TERESA GIUDICE: JuicyJoe’s “Girlfriend”… 24-Year-Old College Student!

October 11, 2012  11:00 am   NationalEnquirer

According to the National Enquirer…  JoeJoodice’s girlfriend is a college student!

“She’s a 25-year-old col­lege student who still lives at home with her family in New Jersey, sources say, and while we’re withhold­ing her name for privacy reasons, her parents have confirmed that she knows Joe.

“Joe’s girl is a sexy college co-ed with curves galore,” said a close pal of the busty brunette.

“She’s bubbly and has loads of energy. For a short, fat guy, Joe managed to get a real beauty. Chances are good that if Joe was just a regular guy who didn’t appear on a hit TV show, she would never have looked his way. She probably likes the fame he has – thanks to his wife.”

The beauty is a student at New Jersey’s Caldwell College and lives with her family in East Hanover. She’s been spotted with Joe numer­ous times at the Iron Bar in nearby Morris­town, sources told The ENQUIRER.

“Their behavior was highly inappropriate, es­pecially for a married man being out late at night with such a young woman,” said a bartender who saw the pair in action one night this past summer.



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460 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: JuicyJoe’s “Girlfriend”… 24-Year-Old College Student!

  1. Didn’t Caroline predict that Teresa will leave Joe? Remember the “you heard it hear first” comment? Hmmm

    • @ Kim Warmth and good will just oozes from her, doesn’t it? I get all warm and fuzzy when she speaks…

  2. Someone smart up above did a bit of detective work and sure enough, it does sound like a pathetic Jaqohlic plant. That Jac is not only mentally ill, I have always gotten the gay vibe from her. Hear me out before you blast me. Remember that sick long hug from Danielle and the sudden forgiveness? I ALWAYS though, oh, man, that chick has something on Jaq and it’s big. All the ‘I love yous’ and lingering looks and ..well, I just think they had an affair. Just my opinion. I think Jaq is in love with Tre and behaving like a spurned lover. Unrequited love, in this case. Tre don’t play that way and she’s too self invoved to notice the way Jaqoholic looks at her. Jaq always looked at Tre like she was something on the lunch buffet and Jaq hadn’t eaten for a week. How’s that for starting a rumor? Except I really think that. Jaq also discussed taking down Tre before the reunion with Katfish. Evident by the ‘and I lived in a sh***y house!’ comment to promp Jaq on their agreemen to torch Tre. Katfish was PO’d about the ‘almost divorcing Richey’ comment (which I totally believe was true). Melissa-mess was probably in on the cheating rumor too, (just because I hate that dirty snake.) I can just see the three of them sitting around drinking wine and laughing about planting a cheating rumor. While Jaq checks out Melissa-mess’s plastic cleavage.Which Melissa-mess probably enjoyed, because she’s weird that way. Any attention is good attention when you’re a terminal attention ho. I think Juicy is a pretty smart guy despite the dumb mistakes he’s made and there’s just no way I believe he’d be seen in public with a lover. Because of his daughters and also because I just get a vibe from him that he really loves Tre. She drives him crazy sometimes, but, there’s real love there. I don’t think it’s in the guy to humiliate her like that in public.He might do it behind her back if he could think of a way to be totally sneaky, but, that’s their business. I just don’t care, I like the Guidices. I’ll probably get a butt kicking for this, but, I think Juicy Joe is a hot dude. He’s just cute, I’d give him a second look if I saw him in a bar. At least until I saw the wedding ring. ~Ducking now.~

    • DD: Interesting theory!! No need to duck! LOL!! Had always been suspicious of that long, lingering goodbye hug that DirtyDanielle gave BubbaJax and Danielle made sure it was all caught on camera… TFC!! SH

    • If Jax slept with Danielle then Danielle has video.Remember her sex tape? As for Juicy being clever about cheating, no way. He is a celebrity and tried to pass himself off as his brother in a locale in which he would be recognized. Don’t get me wrong, Juicy is my favorite character because he just won’t cave to BRAVO, but I don’t think he is clever about subterfuges.

    • I don’t know about the affair theory, but in reality world, anything is possible.

