MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Nene Leakes “BuyMyUSEDClothes”… Phaedra Parks “LawsuitStillOn”!… Jillz Saw Andy Cohen As “AParent… AndHePlayedFAVORITES”…

October 11, 2012  3:03 pm

                                                          Nene Leakes, 2008… Nene Leakes, 2012…

Are YOU wishing that YOU could be the proud owner of one of Nene Leakes’ already worn clothing?  If you are, then YOU are in luck!!  Nene is selling her DNA-infused clothing items on Ebay!

You can even bid on somma Nene’s old, sweaty Loubs…


Phaedra Parks’ lawsuit is still in effect… according to S2SMagazine!

Phaedra Parks’ friend-turned-nemesis Angela Stanton recently claimed the reality star’s defamation suit against her was dismissed, but sources close to Phaedra dispute that.

“It was never dismissed. It was refiled,” said the source who clarified that both Angela and “the publisher” are named in the legal action.


   “They told me that this procedure would wipe out any thoughts about me being a NY Housewife…”  (Jillz could not bring herself to  continue with the mind-altering zapping…)

Poor Jillz… she just CANNOT get a grip on the fact that she gotz da Bravo boot!

From Bravo… “As for how the axe actually dropped, Jill says after she spoke with producers of the show, Andy called her to follow up.

“He did give me that respect,” she says, saying that the Watch What Happens Live interview is “an honest and candid interview between the two of us.

I told him I thought he played favorites. I thought he was my parent and I thought he picked a side.”   NOTE:  NOOOOO!!!  MissAndy NEVER would do that!!

Jillz’ whining “interview”… preview…


                                                          “Hey Alexia… why ain’t you usin’ Ana here as your kids’ attorney?  Just wonderin’…”

Just a reminder:  There are THREE, yes THREE programs from which to choose for your viewing pleasure this evening…

1)  The VICE-Presidential debate…  2) A NFL Football Game… 3) Real Housewives of Miami

Geez… Miami just can’t get a break!!

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41 comments on “MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Nene Leakes “BuyMyUSEDClothes”… Phaedra Parks “LawsuitStillOn”!… Jillz Saw Andy Cohen As “AParent… AndHePlayedFAVORITES”…

  1. I just can’t watch Miami and I’m a huge Housewives fan. I felt the same way about DC, too. Is it me? What am I missing here?

    • If you mute the sound and just watch the clothes and scenery it’s tolerable. IMO this has to be the most cosmetically altered RH franchise of the lot.

    • I agree! Except the discussion on WWCrappens has convinced me to try it tonight. Their imitations of the Miami wives was side-splitting.

    • I don’t find these ladies interesting, either. I think they started off as enemies too quickly, before viewers really got a chance to care about them. Also, the acting is REALLY bad. Lea is watchable in a “Mrs. Howell from Gilligan’s Island, but with brain damage” kind of way, but the others are just your average, garden-variety drama queens. Don’t get me started on Mama Elsa.

    • VERY hard to connect with. Over the top characters with very heavy accents. And seriously, did they have to bring in the drag queen? I don’t know, this one has to be an acquired taste.

    • Something good needs to happend in Miami, because it is starting to become boring. I like the housewives, love the scenery, but their storylines are kind of boring.

    • Miami is the only housewives show I’m watching right now. I’m not sick to death of anyone (yet) and the plots don’t seem *quite* so obvious (yet) and boy, they are a beautiful group of exquisitely dressed ladies. I’m starting to feel the Miami show “go to the dark side” though and I’m sure soon enough they’ll be another “Orange County” or heaven forfend “Jersey” any minute.

      • I like Miami too! I’m looking forward to the ep where Audriana slaps Joanna. Is that bad? I’m tired of her.

        • Not bad at all Romo! It’s really the ONLY reason I’m watching. Of course, it probably won’t air until the last episode. Argh!

