SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: JuicyJoe “HitOnMelissa”… ABCNews “BrooksAyersRetraction”… DonCaro EXCLUSIVE “BeforeLapBandPhoto”!!!

October 10, 2012   11:45 am

“JuicyJoe Hits on Melissa Gorga… “  From InTouch

“According to a friend, Joe secretly loved to praise Melissa even though his wife resented her. “Joe got a kick out of flirting with Melissa. He doesn’t care — he thinks he’s an attractive guy,” says the friend.”

NOTE:  Now which magazine belongs to which NJ sub-human Housewife???  Ain’t “InTouch” Tree’s magazine??  OR… is InTouch MeGo’s magazine?  So confusing!!!!


“20/20″… from the News Division of ABC has issued a RETRACTION regarding statements made by BabyMAMA Nic about BabyDADDY, Crooks Ayers…

“We want to clarify that Ayers’ insurance paid for most of Joey’s medical expenses arising from the birth, although not Catanzarite’s; that Ayers provided rent money and certain other expenses to Catanzarite for a time after Joey was born; and that Ayers saw Joey a number of times after their break-up in May 2009, the last being July or August 2010 when Joey was 19 or 20 months old.

We also wanted to clarify that Ayers and Catanzarite have communicated periodically since that time, and that when Catanzarite was in California in January 2012, she met with Ayers and his girlfriend.”

NOTE:  They… the VERY EDUCATED “journalists” over at “20/20″ ABCNews… included this photo of Crooks and baby Joey.  The PHOTOSHOPPED photo…  provided to them by Crooks… the photo of him holding lil Joey, which Crooks took down from his twitter account after he was called out for the photo being phony!  Maybe they should have taken a closer look at that photo!

  “Oh, those people over at “20/20″ ain’t gonna check this photo… they didn’t even notice that you’re not in focus, BabyJOEY!”


(Thanks to SH readers “Milania” “PDM” “PG” and “JoeZee”!!!)

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145 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: JuicyJoe “HitOnMelissa”… ABCNews “BrooksAyersRetraction”… DonCaro EXCLUSIVE “BeforeLapBandPhoto”!!!

  1. What the heck is going on with all of these articles this week? There’s this one and one from Radar with “exclusive” pics of Juicy in AC back in Sept. Chile this is a mess!! All of these sources and crap, why won’t these people (whoever they are) just come out and say what they have to say out in the open and stop hiding behind the word “source”!!! Ugh, they need to man up!

    • It’s Melissa or Jacqueline,.I bet they put out something new everyday for months from now, they won’t stop till they take down Teresa.

      • IMO I don’t think Chuck-Chuck has anything to do with this simply because there’s an awful LOT going on in the Manzo’s closet. Chunky KNOWS a show is a show but to bring down Teresa’s family and risk Tre finding out would be digging a hole she could NEVER get out of. This sounds like the work of the Marco (Polo) family maybe in conjunction with the burnt out Jaca$$.

        • Exactly. I don’t like Caroline but this isn’t here style at all. Caroline isn’t going to waste time contacting magazines to spread lies. That’s Melissa’s thing. Notice how Caroline is starting to distance herself from her and doesn’t defend her any longer. I think Caro is realizing she made a mistake. I don’t believe this “Joe used to hit on Melissa” crap at all. I would believe he hit on Jacqueline or Danielle before Melissa. Please.

        • Your exactly right, Caroline isn’t crazy or stupid. She won’t do something like this and maybe get caught because Teresa would start talking about her and her business and she definitely doesn’t want that. Teresa never even went there during the reunion except barely and it was a warning. Jax is nuts and will say and do anything because of her bipolar ass. Melissa doesn’t care because she’s a delusional stripper who will do anything to take Teresa down.

    • No kidding! Also Johnny and Penny need to spill the beans too. They give just a tidbit of nuthin on their TL. They won’t be getting on the show; so just tell us the dirt already! :-)
      Just wth did MeGo do at Lookers? Or was the action done in the dude’s car in the parking lot? Oops
      Also, BrianB why should we care? JoGo’s best friend? What was Teresa talking about? and TommyTheGreek…. spill dammit
      I’m not yelling at you, Twitterfiend :-) unless you know the scoop Lol ;-)

      • Romo I WISH I knew the scoop!! Johnny was getting on my last nerve the other day because he was tweeting little “secret” messages and I just wanted him to cut the crap and just freakin say it!!!!!!!! For example:

        “John Karagiorgis‏@JohnnyTheGrk
        Genetics explains why he looks like his father and your lies explain why he looks like your husband.”

        “John Karagiorgis‏@JohnnyTheGrk
        A LapDance is an erotic Display of affection but is it necessary to take it outdoors & make it extra business?”

        “John Karagiorgis‏@JohnnyTheGrk
        Too bad you screwed all your friends because friends are like condoms: They protect you when things get hard.”

