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  1. No kidding, this guy is a “catch”. I think he married Kathy in order to be close to Teresa, remember he has a major crush on her. I bet Teresa had his number a long time ago.

  2. Okay, SO. For two weeks now I’m looking at T during the reunion and swearing up and down to myself that she’s had a nose job or two, so when Kathy insinuated in her blog that T had at least gotten her hairline receded I went back to season 1.

    Pulled up a freeze frame of T from season 1 and a freeze frame of T @ this season’s reunion… and… NOTHING. She’s tanner, maybe more botox. Better hair and makeup yes, learned to work her angles, yes. But I don’t even see a higher hairline! Just those big bazunga bubbies. Shows how far some good contouring will go, I guess. Or am I blind??

    • I think it was stated online “somewhere” that T shaved her hairline back for a brief period of time. LOL keeping up with that program, one day of not shaving would cause havoc for the makeup person! Stubble is not sutble on one’s forehead.

  3. Kathy is bitter, bitter tuna dinner Danny Mac. Poor Kathy all the blad plastic surgery in the world cannot fix bitter and jealous. Then again if I spent 99% percent of my time with Richie the per I would probably be bitter as well. Old thing probably prays Richie ,who is not rich. will stray…..

    • You know I keep wondering what the hell Richie does for a living…..does he even work besides trying to stir up shit on RH.

      • Koma katfish days he is with her 99 % of the time…shudder. Sorry I just can’t go there. Who would hire him besides Bravo. Literally that sick pup’s mouth should have a restraining order. He can’t behave like a businessman, Richie is the wannabe class clown cool kid from High School. I saw him do a walk through of his Gas Station Empire ala the Donald, with his son Rich Jr, the Apprentice. He couldn’t stop bad mouthing Joe G. Seriously Richie? You can’t even pay the lawn service. Maybe a lawn mowing lesson would have been more in order.

        • Jeeze. I love my husband and partner in crime of 21 years but to spend that much of the day together is just craziness. Richie had to mention Juicy because like his wife the little green man is always around. Very sad to see that no matter how much they accomplish in their own personal lives they feel that they need to talk about Tre and Juicy. Current problems aside Juicy seemed to have made a success of his flipping.

    • LOL @ bitter bitter tuna dinner. As for shaving her hairline, aack. I can barely keep up with my dang legs! I know Kim Kartrashian admitted to lasering her hairline… but anyway. These womens is crazy.

      • They are indeed, Danny. The hair shaving is anew on for me. Trust me I would give a great deal of money for Teresa’s abundant hairline. She is blessed to have such thick hair.

        • I think Tre may have had laser or threading done. Remember Rita Hayworth? Before she changed her name to Rita H., she was a Latina dancer, named Margarita Carmen Cansino. The studio used electrolysis and threaded her low hairline as to make her look “not-so-ethnic”.

          • And wasn’t Rita a legendary beauty? She was so gorgeous and broke frank Sinatra’s heart, married the Aga Khan.

            • Thank Puppet. I did and oh wow! Rita had quite the hairline going on. The most incredible was the early one with her hair almost jeat black and pulled back in a low chignon. Jaez.

            • She was still lovely. She looked a lot like a bunch of girls I went to school with.
              Does anyone see ANTM when the East Indian girl had her hairline threaded?
              Man, makes me glad I have a high forehead. Not MeHo high…that’s a six head! lol

  4. I’m sure I won’t be thinking of it come December, but if someone could get through to QVC to ask Katfish about the ingredients in the kit, and say “does it contain tuna, because I’m allergic”, would be hilarious. snicker

    • fUNNY you mentioned qvc.i was reading their forums The ladies there call Teresa Eddie munster.I stuck up fo Teresa and i got bashed.They also said’ well one broad there said that stoopidhousewives worships teresa.Qvc loves Mego,and when frog eyes sells her cannolis there guranteed they will sell out.Those old hags on Qvc are scum of the scum.I go there sometimes to get reviews on beauty products but ,also like to read their viewpoints.

  5. I saw a pic of Tre on a magazine just the other day & her hairline still looked pretty low. I doubt she’d bother with that. Botox yes but moving her hairline back, the time & money that would take up , I just can’t see it. I know it’s possible , but I doubt it.

    • I bet her brother wished he had some of Teresa’s hairline…. He seems to be looking more and more like his daddy everyday…. That’s why he wears those silly hats… Same with his meho, she needs to hide that huge forehead of hers… I don’t know, but Joey has some funky ass eyebrows too… What is up with them, did he shave his brows and they came up weird… I don’t know, they look messed up to me…

  6. Ms SH I don’t know how your clever captions continue to best the last one. I’ve had several really good laughs today THANKS! Don Caro, Juicy Joe, Zarin, Miss Andy now the infamous, not so famous Richie’s new Pepsodent commercial update. “You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you taste a KomaKannoli fish cake.”

  7. Hey, I’m going to file a class action lawsuit against KomaKathy and Fishlips Richie. They have forever ruined my enjoyment of one of my most favorite deserts! I foresee damages in the billions! Who’s with me?

  8. Ritchie…without a shadow of a doubt, the uglies, nastiest, greasiest, foulest, most putrid, dog faced, dorky, peanut brained, stank man I have ever seen in my life. I see him, I vomit.

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