated George Clooney.  I still don’t see that, but I admit I’m jealous.

                                           George Clooney… 2016

Andy asks who changed the most and Sonja says Heather got more attractive.  I think she honestly meant it as a compliment, but it’s a little backhanded.

Aviva tells the story of how SHE decided to cancel her first wedding in Jamaica.  I’m pretty sure that HE is the one who took off on her.

Ramona is so batshit crazy, she gets up to leave while Andy is still asking questions and the cameras are on.  I am laughing so hard, I can barely type.

What would we do without Ramona and her antics?

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88 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK RECAP: Season Five, Episode Twenty… Reunion Part II

  1. i have to say i didn’t think i could dislike aviva any more than i already do — but i now do — her look of disdain and arrogance while sonja was crying about her dog made me sick — i was crying right along with her and my dog died 3 yrs ago and i still miss her every day. aviva obviously either has never had a dog or has never been able to love a dog (or capable of maybe). but then leave it to ramona – the commercial preview shower her screaming at aviva — ‘he called me a trailer turd’ and i was laughing

    • At that moment, I forgave Ramona for every thing that ever annoyed me about her altho I always liked her better than Jill — good for you, Ramona!! That was awesome.

      • I think Ramona is funny and entertaining and as outragious as some may claim, I have to say she makes me laugh out loud! And the bonus was going after Andy., so funny.

    • ITA. Never liked Ramona much until tonight. Was worth watching the boring reunion just to see her stick it to Mandy! Love her now!

      • I think i’ll catch a re-run of the show just to see that! That’s rich that Mandy calls out Ramona on her drinking when he’s clearly schnockered on damn near every episode of WWHL.

    • That was great!!! I also loved how she stood up to stretch and air out her dress in the middle of taping; the look on Andy was priceless!!! Ramona is one crazy drunk lady who makes me laugh and always puts a smile on my face.

  2. Great recap, Sandi! I lurved the part where Ramona called out Andy’s incessant bitching. Lord knows it was overdue…

  3. Would somebody explain to all these idiots….andy, bravo,Ramona, Luann, etc that PT was never and never will be a runaway bride. Needy desperate beotch. Evan Haymes was the runaway groom. Folks wake up! BTW PT the look of death you gave Ramona when she mentioned a prenup……….
    Lumann you is a ho, and we all know it so you zip it.

    • I caught that. Someone sure was misinformed. Wish Ramona knew the real deal. She would have no doubt put that on blast. Maybe she was trying to? Bringing u the prenup? Or perhaps Ramona was just trying to make quick work of her, by not giving her a “bombshell” storyline for a follow-up season. We are all pretty much done with PT. PT was so arrogant in her “I am not worried about that, she can have it” over her “inheritance” Trying real hard to make it seem like her and Reid got it like that. Another fallacy. For the most part I could concentrate on anything she was saying because I was captivated by what ever that was that was going on with her left eye ball.

        • Ya know, its almost like the girl has trained her left eye to be on the look out for her creepy dad lurking around every corner.

          • Hahaaa, yes that left eye is surely trained to keep a look out for her creepy father who says to his daughter ” If you werent my daughter I would be attracted to you”..EEWW what father says that!… that older man is creepy and just because your older does not give you the right to say anything you want. old dude is sick, and not sic.

            • Oh yes and that inheritance….Laughable, tryin to act sooooo cool. Ugh! And sahnja really plays along.
              Don’t these ppl read SH that they still carry on w runaway bride or are they playing dumb? So annoying

          • Now that’s a creepy thought, made, but probably not far off the mark :-) . There’s something so very off about PT and her icky father….just cannot fathom how she blows it off as him being a funny, harmless old man. What man, (other than Richie Wakile, and obviously I use the term ‘man’ very loosely), shows their woody on camera, much less trying to poke someone with it? Now there’s something to add to the home movie night….ugh. And I don’t for one nanosecond buy it that he just started his pervy ways since her momma died….probably one reason she drank. Ok sorry….rant over :-)