        Like Romo said, “spill dammit”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • At this stage, it’s safe to assume either 2 things regarding JTG. 1) He is holding out on the ‘truth’ so as to have something to petition BraBo with, or 2) he has absolutely nothing to share whatsoever with the public and he’s just giving cryptic messages to entice and agitate the RHONJ sphere.

            • I followed JTG on Twitter to see if he would spill something, but then he got so annoying I dropped him.

          • Well that tells me he wants to get paid. He can keep all his MeGo stripper knowledge and just go about talking like a Deuce Bigalo swinger for all I care on twitter. What he knows ain’t worth a hill of beans. There are many out there that will spill for free.

        • Eww, that guy and his wife, Johnny + Penny, really look like low-lifes. Horrible people, so sleazy!!! Just like their friend Angelo. I wish they´d go away, I don´t want to see or hear about them anymore. They are just trying to stay relevant and milk their 15 min. since they didn´t make it onto the show.

          Compared to them any of the Housewives look like classy people….

          • Johnny the greek is a weirdo,the way he stold out his friend to gorga so fast. hes all talk.I like Penny i think it takes a big heart to work with kids and in Teresa blog she gives free haircuts to the disabled. if thats not a class act i dont knowhat is.

      • Wait I just read your post again and Brian B. jumped out at me!!! I wonder if this has anything to do with him??

        “John Karagiorgis‏@JohnnyTheGrk
        Your wife ran off with your best friend last week. I’m sure you miss him! LMFAO”

    • They have to do it now, the last reunion is this week… Then half the cast, are gone… Jacko needs to hurt Teresa just a little more, before she goes to prison…mego, her days are just around the corner, I believe she will be the it girl next season..

      • I think they are going to shove Mego under the bus next season too. According to how bravo rolls they villianize one hardcore then the next season they redeem them and push another wife under the bus. They arent going to push Jaco shes not stable anod as much as Andy is a douche I dont think he would even go there. The rest are just too boring.

        • Agree, I think wacko is gone…. She needs to go, an accident waiting to happen… The most unstable person I have seen on the housewives show.. Well one other, but she goes un-named….:)

    • the article misrepresented the pictures. It looked more like Juicy was playing slots; some girl apporached him; another person tooks the pics. Nothing looked improper or incriminating

      • I agree with you! When I looked at the pics I didn’t see anything that I thought I would see after reading the information in the article. I was like “is this it?”! LOL!

    • The one of Joe in AC is such crap. Its obviously a woman who serves drinks and where is the picture of the woman sitting on his lap? OH, they got every picture but that one, huh? Hmmm. The thing is that these are not pictures some one would take unless they are for a very specific reason: which is to make up a story with them.

        • HO HO is trying anything, remember she’s been caught…she’s the one with the record…would love to see them taking her off to jail…MELVIN MARCO can’t buy this one away HO HO HO

      • Those pictures are so blurry. Seriously, they could be of any guy about his size and coloring. Actually, in the first picture, the one where he is shown in profile, he looks skinnier than Joe Giudice.

      • It’s all BS. What about fishface’s husband oogling Teresa nothing said about that. MEHOHOHO if that’s all you got HO HO HO give it up. How much did they pay you? HO HO HO From now on in when I hear SANTA say HO HO HO I will think of YOU.

    • Hey twitterfiend! Can u explain why u u said chile this is one mess? I’ve seen others say chile on here, and i dont understand. Help a buddy out?

      • Good morning!! Sometimes instead of saying “child” I tend to say “chile”. Like “chile please”! LOL!! I’m in Texas so IDK if it’s a southern thing or what but I’ve been saying it for years! :-)

  2. Gotta be one slow week in tinseltown if rumors of Juicy and The Chin made the cover. The baby photo has me stumped. The child’s face could lose focus through movement and the upper light source seems balanced; but the chin shadows are not symmetrical and baby’s hair should be more wispy at edges. Hhmm, very puzzling.

  3. Omg! That photo of crooks is soooo fake. He must have paid someone at 20/20 to over look it. His little boy looks so much like him. What a scumbag crooks is.

  4. Revenge against the Giudices!!!!! MeGo outed as a stripper – the revenge is starting. Did you see MeGo’s leg going up and down when Jax’s stripper past was being discussed. Irritation – aggression.
    Juicy Joe doesn’t like Melissa. Raccoon eyes comments at Christmas Eve when JoGo left for Kathy’s. His comments to Tre about MeGo being with so many guys.
    Nah, not believable.
    Jax, by the way, denied that she met Chris in Vegas. Even DonCaro had said Jax was a stripper (according to Tre – and DonCaro did not deny).

  5. Had to laugh out loud as I saw the Don’s fab – fat – flubber photo. Too, too funny. I immediately noticed the fake photo shop Ayers photo. Couldn’t understand how a legitimate news organization let that obvious fake get past editing department. Something’s not right about this article IMO.

