ANDY COHEN: MissAndy’s One-On-One With EX-New York Housewife…Please GO AWAY, Jillz!… VIDEO

October 9, 2012  7:45 pm   Bravo

Received several emails last week regarding Jillz coming back to the RHONY as a Housewife.

Didn’t even bother to check out any of the links included in the emails… there was no way that Jillz will be back as a NY Housewife.  Just no way.  Didn’t even bother to contact a NY “insider”… instincts were good enough!

Jillz will NOT be returning to the RHONY, but Jillz WILL be appearing in the Bravo Clubhouse “One-on-One” with MissAndy on October 15.  Apparently the “interview” with Jillz has already been taped… ala Tree and DonCaro’s “One-on-One”…

As mentioned earlier today on SH, Jillz chatted with the NYDailyNews where Jillz told the DailyNews that she wants her OWN show.

Jillz mentioned that she and Bob-BAY were recently in Paris and passed on purchasing a $13 million home with a view of the Eiffel Tower… in the hopes of those executives who were after her when she got da Bravo Boot… but Jillz wasn’t ready… will give her another shot at her own show!

  “My brainwaves have been programmed to tell me that I MUST be a New York Housewife… I MUST be a New York Housewife… I MUST be a New York Housewife…”

Jillz has in her brain that she could carry her very own show… a female “Seinfeld!”

Just last week she and her hubby were in Paris, where they’re considering buying a $13 million house with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

But where Zarin really wants to be — and where she says her “more than a million social media followers” want her to be — is back on TV, starring in a show of her own.

Zarin says other networks came calling after “Real Housewives” divorced her, but she “wasn’t ready” then.

“I was licking my wounds and needed to retreat,” Zarin says. “It really affected me, but now I’m strong and ready to go back and share my life with America.”

What would the show be about? “Me,” she laughs, saying she wants to do a reality show with her family that will be “funny like a ‘Seinfeld’ or ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ kind of show. Not like ‘Housewives.’ ”

Jillz simply cannot accept the fact that she is not in the public eye and is desperate to return to her glory days as a NY Housewife.  Jillz most revealing interview was her chat with Ronnie, Matt and Ben on July 17, 2012 for their weekly WatchWhatCrappens podcast… it is a must listen!

The question of “WHY” has been swirling around… if MissAndy gives Jillz the time of day and air time, why not have chats with Sheree Whitfield or Koo-KooKelly Bensimon or Mary Amons?  One answer to “WHY” was answered via Twitter!

Couldn’t agree more with @TeeCee66’s theory!  If an original NY Housewife can be booted… anyone can be booted!  And any Housewife who is in hard negotiations with Bravo better step back and give their demands more thought.

NOTE:  We did our very own research on SH… and by an overwhelming margin, the EX-Housewife who viewers would like to see return to the Housewives franchise is… NOT Jillz.



24 comments on “ANDY COHEN: MissAndy’s One-On-One With EX-New York Housewife…Please GO AWAY, Jillz!… VIDEO

  1. It’s a sad day when a grown women claims getting fired from a show felt like a funeral! She has her own buiness and runs around with fabulous people and let’s not forget a terrific husband who puts up with her crap; her Mother and Sister, her Apt and her dog. What a full of herself biatch; what, she thinks she was that famous and all her fans were sad she wasn’t on some reality show that’s only as good as it’s last episode. Hence STOOPID HOUSEWIVES!


  2. Too bad I already got banned from her FB by posting all the things I wanted to purchase from Yummy’s website. “Hey Jill, I love this!” And it was Heather’s. Otherwise, I’d be all over there telling to get lost already.


  3. Delusional… the men in the white coats. I was hoping she finally got a hobby, like tatting cute little skating costumes or doilies, anything….


    • Do I remember this correctly: she was looking for a house in London and wanted to start on London HW show; then she was looking at houses in Beverly Hills, hoping to become a RHofBH. Now she announces looking in Paris, passed on it, and recently read she now wants a penthouse in NY. This woman has some serious issues – hope we never see her on a show again! ANY show!


  4. Well I like that she calls out Andy on his obvious favoritism for certain housewives, but that’s where my interest ends. Who let this muppet out of her shoebox?


  5. It’s so sad when people think they are gifted with charisma and star quality personality. Jill, Jill, Jill… where do we begin with you? Baby… no ONE cares! Stop embarrassing yourself. No one wants to see a reality show about an old lady bitching about stuff or anything else related to you. Move on, girl… Bethenny got her own reality and then her own talk show because she actually HAS a personality worth following… you’re just a wannabe! Your 15 minutes are over, and blogging about that your fans can get you back on TV (and even citing DALLAS – oh my! – as an example) is pure desperation. Also, friendly FYI, Heather is much better than a substitute to your spot… she has more of a chance of getting her own show than you. Bye, bye! So long sucker…


  6. Let’s be honest about this interview, this pathetically called “controversial” interview will air before RHONY reunion part 2. Rhonys has had a ratings crisis. What more to get viewers to watch RHONY reunion by getting a former well known “controversial” housewife Jill on before RHONY reunion. The idiot viewers will be curious as to what has been discussed in the interview hence will watch that interview. Bravo hopes those viewers will then stay and watch RHONY reunion.


    • I will be one of those idiots as well as I am curious. Idiots tend to watch Trashy reality tv. We’re all idiots.


    • Okay, now it makes sense. The reason why Mandles iz talkin’ taking the time to talk to Jillz. Plus it’s taped and edited for the Bravo machine, which means nothing but what they want to Happe…will happen.

      P.S. Dump Toxicaro and Whacko Jacko ASAP. Then get Dina back on in some way again. Pots a boiling over all over then!


  7. I am all in for a show of Jill and Bobby living in Paris! Could you imagine? Jill versus the Parisians? That is TV gold. And it could be just like Seinfeld: Jill tries to find bagels at shops in Paris. That’s an episode. Jill tries to order food from a gruff Parisian waiter. The possibilities are endless. Somebody make this happen STAT.


  8. Okay, so I’m super happy to have found this blog, as I thought I was the only one who thought MeGo, Jax, and Caro were the bullies! Tree is crazy, but I like her the best. Do people out there actually like the other three? *shudder*


  9. Um, what “other networks” are after Jill? Is it “Public Access” cable tv (after she made a million dollar donation)? She couldn’t move to Paris because she doesn’t speak French. She also spelled Bethenny’s name wrong, btw. What a putz.


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