JAX LAURITA: BubbaJax on GMA… Pushin’ Her “BeautySecrets”!!!… VIDEO

October 15, 2012  10:40 am  ABCNews…  

BubbaJax got herself together and appeared this morning on a pre-taped interview… BubbaJax is pushin’ her “miracle” beauty secrets!!  

BJax explains how she got that much sought-after “Oriental” look… BUT, first chats about… what else… TERESA!!

                                                “I’m a perfect person for pushin’ plastic surgery procedures… look at me!!”

Jacqueline Laurita lives a life in the spotlight.

As a star of the hit reality-TV show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” the mother of three has been engaged in an on-air fight with former friend Teresa Guidice, a fight that most recently played out on the show’s three-part reunion.

“It would just take a lot at this point,” Laurita, 42, told “Good Morning America” of a possible reconciliation with her co-star and one-time friend.  “It’s hard.  It’s stressful.”

Another thing Laurita can’t reconcile is the concept of aging gracefully.  “I think that when people age gracefully, the people that age gracefully, it’s because they can. Just for me, if I can fight it, I will,” she said.

To deal, in part, with the reality of appearing on reality TV, Laurita admitted that she has tried many beauty approaches and treatments, including Botox, fillers and Fraxel laser.

The newest weapon in Laurita’s fight is called “Ultherapy,” a noninvasive skin treatment that uses ultrasound to lift, tone and tighten loose skin.