      BUT, the gang [minus Teresa] did get together after the PFS/before the Reunion and “discuss”. One of them wrote about it. Either in their blog or in a tweet. IF Joe & Melissa Gorga REALLY wanted to clear the air about the FS, why wouldn’t they meet with Teresa and talk, as opposed to the rest of the cast? Well that’s a question that we all know the answer too as evidenced by their behavior at both reunions.

    • I don’t think that Jac and Danielle definitely had a relationship, but it’s definitely possible like, they had a super close girly relationship where they made out while they were drunk a few times. I think Danielle was certainly trying to imply it with that hug, and I’m sure she DOES have a ton of shit on Jac. Which speaks to her character a bit, actually. I also got lesbian vibes from Jacqueline, or at least a bi-sexual experimental kind of vibe from her, and especially since Danielle went WAY in that direction… I don’t know if I would believe they ever really had sex though. I think her relationships with women blur the line between sexual and platonic, and I definitely agree that the way she freaks out over lost friends such as Teresa is the way you would freak over an ended romantic relationship.

    • Don’t they say alot of strippers turn lesbian after awhile? I never thought of that, but it does make sense. She is actling like a spurned lover, and I bet she tried everything to get Teresa to come over to her side without knowing she was doing it. But Teresa as you said don’t play that way.

    • In the story, they gave the name of the bar, & gave a quote from one of the bartenders there……couldn’t someone just go in & ask the bartenders about it???? If I wanted to know if the story was true, that’s the first place I would go!

    • Oh course Juicy didnt cheat he is nothing more then a upstanding choir boy Just ask Teresa all these rumors are just jealous Co workers who plant stuff. *sarcasm alert*

      • Oh no…Juicy Joe always moans to Albie and says “ah, don’t tell me that” when somethings wrong. Ya gotta love his swatting of all comments – who cares, who cares. Who cares if Chris cheated, who cares if Mel was a stripper, he’s done it all, who cares.

        • @Lablover27 If I may…he doesn’t care is his way of saying “it’s not my business”. And he is right. He doesn’t care; not because he is cold-hearted or guilty of the same actions. He doesn’t care because; who is he to judge another’s life? He is warm-hearted enough to not want to draw attention to another’s pain.

          To that point: We all need to start *not* caring. We have become a world of voyeurs and it is NOT pretty. We sit as judge and jury regarding people’s lives, that of which, we have very little intimate knowledge. Please don’t get offend by what I am saying. When we point a finger, we have four pointing back at us. I am as guilty as anyone reading this…

          Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, The Brady Bunch, Good Times and The Jefferson’s are looking pretty darn good about now…after all, what was so wrong about portraying a strong, loving, united family and placing them in esteem and wanting to emulate that type of togetherness and willingness to work together to face life’s issues? Those shows received a cold welcome once we became *enlightened* to the fact that life issues aren’t always wrapped up nice and tidy in a half hour. We became cynical and wanted “truth” from our entertainment. The nitty-gritty truth. As though we weren’t aware that life is not a half hour sitcom. We knew. We knew that even if our lives didn’t completely mirror those fictional lives we watched because it was something we wanted to achieve and they gave us relief from the *realness* of our lives. We watched them as a blue-print of what a family could and should be; throwing a wise parable in at the same time. We could reference how they problem solved when faced with adversity and feel as though we had a friend on our side. A wise friend.

          The Emperor’s clothes are off. We’ve seen the man behind the curtain. We have sunk lower than we ever should. Can we now get back to basics? We promise we will watch, scouts honor!

          • Adios — ITA, but society has gone so far downhill. Think about how a family like the Duggars would have been perceived in the 1970′s vs. how they are perceived by some people today. I can’t believe the vitriol in some of the comments I’ve read.

            • @Hersandra Though at times it seems there is only one voice – because of it’s volume and bluster -does not mean there are not others that should be heard. Nothing is ever a lost cause. If there is nothing on TV that speaks to your heart, turn it off. Read a book, play a board game, play solitaire, call a friend you haven’t spoken to in years ask your neighbor over for coffee. Anything but settle for the pap that is being shoved down our throats. The world deserves better than such base behavior being accepted as the norm. We should have much higher standards and stick to them. When there are children involved there should be no compromise. Let them know that what passes for entertainment is not good for their souls, that eventually it will worm it’s lower standards into our psyches for good, then we are doomed. I believe in my heart we are better than that and have the strength of our convictions to prove otherwise!!!!