  6. I have never seen Joe Guidice hit on anyone on the show but I have Richie teefs Wakile pokng MeGo with his tent pole and lusting after Teresa without bothering to disguise it. And yes the new battle raging over Joe’s infidelity will have the effect of taking the heat of Melissa and another slam at Teresa. Again they are obsessed with Teresa.

    • You’re right, I give this garbage to JAXASS, MEHOHOHO, TUNA CROTCH,MELVIN MARCO, AND THE SINGING MARCO SISTERS. I am sure with Teresa’s fans behind her she will get over this crap also. Remember ( ! ) holes there ain’t no show without Teresa and you get no check. JMO

  7. Can we start calling Caroline Triple B? Blubber Butt? Blubber Biatch? Either way that pic is hilarious! :-D
    She had it comin’.

  8. Remember the time in their bedroom when Joe was describing each of the people, such as Katfish was racoon, Caroline was boring, what did he say for Melissa other than everybody’s had her, she’s been with so many men, was there anything about her looks.

    • ViewerL – Don’t think so. I don’t think Juicy Joe was ever interested in MeGo. Too loosey-goosey.

      • I saw a tweet about this Flirting this AM, the tweet was something like.. Juicy Hit on Melissa how Low can Melissa be …Umm why is it Melissa fault Joe Hit on her wouldnt that be How low of Juicy. I swear some people cannot see past there Guidice love to even admit Juicy is at fault IF THIS EVEN HAPPENED that is which I sit on the fence. sometimes when i listen to Juicy I think of the saying THO PROTEST TO MUCH.

        • Hi Lisa! I saw that tweet and if I am not mistaken they were referring to their feeling of her releasing the story to the media not that she was at fault for it all happening. :-)

          • Oh ok that makes more sense and she shouldnt have released it…but im glad she did lol. Ill go sit in the corner now.

            • No don’t go sit in the corner, stay and chill for a while!! It’s a gloomy day here in Dallas and I’m trying to keep from going to sleep!

            • Why are you glad MeHo released it, Lisa? She’s lied about everything under the sun, no one can possibly believe it.

              It just makes MeHo look pitiful and desperate and, after last week’s full court press using the Giudice girls as well as her own daughter, she’s almost starting to look as unbalanced as Wacko — and I wouldn’t wish that on ANYBODY!

    • He called Kathy a frog and MeGo a raccoon. That’s why MeGo bought the raccoon dog toy at the camping store in Napa. He also said everybody’s had her. :-/ I thought it was Pete that slept with her. Not Juicy.

      • I thought that I heard somewhere also that is was Pete…..Also didn’t he call MeGo “horsey face” or something like that?

        • The thing about Joe(dajuice) is that if he says something about another female on the show, at least he comes across as the type that would say the same thing to her face. With someone like Rich , I doubt it. “Men” who get gossipy are never the ones who really like females (if you know what I mean). Men like that have a disregard & disrespect for any female for his own reasons -too close to momma & took her for granted, also they tend to be jealous of females the way other women will. Rich may have befriended Carowhine for is own reasons but he wouldn’t have any more regard for her as a female (or Jax or Mego) than he does for Tre. A male who likes females has a natural regard/respect for females. You notice that’s missing in Rich. He jumped into the gossip with both feet. When was the last time you saw a man raised close to his father do that?? It’s one thing if the female has done something to you or your wife – like the attempts to bully & degrade Tre. That’s going to make Joe angry but he doesn’t just call names & gossip for no reason. I really think KomaK needs to take a long look at who Rich is. Not that anyone wants to take a long … well you get it ;P

        • Pete tweeted that she had sex with Joe Gorga in Cancun — and apparently there are pictures!

          I honestly do not see why she would make up a story about how they met. Meeting a 28-year-old on Spring Break in Cancun isn’t HORRIBLE! MeHo lies about such innocuous things, I’ve honestly wondered if she is a pathological liar.

          Lots of girls, I think, have one-night stands with strangers over Spring Break — and live to regret it, of course, but still — and if he paid her he’d never admit it now.

        • Thanks everybody.I kind of believe it about Pete. Remember outside of the Posh fashion show Melissa said she hoped Pete Giudice would get his ass kicked.After Joe said about her being with so many men, he added before she was married.

          • @ Lainie Teresa said that Meho was dating her brother’s friend before and didn’t have the time of day for JoGo. Peter Guidice is friends w/JoGo’s buddy that Melissa dated and he is purported to have not just photos but orgy type photos from Cancun…This is why the Marco army is out in full force, it’s just another diversionary tactic to try to deflect from the skankyness that is Meho…

            • adios-Thanks for the info. Was Pete G in Cancun with them also. Maybe she was hired by the group. I personally would buy almost anything about her at this point. She appears to have no heart or soul. You are on the show, you are getting noticed, your songs are out there, why go for the kill. Why trash your husbands family, especially the little girls.

  9. Caroline’s photo is hilarious, but the photoshopped picture of Brooks and his “extra” child is disgusting. What a POS.

