MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Nene Leakes “BuyMyUSEDClothes”… Phaedra Parks “LawsuitStillOn”!… Jillz Saw Andy Cohen As “AParent… AndHePlayedFAVORITES”…

October 11, 2012  3:03 pm

                                                          Nene Leakes, 2008… Nene Leakes, 2012…

Are YOU wishing that YOU could be the proud owner of one of Nene Leakes’ already worn clothing?  If you are, then YOU are in luck!!  Nene is selling her DNA-infused clothing items on Ebay!

You can even bid on somma Nene’s old, sweaty Loubs…


Phaedra Parks’ lawsuit is still in effect… according to S2SMagazine!

Phaedra Parks’ friend-turned-nemesis Angela Stanton recently claimed the reality star’s defamation suit against her was dismissed, but sources close to Phaedra dispute that.

“It was never dismissed. It was refiled,” said the source who clarified that both Angela and “the publisher” are named in the legal action.


   “They told me that this procedure would wipe out any thoughts about me being a NY Housewife…”  (Jillz could not bring herself to  continue with the mind-altering zapping…)

Poor Jillz… she just CANNOT get a grip on the fact that she gotz da Bravo boot!

From Bravo… “As for how the axe actually dropped, Jill says after she spoke with producers of the show, Andy called her to follow up.

“He did give me that respect,” she says, saying that the Watch What Happens Live interview is “an honest and candid interview between the two of us.

I told him I thought he played favorites. I thought he was my parent and I thought he picked a side.”   NOTE:  NOOOOO!!!  MissAndy NEVER would do that!!

Jillz’ whining “interview”… preview…


                                                          “Hey Alexia… why ain’t you usin’ Ana here as your kids’ attorney?  Just wonderin’…”

Just a reminder:  There are THREE, yes THREE programs from which to choose for your viewing pleasure this evening…

1)  The VICE-Presidential debate…  2) A NFL Football Game… 3) Real Housewives of Miami

Geez… Miami just can’t get a break!!