            • Ditto. Done, done, done. RHOBH holds absolutely no interest for me, I kept waiting for that sub-human to get her comeuppance and nothing but her being paraded around like a hero. BEYOND detestable.

            • There is some great reality TV just not on bravo. I love pawn stars, duck millionaires, swamp people,Tia and Tamera, project runway, even Ice loves Coco. Bravo sucks at reality TV because it has a different agenda. I do like Jeff flipping out though.

            • Love Project Runway, Dance Moms…..although thats getting a little Hollywood, The Challenge, Big Brother, Survivor, Oddities, pretty much whatever is still relatively pleasant viewing. The Housewives are just adding to my daily stresses. I think Bravo amped up the volume so much with NJ they will have to make the others worse or risk being labeled boring. Kinda like how the world started out with Oprah…and ended up with Jerry Springer. There is a gradual and sometimes not so gradual slippery slope. Ive only watched bits and pieces of the NJ reunion….both episodes. It stresses me out.

            • Oddities is good, Ghost hunter and The dead files (tho the chick on that creeps me out)I cant watch SISTER WIVES I just cant cuz i cant fathom sharing my man with other women just NO. I like Bigfoot hunters to.

            • I guess i should repharse that Trashy reality shows,
              I do like abandoned,cities of the underworld stuff like that…and how could I forget my GUYS ICE LOVES COCO( the bulldogs. ). I am so ashamed.

            • I love the family values on swamp people. When the sons strive to make their parents proud it remind me of the good ole days. I love LA and how in the small towns life hasn’t changed although the world has.

            • Did anyone get into Dallas? Just hearing that opening theme song was exciting, not to mention many of the old actors are back. Brought back great 70′s/80′s memories.

  3. Thanks SH. Good to I hope you are doing well. I sent good energy to you as you have been in my thoughts.

  4. MeGo’s sister tweeted this:
    Lysa Simpson ‏@LysaSimpson

    Great time,Thx ;) @MikeEsterman: @melissagorga Was a blast hanging with you and Sister in Tampa!”

    Now, I think this is to let people know that MeGo has already been to Florida since the shoplifting/bench warrant story and law enforcement did noddadamn. The hope is that no one will bother to make a phone call when she goes to Florida later this month.

  5. I still don’t get why it is so hard to believe that Juicy cheats. All the NJ HW’s men cheat. Remember the Napa comments. Juicy admitted his trangressions and Teresa got some nice jewelry out of it. Trust when Juicy gets from under his contract with Bravo he will let us all know what is up. It will not be pretty.

    • @CNS He admitted to no “transgressions”. He apologized for the C word and was surprised he even used it. His wife was hurt and had the whole world telling her she was an ass (I’m being kind) for putting up with Juicy saying what appeared to be some really horrible things based on some pretty shady editing.

      Listen, I can’t imagine people wanting to believe the worst of people so, have at the board; it’s your. I refuse to give this nonsense any more attention than I have, knock yourselves out. I’m done.

      Some times I think Bravo sends plants here to make sure the hysteria remains at a fevered pitch. Chillax folks, we’re going to watch the train wreck Sunday so give it, and us, a freakin’ break. Haven’t we suffered long enough?

      Peace out!

    • It is not hard to believe. I just hate to see Teresa constantly kicked when she is down. I agree with the WWCrappens guys. The gang-up really places my sympathies with the victim, who I see as Teresa here.

    • I’m sure they all cheat. It’s that whole NJ Italian housewife “look the other way” attitude as long as he comes home at the end of the night.

        • Once again, I don’t blame you. I’m not even Italian, and I’m offended. EVERY ETHNIC GROUP has their bad apples.

          • Hi Hersandra, I just wanted to note that i saw your “Dallas” comment up above. I myself didn’t watch it, but I caught a show the other night that just aired, 1st episode -1st season — called Nashville. I’m a little burned out on the dark & ugly of reality T.V. myself, so I thought “what the heck” at least I know that Nashville isn’t “really” hurting anyone. I was pleasantly surprised. The writing is commendable, good cast & a reality “like” story line. I think you might like it. Sorry I didn’t catch what network, but it was Wed. night.

