JAX LAURITA: BubbaJax on GMA… Pushin’ Her “BeautySecrets”!!!… VIDEO

October 15, 2012  10:40 am  ABCNews…  

BubbaJax got herself together and appeared this morning on a pre-taped interview… BubbaJax is pushin’ her “miracle” beauty secrets!!  

BJax explains how she got that much sought-after “Oriental” look… BUT, first chats about… what else… TERESA!!

                                                “I’m a perfect person for pushin’ plastic surgery procedures… look at me!!”

Jacqueline Laurita lives a life in the spotlight.

As a star of the hit reality-TV show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” the mother of three has been engaged in an on-air fight with former friend Teresa Guidice, a fight that most recently played out on the show’s three-part reunion.

“It would just take a lot at this point,” Laurita, 42, told “Good Morning America” of a possible reconciliation with her co-star and one-time friend.  “It’s hard.  It’s stressful.”

Another thing Laurita can’t reconcile is the concept of aging gracefully.  “I think that when people age gracefully, the people that age gracefully, it’s because they can. Just for me, if I can fight it, I will,” she said.

To deal, in part, with the reality of appearing on reality TV, Laurita admitted that she has tried many beauty approaches and treatments, including Botox, fillers and Fraxel laser.

The newest weapon in Laurita’s fight is called “Ultherapy,” a noninvasive skin treatment that uses ultrasound to lift, tone and tighten loose skin.

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85 comments on “JAX LAURITA: BubbaJax on GMA… Pushin’ Her “BeautySecrets”!!!… VIDEO

  1. I’m sorry but her face looks like she has had an allergic reaction or smacked in the face…it’s so swollen.

  2. Well, the neck does compliment her shoulders. She looks like a linebacker squeezed into a red sequined dress.

    Those upper arms. Only noticed them last night. Ugh. They look like hams.

    • LOL, she did look like a linebacker! She’s a mess, both inside and out. Who would ever want to look like Jax? Any part of her?

    • i don’t know it is a toss up who has the title of linebacker, jac or kathy. look at her; if u can
      see her w/all the hair and being drawn to the difference in her face. gosh, they could start
      their own football team. oh and there is always rosie for back up. she could scare the other
      team w/ her filthy mouth.

  3. I wonder whether she was still waiting for insurance to approve services for her son when she spent $3,500 on that treatment for her face…….

  4. She needs help, it’s not fun to make fun of somebody who is so sick! Why won’t her perfect guy Chris get her some help? He must see she needs it! Can’t he see how insane she’s become? Thanks, have a great morning!

    • I think he probably isn’t getting her help so he can let her act all crazy on twitter then he can tell the Judge at the bankruptcy hearing that she is not well and can’t attend the trial cause she has to go to rehab. I would not be surprised one bit if he did that.

  5. Look at 3:14 of the video. In reference to Jac being a licensed cosmetologist, GMA spelled it as ‘COSMOTOLOGIST’. Maybe they thought Jac drank a few Cosmos before the interview! LOL!!!

  6. I don’t think she looks young. She looks her age. I think she should’ve donated the $3,500 to the Susan G Komen charity she ripped off. Stupid trick. I also love the asian lady asking snarkily “did it really make a difference”? That had me laughing! And when he GMA host asked her if she would get the procedure. She should have said,”No..duh I already look asian”

    • Yep! My beautiful skin secrets are free y’all: Sunscreen, Sleep, and an Attitude of Gratitude. Really, I’m 48 and I don’t look a day older than maybe 42, and I try not to worry about my worry lines!

      • Sounds like a good formula to me. Also add water to that as well. In fact cut out the booze and add water. Booze is the most aging thing a woman can do, outside of tanning. I get disturbed when the camera always shows these pretty women chug-a-luggin non stop like Jax and Ramona That’s not how real life works. In real life a dranker looks like a dranker.

  7. The Hidden Disability Act and the IDEA act dictates that if a childs disability may impact their education then the school district they attend must pay for any educational evals, etc. How do I know this. My oldest son was tested at 3 years of age for learning disabilities and the district we lived in PAID for everything. Not sayin Jac is lying….. but we didn’t HAVE to wait for our insurance to kick in or PAY ONE DIME. All the services my son needed had to either be provided by the district or PAID for by the district. The first year the school paid over 10,000 for outside consultations and testing. The wording dictates EXPEDIANT and TIMELY response regarding students receiving services…… all I had to do was REQUEST an initial in school eval and the DISTRICT complied immediately. So I was just bowled over that any MOTHER has a child needing testing/services and they are waiting for insurance to kick in. NOT buying it. Sorry been there. Something don’t jive. I am waiting for ( as Caroline said) the Laurita geniuses to announce their miracle cure.

