ANDY COHEN: MissAndy’s One-On-One With EX-New York Housewife…Please GO AWAY, Jillz!… VIDEO

October 9, 2012  7:45 pm   Bravo

Received several emails last week regarding Jillz coming back to the RHONY as a Housewife.

Didn’t even bother to check out any of the links included in the emails… there was no way that Jillz will be back as a NY Housewife.  Just no way.  Didn’t even bother to contact a NY “insider”… instincts were good enough!

Jillz will NOT be returning to the RHONY, but Jillz WILL be appearing in the Bravo Clubhouse “One-on-One” with MissAndy on October 15.  Apparently the “interview” with Jillz has already been taped… ala Tree and DonCaro’s “One-on-One”…

As mentioned earlier today on SH, Jillz chatted with the NYDailyNews where Jillz told the DailyNews that she wants her OWN show.

Jillz mentioned that she and Bob-BAY were recently in Paris and passed on purchasing a $13 million home with a view of the Eiffel Tower… in the hopes of those executives who were after her when she got da Bravo Boot… but Jillz wasn’t ready… will give her another shot at her own show!

  “My brainwaves have been programmed to tell me that I MUST be a New York Housewife… I MUST be a New York Housewife… I MUST be a New York Housewife…”

Jillz has in her brain that she could carry her very own show… a female “Seinfeld!”

Just last week she and her hubby were in Paris, where they’re considering buying a $13 million house with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

But where Zarin really wants to be — and where she says her “more than a million social media followers” want her to be — is back on TV, starring in a show of her own.

Zarin says other networks came calling after “Real Housewives” divorced her, but she “wasn’t ready” then.

“I was licking my wounds and needed to retreat,” Zarin says. “It really affected me, but now I’m strong and ready to go back and share my life with America.”

What would the show be about? “Me,” she laughs, saying she wants to do a reality show with her family that will be “funny like a ‘Seinfeld’ or ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ kind of show. Not like ‘Housewives.’ ”

Jillz simply cannot accept the fact that she is not in the public eye and is desperate to return to her glory days as a NY Housewife.  Jillz most revealing interview was her chat with Ronnie, Matt and Ben on July 17, 2012 for their weekly WatchWhatCrappens podcast… it is a must listen!

The question of “WHY” has been swirling around… if MissAndy gives Jillz the time of day and air time, why not have chats with Sheree Whitfield or Koo-KooKelly Bensimon or Mary Amons?  One answer to “WHY” was answered via Twitter!

Couldn’t agree more with @TeeCee66’s theory!  If an original NY Housewife can be booted… anyone can be booted!  And any Housewife who is in hard negotiations with Bravo better step back and give their demands more thought.

NOTE:  We did our very own research on SH… and by an overwhelming margin, the EX-Housewife who viewers would like to see return to the Housewives franchise is… NOT Jillz.