RAMONA SINGER: Ramona Chats About PT Housewife… And How The Cameras “DictateFilming”… VIDEO

October 9, 2012  9:15 pm   Insider   NOTE:  Ramona gives her insights into her fellow Housewife… and tells how the camera now dictates the filming schedule…

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21 comments on “RAMONA SINGER: Ramona Chats About PT Housewife… And How The Cameras “DictateFilming”… VIDEO

  1. I didn’t listen to a word she said. I just was wondering when her eyebrow was going to hit her hair line. Ramona…you look puffy and bloated. Be careful there with the pinot.

  2. I love how we see Ramona’s both wine bottle in the back. I’m 100% sure she staged it LOLL i love her

  3. Im not on either team. I dont like Ramona or Aviva. I did like Ramona, a couple seasons ago & I liked A at the beginning of this season but Lord, have mercy! Heather was right on the $..she told A to say what she needed to say & then drop it. I would have went bonkers if I had to listen about the St Barths trip OVER & OVER! I do believe R & SonJa want every1 to believe Avivas a liar because of all she saw while in St Barths. Any1 can tell when Ramona is lying, especially when A confronted her about her & Sonja spooning naked..Ramona looked like a deer caught in the headlights..R def didnt want ppl to know that. I believe A when it comes to what happened on the island & R is hilarious when she says she only drinks in moderation-am I the only 1 who finds that hilarious? R gets a bobblehead & chicken neck when she gets her buzz on & her eyes get even wider. I thought Heather was gonna be the sacrificial housewife but she pulled it out in the end & I think out of all 6, I like her best.

  4. Moaner is just plain nuts. I get sick of her saying how young she looks and how good she looks. Aviva is a hateful delusional psyhcotic A-hole and it’s easy to hate her guts. That doesn’t make Moaner any more likeable. She reminds me of a senile grouchy Pekingise. You know it’s going to bite you for no reason, but, you don’t worry about it.

  5. I can’t believe it but I’ve grown to love Ramona.
    She’s funny, quirky, smart, has a good heart and actually seems mentally and emotionally stable to me this season.
    I think she looked beautiful in the video and great in general but STOP pretending it’s all because of your skin care line Ramona, we all know you’ve had really good work done, lots of injectables and your brows ain’t getting higher from night cream.

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