VICKI GUNVALSON “NewWinesByWives”… LISA VANDERPUMP “Pandora’sNewJob”… UPDATE: Brand New “WatchWhatCrappens”!!!

October 10, 2012  5:30 pm   9:30 pm

Get on over to TVGasm!!  The latest “WatchWhatCrappens” chatfest by the funny trifecta talking about all things Bravo is ready for your listening pleasure!

Matt Whitfield (YahooTV) returns to the show to join Ben Mandelker (bsideblog) and Ronnie Karam (TVgasm) in mocking all things Housewives. Juicy Joe’s blatant lying on the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion, the incessant neurotic bickering about missing legs and borrowed dresses on the Real Housewives of New York, and the “She beat me to the tweet!” crime on Real Housewives of Miami are all covered in depth. Too much depth. Come on in!!


According to Vicki Gunvalson’s FacebookPage where she has posted gorgeous photos of little Troy… there is a NEW Wife pushin’ “WinesByWives!

No, it’s NOT Nene Leakes with her Muscato… the new Wife isn’t even a Bravo HOUSEWife!

The new addition to WBW is VH1 MobWives’ Carla Facciolo!   And… Carla’s “cause” is autism!


                                  “Dammit… you said that I was gonna run the newsletter!”

Lisa Vanderpump has created a brand new newsletter and a brand new j-o-b for her daughter, Pandora!

Lisa no longer has a typical Housewives newsletter… Lisa has expanded her newsletter into THE place to go for everything “lifestyle”… TheDivineAddiction.

And PandoraToddSabo is Editor-in-Chief…

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23 comments on “VICKI GUNVALSON “NewWinesByWives”… LISA VANDERPUMP “Pandora’sNewJob”… UPDATE: Brand New “WatchWhatCrappens”!!!

  1. Makes you wonder if Jackowhine was thinking she would be the next Winesbywives for the autism “cause”. My bet is she will NOT be stalking Carla……LOL

      • Was this her million dollar deal she was referring to….they probably saw how insane she is and dropped the idea. That girl needs help.

        • After seeing her at the business meeting w/ Lauren, I would not trust in any way or buy the product of any company who hired her to be a spokesperson – that was just ludicrous and totally lacking in good taste and professionalism. Even disgusting Lauren seemed a little surprised at some of Jaq’s comments. Jaq is a very disturbed woman.

        • Jax seems to have lost the ability to stand on her own two feet. (I don’t think Carowhine ever had the ability.) Sad thing is , this is the same girl who, from what she’s said in the past , had 3 jobs to help support herself & her daughter when Ashlee was little. What happened to that woman? How do you lose yourself so badly that you sit around tweeting hatred all day ? & towards a woman you were friends with for 10 yrs.? Wow , someone rolled down the wrong side of the hill . Question is at what point? Was it just the drinks or knowing her hubby wasn making friends outside the marriage (per Tre) or maybe all that mixed with following the ever – lucid angry/stressed unhappy clownCaro around?? Jax needs to take some real pride in herself & look back over her past (before the last 2 years) & stand back up on her own strength- seriously , what happened to her???

  2. Wow creating J O B S for your spoiled kids just like Chuckie tries to do.Nepotism is alive and well in HW’S kids.

    • What makes her ‘spoiled’ (in your opinion) besides the fact that her parents are well off? Pandora always seemed very grateful for anything her parents did for her from what I saw. What parent wouldn’t give their child a job (especially in this economy), if they were in a position to help them? And Pandora is nothing like the Manzo brood – she graduated from a great university.

      • Really…..Where could she find anyone better than Pandora?….take away that she’s her daughter. She’s smart, efficient, honest, dependable,,,etc….that and she married a boy from NW Indiana! :)

      • And she has never made an ass of herself on her mom’s reality show, unlike some disgusting, vulgar creatures we won’t name (okay, I lied……the Manzos!) Of course, if she quits after one day bec. she doesn’t feel respected enough (like Lauren), I may have to take that back.

    • I can see your point of view. I guess I look at this as the same situation as my dad taking over his family’s business. Except that he eventually bought it from my grandparents. And he had a college degree in the field when he started. And he increased it’s profitability. Ok, so maybe not the same…

    • I think its a joke or Pandora helps Lisa out a lot & this is Lisa’s way of acknowledging that. My money is on a joke though.

    • I predict trouble in the future for poor brianna, she’s married too young, had a baby…she’s trying to break away from Vicki, briannas actions always seem to me to be reactions to her mother. Ten bucks she’ll be divorced in a few years. Though I think she’s far more relaxed and grounded than Vicki, and not so dominating a mother to troy, i still get the feeling she’s rushing, escaping, or I could be wrong…

      • Well, it could be of course. Last I heard the divorce rate was over 60% so that could be with anyone. I see what you’re saying. She does react to Vicki, like the Vegas trip a couple of seasons ago. But , at least she’s in her mid 20’s now , so she had some time to enjoy her youth & become her own person before having a child. Alot of the women who get married just to get out of mom’s house do so in their late teens. & of course that never works well. The man is just a shield , another parent really. & of course a meal ticket. But I think Brianna is smart enough & has seen her mom work long enough , to be a self supporting woman. For all that you can say about Vicki , one thing you have to give her, she taught her daughter a work ethic. Still , I see where the concern comes in.

  3. Regarding WBW; Wonder how bitchy TamTrash will react to a sexy mob housewife who looks younger and hotter than her? I wonder if she have any say in who is chosen.

  4. Brianna looks beautiful….her little one is angelic….her hubby couldn’t look any happier! Congrats to them both!

  5. Awww, cute pic of little Troy. He’s going to have his father’s shape of face. I like Brianna , sweet & smart. Good for her. I hope Vicki doesn’t do the whole (grand)mothersmother love thing. She tries to take over in situations where she shouldn’t sometimes.

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