45 comments on “MORE! SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Alexis Bellino “SweatBallsAndTamBalls”… Joe Giudice Former Business Partner “JuicyFoolingAround” Will Never Change… DonCaro Gets “TweeterSuspended”… Private Photo Of PTHousewife’s “GreatGreatGrandma”!!!

  1. Enough already with the “twittering”!

    Are these really 40 year old women behaving like 15 year old middle schoolers, spending hours on Twitter, fighting with people and one another, playing games of “neener neener” and achieving what exactly?

    Haven’t they got large enough homes that require bed making, vacuum cleaning, tub scrubbing, meal preparing, and dish washing that may better suit the time they seem to have on their hands than spending countless hours ridiculing and revealing things about one another on Twitter? Isn’t that the role of a “housewife”?

    Jaysus, bad enough they are permitted 15+ weeks of never ending bullsh*t to claw at one another then taking to the “blogs” to reiterate it once more but then they head over to Twitter to continue their individual “race to the bottom” for even more “poo throwing”.

    Don’t they have kids to take care of, dogs to walk, meals to prepare, something other than endless hours spent pointing fingers and snarling at one another through cyberspace?

    Juvenile doesn’t begin to describe these women.

  2. I can never get over how funny that pic of Don Caroline is! But that PT picture is close second, lol. This totally makes my day!

  3. I guess Joe isnt paying all his bills, oh wait He has no money what he makes is Teresa’s.
    And isnt all the Addresses public knowledge?
    I am glad that I have decided to read more and leave the HW shows behind and just come here to find out whats movin.

  4. ugh with the dang twatting tweeting what ever. What pisses me off is no matter if you love Teresa or Melissa or Caroline these are fans of the show that PAYS YOUR DAMN BILLS. Yes when we watch we are helping every single one of them get that pay check. I am so tired of Caroline and Jako talking down to fans of the show. What happens when you bite the hand that feeds you. Just sayin.

  5. Maybe what Joe paid for the bling for tre should have gone to his business ex business partner. What husband would pay thousands of $$$ to buy bling for saying the c u next tuesday word?Or was it for the other c word cheating? Tre is going to have a breakdown sooner than later. Unless she dont give a shxt either.

    • I know she’s going to have a breakdown, when she finds out that Juicy has a kid and can’t deny it any longer. And all that money wasn’t going to Teresa, it was also going to all his women he screwed around with including Tara.

      • I honestly think she only cares about how she looks. Meaning diamonds and other material things. She may end up being a well dressed bag lady with bling. These two really make me sick to my tummy. Its the girls who will really pay for all this. Poor Gia she is old enough to know what is going on.

        • Just the way Tre was acting on the reunion. Bowing to audiance and getting in joes face when mego made a comment about him growning on the phone. She is on the verge of having that breakdown. The higher they think they are the farther they have to fall. Kinda cant wait to see it. They both need to be humbled.

      • I found out who Tara F is and her youngest is around 16, so not Joe’s kid. I think Tara put that rumor out there to draw attention to her stupid blogging book.

  6. You wonder why they talk down to fans of the show? ‘Cause they’re soooo much smarter then us. Just like they’re soooo much smarter then Tre. Seen it before. If you know what the real problem is (like Jax & Carowhine do) & you can’t figure out why someone doesn’t even care about your opinion , much less agree with you,they must be dumb. That explains it! The fact that these two have NEVER been the smartest in the room (any room as far as we can tell) that doesn’t matter. All the sudden they are smart!! How dare the rest of us not recognize that!! ;P I can see Carowhine’s head spinning right now & Jax setting her glass down to help catch it :D

    • May it makes me freaking crazy. They wonder why fans are turning on them. Its how they treat everyone that isnt with the manzo program. Fact is without all of us watching they cant sell ads without selling ads they cant keep a show on the air when the show is gone they get no pay and Jacs really reaaly needs it even if she doesnt want to admit it to herself.

  7. I saw the twitter war if you want to call it that going on which included Heather D as well when Alexis said that she would show her offer letter….. well here is the twitter…..NOTE: I did remove any twitter handles that are not Alexis or Heather or Tamra

    Alexis Bellino ‏@AlexisBellino

    @heatherdubrow Do I need 2release my offer letter 2the media & make u look like a fool? Stick to what you know HD…being mean.