  10. Juicy can’t stand Melissa. He held her in such contempt during the reunion, saying, ‘you always say you just want the family back together ‘ like it was the biggest lie she has perpetuated. I’ve seen nothing that makes me think Juicy ever found Melissa attractive. He despises Tre’s dumb brother and anything Stumpy Joe jumped, Juicy would avoid like the plague. Before Tre shushed him he made allegations to her past that sounded like he knew men who’d passed her around and that is not something attractive in his Jersey Italian world. Instead, it’s something foul, in his mind. Something to be ashamed of. This rumor HAD to come from Melissa who’s ego is only surpassed in size by her lack of talent. That includes her talent (less) for telling ridiculous lies, like, ‘I’m moving so my kids won’t go to school with hers.’ And her ridiculous tag line, ‘I’m always a knock out!” Oh, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease. Spare me, horse face.

    • Totally disagree. Nasty-ass JuiceyJ finds an attractive woman ugly in his world? Of course not! He’s a manwhore, cheating with babysitters (da lowest), secretaries and i’m sure an occasional stripper and HWfan! Only the wife has to be ‘pure’ the Madonna, the whores are plentiful in Joisey and that’s who he wants to screw. BTW Tre acts quite whore-ish trying to prove how in love she and Juicey are, for the mistresses of course. He probably did make passes at Mel while drunk thinking he had a chance and was roundly ignored… As IF! It’s funny how the supposed “Madonna” – Tre and the “Whore”-Melissa seemed to have done a FreakyFriday switch! While Mel is constantly fighting her husband sexual advances off on-screen, it is Tre that is pleading to get laid in the grapes in wine-country. But to paraphrase RichWakile… Joe doesn’t even want her in the bedroom, let alone ont he gravel! LMAO

      Thanks MsSH for a wonderful informative site! Love love love to read the stories and constant updates.


      • Oh yeah cuz Mego is such a Madonna. LOL. I don’t think Madonna is in Looker’s narrow vocabulary. Say Madonna to MeHo and she’s probably like “oh yeah” pops gum, ” yeah Madonna that singer from the 80′s!”. “Yeah, know my friend Danielle donchu? Right? She had a black Amex before Madonna did.”
        I can’t say I blame MeGo for fighting off Joey and Tarzan he seems repulsive like a horny toad in a mud puddle.

        • Um Tre should be the Madonna, before she started acting like a desperate insecure hoochie. And if anything once someone mentioned a Madonna to Tre she’d start singing “Like a Virgin” which she was… from the backdoor maybe… Also maybe the Gorgas are cursed that their mates find them repulsive because like Mel runs from JoeG Juicey is a world class sprinter getting away from his wife. LOL

          • I don’t think that is true at all.Joe was in a foul mood in Napa because he was forced to go and did not want to be there.That is whyTeresa was saying the nasty stuff in the RV because he wouldn’t smile for a picture, she was trying to get him to smile.. If Joe used to hit on Melissa how come she jumped in the bed between Joe and Teresa in Napa.

            • @Lainie I believe he had just had the license issue when he contractually had to go to Napa and that was heavy on his mind as well. As for the ohhhhhoho, don’t tell me that… in response to his asking the person on the other line what they were doing, that could have been in response to his buddy saying “Oh, I’m sitting here with a glass of grapa and a good cigar or something of the sort. That bit was so frankenbited God only knows where they pulled the dialog from, we NEVER see him saying any of the conversation, it is all voice-over… I thought it was sexual at first but if you take the shock factor out and listen to it again I think it will sound much different.

      • Melissa is so ugly on the inside any “attractiveness” she may have had ( pre/post nose job/fillers/lips) on the outside has drastically been diminished.

        I’m wondering why none of the hook-ups Joe Giu has had, is still having, have not come forward if he really is such a cheater? They’re just nice “whores”, don’t want to get involved in his marriage after getting involved with a married guy?

        Who cares what Richie says – how does HE know what goes on in Teresa’s bedroom or anyone else’s? He should pay attention to what goes on in his own can of tuna and stay out of the bedrooms of others.

        At the end of the day, if Joe cheats and Teresa stays with him, that’s their problem. It’s not a story line no matter how badly Jacqueline and Bravo keep wanting it to be.

        • @ Jersey Ditto. I really don’t think Juicy would disrespect his wife or his daughters that way. Plus, I think he is really shy. I just get that vibe…

          • @adioslunatic Your “vibe” is broken. JuicyJ has been a serial womanizer and cheater since he and Tre were newlyweds. He was pressured into the marriage by Tre and her family, and he thought he was going to be set up in business by Tre’s father. He’s disrespected his wife and daughters so often that at this point, they are married in name only. He frequents the “high dollar” strip clubs on a weekly basis, and the very last way on earth anyone would describe Joe Guidice is “shy”. Oh my God, you are so far off base about him that you are making a fool of yourself by posting comments about how Joe wouldn’t disrespect his wife or daughters. He has no respect for anything! Not his wife, not his mistress, not his kids, not his in-laws or his parents; he thumbs his nose at the police, at the laws he refuses to abide, and at the judicial system. He’s committed perjury time after time – he thinks nothing of lying on the stand, in a court of law. He is basically without any redeeming qualities. He lies, he cheats, he steals, and he has no remorse, and no guilt. Epic fail on your intuition.