  8. Here we go again, it’s Teresa’s fault Jax has wrinkles and Jax needs to air Teresa in this clip to sell her new product.

  9. I’m curious if Teresa ever gets sick of her name in Bubba Jax and MeHo’s mouths? IMO they have ground rules for the interviews and willing to bet that includes that the interview will include the host(ess) questions regarding Teresa. I am mid 50′s and look miles better than that Frankenstein face. So I suppose shilling autism isn’t working so Bubba is pimping cosmetic procedures. Ya know what folks? I truly miss the days of aging gracefully when we were esteemed to be beautiful not because we had a face full of fillers and botox but because our faces were a unique reflection of our individual experiences. Sadly Jax looks like every assembly line housewife wannabe Barbie. Jax face is flat and swollen without a hint of cheekbones, chin or a defined jawline. I remember an aging Katherine Hepburn and those gorgeous bones and those amazing eyes……

    • Aint, Jax doesn’t have good bone structure. Whether she tries to age gracefully or look like Mama Elsa, she still doesn’t have a good base with which to start. She’s delusional if she thinks people want to look like her.

  10. Although she keeps spouting how much time she is spending online with autism research (ahem or so she says), she seems to have a great deal of time to play with her face and try out so many types of cosmetic procedures. Maybe she should realize that all of that hatred, envy and nastiness she has inside is starting to seep outwards and change her looks

  11. First of all I think she meant “asian” LOL, secondly she needs to do something with her neck, that is were she is showing her 42 years and also I noticed in the reunion show she appeared to have gained 25 pounds or more, if she loses some weight and get some botox in her neck she will look fantastic!

    • She is not a bad looking woman, she just needs to realize that she put on a few pounds and try to dress accordingly. I think people’s biggest problem with her is the raging back stabbing biotch that she has turned into.

      • I could be wrong, but I don’t think any of these women are overweight. I think the ones that look larger on camera are probably normal size and look bigger in TV. They also might choose different clothes. Sometimes when you’re poured into your clothes, it makes you look bigger than you really are.

        • No everyone looked large especially Jax, she looks to be about 160pds at 5’5 when she should no larger 140 for her height, only melissa and Teresa looked small(size 2-4). I am comparing the reunion weight to what they appeared to look like on the show, Jax looks extremely bloated and her arms are gigantic!

        • You are right. I have seen Jac and Caroline in New York. They are not overweight. They are very tiny women. The TV is very deceiptive. I have never seen Melissa but if she is tiny on the camera, she must be really really tiny.

          • I agree. You have to be VERY thin to look thin on tv. I remember a few scenes of Missy in a bikini this season and being able to see her rib cage and her breast bone. She has to be VERY tiny. Jac is looking bloated from booze, but not fat. Don Caro and Katfish aren’t fat either. They are normal size middle aged women. We have gotten so used to seeing tiny size 0 women on television that someone who is of average weight looks heavy next to them.

  12. was glad it came out, because i heard it before. that jac spends 11/2 hrs.every morning on the phone w/kim d. starting to make a lot more sense now. and would u please tell me, wouldn’t u think w/a
    child who needs a lot of inter-action. between her time on twitter and her daily dish dirt w/kim d. she is
    not leaving much time for her child/ children and other things that most mom’s, housewives have to do
    all day. chris, wise up, u complained tre called her every day. and u seemed annoyed. they were
    girlfriends, w/kids of similar ages. i remember they truly seemed to enjoy each other and were funny.
    she is a sick person, yet u all sit around her and overlook it. i cannot believe caro, who is into everyones
    business, would not step in here, and state the obvious. i would suggest even caro. take over the care
    but, she raised a daughter w/ such a filthy mouth. for the few minutes lauren was on the renunion, she
    cursed and went after tre, the whole time. so sad, get a life of your own u loser. if that was someone
    else’s child, caro would be up in their faces, such disrespect, a girl who speaks like that. yada yads.
    o.k. i am off the rails now. last nite just blew me away. think it is time to say adios to bravo.
    now that makes a lot of sense now.

