5 comments on “SONJA MORGAN: Everybody Loves Harry!!

  1. I truly think Sonja was out of line on the whole Harry issue. She wasn’t part of their marriage, so how could she possible tell Aviva what she can or cannot say about a man she married and had a child with. And really how can Sonja say he is such a great dad if he owes Aviva so much back child support.

    • PT was trashing Harry even before the child support issues, since 2005. That’s her M.O.
      Sahnja is being a loyal friend to Harry, and pointing out what a liar PT is, PTwont own up to all the stories she planted in the nypost in quotes. Loved the look sahnja gave PT when she called her out on this poop, and it was obvious sahnja was holding back as well, loved when she said all PTs “phobias are always being renewed” priceless.

    • I thought that sonja might have said some things to avivia about harry bc of the way avivian treated her this season. i see sonja as an extremely loyal friend and would never set out to hurt someone….but all bets are likely off with avivia…she’s over her for good

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