MARISA ZANUCK: Says She “Doesn’t like RHONJ or Teresa Giudice”… Drops Hint About RHOBH… KYLE RICHARDS Looks Surprised When Told What Marisa Said!… LISA VANDERPUMP Chats About “SURSpinoff”… VIDEO

October 14, 2012  1:45 pm   

NOTE:  “Friend” of the RHOBH, Marisa Zanuck, says she doesn’t like the New Jersey crew (who DOES?)… and drops a couple of hints re the new season of the RHOBH!  Let’s guess who the TWO Housewives are that “might NOT be back”… could ONE be someone who shall remain nameless on SH and the other have initials “AM”???  

AND… Kyle’s store opening musta been one hell of a par-tay!  The interviewer sounds a bit sloshed… 

AFTER speaking with Marisa Zanuck, the sloshed interviewer speaks with Kyle Richards.   Kyle carefully points out that Marisa is a CAST MEMBER… not a “Housewife.”

Kyle seems a bit surprised when told what Marisa said… OH, Marisa… youz in big trouble with Kyle!!!   Watch for Ken to “videobomb” around the :50 mark…


After Marisa and Kyle… she moves on to Lisa Vanderpump, who chats more about her new show, SUR, which will debut in January.  Lisa handles the Marisa “bombs” much better than Kyle!