            Other then that kind of drama, I myself am going back to enjoy my preferred comedy. 30 Rock is one of my favorites, FX also has a great line up of comedy, but not everybody likes that type of comedy .Anyway, I’ll continue to back Tree…she’s got real heart!

            • KT– Thanks for the tip. I’ll check Nashville out. And that’s a good way of saying it — Tre does have heart. I don’t see much of one in Melissa, that’s for sure.

    • Thanks. Lisa is good people and takes as well as she can dish out. I have never seen Lisa name call. We all occasionally concede a point I see no reason to name call to score a point. I love the debate here and all the intelligent posters. Very informative and well written posts and usually a great debate as well.

      • Just dont call me Jax,melissa or caroline..I think Id rather be called a CU NEXT TUESDAY…well maybe not but you get my drift. And thanks.

  6. They’re all sketchy as hell and I’m sure all their husbands have acted sketchy as well. Why are they SO intent on dragging Teresa’s shit out into the open? I don’t understand why they would get upset that um, maybe Teresa doesn’t feel interested in sharing on national tv about her husband’s infidelities.

    • Hey Id rag on the rest of them if i saw as much out there on their cheating as there is on Juicys cheating. I was all excited for the Roxy poxy I cheated with Chris Laurita artcle to bad that was a hoax.

    • It is pot calling out kettle…
      Caroline – Big Al has “Jill”
      JackO – Chris L. was engaged when he met her. Plus solid rumors now…
      Melissa – JoeGo her swing + his clothes r off and his junk is constantly on camera.
      Kathy – As if anyone is interested in sleeping w/ Richie. He will have to pay $ = silence.

      I mean really who cares? Must be a pissed off person behind this. MeGo?

  7. Can’t say that I have alot of doubt that Joe would do something like that. Doubt that he could catch the interest of a 25 yr. old since he’s what around 40 now & not my idea of good looking, plus I think he’s on the short side. But then look at who Arnold was seeing while married to Maria. I feel sorry for Teresa if she feels like she has to stay , but with the debts they’ve got now, I’m sure she may be afraid to step out on her own. It’s a pitiful situation to see a woman who feels like she has to hang on to the coat tails of a man , especially when that man is no Bill Gates -money wise , looks wise Joe & Gates might be a little more even :) – But it’s not a good situation to say the least. Again, if it’s true.

    • Maybe Teresa doesn’t believe in divorce. Maybe her parents don’t approve of divorce, and she really seems to be a very caring and respectful daughter. She also really seems to love Joe, the way she looks at him. I don’t believe it has anything to do with the debts. Most of the debt seems to be related to his business stuff, and she seems to be making pretty good money on her own.

  8. True, but even if you don’t have the person’s name , it’s no more or less real. I say that because it seems some women , when cheated on feel like if they know the woman’s name or how she knows the husband , it would change things. It’s an odd thing I’ve noticed with spouses , they want so much to deny it , they’ll grasp at any straw.

  9. This juicyjoe cheating thing is just gossip. Its funny to me how the blk side thinks this will somehow change the publics opinion of Teresa. He may be a serial cheater. I dont know. They all may be. People walk away from marriages for smaller things these days. If anything, I give her credit for not making a hasty decision and leaving him. Maybe she should and maybe she will. But its not to be taken lightly when there are kids involved.

    • Saying joe cheats, is making Teresa more popular then ever… No matter what is said, she loves her man… She isn’t leaving joe… Personally I don’t think he does all this skirting around… If my husband stopped looking at women, then I would worry… Men and women should look at others… It shows them how good they have it at home… My husband is going to have heart surgery next week… I hope he looks at all the nurses, it will tell me everything turned out ok…sigh…

      • Good Luck On Surgery Shelagh! As long as my man doesn’t buy new undies, there’s no cheating going on!

        • Thanks Hersandra,
          Prayers are powerful, I hope he ogles all of them… Then he can come home ad we can play some 500 rummy, and I kick his bum a it…

          • @Shelagh5 Many prayers for hubby’s quick recovery!!!! What is the date? I will offer my Rosary for him that morning.

