MARISA ZANUCK: Says She “Doesn’t like RHONJ or Teresa Giudice”… Drops Hint About RHOBH… KYLE RICHARDS Looks Surprised When Told What Marisa Said!… LISA VANDERPUMP Chats About “SURSpinoff”… VIDEO

October 14, 2012  1:45 pm   

NOTE:  “Friend” of the RHOBH, Marisa Zanuck, says she doesn’t like the New Jersey crew (who DOES?)… and drops a couple of hints re the new season of the RHOBH!  Let’s guess who the TWO Housewives are that “might NOT be back”… could ONE be someone who shall remain nameless on SH and the other have initials “AM”???  

AND… Kyle’s store opening musta been one hell of a par-tay!  The interviewer sounds a bit sloshed… 

AFTER speaking with Marisa Zanuck, the sloshed interviewer speaks with Kyle Richards.   Kyle carefully points out that Marisa is a CAST MEMBER… not a “Housewife.”

Kyle seems a bit surprised when told what Marisa said… OH, Marisa… youz in big trouble with Kyle!!!   Watch for Ken to “videobomb” around the :50 mark…


After Marisa and Kyle… she moves on to Lisa Vanderpump, who chats more about her new show, SUR, which will debut in January.  Lisa handles the Marisa “bombs” much better than Kyle!

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67 comments on “MARISA ZANUCK: Says She “Doesn’t like RHONJ or Teresa Giudice”… Drops Hint About RHOBH… KYLE RICHARDS Looks Surprised When Told What Marisa Said!… LISA VANDERPUMP Chats About “SURSpinoff”… VIDEO

  1. And we don’t like you! Who are you anyway? And your in-laws? You’re just a supporting cast member. STFU

    • You tell her, Leon! :-) and what’s up with her hair? It’s halfway up AND she’s wearing a clippy? No

      • You can put me on your enemies list because I agree with what she said for the most part. I don’t hate Teresa but she isn’t someone I’d want to know. For the record their all a lot of people that aren’t Teresa fans, just not here.

        • originalCyn: Let’s clarify something immediately: this is NOT a “TeresaTeam” site. Nor is SH a “MelissaTeam” site… nor ANY Housewife “Team” site. Readers and commenters can choose which Housewives they prefer and comment about any they wish. TFC!! SH

        • fwiw, I don’t like any of the NJ HWs. Didn’t like seeing one of them being singled out though, not when they and their slope-headed, knuckle-dragging husbands are just as bad, if not worse. And the producing was just awful. No storytelling ability whatsoever.

      • Linda,
        I agree with you in respect that she should have been more prudent with her comments. What she said at first about Jersey should have sufficed. She is new the the housewives franchise, and it probably would have served her better to have said less. And I just don’t mean about Teresa, I mean any housewife. We’ll see how Bravo portrays her on RHOBH.

      • SH, I don’t hate Marisa, but she’s barreling out of the gate attacking a Housewife and a franchise, but she doesn’t even have a fan base yet. Yet, she is man-hands friend, so I digress…

  2. Hating Teresa appears to be the best way to curry favor with Bravo. They are really marginalizing her devoted fan base. Bad business. They’re all such desperate fame whore losers.

    • HA, sounds like Kyle is still covering for Kim. Maybe Kim was sick but Kyle seemed to make light of it if she was. My guess is that Kim had one too many before the party got started. Hope I am dead wrong!

      Interesting, Marisa simply stated her “opinion” when asked and she now has some haters already. I firmly believe, if Marisa had said she didn’t like Mel/Caro/Jac/Kathy, she would have received more a welcome here on SH. Oh well, for now I welcome Marisa!

      • memarj: Will state this again: SH is not a “team” site…nor a “hate” site. Hopefully, all who comment here will respect fellow commenters who happen to have an opinion different than that of their own.

        Find it a bit disturbing that Marisa voices her thoughts… after being ASKED by the interviewer… and is immediately disliked for her own opinion on a three-minute interview! The RHOBH hasn’t aired yet. Will everyone “like” Marisa? Probably not! Will everyone “dislike” Marisa”? Probably not! But, basing an opinion on her from a short interview is jumping the gun a bit.

        And… SH is not responsible for the comments on SH! Would hope that anyone with a valid opinion would feel “welcome” at SH. TFC!! SH

        • Thanks for repeating that all comments are welcome and opposing ones shouldn’t be attacked Ms. SH…that’s what makes this board great… I think Marisa is just unschooled in some of the ways her comments can be construed now that she is more of a public person. She was asked questions and wanted to oblige… I’m waiting for the show to get a better idea. I found the interviewer annoying for some undetermined reason…kind of grating. In the meantime, Lisa is always classy, experience shows. Giggy is cute as ever….

        • Ms SH, I apologize, I honestly didn’t mean to imply “your” site was a team or hate site. Your site is a wonderful place to visit, comment or just lurk, LOL.

