SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Sheree Whitfield “PennyAuction”… Paul Nassif “FightingCustodyDecision”… Kyle Richards “GrandOpening”… Ramona Singer “PTHousewifeBacklash”… Jillz Says She Was Fired “OverMONEY”!!!

October 9, 2012  12:45 pm

  Sheree Whitfield… before she gotz da Bravo Boot!

Sheree Whitfield has lent her celebrity status to a new penny auction site… and YOU could win a shopping trip to NYC with her!  Hurry up… ’cause the contest only runs for 48 hours and it started yesterday!   From BlackNews...

To kick off this entertainment shopping experience, PennyStorm has partnered with former “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” star Shereé Whitfield to offer one lucky fan an all-expense-paid $10,000 shopping spree in New York City, where she will serve as the winner’s shopping buddy. The auction for this “Dream Event” started on October 8th and will be open for a minimum of 48-hours.


                                     “I ain’t happy…”

Paul Nassif is NOT happy with the ruling handed down in his and Adrienne Maloof’s child custody case…

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Paul is getting his ducks in a row to fight any lingering allegations against him, and he’s going back to court in January with the end game of joint custody.


  Kyle-ee STILL gotz doz “ManHands”!!!  Yikes!

Kyle-ee Richards is having the Grand Opening of her new boutique October 11… from TheHollywoodReporter:

RHOBH star Kyle Richards is opening a boutique called Kyle by Alene Too in Beverly Hills on the corner of Bedford and Brighton (9647 Brighton Way) in a 5000 square foot space — pretty huge by boutique standards.

A grand opening will take place this Thursday, Oct. 11, when the store will showcase 16 designers, some of them only for the night.


                “THIS is what happens if I even THINK of PT Housewife!”

Ramona Singer’s USMagazine review of last night’s RHONY Reunion:

The first part of St Barth’s, Aviva was not there or featured in the episode. She still took it upon herself to write her Bravo blog trashing me and Sonja. Leading up to the episode where she lost it, Aviva was talking to many different press outlets and taking to her Twitter to attack us.

It was only when there was a major backlash against her on Twitter, the press and Bravo blog comments that she decided to apologize on the reunion set to me. I wish no one ill will and I am taking in Aviva’s apology. I am cautious though as her actions have not matched her words.


NOTE:  The laughable “rumor” of Jillz coming back to the RHONY… has been dispelled.  Did ANYONE believe that one??  MissAndy mentioned on last night’s WWHL that he will be chatting with Jillz “one-on-one” October 15.  WHY???  Just WHY???  Who cares!  Go away Jillz!  And stay away!   AND… this is what Jillz said to the NYDailyNews:

It’s been a little over a year since Bravo fired Jill Zarin from “Real Housewives of New York City,” but she’s still fightin’ mad.

And the star who anchored one of TV’s more successful reality shows for four years is ready to settle matters with her old boss.  Then she’ll be looking to do a new show.

“I feel like they killed me off and I didn’t get to say goodbye,” Zarin told Confidenti@l yesterday as she readied to face off with Andy Cohen at the taping of “Watch What Happens Live,” to air next Monday.   NOTE:  Bravo was VERY smart to not let Jillz say goodbye… THAT would have taken another FIVE seasons of her on the RHONY!

“I’m really grateful” to go on Cohen’s show, “even though it’s 15 months overdue,” Zarin says, adding, “I’m going to ask him why I was fired.”

Zarin says she’s been told poor focus-group testing for the season four “Housewives,” reunion, which she blames on Bravo’s editing, was one reason.

She adds, “I think it’s also a signal to other cast member on other shows — don’t get greedy about money. We’ll fire anybody. No one’s too big for their show.”

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  1. isn’t alene too already open? I went pass it while it was under construction and it is literally a block away from villa blanca


  2. She just doesn’t get it! No one liked her and thats all there was to it! The fans who watched the show were sick to death of her and that mean girl attitude of hers ! Goodbye Jill and take Chuckie and Mego with you….


  3. OK, so don’t hate me…but I wouldn’t mind terribly if Jill came back. Her and Alex (aka Simon) could return and replace Carole and Heather, who are far too civilized for this group! ;-)


  4. I’d rather have Kelly back than Jill or Alex. At least Kelly made me laugh at her crazy antics. Jill and Simex were boring.


  5. Broken-record alert: this Daily News blurb about Jillz just proves: these women (and Simon) simply can not and will not accept a return to life that doesn’t include being on camera. They spend every waking moment stalking opportunities to return to the lime light. “Real” life will never be good enough for them again.


    • Have you seen Silex on there new couples therapy show? They should feel like that show is a real accomplishment for them. Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden actually made Simon and Alex look normal and took the trophy for creepiest couple of the cast.


      • OMG saw parts of it and that girl (dress like a slut the whole time) is ruining her life. I feel bad for her. That is one hot mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Had to look up both the show and the Doug couple to reply- (not as in touch w pop culture as wld like to think myself) so, no haven’t seen it but no way am I going to seek out Silex screen presence! Can’t believe they found a way back on tv, ugh. *turns out former housewives are harder to shake than bad colds ;)


  6. I think Miss Andy should consider producing “The Real Bullies Of Bravo”. It would be fabulous! Casting? Simple. Jill, Carowhine, Jax, Tamballs…PT…


  7. If you read the whole NYDailyNews article it says that jill wants a new reality show about herself! Is she out of her friggin mind???? Jill says it would be about her and her exciting family. I have never seen a more delusional publicity whore in all my life. JILL…GO AWAY ALREADY!!!!


  8. Get a life, Jill! Jill and Caroline: stop being former fatty redheads shaming your daughters to lose weight. It makes you look like bitter fat b-tches.


  9. Well, after watching the NJHW reunion, I found the New York reunion too boring for words. I couldn’t even finish it. But, I would like see Heather and Caroline stay, but I would like Alex back and yeah Jill, too, After all, you have to have someone to hate. Aviva makes me anxious – she can leave.


    • Bottom line it’s like from going from Thug-Ville to people with class! Yes the NY ladies had jabbing words, but no one was in the background with treats and ugly insults and can you imagine Luann getting on her knees and rocking up and down saying “Thank you Jesus”. That was disgusting that Tree did that!


  10. Jill Zarin and Kate Gosselin are twins separated at birth – they simply can not accept life off camera and willl never come to grips that they were punted off because of their irritating personalities. Both are always the innocent victim who believes she has a maniacal small group of “haters” wreaking havoc rather than recognize that the vast majority of the television viewers simply don’t want to see, or in Zarin’s case – hear, them anymore.


  11. Can we have Bawby back? Maybe just film him while he’s at work? He doesn’t have to tell Jillz. He can just buy her some jewelry to make up for being all sneaky. That’s all she cares about anyway. I love Bawby :-) he’s so sweet.


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