    • If Aviva or anyone else wants to claim participation in canceling their own wedding then good for them. No one should be expected to sit in mixed company and admit they were jilted. Everyone was just being tactful. There are worse things in life but that has to be pretty horrific to go through. *even Carrie Bradshaw dyed her hair and went into hiding ;)

  4. I guess I’ll have to watch this if someone actually called Andy out. Moaner leaving made me laugh, but, that’s totally something I’d do after hours and hours of that crap. I’d zone out too. The only person I like on this show is Sonja. I can’t help it, I just like her. She seems lost sometimes and funny and a little real. I despise Aviva, I can’t even stand to look at her fug face. I think she’s slow. I really do. I don’t believe she graduated from any fancy pants school. Her daddy had to buy that degree or it was honorary or something. That woman is SLOW.

    • Seriously, Aviva is a very disturbed woman. I don’t like her, but feel bad for her because she really needs professional help… many ways. I can’t imagine any normal woman wanting such a disgusting father on national tv with her.

    • Made — Who do you like on this show? I haven’t watched enough to form much of an opinion yet. Except to notice that Aviva’s a nut.

      • I have warmed up to Ramoner this year. Still think her husband is annoying. But I guess my favorite would have to be Sonja. Sumpin special about her. She just seems fun. I would prolly most admire Heather.

        • It’s funny you say that, because Sonja and Heather are the two I would say I like the most in the limited time I’ve seen the show. Sonja seems to have that “it” factor, and Heather seems pretty down to earth. Plus, Ramona for pure entertainment value and LuAnn if you just want to look at a beautiful face.

          • ITA, hersandra. And I never thought there was anyone or anything that could make me like Ramoaner but PT accomplished that feat. And no matter her foibles, there is just something warm and likeable about Sonja….but I always kind of liked her anyway :-) .

  5. Aviva’s face just oozes malignancy all you see is animosity and hatred. Also, in the picture above with perverted dad sticking his tongue out you see Carole braying like a donkey. She certainly dropped out of having any moral decency when she sucked up to this molester.

  6. George c 2016. Omg ILMAO. Pt housewife is such a liar. What the heck. Even Andy knows it. Sorry all, but I love ramonja. Is the couch theory true? Lumann, on the end and viva pt on front. Yin / yang?

  7. OMG! The most boring reunion in history. The only thing even remotely interesting was Ramona bringing up the “run away bride” story. The look on Aviva’s face makes me think Ramona is going to pay for that.I don’t think Ramona cares though so good for Ramona.

    • Ramoaner can hold her own with PT, so no worries there. I almost feel bad saying this but I don’t know if I have ever run across someone and unlikable and needy as Aviva Drescher.

  8. I didn’t expect this from this reunion, I thought Aviva would come on yelling like she did all season. Apparently, she reads SH and knows that pretty much everyone saw her as the classless one.. Andy called her out a lot more than I expected. Sonja with her cards was too funny, the look on her face as she kept flipping them while Heather was talking was hilarious! Aviva’s bad eye makeup and Carole’s lips were funny too.

  9. Think Aviva is obnoxious. Her whole identity seems to revolve around her very truly unfortunate childhood accident. Must have been royally spoiled and catered to all her life, especially if her parents felt responsible which would be normal for most parents. Could not believe her expecting everyone to roll out a banner and say “good job, Aviva.” What is she, 10 years old? Reid is her enabler, and I thought he was okay until his cougar and drink paint comments. Forget him. As .for George, YUK. Don’t care if he’s her father or not, and his age does NOT excuse his disgusting, predatory behavior. Aviva train wrecked herself and is only owing up to it and apologizing because viewer backlash was SO severe. Have not read any viewer opinions in her favor. Comes with the territory of mishandled, wealthy entitlement, as evidenced by George calling Ramona “trailor turd.” Say what you want about Ramona, but she wasn’t BORN into her money. Even if she married someone with an established family business, she is still out there everyday WORKING. What about you,, Aviva, with your law degree and multiple language skills?