    • it was crazy when SH posted Jax’s tweets. She actually wrote, ‘busy, busy, day’. Um. If it’s such a busy day, why are you on Twitter? Get off the computer, iPHone!

    • What on earth would ANYONE have to talk about for 1.5 hours a day, every day? I can see talking for that long if you haven’t spoken in a while and have some catching up to do or the occasional marathon telephone conversation if you get on a roll. But, 1.5 hours a day, every day? Get a life! That is something a high school kid would do.

      • I think Kim D. is the friend that sent the text messages to Jax. I also think Kin D. is a snake who would play both sides.

        • omg you’re right! LOL this whole time i was thinking it was cat the producer but kim d. is sneaky enough to do that hahahahhahaa

      • Ana that just goes to show that her ass was scheming along with Kim D. What on earth do these two women have other than gossip and scheming in common. Really..sorry but to me that just showed how complicit she was in the whole posh/stripper gate drama.

        • Ugh I know. It makes Jax just more guilty than Teresa because she had prior knowledge too. And did Jax warn Melissa? No, she blamed it on Tre and spent the last year on twitter rants trying to sway viewers into believing this.

          And why the hell was Jax arm around Melissa squeezing her at the reunion? So weird that one is.

          I didn’t think coming into the reunion that Jax caused it (like Teresa suspected) but now I do.

      • You have two small children, one of them special needs, plus a husband and a home to take care of, and you spend 1.5 hours on the phone each day with the same person? Bizarro world.

  13. The Botox Truck! I’m dying with laughter! OMG! It reminds me of a Lawson’s Truck Commercial form the ’70s…Get That Botox up to Franklin Lakes in 40 Hours!

  14. Agree with everyone else, her neck is gross! What the heck is wrong with it? Is that a side effect of having too much botox and fillers pumping up your face? There is nowhere for the actual skin to go but to slide down your neck? It is truly creepy!

    • No it’s just the aging process affecting her differently. I’ve seen that on people who haven’t had any plastic surgery.

      • The neck and hands seem to be the only place you can’t hide your age. If you look at Janice Dickerson, the former model, she has had a ton of plastic surgery to turn back the clock but she can’t touch her neck. I assume that is one place you can’t help the elasticity or cut away skin and have it look ok. Also the hands, if I recall correctly from my A&P class, as we age the amount of collagen and elastin drops and that is why you start seeing skin become thinner so you will really see age in hands.

  15. I am slow on the uptake, no doubt – but does this woman really drink? I mean, did she get a DUI or something? I can’t find anything on that.

    I’m not sure that beauty is the thing I”d be getting advice from her on…..

  16. That Caroline Manzo drawing in the cartoon — I keep thinking of “Precious” in Lord of the Things….

  17. LOL! OK I’m totally convinced. It’s Tre that’s has the problem despite you’re constant tweeting. & You are the most beautiful woman in Jersey :) Ok I believe you!

  18. Have never ventured into this plastic surgery mania, except for a curtain rod that fell and broke my my nose. However, having said that, am not unaware, as an R.N., of the long term possibilities of side effects from these injectable substances. At one time, silicone was injected into faces and that turned out to be disastrous. These so called safe substances simply have not been around long enough to determine what may occur with long term use. Just take a good, long, hard look at the older woman from RH of Miami. If that damage occurred from surgery, that is a bit of a different story, or if this woman has a metabolic disorder, or a problematic lymphatic system, then that explains some of it.. But, it is possible that this is surgery that was performed on a face already full of injectable cosmetic substances and it is painful to gaze at. Please beware of believing what you want to hear when it comes to the promotors of these procedures. No one can look twenty forever. Too much botox just makes people look scary and quite unnatural. It is also addictive behavior which is perhaps what Jacqueline has crossed over into, along with her addictive tweeting. Could be a part of her “Victim personality disorder” crossed with an addictive personality. Agree with other readers. Am shocked Carobully, with her “thick as thieves” mantra, has not stepped in. . She sure does a good job of talking simultaneously over Jacqueline to drown her out and control what is being revealed.

  19. Ugh someone should start a tabloid called OutofTouch Weekly and give Jax exclusive rights to appear on every cover. Or Chris can just tell her one exists and keep her in the basement giving drunken exclusive interviews to a broom with a cutout of Anderson Cooper’s face glued to it.

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