SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: JuicyJoe “HitOnMelissa”… ABCNews “BrooksAyersRetraction”… DonCaro EXCLUSIVE “BeforeLapBandPhoto”!!!

October 10, 2012   11:45 am

“JuicyJoe Hits on Melissa Gorga… “  From InTouch

“According to a friend, Joe secretly loved to praise Melissa even though his wife resented her. “Joe got a kick out of flirting with Melissa. He doesn’t care — he thinks he’s an attractive guy,” says the friend.”

NOTE:  Now which magazine belongs to which NJ sub-human Housewife???  Ain’t “InTouch” Tree’s magazine??  OR… is InTouch MeGo’s magazine?  So confusing!!!!


“20/20″… from the News Division of ABC has issued a RETRACTION regarding statements made by BabyMAMA Nic about BabyDADDY, Crooks Ayers…

“We want to clarify that Ayers’ insurance paid for most of Joey’s medical expenses arising from the birth, although not Catanzarite’s; that Ayers provided rent money and certain other expenses to Catanzarite for a time after Joey was born; and that Ayers saw Joey a number of times after their break-up in May 2009, the last being July or August 2010 when Joey was 19 or 20 months old.

We also wanted to clarify that Ayers and Catanzarite have communicated periodically since that time, and that when Catanzarite was in California in January 2012, she met with Ayers and his girlfriend.”

NOTE:  They… the VERY EDUCATED “journalists” over at “20/20″ ABCNews… included this photo of Crooks and baby Joey.  The PHOTOSHOPPED photo…  provided to them by Crooks… the photo of him holding lil Joey, which Crooks took down from his twitter account after he was called out for the photo being phony!  Maybe they should have taken a closer look at that photo!

  “Oh, those people over at “20/20″ ain’t gonna check this photo… they didn’t even notice that you’re not in focus, BabyJOEY!”


(Thanks to SH readers “Milania” “PDM” “PG” and “JoeZee”!!!)

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  1. mego never told the banks they moved into their spec house. Also, they only moved their right after their campaign to get on Bravo worked. Joe then sold the house for $1 or something wierd so he and Melissa could be on it. Anyway, very very shady dealings Mego is just one big fake show, so why would we ever believe that she is telling the truth about joe.


  2. I will not even dignify any of these accusations by commenting; there are so many real news stories today, with much more far reaching implications to us all, in fact – the world, that, to have my sensibilities regaled with this drivel is nearly intolerable and completely repulsive.

    What I will comment on is a commonality that these “news” stories – and others like them – share.
    Whether coming from a supermarket rag or a “credible” news agency, it has become painfully apparent that truth is not the goal. The goal is to titillate and cause controversy for one and only one reason – Money. It is a very, very sad day when ANY journalist would rush a story based on such thinly sourced information resulting in these types of stories. Stories with the potential to cause real harm to real people. Stories that call into question the integrity of not the subject, being that they are based on hearsay, but the integrity of those that give voice to the attacks, the so-called journalist. Ms SH has proven she has more journalistic integrity in her little finger than the majority of “news” sources today. Kudos to her!

    TAKE NOTHING AT FACE VALUE! Do your own research!!! DEMAND that sources be NAMED!!! If sources cannot be named at the risk of their safety or freedom you must be prepared when you are tasked with vowing for your source that you would risk your own integrity,safety or freedom!!! THAT is true journalism. WE MUST HOLD JOURNALISTS to a higher standard.

    Only WE can take back the truth!!!


      • @ Taco I would agree with you if that were the case. Hard news is being handled in the same manner that entertainment news has traditionally been handled. There was a time when we were all in on the fact that 99% of what was written in the gossip rags was garbage and those that believed the gossip rags were politely giggled at like your slightly senile Aunty who believes that aliens have taken over the DMV because she read it in Star magazine. They received the name “rag mags” because there was a time they were not worth printing in a glossy magazine format; they were produced cheaply on newspaper grade paper. Now, with the invent of the internet, and the relative small cost of maintaining a glossy, legitimate looking website, there are hundreds of them and can be read for free. Furthering their reach to those that would not necessarily plunk down a buck or two to read these pitiful stories.
        My point was that all news is handled with the same lack of integrity and the lines of real and junk journalism have been blurred to the point of being indistinguishable.

        I apologize for my passion but, I *am* Italian! Lol!


        • Oh I don’t know. I think there has always been a lack of integrity in the news. I think we just realize it now BECAUSE of the internet–because we don’t have to subscribe to every obscure publication out there to get to the truth. It’s all out there if you are willing to search a little for it.


          • @Taco ITA!!! There was a time we were boxed into a viewpoint/opinion w/broadcast and print news sources, the real information was in books. I remember the hours upon hours I had to spend to research a paper for school…OH! to have that time back!

            There is a plus and a minus to everything…


  3. I think Tre really needs to watch Joe when he drinks. The sexatary, babysitter next could be one of his own. Let’s see how they spin that one and explain the stds. The man is a pig ba$tard.


  4. LOL at that pic of Juicy! He has that squinty eyed look he gets when he’s drunk and his head looks 3x too small for his body!!


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