    • I LOVED your comment and you hit everything pretty much on the head!! Aviva does have a sense of “entitlement” which I think started as a child and being spoiled rotten by mommy and daddy.. Her father is so perverted and obnoxious he makes me want to throw up and you get the feeling Aviva thinks it’s okay. I wouldn’t want him around my children because of the way he acts and talks.

  10. Anyone notice Carole’s eye-roll when Sonja said she is selling her house in France? Why does she hate Sonja so much? Not that she’s ever admit it, or even blog it – but I’ve picked up on a couple of little things that indicate Carole does not like Sonja, and apparently for no reason. Guess, anyone?

    • Because Sonja is FAKE FAKE FAKE…Why hasn’t she shown the house on the show? Since she loves showing off.

      • Yea poor sahnja, she’s a big dreamer hangin on to her ex and a name , and former lifestyle. Delusional, and a big embellisher.

        • Ok – so if that’s Carole’s point of view, why would she not have some compassion for Sonja’s situation? I agree with Sandi’s assessment on Sonja. I could never relate to her situation personally as it’s far away from my own reality, but I can certainly have empathy for her.

  11. Sandi that was an awesome recap. i giggled so much. ty. The recap was way better than the show.i was so bored myself i kept leaving the room and tying up loose ends around the house. I do think bravo did a disservice to the rhony by doing two reunions back to back. That was too much.

  12. Carole’s references to “real life friends” say so much. This show was research into a world she’d otherwise be unable to comprehend. She was slumming and wouldn’t know these women on the street, maybe Heather? She resents Sonja, and anybody not trying to be cool. She’s too cool for school, but human, and probably envies some qualities of Sonja’s. Carole’s goal was being different so she was unnecessarily rude to Lu, (she’s unpopular, but Pumpkinhead?) referred to Ramona as a character to avoid confrontation and tolerated PT because no one else could. Her catty and belittling remarks were tiresome.
    PT was livid that Sonja dare cry over her dog-a member of the family for 18 years-instead of finding a reason to apologize to her. PT’s education doesn’t make her employable. At first her husband was o.k. but how right can he be to endure her and her swinging organ father? Gross, gross, gross.
    PT brought out a side of Ramona that I really enjoyed and hopefully she takes Ramona’s advice from PartI of the reunion to find a new therapist.

    • I’m missed the “real life friends” from Carole – when was it?

      I don’t think Carole envies any of these women – as you said, they are not cool enough for her (except Heather, in her eyes. For me, a white woman who uses terms like “holla,” “sista,” and “momma” in her tweets is just affected). But what I cannot get over is her close friendship with PT. When PT said that she and Carole had a very, very close relationship – I was surprised. I saw Carole side with her over and over but I thought she was just supporting the woman who appeared to be in need of support, the underdog. I had no idea there was a “very, very close relationship” there. I don’t get it.

      • “For me, a white woman who uses terms like “holla,” “sista,” and “momma” in her tweets is just affected”. hahahaha…Trust me, as an AAW, i feel embarrass for her. She also uses “boo”….Hahahaha…I can’t

        • Hey JD…I couldn’t agree with you more!! It has bothered me since the first time she said it on the show. All I could think was how she was trying to be cool. Besides, I believe “holla” is a bit dated…

  13. I don’t understand why you tell Aviva to take a Xanax while crying over her mother and loss of her leg. Yet, you feel sorry for Sonja not getting money (someone elses money, might I add) and the death of her dog! Why is this? What is the rub?
    Look, Aviva can’t control or chose her dad, he is who he is, gross, but still her dad. I mean Simon was way creepier than him!

    • Aviva;s whole identity is wrapped up in her disability and she demands to be treated special, beyond special. Probably overindulged as a child which would be hard for parents to not to do with a permanent loss like Aviva suffered. BUT, come on. Her whole identity is so overwhelmingly connected to the accident.and the resultant phobias. She reminds me of people who nurture their phobias and never get over them . Also see her as a case of narcissistic personality disorder who does not consider other people’s feelings are worthy of sympathy This is why she looked so ugly while Sonja was crying. The sympathy was not being focused on HER. THAT’S THE RUB! Why is that creepy dude on the show anyway? I should think she would want to keep him in Florida What kind of a man notices his daughter looking sexy and says “:if you weren’t my daughter”UGH UGH UGH!!!…..Listen up, Bravo, viewers are switching the channel while he is on. He doesn’t need the money, and he needs to GO.

