RHONY REUNION Part II: Ramona Singer, LuAnn de Lesseps “OpenMarriageAndLies!!… VIDEO

October 9, 2012  11:30 am    Bravo…  NOTE:  Talkin’ about “open marriages” … LuAnn says that she “messed up and told a lie”…



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53 comments on “RHONY REUNION Part II: Ramona Singer, LuAnn de Lesseps “OpenMarriageAndLies!!… VIDEO

  1. Heather must have conveniently forgotten just how much she was ragging about Luann and her pirate and her ‘concern’ about Louann cheating on Jacques.

    • Plenty of evidence on tape proves that Heather was VERY focused on Luann’s rendezvous that night in St. Barth’s w/ Tomas. I’m always amazed when the HW’s try to downplay things @ the reunion when abundant footage already seen by everyone proves that they’re sidestepping like crazy. Never a good look on anyone, on reality shows or in real life.

  2. this is petty but luanns pronunciaton of the word ‘sorry’ as ‘sore-ey’ … a bit annoying
    also, luann seems to be alluding to some indescretion on ramonas part

    • Kinda like when someone says “aboat”instead of “about”?.I thought I was the only one who noticed that!

    • LuAnn has a very weird accent. Sometimes she sounds Canadian “sorry” “about”………. and sometimes she tries to sound French or European. Weird.

      • I know she lived in Europe for a long time. Maybe she is getting the Madonna complex and adopting accent! lol It is very strange but I know it happens. I my life between living in Florida or my small apt. in Europe. When I come back to the states I have a decompression period that I feel like I must assimilate back in to “American” speak. Even when I speak English there I have to pronounce words in a way that I would never say them here or no one would understand. For instance here I would say Florida: ” floor-da” there I would pronounce it “floor ee da” and roll that r when you say it! Knowing LuAnn she probably does it on purpose. I think she likes that about herself.

        • sd: I didn’t know you live in “Floorda”. I’ve been living here for a year. I’m still ACHING to move back to NY!!!!!!!!

          • yes ! up on the panhandle! I’m dying to move I am not loving the heat in the summers but for now no state income tax reigns supreme. “sigh” Right now the weather is far more tolerable

            • Ahh, and we were just looking at the panhandle. Actually our apartment complex has a “sister” complex up there…….. At least it would be cooler and closer to NY!! Down here it’s HOTTTTTTTTT and the humidity is unbearable–gives me migraines and it drains you!

  3. I think Heather wouldnt have made such a big deal if Luann didnt insist that it was her Italian friends plural that came back with her. It was the fact that she kept pushing that line to everyone that Heather made her confessional coments about. Yes Heather did make mention to Carol first thing in the morning and personally if it was something I overheard or witnessed I wouldnt have said anything because it is no one’s business, but these ladies are paid to bring the dirt.

  4. I think that if LuAnn really had anything on Ramona she would have gladly spilled it, she is as tacky as they get.

      • Yes, Lumann has no discretion, she’d spill the beans if she had anything onramona.
        Fact is Lumann is a whore. As she said herself she and Harry dubin only had drinks, no dinner, no couple of dates, ………..and she slept with him. This woman will drop her panties immediately for anyone. Harry’s not the guy you have a one night stand with have you seen him? She stoopidly thought hed want her after he would see her prowess in bed….bahahaha. Used again lumann

      • Exactly! They both didnt want to cross that line but we’ve seen Ramona peck kiss another man so it has to be some juicy stuff. Luann gave Ramona a few passes because R has said a few times that Lu was in an open marriage etc. And of course, Ramona denied spooning naked with Sonja, even tho her face said it was the truth.

        • I believe one word that luann used in her comment aboutRamona bringing men to the house from bars was “precarius” situation. And it seemed to me something was amiss about one of the extra bedrooms having dirty sheets when avivia got there. Sonja said she boinked the pirate in the garden and luann surely would have had tomas in her room so the dirty room seems a mystery. since th e two girls shared the room it seems most logical that one of them would have been the one to use the unoccupied room
          I def saw luann flash that warning look that you use when trying to get your children to behave amongst others.

  5. i reaaaaaaaaaally wish luann would’ve spilled the beans. ramona has been NASTY to her over the years from calling out her marriage, her kids and more. luann has just been guilty of hanging onto the countess title and being a bit snobbish. ramona fights dirty.

    • So does Luann, she set off hurricane Aviva when she threw Ramona under the bus, that was an intentional misrepresentation of what actually occurred.

    • haha yeah me too. I was like damn why does LuAnn got to be so proper all the sudden. Those two must know an awful lot of dirt on each other to call a truce

    • I really think that Luann fights dirty… She always starts something, and watches the fight on the sideline… She has done this since the beginning… She is just sneaky…. That’s the worse kind…

  6. Luann and Sonja are two over the hill, worn out, freaky deaky Ho bags, they share men i.e Harry Dubin and the pirate and they are the just the ones we know about, I dread to think what has gone on with these two off camera.
    I don’t think Ramona really messes around she loves to flirt and hang on people I could be wrong but I don’t get that impression from her.

  7. I just can’t get past the fact that Heather is the only one out of her, the self proclaimed “princess” and the “class” police who is sitting properly with legs crossed at the ankles not the knee.

    • not only that but heath is the one housewife who dresses age appropriately and always looks meticulous. she dresses the most like my friends and myself. she even looks like she smells good.

  8. When is this woman getting the boot? Please… enough of this phon-EY housetrash. She’s terrible… tell her to go golddigging somewhere else and live her true vocation. #annoying

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