            • @Rebecca And what proof do you have of ANY of what you claim? You sound like Jac with her delusional rants. I am certain some fame-whore would have come along by now to cash in on the “hate Juicy bandwagon” and would have spilled her guts for five minutes of fame and a few bucks. If he was in strip clubs every night were are the pictures, Hell, even Prince Harry was busted and he’s not out partying with strippers in Vegas every night. You have absolutely NO PROOF of your clams. As for perjury, he was never charged with perjury. I read the judge’s opinion and he was very forthcoming of his business practices and it appeared to be he was the only one that was telling the truth. Everyone else was lying because they thought that Mr Mastropolis was not going to get the remainder of the 526K Juicy was buying his half of the partner ship out with; they thought he squandered the remod money. Mr Mastopolis was given 300K upfront from Juicy with the remainder of 260K to follow; contingent on the remodel and sale of the property that Juicy signed the re-modified mortgage papers on behalf of Mr Mastopolis. Which was standard practice for himself & Mr Mastropolis, not correct , but was, historically, their method of operation. It appeared, and was not dis-proven in court, that Juicy signing for Mr Mastopolis was standard practice in their business relationship. There was testimony to support Juicy’s assertions that that was business as usual. Mr Mastopolis was watching too much RHONJ thinking that Juicy & Teresa actually paid for 3 families to travel to Italy and falsely thought Juicy used the remod money to finance that trip.

      • Agree, wholeheartedly! JuicyJ might not like Melissa at all, but he’d jump at any chance to “do her” (JuicyJ’s term for sex). In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if his hostility towards Melissa stems from the fact that he made an attempt (probably many) and was flatly refused. He’s a mean drunk, especially to his wife and kids, and cannot hold a job for ten minutes. He lies about all his scams, even perjuring himself on several occasions, and he’d “do” any woman who’d give him the time of day. Funny how Karma works, huh? With four daughters (that he claims), he should have a few sleepless nights ahead of him, though somehow, I doubt it.

  11. I can see Juicy being drunk out of his mind and then hitting on Melissa say a the family Christmas party. Just because you can’t remember something does not mean it didn’t happen. I never got the vibe that Juicy doesn’t like Melissa because he has insulted all of the HW’s including the Mrs.

  12. I really think Mego is one of those who can’t see herself as others see her. She’ll slide past those not paying attention but anyone who is would have to call fake. The problem is people who see the truth of someone’s personality or flaws usually won’t voice it. Those who would voice it, usually are so busy trying to hide their own flaws that they can’t tell the fakes from anyone else. (Being fake themselves there isn’t any difference to notice anyway.) In other words the nicer/smarter people will see through her but won’t bother saying anything, & the other goofs won’t see anything wrong with her. So no one ever tells the Megos of the world the truth. I think that’s one reason she thinks she’s the new J.Lo , no one is willing to tell her otherwise.

    • LOVE this comment maybeitsyou! YOu nailed it.
      Mego is the type of girl that flirts inappropriately– a lot and with everybody. Then when he flirts back (whoever he is) she can say later “oh, did I tell you? so and so hit on me at …(.blah blah fill in the blank)”…..
      We’ve all known sluts like that, right? Doesn’t mego fit the mold? Someone needs to tell her: he’s not hitting on you mego, he’s just responding to your strange slutty flirting. He’s probably a little confused and trying not to insult you.
      Ha! mego is so pathetic.

  13. i truly believe Joe cheats, like probably 1/2 of the italian husbands that know they can get away with it because it is a cultural thing for them..not among all italians, but the ones that cheat and have always cheated. NO WAY is he interested in Melissa. This is another Melissa lie and I am starting to think that she is going off the deep end to hurt Tre, like Jaq did. First there was the outright lie that she was accosted by Theresa at the birthday party. Everyone there said that didn’t happen. Then there was the lie about moving because she doesn’t want the kids together – when we know it is financial. She is telling one rapid fire lie after another to hurt Theresa because her own singing career is going nowhere. I frankly do not care what goes on between Tre and Joe. If Tre wants to live that life to preserve her family, then that is her business and she is not hurting others with turning a blind eye – unlike Melissa, who is actually trying to hurt Tre at every turn.

  14. So, MeGo breaking up the relationship between Tre & JoGo wasn’t enough??!! NOW she’s gotta try to destroy her marriage, too?!!! This makes me sick!

