One comment on “jax tweets

  1. “Bottom line is T knew Mel was the target and said nothing. She planted the seed about Mel being a stripper first. Whole thing is sad”
    This tweet by jac is what is sad. Even after Kim D exonerated Tre, she is still grasping for reasons to justify her hate. EVERYONE knew something was going down exce[t Jac herself bc she’s such a loose canon that the producer’s didn’t trust her enough to tell her. Why is no one else expected to warn Melissa? The rest of the cast gets a pass? Isn’t it part of the show that things “go down”, esp in the finale? Tre’s job was to allow the powers that be to do their job and let the story unfold. She’s a Bravo employee for cripes sake….the finale is always controversial.

    Just proves to me that Jac is a doughy, unbalanced, pseudo mother and wife who is the one who is so green with envy that she continues to show the audience just exactly where her maturity and intellectual levels fall


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