MELISSA GORGA: VEVO and AGJ Entertainment… Reviews of “I Just Wanna”…

October 13, 2012  10:10 am

                          “I just wanna dance… but, I really gotta get home to make dinner for my JoGo…”

VEVO,” the name on Melissa Gorga’s latest crapfest song and video, “I Just Wanna,” is a music video hosting website… described as a “HULU” for music.

MeGo’s music is produced by AGJ Entertainment.  AGJ Entertainment is a LLC Company… based in Montville, NJ.   Hmmmm…. wonder who lives in Montville, NJ?  Oh!  That would be da Gorgas!

“AGJ Entertainment”… AJG = Antonia, Gino and Joey Gorga!

NOTE:  Looks like da Gorga’s meetin’ with that big-time music producer who told da Gorga’s that they need a big label at this point in Missy’s “singing” career just never happened.


If you’re lookin’ to BUY MeGo’s song… you can buy it at iTunes for $1.29 OR you could hop on over to Amazon, where you can purchase “I Just Wanna” for the cut-rate price of $0.99!

Would highly suggest Amazon for your purchase… not only will you save $.30 cents, but you will also be highly entertained by reading somma the reviews of MeGo’s “I Just Wanna”… this is just two…

“It would be amazing if Melissa would just go away! She is delusional to think that she is a singer, and to pay to make a video? No one wants to see her! Anyone could sound like a barely passable singer with that much auto tune going on. I Just Wanna have her go away!”

“Does Melissa not understand that people work their butts off for years to become REAL singers and not use auto tune? This is an insult to any real music lover. You can’t expect to make a career out of singing because your related to someone famous. Stop ripping people off because your not actually singing like this.I woudnt waste 99 cents on this, I will donate it to the poor instead!”   NOTE:  Poor Missy!  This reviewer doesn’t even consider Missy “famous”… just Tree!

(Thanks to SH reader “JoJa”!!!… and to “JenniferB”!!!)

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82 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: VEVO and AGJ Entertainment… Reviews of “I Just Wanna”…

    • Oh my gosh, I don’t buy music and was so tatally shocked when I read $1.29 I-Tunes and .99 at Amazon. How in the would will they ever make any money?

    • So true. Let alone being familiar with iambic pentameter or other poetic/lyric formats to use. No. She thinks song writing is jamming a bunch of worn out cliches or sayings that rhyme, then repeat it over and over.
      I also don’t like being flipped off at in a video. I think it’s at 4.22.
      She talks her words in a nasal tone to auto tune. Check out “Pineapple Princess,” by Annette Funicello some time. Don’t get me wrong. Always liked Annette, but she could not sing.

      • Wow, I’d not heard of her before. She really couldn’t sing, but at least it was kind of a story and fun to listen to! I couldn’t find where Melissa flipped off the camera, the video ends at 4:22? I like to sing, but I know I can’t carry a tune, you’d think Melissa would realize that about herself, especially having to use autotune!

        • Maybe it’s at 3.22… towards the end that Santino guy double flips us all off. It’s about 2 frames.
          And, yes. Pineapple Princess was a cute song. Made me wanna dance.

  1. “AGJ Entertainment” out of Montville. LMAO! Like we wouldn’t catch on to that. What a wanna-be, phony, con-artist. Go sell your crap to someone else MeGo, we ain’t buyin’.

  2. its her kids initals in the order they were takes 2 secs to figure that out.. lol any way she is by no means a musician, she is trying to be an entertainer like jlo. if she really wanted to be a singer she would release a cd, not single after single. Maybe you put a single out there and then release your cd to get people interested. on her cd signings, i am not paying 10 dollars for four songs which are crap! her new song is awful, the harmonies are off, too much reverb/autotune, her voice is just flat with no dynamics. she is wasting her money, she probably has a profit loss. she has to put her music out there and try to get royalities through the radio, television, pandora, spotify, youtube, etc. She is using Rhonj as a platform to brand herself, but she cant lie all the time, people want someone authentic to buy their products off of. Not someone who is writing songs to be on display and not even on tv yet. First of all she might of wrote some lines and texted the songwriter, but the songwriter arranged the lyrics to be somewhat cohesive. Then the songwriter put a melody to it and arranged the chords, so he did basically 95 percent of the work. But they probably spilt 50/50 on the copyright. So whatever she makes as a songwriter has to give half of that to anthony. With the song downloads as an artist she only gets like 10 cents depending the contract.

  3. I think it’s sad that Tre followers would leave negative(down right nasty) reviews about Melissa’s songs. It doesn’t make sense other than your just being mean and hateful for no reason. Why would the followers waste their time? Wouldn’t your hatred of Mel me more effective if you just ignored the whole thing??

    • she has no talent! I knew Tre would get blamed! If someone can’t sing they can’t sing! Do not blame it on others! Lol come on be serious!

    • Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I really cannot how people have “teams” over these people’s lives. The song is horrible, but that is my opinion. However, if you like it, enjoy!

    • Feeling as you do, teresa, you must absolutely DESPISE Melvin for telling Jay Mohr to blog negative things about Tre’s books and businesses! (Jay Mohr tweet: “For the record @melissagorga tonight told me to blog negative things about @Teresa_Giudice books and businesses. #fact #sad”)

    • No one hates her.Its called a review for a reason like Teresa or not Melissa cannot sing and her songs suck. Do you think people arent able to like Teresa and Melissa at the same time if they wanted to? Facts are facts. Ask Mariah Carey if she woke up and said I think i’ll be a superstar singer today? NO it takes a lot of hard work,lessons,dedication.Therefor it becomes a mockery to those who made all those strides..its not about sides. Why don’t we ask Jlo the person who Melissa is bitting their whole style? Im sure Jlo will tell you is wasent easy for her, that she started on In living color as a back up dancer. You dont wake up and start comparing yourself to LEGENDS like Michael Jackson either.You both obviously need a reality check. BTW I am the person who said I would rather donate to the poor, and I meant it made a donation that day..and I will do it again and again then to waste my money on crap. That’s what’s wrong with this world, where is the hard work and priorities. She will not get famous in the music industry without hard work. The opinion I just gave you has nothing to do with Teresa. I had Melissa following me on Twitter and we would DM back and forth, I keep telling her to make peace this is all BS. She DOESN’T want it trust me. I don’t know where she got the idea that she has the life other girls can only dream about.I’ll pass.

      • I agree with the hard work, lessons and dediction but without talent those things will do nothing. She doesn’t have talent when it comes to singing IMO. She sucks and no amount of help is going to change that.

        My bf was watching the video and he was like ‘is she a j-lo impersonator?’ lol, I guess it isn’t just Tre’s style she bites.

      • No. But I would listen to Scarlet Carson. That is the REAL talent. Santino ought not be allowed back in the band over this I just wanna crap. Its reeeeeeeeally messed up. The litmus would be if my son would listen to it. He would not even entertain the thought of a MeGo tune(or any HW “music”) on his Ipod. But I could totally see his getting into some Scarlet Carson.

        • I just looked up a Scarlet Carson video. What in the world! How does Santino Noir go from rock music producing, to being in a video with mego dancing around in a white hot pants onesie lol.

    • I think it’s sad when a critique is labeled as a personal attack. This isn’t personal. If this song is your cup-o-tea, that’s great! Kudos to you. I’m not a follower of anyone. I think the song and video suck. I think MeGo is a horrible dancer. I was a choreographer back in the day and I taught tap, jazz, ballet and pointe ballet classes. MeGo is around my age and if she is gonna dress like she’s 20, at least throw on a tasteful sweater over those corsets. If your outfit looks like you bought it at Frederick’s of Hollywood, then it’s best to keep it in the boudoir. JoGo is whoring out his wife. I think everyone associated with her music knows that she needs to “bring the sexy” because of lack of talent. I can think of 10 talented musicians that did not have to bring the sexy to sell records.

  4. Lol, her and her sisters will say Tre paid someone to say she has no talent. Why do people buy in to this crap! The writing is on the wall. Seriously is she making or losing money? Is there any way to find out the sells on her ……?…… Sorry people with talent! Lol thanks have a great day everyone!

  5. Melissa is trying to piggy back of of the heavy autotune success of Don’t Be Tardy for the Party. Kim Z made close to $1 million off of that song. I personally like on Display. That could be a song about anyone with ambition including Teresa.

  6. Wasn’t it Jay Mohr who said “she sounds like a feral cat in heat.” Whether it was Jay or someone else….he/she was right on the money!

    • Jay also blogged that “On speaker phone Melissa sounds like a cross between a Vietnamese lady and one of Charlie Brown’s teachers.”

      I’ve always thought that was both descriptive and funny!

  7. Melissa needs a few more vocal classes and A lot more dance classes, maybe Gia could help her out there. ” I just wanna” not here her sing no more.

  8. It is awful! I lasted about 3 whole minutes before shutting it down. My husband walked in the rooom while I was watching and said it was garbage and to turn it off. He couldn’t even believe I was listening for more than a minute. He said it was just horrible! lol It was.

    • I do not like it !!!!! Plain n simple….I read she onlh mabe $2,000 off of her songs from itunes…and if that is the truth, that was too much…she needs to get over tre is the real deal n the one that is the star…move on mels!