    • Oh dear! I really worry about some of the commenters here! Please tell me you do not honestly believe that Teresa and Joe Guidice have any true semblance of a marriage??? I can hardly type I’m laughing so hard!! Their marriage is for appearances only! Teresa believes that if they admitted to being separated, or divorced, many of her “fans” would leave her. She wants to appear that she values the old Italian way – sticking with her man through thick and thin. In real reality, they have separate bedrooms (this even was admitted on the show by one of the kids), separate friends, separate bank accounts,and separate lives!! Everyone in their neck of the woods has known this for YEARS. JuicyJ is a serial womanizer, has a terrible drinking problem, and has not had a job in years. Occasionally, when he’s drinking heavily, JuicyJ lets the curtain drop, even when filming. The night he chipped his tooth, and Teresa came home from a book signing, when he said he should’ve left her,and her entire family, comes to mind, but there are others, as well. Happily married men do not call their wives the C word – not in anger, not EVER. No one is breaking up this non-existent marriage. There is no marriage to break. You don’t
      have to get sick.

      • I am entitled to my opinion, just as you are. So I would appreciate it if you would not mock me over my feelings towards this situation.
        As for your comments about their marriage, unless there is a 3rd person in their marriage(ie: you), the accusations you are making, are hearsay. Those are your opinions, & you are entitled to them. Therefore, I am not going to make fun of your feelings towards it, because I am not that kind of person.
        Have a great day!

  15. I don’t know that Mego ever flirted with Joe. Some guys will say stuff like that when they are ignored by a female & yeah some women , these types that are really dependent on men, will run back to the mealticket (I mean husband) and tell them lies. But Joe doesn’t seem the type to tell a gossipy lie on a female. Anytime you see that in a male it’s one whose lying about who (genderwise) he’s really attracted to. Since Joe isn’t into the gossip I would have to say he seems the most like a man in that regard (well he and possibly Chris L. , if Chris has been catty with any of the females I’ve missed it.) Anyway, if Mego was dumb enough to flirt she can’t possibly think Joe would take her up on it.? Unelss it was the harmless flirting that alot of people do.

    • really me go has had a string of huge lies lately about tre hitting her, moving, etc. this just follows on those footsteps. i guarantee the “source” is me go trying to get back at tre

      • I agree with Nancy A. MeGo lies because her husband and family never call her on it. MeGo has no boundaries, Children, marriages, families are all fair game. IMO MeGo is one disturbed chick. Seriously doesn’t she have some laundry to iron or can’t she just pretend to be busy and hand wash a few of Joey’s delicate underthings?
        I know she is probably in the bowels of that Mordor like monstrosity plotting revenge. You can lead a whore to water but you can’t make her think. Courtesy of Miss Dorothy Parker.

        • to quote steel magnolias – :she is a boil on the butt of humanity” :) with this latest lie..again, I do think Joe is a cheater, and that is why mego thinks she can get away with this lie, but this is obviously another desperate attempt to make tre look bad

        • Aint Pittypat- Love the Dorothy Parker quote. I picture her and Jaq hatching each of these lies.over a box of wine, they seem to be besties now. If their latest story at the reunion about overhearing Teresa saying hateful things about Jaq through the window ever really happened why would Jaq have had that scene with Melissa back home where she said Teresa hasn’t really called me much since we have been back, I don’t know why( looking all hurt and close to tears).I think any bad thing they can think of they will throw out there, they will lie for one another and also make some cash, but the real bonus is hurting Teresa.

    • Oh, I think mego flirts with everybody. I think “coquette” is her default personality in almost any social situation. And if she gets a male to play along, well all the better–then she can say he hit on her.

      I don’t think there is any chance at all Juicy would make serious advances toward his silly little sis-in-law. Mostly because he doesn’t want to spend time with them (Mel & Joe) the way it is. He hates the drama they represent (probably always has) and when they are around he is irritated.

      • Why is it so out of the realm of possiblity Juicy is a Dog who would flirt with any women.
        The man is a liar and a creep. I dont understand all this ITS MELissa fault she must have been the temptress who flirted with Juicy while he was reading the bible.
        Juicy IMO is a first class dog and the type of man who has no standards and would do with any women in the mud just like the Pig he is.

        • Yes Juicy can have a sextape with another woman but he will never be held accountable. I can see that his “behavior” is taking a toll on his wife but the ladies love Juicy so he can do whatever he wants. It will always be other womans fault. Juicy is no Eddie Cibrian so I don’t get how all these women are just so in lust with him and just can’t help themselves. They need him soooo badly.LOL. Juicy is funny but that swollen body of his is not sexy at all. As long as Teresa’s loves him and that is good enough for me.

            • Plus I believe that if Teresa ever, ever, ever caught Melissa or even heard of Melissa flirting with Juicy she would have gotten 10xworse what Danielle received. We all saw what was about to happen to Danielle just mentioning a hospital visit. Trust if is happened once it would have only happen once, if you know what I mean.

