REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK: Reunion Part I… Deleted Scene… Topless in St. Barths… VIDEO

October 9, 2012  5:55 am  Bravo

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23 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK: Reunion Part I… Deleted Scene… Topless in St. Barths… VIDEO

  1. Well….I for one am just glad the ladies are outta those horse hoof shoes and into ones that make a woman look sexy and stunning. The same ole tired argument with PT about her not getting all the attention when she arrived…over it.

  2. “We were all having a good time” but you Carole were making snide comments the whole time and YOU enabled PT’s behavior. Carole is a pc coward, she should stick to writing books.

  3. I love hearing rational heather explain things….she is always dead on.
    I did think that carole left with russ at least twice that we saw. she kept insisting to sonja it was only once….and i don’t think the girls cared that she did…they just wished that aviva had handled reid being there in a similar fashion and let them have their gir time.

  4. heather for president of all housewives franchises. the most normal; but still very interesting person
    they have ever selected. u can tell, she is a smart, hardworking, no nonsense woman. who by the
    way has a very ill child, that she does not use for attention. hello aviva, jac.

  5. Meviva is completely looney. She is only apologizing to Ramona now b/c there were soooo many nasty things written about her in the RH blogs everywhere. Meviva makes Ramona look rational.

  6. I think i’m the only one who was happy that Aviva told Ramona off.I CANNOT stand that Ramona everything Aviva said about Ramona and Sonya is true.I ‘ve been on trips with girlfriends going with them again to southbeach and we never acted that way and we are younger.Who the hell cares if Reid was there,i am sure he wasn’t going to hang with the girls for crying out loud.Ramona shut your mouth and your crazy eyes.please

    • I can’t stand Aviva but it was great to see Ramona get told off … I just feel sorry for Sonja, she’s obviously having a difficult time and acting out

  7. Carole has certainly changed her tune from number one PT defender to now apalled at PT’s behavior. Guess she misjudged the audience and changed her opionions based on viewer feedback. I hate that.

    • Doubt that highly. Carole doesn’t seem to be swayed by the audience AT ALL. I’m sure she just came to realizations after hearing PT speak more.

      • Oh, I disagree done!!!! Carole was swayed, the proof is in the tapes, I just mentioned it in another reply, but dont forget how she and the other women were pressuring Ramona at Carole’s book party to apologize, and that’s just one instance, there are others, of Carole siding ever so subtly with Aviva, while at the same time attempting neutrality, at least thats the impression that I got as I watched the episodes. Now suddenly at the reunion after thinking about it, she found what Aviva did to be, I forget the exact word she used, did she use “devastate”? I cant recall, but it was a strong word, it surprised me. I think that if she felt so strongly opposed to Aviva’s behavior it would have surfaced before then, it wouldn’t have evolved coincidentally just in time for the reunion, everyone is jumping the Aviva ship, Aviva’s in trouble with viewers, she knows it and she has no one to support her, they fear likewise contamination. Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m putting so much thought into this…..but i can’t help myself.

  8. The NY housewives are the best dressed for sure. Here is how I rank their outfits in terms of my favorite dress only:

    Aviva, Carole, Luann, Sonja, Heather, and Ramona. What do you all think?

    • Luann (she is always well put together with the perfect outfit for every occasion and love her accessories. I’d wear just about everything I’ve ever seen her in) Aviva (too bad the class with which she dresses does not match the class with which she interacts with people) Heather(I wouldn’t wear a lot of what she does but she is on trend and always well put together) Sonja (when she’s not in dirty old Cougar mode actually has beautiful, timeless, tasteful clothes) Carol (just blah and I think she tries to hard to look like it’s effortless) Ramona (she dresses about 20 years to young for her age and 10 pounds to light for her weight)

  9. Ramona and Sonja are dirty old pent up cougars. I would be HORRIFIED if a slutty loose woman was topless in front of my husband. Aviva was SPOT ON calling them white trash.

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