    • I agree @Krislyn,
      Sonja was and is a human mattress that should have saved her money while she was in her marriage, HONEY ALWAYS KEEP AN ACCOUNT UNDER YOUR MAIDEN NAME, THAT GOES TO YOUR MAMA’S HOUSE IN…TENNESSEE. She signed a pre-nup, did she really think this man was going to support her lifestyle while they were divorced. NO he should NOT have to pay, unless it’s regarding his child, and i’m glad he is winning, since SHE’S A BIG H.A.M(HOT ASS MESS.

    • Oh, I don’t think Simon can hold a candle to pervy George on the creep-o-meter!! Simon is just a not very attractive guy, in the closet and trying to be cool….disgusting in his own way, yes, but more of a clown. George, on the other hand, MIGHT be considered moderately attractive, especially for someone his age, if his entire persona weren’t wrapped up in his viagra fueled crotch. JMO :-)

  14. Alright, which one of you created SonJa’s logo that she revealed at the reunion? She said it was a viewer… fess up :-P
    It looks great! Go toasterovengate Lol!!

  15. I wish someone would have asked PT about her husband being arrested and also mentioned the worst thing pervgeorge said, in my opinion anyway, was INCEST IS BEST…. Carol is as twofaced as it gets….when someone mentioned weirdness in Ramona and Sonja sleeping together, Carol said she and a girlfriend sleep together….so I guess if Carol does it, it’s OK….and Heather is another backstabbing two faced bitch…..Jill should be humiliated by her behavior on WWHL….

    • I noticed how Andy shrugged off the whole “girlfriends sleeping in bed together” when Carole gave it her stamp of approval. Interesting that no one brought up Aviva’s accusation directly. It seemed to be, actually, a very “hands off Aviva” show. I wonder if there was an agreement among the new gals and LuAnn not to pick on poor PT.

  16. Okay, seasson 5, what a long ways from the original crew? The season was not that bad; a far cry from the “suck the life out of you” drama we get from NJ. I was up and down with Heather and was mean and called her He-man, I was disappointed she chose to get into it with Ramona; again I love Ramona; but she is live wire and to keep your wits and dignity about you; please just walk away. Carol I can give and take, she remained calm and just moved on. I am still happy to see LuAnn got her share; after all these seasons; thinking she was all that; finally a taste of her own medicine. PT, what a mess, I would love to see Bravo get a Pych to review some these women because PT has some serious issues; if she didn’t return next season it would be best for all! Love Sonja, but still up down with her at times; she needs to dial in her life into the now. Times are hard for everyone and focus in present time; trust me we all use have great times in the past. Well season six, I don’t know if more changes would be required and or work? Ramona and Sonja are always fun, Luann, I wonder if her story is done; what would she bring? Does Carol and Heather want to be on this show? PT, that’s not the drama we want; it boderlines awkward!

  17. PT is INSANE!!!!!!! She is like an onion. You peel back the layers and each layer is more insane than the last.

  18. I just realized how odd that toaster oven box actually looks…..the way they cropped it with the guys head off….I get what they were going for, but, it just doesn’t look right.
    And I need interns too, Sandi….someone to eat dinner with.