    5 Oct Heather Dubrow Heather Dubrow ‏@HeatherDubrow

    @AlexisBellino When you are offered a return & you ask 4 more $ & they say “never mind”. That’s a clue . I’m honest, not mean.


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    8:48 PM – 5 Oct 12 · Details
    7 Oct Tamra Barney Tamra Barney ‏@TamraBarney

    @HeatherDubrow exactly! When an offer is rescinded because you’re too difficult to deal with = you’re fired , Not your choice!


    • @HEATHER remember When an offer is rescinded because you’re too difficult to watch = you’re fired , Not your choice ur just dull ~

  8. In fairness, if Joe owes this dude money, and obviously according to Mr M done him wrong, how reliable is his “Joes screwing around” message? I can believe Joe owes the money…and Id be pissed too. I know what its like to be owed…..I have tennants. Once had one come to me to show me her shopping spree…but no overdue rent check, no. But Im sure this guy would like to put as much negative info about Juicy out there as possible…..its frustrating when someone just wont pay you. Ive always been on the fence aout the cheating….and alot of that is because it doesnt matter that much to me. If its true, and she prefers denial, than so be it. I just dont feel any different in my fence sitting after reading Mr Ms comment….he has alot of motive. And I dont really care.

    • Parkview: JoeM is not just saying this out of spite. The quote from Joe Mastropole is from over a YEAR ago… please check the link! JoeM and JoeJoodice were extremely close and JoeM knew/knows JoeG extremely well. There are other items re JoeM/JoeG and their relationship on SH. TFC! SH

      • Dear Ms SH, It pains me to have to challenge your assertion of Mr. Mastropolis giving an honest and well informed answer. You are making your assertion based on a year+ old statement from Mr. Mastropolis who, it appears, was making answer to an inquiry of any knowledge of Juicy cheating in the present. Mr Mastropolis’ answer, reeking of hyperbole and innuendo, appears to be referring to Juicy’s past, his past as a 20yr old. Not a married man in present day. Mr. Mastropolis, in my estimation, is answering the inquiry in a manner that he is trying to garner favor in the theater of public opinion as the equivalent of a scorned wife/lover at the hands of an immature, hard partying lothario. Mr. Mastropolis is intelligent enough to know he is playing to a primarily female audience and that “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. I hold no faith in Mr. Mastropolis’ rather vague statement.

        • I think you are in as much denial as Tre! Mr Mastropolis’ statement is NOT vague, not difficult to follow, and in NO way is he referring to Juicy’s past as a twenty year old!! He uses “like a twenty year old” as a metaphor (cannot believe I’m typing the word – which has been forever tainted by PT!). It is a means of comparison as in, “some people never grow up”, then he uses the metaphor “like a twenty year old” to further illustrate how some people never grow up. They continue to act like twenty year olds, even though they are forty-something year old men, with wives and children. He isn’t vague at all. He was stating that the Joe Guidice he knew/knows, and with whom he worked, has the mentality and lack of responsibility and maturity of a twenty year old. He is in NO way discussing twenty year old Joe Guidices’ behavior. I have seen more comments from Mr Mastroplois and he doesn’t seem vindictive, or bitter; he sounds resigned to the fact that his former friend, and business partner, Joe Guidice, screwed him over in a BIG way. And he isn’t the only one of Tre and Joe’s former friends. Juicy has a trail of lawsuits, feuds between former friends – almost always once Juicy took advantage of the friendship and borrowed money from the friend, and on several occasions when Juicy helped himself to money or property left untended by friends, and then denied taking it – every type of problem one can think up, with regards to business, and ethical business practices. He’s a crook, with zero sense of remorse or guilt. He only regrets being caught, and sadly, for him, he’s not that bright, so he’s been caught a lot! I can’t explain why he’s this way, and I think it’s very sad for his children, but Mastropolis’ comment is 100%,an accurate description of Joe Guidice, and his behavior for the past 25 years. Sorry.

  9. I have little doubt Juicy has and is and maybe will be screwing around. I just wish they would quit putting out this bs not really proof. It will make it that much harder for teresa to believe when there is real proof. On a side note why attack only Juicys fidelity and not oh I dont know every other one on the show. Didnt Carolines husband have or still have a long time mistress named Jill. Just sayin.