      • It appears from watching that Kim might have a problem with social anxiety and was self medicating with the alcohol maybe? If she does have this problem I hope that she will stay away from this show.

  3. Now, now, now — I actually listened to the video (**insert eyeroll here**) and what Marisa Zanuck said was that she didn’t like watching Teresa AND HER FAMILY FIGHT. And honestly, I think a lot of people would agree that that storyline was ill conceived in the first place and beyond played out.

    I know that Tre has a lot going on in her life and that the Tre-isms alone will add to Season 5, but Cowoline really does project old and tired and just thinking about Jacoswine exploiting yet another child for a story line is stomach turning. Watching heretofore credible artists attempting to launch an untalented and over-the-hill Melvin in a singing career is insulting not only to talented singers everywhere but to the public at large as well. And who is that other woman, the one who’s got the creepy husband?

    • ITA with all the above comments but didn’t she also say (in reference to Teresa) I don’t like THAT KIND of woman?

      • Yes she did. Just the short clip of Marisa was enough for me. She seems to think quite highly of herself, absolutely sure she’ll be back next season to film with the inlaws. Don’t see her as a fan favorite, but I’m sure Andy will be all over her.

  4. Was that Ken being a creeper in the background of Kyle’s interview (starting at 0:51)? Has he had work done on his eyes? He stands in the background, staggering around and scratching his face. Oh, Ken… You are silly…

  5. Ms. SH. What happened to Diana Roque? I wish she was a friend of a official Housewife. Hopefully we can hope for season 4.

    • Wesley: Diana Roque Ellis was cut from the cast at the last minute. We may still see her in scenes on the RHOBH with Adrienne Maloof. Diana also may be seen in a future “reality” show. Will keep you informed when/if that happens. Agree that Diana would have been an excellent choice for RHOBH! TFC!! SH

  6. Marisa needs a little more coaching from Kyle. Seems she was a little too forthcoming in her replies, but I like that kind of honesty. I don’t mind who she does or doesn’t like on any housewife franchise. We’re all entitled to our own opinions on that and the fact she didn’t give some generic response is refreshing.

    Kyle is still making excuses for Kim but I hope she’s doing well and still sober. I think that for Kim to avoid red carpet social situations that may make her nervous might not be in her best interest. I wouldn’t doubt it might make her feel sick.

    Lisa is my favorite of them all, always beautiful, self depreciating, witty and fun. Nice to see Giggy again too. I look forward to see her new show too.

    • I meant to say that it might be in Kim’s best interest TO avoid those situations that would cause her anxiety while she is still working on her sobriety.

    • I think Marisa has been coached a plenty by Kyle. I would say that Kyle(who has some ownership of the show) told her to say exactly what she said, exactly the way she said it regarding the two that might not return. Last season I stopped watching RHBH for a time because of yall-know-who. This was huge since I watch every second of all the franchises. The thing that had me tuning back in for the BH reunion was the teases about Brandi moppin the floor with lippy. So…. Kyle might just be trying via Marisa’s unfiltered(where have we heard that?) mouth to get viewership up. Just a thought.
      I am sure that ALL HW’s have gotten the memo about RHNJ ratings so…. RHNJ has to be mentioned in every third interview, like its in the contract or sumpin :) Kinda like how Tree, the reason for the ratings, has to be mentioned in every interview the other NJ gals give.

  7. I love Lisa, but doesn’t her face look a bit weird? Hope she isn’t going to mess with something that isn’t broken and end up like Mama Elsa.

  8. I did not like that Marisa since the first time I heard she was going to be on the show. I dislike her even more after watching that. The interviewer sounds like a drunk too

  9. I do not care if she despises Teresa or wants to make love with Teresa. She looks so harsh, her voice and demeanor are so grating, and she is friends with Kyle(BFF of demon lady). Give me one reason to like her lol.

  10. I’m just gonna go on a limb here and say that the RF Interviewer sucked.

    A Lindsay Lohan question!? Seriously?? LL and her ilk are utter fodder for lazy Hollywood tabloid writers by this point.

  11. I’m not team anyone but I’m def not a Tre hugger,follower or fan. It seemed like Marisa Zanuck actually watched rhonj. The comment about liking Teresa in the beginning is what I’ve heard many viewers say. I thought Tre was very sweet in season 1 and part of 2, Marisa stated she didn’t like Tre when because she was so mean to Danielle, agreed, she was awful to Danielle and that was it for me. I will say this, Tre wasn’t the only one so mean and hateful to Danielle, Caroline was a super bitch to her and so was Dina. Marisa stated Teresa was mean and thats why she didn’t like her, fair enough, that’s why I don’t like her either.

  12. I don’t dig her simply because she calls women “catty” and “territorial.” So sick of women playing into these stereotypes.

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