    • I agree with you completely, Brandon. I tried to watch Miami the first season and couldn’t. Then I tried this season and just couldn’t get into it. Was never a DC lover, either. Whatever you are missing, I’m not seeing either.

    • I am right there with you. I can’t get into Miami…seems too desperate…no “real” storyline.

  2. Wow. Nene acted so disgusted when Cynthia bailey asked her to to shop at a consignment store. Nene turned up her nose cuz she was to good for that shite. Wow! and now she wants people to buy her worn out crap. She might actually get a few hits from Trannies. Not exactly bargain prices though.

    • I remember that too! Speaking of Cynthia….If you watched the show “secret princes” I swear they are residing in Cynthia and hubbies house! Even the interior looks the same.

  3. This is one of those instances where I feel really torn up about which side to choose. On the one hand, Jill was always awful to watch and, judging from the preview clip, that hasn’t changed a bit. The faux-sincere “Are you kidding me?” isn’t worthy of community theater. On the other hand, I got a few tingles from this quote she gave (it may have been to wetpaint):
    “I told him I thought he played favorites with Bethenny and I gave him specific examples, one being his socializing with Bethenny. He got defensive … very.”
    So now I’m going to have to watch this mess, despite having voided Bravo from my DVR a few weeks ago. (Yes, I really did — but I’m still addicted to Stoopid Housewives!)

  4. My three viewing choices are NCIS on USA Network, Project Runway on Lifetime or Numb3rs on ION. I’m going to let my three sphynx’s decide for me. I’m not sure how I’ll figure out what they decide.

      • MC, we’ve got to be best buds forever! Psych is my favorite show and I miss Monk too! :) I thought I was the only one but both shows seem to have strong fan following. Other than that, I LOVE Jeff Lewis so I’ll watch him in just about anything he’s in (so far I can’t hate the man – despite his idiosyncrasies and narcissism)

        But tonight will be me planted in front of my beloved Steelers as they play their game in front of me in HD :) GO STEELERS!!!

            • Ocean City MD has a steeler restaurant bar and I think. Doesnt MD have its own team? My husband has season tix and her goes with his mom. When I first met her she said….we only have two Steeler tix and I always go…we dint have a third one. I said no problem….glad he has someone to go with…..too cold for me and I dont wanna go. I think thats why she likes me. She was afraid of losing her tix to another woman….not her son. Lol. Good time for me to go to the mall….not a body in sight!

      • I used to watch those Psych marathons on Ion TV on Saturday nights and now they don’t have them anymore…bastards!

  5. I can just hear my husband say “you’ll have to pry the remote form my cold lifeless hand”.
    I don’t get a choice but I’ll get even and cook tonight !

    • My hubs is same way. He will be watching the foosball. Ill be watching the VP debates all by my lonesome in the bedroom. And I am DVRing Miami. I aint cookin jackchit tonight.

      • Eating what I cook is the punishment for not getting my way. He swears I use arsenic as my primary seasoning! LOL.

  6. Dont like Miami either.Those fake hags are unrelatable.Would not buy anything NeNe had on her trashy body.

  7. Oh.. .and I’m glad someone called Miss Andy out on his obvious favoritism. All Jill has to do is mention RHONJ as another example

  8. i like miami so far. Its tolerable.If they kept crispy rice and her sidekick then i wouldnt have watched. Is it just me or is leah so damn annoying? I find myself questioning why they even kept her. Negative negative negative. Kinda like this post. The drag queen, i could live without seeing. That is for the logo channel. darling.

    • Leah is that frenemy who worries you she will say something terrible. I wonder do people talk to her the way she talks to them? If so, how does she take it? Im thinking she may be one of them “truthspeakers” who gives herself license to say whatever just because its “true”. Kindness gets left in the dust.

  9. Football, football, football. Just kidding. Nenes DNA. I laughed till my stomach ached. Why oh why is jillzZzzzzz relevant. Omg. Go to sleep!

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