    • Even Lauren made a comment to assert that dad was a cheater. She compared Gia to herself at Gia’s age worrying about dad cheating.

      • I use to think my dad was perfect, until i saw him looking (not oggling) AT ANOTHER WOMEN (never cheated tho) I said but you are married he said yes Lisa but I am also a man I look at pretty women men do that sometimes I would never cheat however That wa sthe day I understood my daddy wasnt perfect. My point is its fairly normal I think to wonder if your parents look,Kids wonder and worry about things like divorce. maybe not all kids but enough to not be abnormal IMO. How many of us worried our parents would divorce if they had a arguement or if they are talking to another women. anyway Just thinking outloud here.
        The Jill thing was just someone on twitter talking out her butthole, same with the Roxypoxy fake tweets Im still waiting for that article in the MAJOR MAGAZINE.

        • Lisa, of course all men look. Most women look too. Or at least wonder. Parents are people — just like kids are. And that is the fascination of the housewives franchise for adults. They are like all of us only they show it on TV. They are baring their souls. Most kids grow up and learn along the way to cover things up. For one reason or another these New Jersey people are trapped in a problem of money and fame and keeping up appearances. That is THEIR PROBLEM. Not yours. We are all just commenting on it because it is entertaining. That’s all.
          IMO, your dad should have never said that to you. He should have said “I was just looking at that squirrel over there Lisa, what the hell?” Your dad meant well, but he probably did not realize that you were fragile at that time. Forgive him. And realize that the RHONJ have absolutely NOTHING to do with your family.
          Lisa honey, you have to remember that the people on these shows are in it for the money. It’s not really all that personal for most of them. I don’t know how old you are and I certainly don’t want to insult you, but you should maybe be reading books instead of blogging on this site all the time. I can recommend some good books–look up Judy Blume for starters.

          • are you kidding me, judy blume how old do you think i am?
            I am a grown woman of 50. judy blume, i read her books when i was 12. My dad was a good man he died in 2001 76 YRS OF AGE. jftr i am not mad at you kinda flattered you thought i was a kid. i do read lots of books from history to science.no smut.

            the point i was trying to make is Lauren worried her dad was cheating was a normal childhood fear and no indication Al SR is cheating.

            • Dont lol, it shows you have a good caring heart, its a good thing esp in the mist of the NJ madness you are never to old for a little virtual mothering. My fav Judy blume book was Forever pretty scandalous book back in the day I remeber having to sneak it in the house and hide it it had pretty steamy sex scenes and talk of abortion teen reading just didnt have that in the 70s.

              Can i hit you up for a loan mom ;)

            • Mine was “Are you there God, it’s me Margaret” Damn! how many journals I started and never finished because of that damn book. Btw, I’m 48 in april. My dad died in 2008.
              about the loan……….ummmm…ask your father…

            • You guys are so sweet… I lost my Mom in 07. Still have Dad. He has him a hot young thang for a new wife I say new they have been married since late 08. She is just cute a bug and trys real hard. I am 34… He is still perfect. lol

            • I’m glad I read to the end of this string before commenting..Taco seemed a bit harsh but Lisa it seems you can handle it. Grown ups…gotta love us, right? lol!!!!!

    • The attention gets focused on Juicy cuz Tre made her marriage a big part of her story. For example her delusional statements, “I have an amazing husband”, her hinting about their great sex life and her rubbing herself all over him in asking for sex in the earlier seasons.

  10. mr mastropole – it could very well be true if it was true why come forward???
    sounds like sour grapes, looks like his glory days are behind him, i’m real suspect of any man that gossips. thats what girls do in their teen and twenties. – not grown men. he’s a douch

  11. I am not saying that Joe Mastropole is lying, but if he hasnt been paid, why doesn’t he make some money off of it and sell his story to a magazine? If he is telling the truth he wont get sued. Although I am a Trehugger (only bc the other women disgust me!) I was totally appalled that Joe said at the reunion that he had to buy Tertesa expensive jewlery to make up for his comment. If you are bankrupt where the F are your priorities?!! Ok…back to TreHugging! If I was Joe M that would royally piss me off.

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