MELISSA GORGA: VEVO and AGJ Entertainment… Reviews of “I Just Wanna”…

October 13, 2012  10:10 am

                          “I just wanna dance… but, I really gotta get home to make dinner for my JoGo…”

VEVO,” the name on Melissa Gorga’s latest crapfest song and video, “I Just Wanna,” is a music video hosting website… described as a “HULU” for music.

MeGo’s music is produced by AGJ Entertainment.  AGJ Entertainment is a LLC Company… based in Montville, NJ.   Hmmmm…. wonder who lives in Montville, NJ?  Oh!  That would be da Gorgas!

“AGJ Entertainment”… AJG = Antonia, Gino and Joey Gorga!

NOTE:  Looks like da Gorga’s meetin’ with that big-time music producer who told da Gorga’s that they need a big label at this point in Missy’s “singing” career just never happened.


If you’re lookin’ to BUY MeGo’s song… you can buy it at iTunes for $1.29 OR you could hop on over to Amazon, where you can purchase “I Just Wanna” for the cut-rate price of $0.99!

Would highly suggest Amazon for your purchase… not only will you save $.30 cents, but you will also be highly entertained by reading somma the reviews of MeGo’s “I Just Wanna”… this is just two…

“It would be amazing if Melissa would just go away! She is delusional to think that she is a singer, and to pay to make a video? No one wants to see her! Anyone could sound like a barely passable singer with that much auto tune going on. I Just Wanna have her go away!”

“Does Melissa not understand that people work their butts off for years to become REAL singers and not use auto tune? This is an insult to any real music lover. You can’t expect to make a career out of singing because your related to someone famous. Stop ripping people off because your not actually singing like this.I woudnt waste 99 cents on this, I will donate it to the poor instead!”   NOTE:  Poor Missy!  This reviewer doesn’t even consider Missy “famous”… just Tree!

(Thanks to SH reader “JoJa”!!!… and to “JenniferB”!!!)

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  1. The song is awful. My God just awful. I tried to listen and give it a fair chance even tho I can’t stand that habitual lying snake and my honest opinion is its bad. Lol she needs a reality check and fast. That autotune would make edith from all in the famly sound halfway decent lol melissa should spend more time trying to get all of her lies and false stories in order because everyone has started to see right thru her. It still amazes me that melissa outright lied about watchng teresas kids for tre’s fabalinni party lol. She voiced over in the show and literally lied to the viewers and said she babysat that night and yet the day she took two of the grls not all four of them was in july! Fab party was in october. Lol sad and pathetic lying bitch. Only a true nutjob would lie about something like that. Hey meho…its not shame on teresa as you fast and furiously kept whispering to your weeman husband its shame on YOU!! Shame on you and the other pigs you turned away from tre. The halo is gone the mask has fallen and we see the real you. You are a evil self absorbed manipulative pyscho bitch. Get ready for season 5. Time to clean out your closets. Lol oh and btw you broke dumbass….your lie about selling your spec house has been found out said you are moving so your poor kids don’t go to school with their own cousins…yet school already started and they don’t even attend the same school lol. Heard your lights were just cut off too. Guess those less than a dollar itunes aren’t workin out for ya….especially when you buy them yourself. Lol you’re on your 14th minute of fame and tre is in the legendary lane. There’s a song for ya lol


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