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October 15, 2012  Bravo

                          “I just don’t like you, Aviva… just never did.  Or you, Carole… and I never liked you, Andy!”

Hello my friends! For the past five years I’ve enjoyed sharing my life with you and I thank you for your support. So much has changed since I began this televised journey, as you know. My children have grown up and I’m very proud of them, I divorced and found love again and along the way I’ve made new friends and frenemies. I’ve traveled, partied, fought and made up, and most importantly, I’ve learned a lot about relationships.

I’m disappointed that  Carole and I couldn’t make our friendship work. Maybe it’s because she considered herself more of a journalist than a Housewife? I do know that she never passed up a chance to criticize me and that she uses humor as a defensive mechanism rather than saying what she thinks to my face. I do respect her talent as a writer and I hope in the future she uses her considerable abilities to pull people up rather than bring them down.

Heather is a complicated girlfriend. During this season, I’ve felt that she’s had my back and in the end she didn’t. I do know that she’s very talented and a very good businesswoman. She did her best for Sonja  and deserves more praise for her contribution to Sonja’s toaster oven launch than she received. I admire how she restrained herself when Sonja whipped out the logo sent in by a fan that she’s decided to use instead of what Heather and her team developed. Heather’s tough, smart and I’m glad we became friends.

Aviva is stunning, smart and she’s a great mom. She managed to juggle her family and she show with grace and dignity. I know she struggles with phobias related to her childhood accident, but I saw her face her fears and grow this season. Aviva loves her father in spite of his inappropriate behavior at times and he obviously loves her very much. I thought one of the best moments this season was when Aviva presented the little boy with his prosthetic leg. I hope that next season Aviva can resolve her issues with Sonja and Ramona and I look forward to spending more time with her.

Sonja and I remain very good friends and while she continues to face challenges with her divorce and her finances, she has a smile on her face and a glass of champagne in her hand. I think her close relationships with her interns shows that she is a very nurturing woman who loves her family and friends. I love spending time with Sonja and I think I’ve made a friend for life.

Ramona and I have had our issues over the years but we have a respect for each other that transcends our conflicts. The trait I admire most in Ramona is that she says what is on her mind to me rather than gossiping behind my back. I might not always like what she has to say but I like her honesty. She can be very fun to be around and I consider her to be my friend regardless of how much we agree to disagree.

As for me, I’ve learned some very important lessons this season about honesty and friendship. I realize now more than ever that to be a good girlfriend, I have to be forthright yet kind in what I say and do. I’ve learned that tequila clouds my judgment and that it’s better to take a car home than a ride from a pirate. I’ve also learned that Jacques loves me for who I am and that he trusts me regardless of how things looked on the show. Lastly, I realize how grateful I am to be able to share my life with you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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    • I like that LuAnn, Ramona and Sonja can argue but still remain friends with one another in the end. They don’t take it to a dark place like what’s happening with NJ.


      • Good point. It’s not easy to let go of things and continue on. Especially when Ramona made remarks about LuAnn’s mothering style, open marriage, etc. I think it speaks well for both of them as persons that they can keep moving forward. I know I’m in the minority here…but I do like the Countess despite her flawed French and pretensions. I think she was right on in her description of Carole. Carole maybe thinks she’s better ~less of pretender…she doesn’t like the Countess .It showed!


  1. Who does LuAnn look like in that photo with Jacques above? Does this remind you of an actress from the 40’s? I can’t place it – but she’s a dead ringer for someone…


    • Lumann, you obviously have issues besides the fact that you’re smelly if you think PT is stunning and dignified. And you don’t like Holla and Carole cuz they see you for what you are and are far more together and successful than you are, and of course Carole’s a princess and you’re not.
      Nice to fake being fluent infrench all these years, and although you were married to a Frenchman for many years, your French sucks and your accent is atrocious. I’d be embarrassed if I were you, you are such a fraud. So wannabe, worse than anyone else. Alls i can say is alls to you, dumb hillbilly


  2. I like the logo that the viewer sent in better than Heather’s group did too. I wonder if SonJa got to use it for free too? I would have just used it and not brought it to the show. That was tacky!


    • I agree about not bringing it up. I don’t get Sonja’s relentlessness about that whole logo thing… where’s the damn toaster???


  3. Am late to post a comment here, but, really, luann, why so complimentary to PT? She has never gotten over how special her unfortunate accident made her and wears it like a badge. It defines her, while I’ve seen people with FAR more severe handicaps and MUCH less money or no money at all, lead a much less self focused, pity me existence than Adiva. Add to that is her critical attitude and over the top judgmental, snarky name-calling to people who do not fit her self established hierarchy of acceptable behavior..Her profuse apologies on the reunion show did not ring true to me, she just saw how the viewers now can’t STAND her and doesn’t want to become the next Jilz. She also blamed her deceased mother as an excuse for her intolerance of anyone who parties hardier than she approves. Having come from a home where alcohol abuse was present, I don’t love drunken behavior, but instead of screaming insults and acting like a ranting lunatic, I choose to not be where such behavior brings bad memories to mind, so Adiva should just stay home.Please don’t enable PT anymore, she has her father and her husband who do way too much of that already.


    • LuAnn does not want Aviva coming after her for no reason. Aviva does not process things well and if Aviva is offended, she will relentlessly stalk LuAnn and demand LuAnn apologize and LuAnn does not need any more bad press in light of the Piratet and Italians drama.


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