  19. I never did care for Sonja I always thought her to be a tight fisted, entitled,delusional, Drunken, hobag.
    However this season even though she showed moments of the above I did find myself feeling sorry for her at times. Sonja just can’t accept the fact that the good life at least her estimation of it is gone it is time to adjust to her means, she is still at times (without make-up not so much) a beautiful woman and can still live a rich maybe not in the monetary sense successful life.
    Luann is the worst liar ever she really needs to just stop explaining she is fooling noone, I am certain she screwed the hell out of Tomas she is a horrible liar.
    Aviva in the first part of the reunion her explanations of her phobias and how Ramona and Sonja betrayed her was just nuts. The second part of the reunion she essentially did a 180 but could not keep the disdain from showing on her face, I am glad Andy read the viewers questions concerning her pervy old goat for father, however I think he went a little far when he asked about her father and deceased mother’s sex life what the hell does that have to do with the price of fish?
    Carole I think she is too intelligent for this show, none of the cast memebers are really in her league and she may live to regret signing on for this show, her handling of Luann imo was right on Luann has been dealing out low blow, sneaky underhanded comments to all the cast members for five seasons she can certainly dish it out but can’t take it.
    Heather I quite like, I just wish she would have told Sonja to jog on instead of trying to help her with that stupid toaster oven campaign Sonja was just too ungrateful epsecially as she was getting the services for free.
    Ramona I think is just plain nuts.

    • I keep reading that Heather offered her services to Sonja for FREE, but she (Heather) is a very savvy businesswoman and gained enormous clientele exposure via Bravo – as all of the other housewives.
      Heather is a Politician. A very good Politician.

  20. I liked Aviva in the beginning..not so much at the end. I believe alot of her problem is she has been handled ALL her life (after the accident) with kid gloves & prob never has dealt with women like the RHs. Its kind of obvious, she doesnt know how to express herself without flubbering & saying things she really didnt mean. I’d say Reid also adds to the way she is..he does seem like a very good husband but prob adds to her phobias by flying with her, holding her hand while in an elevator etc. She truly does need to seek professional help so all her anxieties/fears/phobias do not affect her kids. Im sure with the tramatic loss of her lower leg, she had to of received some kind of counselinv back then but apparently, more phobias keep showing up…just like she said happened after 9/11. I will take up for her to an extent..Ramonster can dish it out but she cant take it..she accuses others but conviently forgets what she has said or done. After watching bits&pieces of ALL the RHONY reunions yesterday, Ramonster had a bad beef with some1 on each season-she only saw fault in what they said about her but never would see she had done the same thing. She’ll never change & I just cant like her character on the show. 1more thing about was hilarious 2see Andy get her riled up over being an alcoholic…touchy subject 4 sure! Lu rolled her eyes when R said she Lu drank as much as she does..I knew the girls wouldnt say she had a drinking problem after she threw her hissyfit at Andy LOL! Its very evident Lu has some juicy info about things R has done while on vaca…R backed down real quick LOL!

    Did any1 else notice when Sonja was disrespecting Heather by showing the logos that fans had sent her…she held each&every1 to the camera & for almost the exact same length of time before she went to the next logo. It was almost like she was advertising them…or getting paid to hold them…its very odd-watch it again&see if u see what I mean. Maybe she had told her fans on her blog, to choose which 1 they liked best…but it was very deliberate & there was a reason she had to show every1. Anyway, its evident she wants her old life back but she needs to get a grip & realize he divorced her 8 yrs ago..Its sad because I know she didnt want it but she needs to put an end to it..get what shes supposed to get &move forward. Get counseling, if she needs to but apparently Mr Morgan isnt that great of a man or he would have already paid her what he was supposed to & he isnt being a father to their daughter!!

    I cant wait to see what, if any, changes will be made to RHONY this upcoming season. Im sure they’ll keep crazy eyes Ramonster because they get a big laugh out of her…I dont think she realizes they arent laughing with her, they are laughing AT her.

    And IMO, George is harmless..I think he wanted to act like Mr Suave but it came across as an old, nasty horny pervert. Ramonster overly exaggerated when he held her by the arm…anything for attention R!

  21. Finally getting to this recap. Thank you Sandy! I’ve been lapping up the NJ leftovers from the post dramatic reunion disorders. I put my 2 cents about Aviva over on her Tweet & Bullsh*t blog. and y’all should read my comment because for once I was seriously serious. OK so I think Aviva is wearing the same dress as Jac did at the NJ reunion but in a nude color. Teresa also had a similar seed pearl number in green. I miss Jillz. I think Jillz would have had a wresting shape wear match with Heather. I think she would have bonded with Carole and I think Jill would have confused Aviva in an interesting way.

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