              • Its crazy whar i am reading, Juicy has tons of ri=umors and even pictures of him with women and Melissa is the one with STDS REALLY, Please Juicy Joe is a cheating pig peopel are making him out to be some pure angel and vilifying Melissa ugh

        • I agree Lisa. I think Juicy is entertaining and respect the fact that he never does those stupid talking head interviews like, the other husbands do. They all seem so desperate to be on tv but I think Juicy only does it for Tre. BUT I do believe he has and is cheating on her. I think ALL of those men are pigs and cheaters. Juicy is no exception. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if he had hit on MeHo.

    • & I have to admit (excuse me -egmitt) I can recall the last time I saw a man confused by a flirt. Unless of course it was someone like Greg whose out…

      • Lol meant to say can’t recall. Even a very faithful fella if someone like Mego were to flirt will usually flirt back, harmlessly of course. But I can’t see even Mego being dumb enough to think Joe likes her. I don’t think he would even play along with the harmless flirt if it came from Mego, considering her history with Tre.

          • AIDS, herpes, chlamydia, warts, gonorrhea, syphilis, and some stuff that ain’t even been discovered yet. Who knows what kinds of diseases she might be harboring in that petri dish between her legs.

          • Or in fear of Joe Sr. with a gun. But the aids argument also has merit. Frankly I don’t think MeGo and Juicy can stand each other. He knows she’s the village bicycle.

          • Omg really, Juicy is the one dipping his stick all over NJ and she is the one who you insult about having STDs really???? I would be scared of what Juicy has growing on his wee-wee its prob full of all kinds of nasty bugs from the strippers he meets in bars

            • Yes, there is no evidence that Melissa has cheated in her marriage but Juicy rep is legendary but he will always get a pass. Even if he gave is wife a std he would still get a pass.

        • Teresa would do some serious damage to Melissa if she ever caught her flirty with Juicy. I’m just saying what most of us already know.

      • I lived a situation like this. My brother’s ex wife flirted with everyone in my family. Trust me, my dad and my husband were pretty confused! lol!
        We were all confused. Shocked and confused—then we got pissed.

        • What I’m saying is that Juicy would flirt right back—cause he gets drunk and he’s fairly gross.
          My dad and my husband just sort of got nervous. Cause they weren’t drunk and they’re
          not gross

            • i dont have an opinion as to whether or not he hit on her. He did look proud of her and gave her a nice compliment when she sang at beatstock. I dont think teresa liked that. But come to think of it, he had the same reaction when all the boys were playing poker and jax kicked asslee out. Anyone remember that? Regardless of whether or not he did, the fact that ( or non fact) melissa put this story out was DISGUSTING. I mean really! U know what i just thought? This is a total retaliation as to what JOE will say on sundays reunion about HER. This is her paying him back for saying ‘why dont u tell everyone how you REALLY met joe’ She is giving her revenge for outing that juicy lil tidbit. Deflection at its finest. I just had a revelation! lol Think about it… this story comes out DAYS before the calculated…we see right through you melissa! She should really get no airtime, im waiting for karma to kick in and give it to her good…

              • To your point VaFa I guess Juicy was hitting on Lauren in the bus on the way to Jaimie’s, by other’s standards. He told her she reminded him of the unsinkable Molly Brown from Titanic but, a younger cuter version and he seemed upset that Lauren interpreted that to mean she was fat. He just seems like an exceptionally shy guy to me that covers it with bluster at times. He felt badly after making the loose hole joke and immediately and sincerely apologized to Greg. The joke was freakin’ hysterical, and logical, being that someone said, “who has the loose a-hole re: who passed gas. We all saw how Chris L. couldn’t contain his laughter. Another instance of them trying to tell us we were wrong, he was not laughing. I digress— I think that entire bus would have been in hysterics, Greg included; I think they had a pact that if Juicy said ANYTHING that could, in any remote sense, be considered homophobic they were to “shame” him, hmmmmm, seems to be a theme here…

  16. praise jesus, praise jesus…Jesus called and he wants you to leave him out of this..not much in her behavior that makes someone want to be a Christian and follow Jesus teachings. – of course all of their behavior, but mego is the only one going around saying praise jesus all the time after looking around at her wasteful opulence and talking about poison, and having her husband shrug her kids off as cock blockers…Praise Jesus

    • I know, right? She’s a cliche’! She’s the slutty Catholic school girl. Only she’s pushing 40 and married with children so it’s just sad. Poor mego ;-(

  17. Reminds me of that Ozzy lyric “I spoke to God this morning & he don’t like you.” Lol , I’ve always loved that line.

  18. Me go – with her Praise Jesus – is probably the example video they show at the way station of people waiting for evaluation to get into heaven. The angel says “see, we all told God Free Will was a bad idea, and people would never use it for good instead of evil – and look what happens.
    Just kidding guys. I am depressed, so trying to be silly to lighten my mood.