            • It’s oct. 18th, thanks for caring.. I will let you know how it goes..he has had a heart attack before and lost 1/3 of his heart, now they are trying to make what’s left, work better…

            • Oh my, Shelagh…Oct. 18, you got it…We have a five day jump on prayers! Please don’t forget to give us an update! God bless!

            • I will adioslunatic, and thank you for the prayers.. I am getting nervous, but hanging in… We have had a great weekend…it’s all good..

            • Shelagh I always enjoy your comments and we seem to be like minded in our views. The wonderful thing that has happened to this forum is that all of us have personalities, families, struggles and accomplishments and thanks to the mood that ms SH has created we are able to support one another in times of need. You will be remembered in my prayers, dear lady, during this difficult period in your life. It’s sad that these reall houswewives cannot be as uplifitng as we can on SH. Bless you, sugar.

            • Than you gapeachchatathom… You all are a part of my SH friends.. This site makes me laugh, and enjoy being here. :)

      • Shelagh5, my husband had heart surgery this time last year. It was totally unexpected. He had a hole in his heart since childhood and it was never caught. He has frequent physicals for his job and while in another state his required OSHA phys. was due. There was a straight out of med school dr. in that day and she caught it after all these Dr.s, all these years. I guess it had finally gotten so large it was spotted. He had to have surgery immeadately because they were afraid of blood clots and strokes. He came out just fine and feeling great. A few years ago my Grandfather had bypass surgery and it litterally gave hm a new lease on life. Both of them felt like new men, it was a Godsend. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I just wanted to give you some uplifting positive feedback and let you know that for me those surgeries let me have so much more time with people I love and I am grateful for that. I hope this time next year you will be where I am and you can share with some one else. :)

        • Ty sd
          My husband had a heart attack and has lost 1/3 of his heart..never will work again… This makes his heart work a lot harder,not good.. He is getting a defibulater,and pace maker… This will jump start his heart other wise, he would never make it to the hospital..this is a good thing..scary I will let you know how it goes… It means a lot to me to get so many nice notes on this site… I love you guys…Ty. :)

  10. fanta pants..caroline ..finding nemo face jack ..froggie kathy ..and actress and there worse thunder dome mel keep putting the storys out yous a sad xx

  11. Hold up!! This answer right here: A: “I’ll just say, first day shooting nerves can make some drink and others take….I’ll leave it at that.”………
    I hope he/she wasn’t going to say what I THINK he/she was going to say!!!

  12. What did Tre call Caroline, hmmmmm, wasn’t it “you old hag”? Tre and Caroline are 9 years apart in age. So this little 25 year old may be thinking of Tre and calling her the very same thing as those two are 15 years apart in age. This does not surprise me at all. Jon Gosselin, short, fat, lumbered with a bitch (and I don’t use that word lightly) of a terrible wife and a nightmare life, was also the recipient of fame by association girls after him at bars. Joe is probably a serial cheater. I’m not sure he looooves being in the spotlight as does his wife, and you know he doesn’t like the scrutiny his finances and businesses are under. I think Theresa should throw his fat belly outta her house and either raise those girls herself or find someone who would respect her.

  13. I don’t know if Joe Giudice cheated. I do know he is a homophobic misogynist who called his wife horrible names on television. He was found guilty of cheating his former business partner by forging his signature. He can’t hold down a job and provide for his family because he can’t drive. He can’t drive because he drove drunk and lost his license. Now he is fighting felony charges of using his brother’s identify to obtain a driver’s license and probably will serve some time in prison. Oh yeah, Joe Giudice is a real doll!

    • I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with your comment except the statement that he cant work bc he cant drive. There is public transportation, his wife could drive him or he could take a taxi. I my have read that he actually has driver. I know….I’m paying too much attention to detail, but just wanted to interject for all the hardworking ppl out there w-out cars who manage to get to work….but then, those are ppl with a solid work ethic.

      • I was going by Joe’s comment on RHONJ last season that his pizzeria failed because he couldn’t drive to work to manage his business. I think you are correct and that perhaps his inability to hold down a job may speak more to his work ethic.

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