GRETCHEN ROSSI: Slade Smiley’s Little Grayson… Praying For The Success of His Latest Operation…

October 10, 2012  2:25 pm

As much as some of the Housewives are abhored for their lack of real talent… and for pushing their unnecessary products upon viewers… their children are another story.

Children…no matter who their parents are… are innocents.  They have no say in their parents decisions… and any bashing of children are off limits on SH.   NOTE: Just to clarify:  little children… not the “children/kidz” who can read contracts!

Cannot imagine the difficulty for a parent to see their child endure any physical pain… little Grayson Smiley has been battling a HUGE fight against a brain tumor.  Little Grayson’s mother, Michelle Arroyo, had gotten news that her insurance company refused to cover Grayson’s surgery.

However, the good news is that little Grayson has undergone the necessary surgery… and Gretchen Rossi is asking for prayers for Grayson:

From GretchenRossiFacebookPage: “Grayson has been in surgery since 9am this morning (it’s 2:30 NY time now) it took 3 hours just to get to his brain, having to cut through the bone/skull and the dura layer. Now comes the scary part, de-bulking the tumor. Thank you for all your prayers, messages and kind words, Means so very much to us. I’m hear with Slade in the hospital just waiting for them to let us know the results and how Gray is doing.”

We hope nothing but the best results come from Grayson’s surgery…  AmazingGray.Org“… 

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