    • It kills me when MeHo does her shtick. She is about as deep as pond scum so this obviously contrived devotions just make her look artificial. There isn’t anything real about MeGo. Probably a lot like living with Sybil.

  19. Hi all,
    Re Johnnythegreek on twitter and his wife Penny. I think I recall seeing her on the show before – was she not part of Danielle’s posse of ‘friends’ that she invited to a luncheon in season 2??

  20. I can totally see Mel saying that about Joe flirting with her. That’s the type of thing she would say. I think it’s so funny that the Karagiorgis‏’s think they’re getting the golden ticket, well pick a number and join in line with Kim D and stay off my television screen. Thank ya!

    • MeGo wants everyone to want her. Remember on her TTC on the ‘Game Day’ episode when she was talking about wearing those booty shorts and how she was blessed with a great @ss and then she said something like, “I know you want me, but stay over there”.

      • It’s good to have self love but when it turns to full bent narcissism then I’m turned off. She has a nice body but i will not go straight for Mel.

      • Yes Ana. That’s exactly what I noticed too. She is constantly flirting, she is a pro at sexual innuendo. I’m not saying that she follows through; I am saying she REMEMBERS who took the bait and uses it against them if need be. And that is possibly what she is doing to Joe right now…

  21. Wow the pic of Crooks (whoops Brooks) does look fake. The only thing real looking is the light is hitting them both on the same side , but other then that … ones in focus & the other is out? Havta’ wonder.

  22. mego never told the banks they moved into their spec house. Also, they only moved their right after their campaign to get on Bravo worked. Joe then sold the house for $1 or something wierd so he and Melissa could be on it. Anyway, very very shady dealings Mego is just one big fake show, so why would we ever believe that she is telling the truth about joe.

  23. I will not even dignify any of these accusations by commenting; there are so many real news stories today, with much more far reaching implications to us all, in fact – the world, that, to have my sensibilities regaled with this drivel is nearly intolerable and completely repulsive.

    What I will comment on is a commonality that these “news” stories – and others like them – share.
    Whether coming from a supermarket rag or a “credible” news agency, it has become painfully apparent that truth is not the goal. The goal is to titillate and cause controversy for one and only one reason – Money. It is a very, very sad day when ANY journalist would rush a story based on such thinly sourced information resulting in these types of stories. Stories with the potential to cause real harm to real people. Stories that call into question the integrity of not the subject, being that they are based on hearsay, but the integrity of those that give voice to the attacks, the so-called journalist. Ms SH has proven she has more journalistic integrity in her little finger than the majority of “news” sources today. Kudos to her!

    TAKE NOTHING AT FACE VALUE! Do your own research!!! DEMAND that sources be NAMED!!! If sources cannot be named at the risk of their safety or freedom you must be prepared when you are tasked with vowing for your source that you would risk your own integrity,safety or freedom!!! THAT is true journalism. WE MUST HOLD JOURNALISTS to a higher standard.

    Only WE can take back the truth!!!

      • @ Taco I would agree with you if that were the case. Hard news is being handled in the same manner that entertainment news has traditionally been handled. There was a time when we were all in on the fact that 99% of what was written in the gossip rags was garbage and those that believed the gossip rags were politely giggled at like your slightly senile Aunty who believes that aliens have taken over the DMV because she read it in Star magazine. They received the name “rag mags” because there was a time they were not worth printing in a glossy magazine format; they were produced cheaply on newspaper grade paper. Now, with the invent of the internet, and the relative small cost of maintaining a glossy, legitimate looking website, there are hundreds of them and can be read for free. Furthering their reach to those that would not necessarily plunk down a buck or two to read these pitiful stories.
        My point was that all news is handled with the same lack of integrity and the lines of real and junk journalism have been blurred to the point of being indistinguishable.

        I apologize for my passion but, I *am* Italian! Lol!

        • Oh I don’t know. I think there has always been a lack of integrity in the news. I think we just realize it now BECAUSE of the internet–because we don’t have to subscribe to every obscure publication out there to get to the truth. It’s all out there if you are willing to search a little for it.

          • @Taco ITA!!! There was a time we were boxed into a viewpoint/opinion w/broadcast and print news sources, the real information was in books. I remember the hours upon hours I had to spend to research a paper for school…OH! to have that time back!

            There is a plus and a minus to everything…

          • My hubby is Italian and German, I call him Mu-shit ( short for Mussolini/Hitler) when he is being bossy!!!!

              • @ Taco We bust on each other unmercifully but, it’s all in good fun! I regretted posting that, I thought you could be offended, phew, glad to know you have a great sense of humor!

  24. I think Tre really needs to watch Joe when he drinks. The sexatary, babysitter next could be one of his own. Let’s see how they spin that one and explain the stds. The man is a pig ba$tard.

  25. LOL at that pic of Juicy! He has that squinty eyed look he gets when he’s drunk and his head looks 3x too small for his body!!

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