  9. I myyself take sides on this whole Jersey game. I am on Tre’s side and know that there is something really sneaky about Melissa. But..Sorry guys-I am digging her new song and you know what? Kudos to her for trying-she has so many haters- I mean i would be embarrassed to sing on auto tune and get criticized for my music but she keeps trying which is exactly the hard work that everybody is complaining about. My dad always said that success is 5% talent and 95% hard work. I kind of respect her for putting herself out there. And no I am not softening my view on her just liking her new song which by the way is much much better than On Display.


  11. I have always questions why Mego didn’t want a record company backing her, SHE MADE HER OWN ENTERPRISE…Hey Mego…you are the NEXT CASH MONEY CREW(YMCMB)….NOT

  12. I hate to keep harpin on this but Santino should have stayed in his wheelhouse with the collaboration. Santino orta be ‘shamed of hisself over this mess. Jumped the shark. boy howdy. This flavor would have worked much better … for boff of em.

  13. AGJ Entertainment was created in 2010 she released her first song in Aug 2011 so that whole story line about being just by themselves with Corte (I think that’s his name) making songs in the studio in their basement and Corte talking about friends in “major” record labels that are interested in Melissa because he played her song and they think she’s hot (cough cough) the whole time JoGo had his own label going before she even released her song. What a sham. They pay the writers to much for this crap on these shows.

  14. I would say if you get it from Amazon you are going to pay bucks for shipping and handling. I was going to buy grip tape for a scooter which was $2.00 but the S & H brought it up to over $6.00.

  15. I personally don’t like any of her songs. I’m not saying they are bad as I don’t listen to type of music. But the girl really needs more dance lessons.

    • I like dance music, but MeGo’s songs are terrible. The autotune seems to be at a high level to cover up the fact that she sucks, but it’s as if she’s trying to scream over it. I haven’t made it to the half way point of any of her songs. Her video is cheaply done. She can’t dance which is ironic because the song is about her wanting to dance. That guy in her video sucks too. His voice is as bad as hers. Someone needs to stop this madness. Lol

      • Wanted to be objective so listened to 3 songs on you tube first + Nope…..not the kind of music I want to hear twice. Don’t like Missy Chin’s voice and the vocals are very distorted with echo chamber. I happen to dislike Rhianna also; she’s way over exposed, ridiculous antics, hate her fashion style…. But—i love her voice. It’s unique and catches my attention every time on the radio.

        • I agree with you guys, it’s just not my cup of tea. I didn’t make it through the whole video before I had to hit the stop button! Hey did any of you catch the “First Look” of the reunion on Thursday?? So ready for this season to end!!

        • I like Sia. She’s been around a while and is talented. This track is rather enhanced bc it’s electronic, but she also did “Wild Ones” with Flo Rida that’s doesn’t have as much autotune.

          • Thank you Ro’ I didn’t know Sia. So much contemporary talent from Australia. I am way too behind the times in music, stuck in a time warp. All my favorite actresses are Aussie: Nicole, Naomi, Rose Byrne. Adore Guy Pierce but Russel Crowe,,,meh not so much ;)

  16. On the sites were you see an ad saying get paid for LISTENING/REVEIWING artist songs what is that all about? Is just to get song reconized or what? Also who is paying the people who choose to do this…Melissa has her music on a lot of those music sites offering to pay public to listen…..Just curious what thats all about!

  17. YEH but I bet tonight on #WWHL, Andy will be acting like it’s the #1 song on the charts..this is why she is sooo delusional…people keep telling her that she can sing! Truth is, we all can sing with Auto_tune…I think we do it almost every week with the Wii!!! *LOL*

  18. The song is awful. My God just awful. I tried to listen and give it a fair chance even tho I can’t stand that habitual lying snake and my honest opinion is its bad. Lol she needs a reality check and fast. That autotune would make edith from all in the famly sound halfway decent lol melissa should spend more time trying to get all of her lies and false stories in order because everyone has started to see right thru her. It still amazes me that melissa outright lied about watchng teresas kids for tre’s fabalinni party lol. She voiced over in the show and literally lied to the viewers and said she babysat that night and yet the day she took two of the grls not all four of them was in july! Fab party was in october. Lol sad and pathetic lying bitch. Only a true nutjob would lie about something like that. Hey meho…its not shame on teresa as you fast and furiously kept whispering to your weeman husband its shame on YOU!! Shame on you and the other pigs you turned away from tre. The halo is gone the mask has fallen and we see the real you. You are a evil self absorbed manipulative pyscho bitch. Get ready for season 5. Time to clean out your closets. Lol oh and btw you broke dumbass….your lie about selling your spec house has been found out said you are moving so your poor kids don’t go to school with their own cousins…yet school already started and they don’t even attend the same school lol. Heard your lights were just cut off too. Guess those less than a dollar itunes aren’t workin out for ya….especially when you buy them yourself. Lol you’re on your 14th minute of fame and tre is in the legendary lane. There’s a song for ya lol

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