REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK RECAP: Season Five, Episode Nineteen… Reunion Part I


Season Five, Episode Nineteen… Reunion Part I

by Sandi Duffy

Here we are at the RHONY Reunion Show.  It feels like this season flew by, unlike their NJ counterpart, which was endless.

Before I start, I want to make myself perfectly clear.  I can’t stand Aviva and her leg.  There is nothing this woman can do to make me like her.  She is not going to be able to pull a Camille Grammar and  redeem herself.  I am Team Anti-Aviva, which, by default makes me Team Ramona.  This makes me dislike Aviva even more because no one should be Team Ramona.

Here is my breakdown of the women: Ramona–a loose cannon who makes everything about her; Luann–a Countless snob; Sonja–no longer relevant in NY Society and it’s killing her inside; Carole–she reminds me of the rich fraternity boys and sorority girls in college who used to wear tie-dye and follow The Grateful Dead during Spring Break–total poser; Heather–Heather grew on me.  I like her and her husband is really cute (but not as cute as Paul Nassif); Aviva–batshit crazy, phony, hypocritical beotch.

Now that I got that off my chest, let the games begin.  I have to say that the NY women dress much better than the NJ ladies.

First we shockingly (this is sarcasm, people) discover that Aviva and Ramona haven’t spoken since they filmed the last episode.

Andy claims that Heather’s “Holla” was controversial.  Really?  Teresa and Joe Guidice throw around the “C” word on RHONJ;   Aviva’s pervy father discussed squirting orgasms;  and “Holla” is controversial?

Andy asked Carole why she did the show and she would have totally redeemed herself in my eyes if she had said, “To sell my new book, Andy.”  Alas, this never happened.

We get a montage of Luann attempting to one-up Carole over the season.  It’s pretty funny because Luann is painfully insecure and it really shows when Luann is around Carole.  Luann has the nerve to claim Carole is jealous that she got earrings from Carole’s friend.  Luann is freakin’ delusional.  I know there’s been a problem in the past where Luann was trying to get clothes from the designers the other women wear.  I think it was with Ramona.  Luann, you can wear any of my Walmart clothes anytime you want.
Sidenote:  Carole’s had too much restylane injected into her lips.

Heather goes after Luann and tells her that if she doesn’t hear what she wants to hear, you can’t talk to her.  Oooo…..I thought this was going to be Aviva vs. Ramona and Heather and Carole were going to get seasick trying to play both sides, but it’s Heather and Carole vs. Luann and I’m loving it.  Luann needs to be called out on her BS, and not by Ramona this time.  As a matter of fact, I don’t think Ramona has said two words.

Luann is pissed that Heather isn’t defending her.  Andy asks why Carole only talked about Luann to the camera.  Because Carole is snide and pretends she’s just being funny, that’s why.  Then Aviva speaks and kisses Carole’s ass and I’m not listening.  Andy then asks why Carole doesn’t user her Princess title and Carole explains that this is America and no one cares about titles–are you listening Countess Luann?

Andy gets to how everyone has done Harry.  Luann and Sonja call out Aviva for always talking about Harry and going to the papers saying he is a deadbeat dad.  Aviva denies this, but I don’t think the NY Post is the Enquirer–they are not publishing stuff Aviva isn’t saying.

Aviva accuses Sonja of not being a “girl’s girl” and taking Harry’s side.  Um, Aviva, Sonja was friends with Harry before she ever met you and you called her white trash.  Whose side did you think she would take?  I don’t know Harry, and maybe I’m going out on a limb here,  but I’m guessing he never called Sonja white trash.

Next we get a montage of Aviva’s leg and her phobias.  Aviva’s whole identity is her phobias and if she lost them, she wouldn’t know who she was anymore.

Oh have mercy, we get to hear the leg story again.  Stop already!  I’ve heard the story a thousand times.  I’ve heard it so many times, I don’t care anymore.  It was a horrid, tragic accident, but Aviva has talked about it so many friggin’ times, I have no empathy.  And seriously, Aviva, why don’t you go talk to all our veterans who are coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan missing limbs?  I’m pretty sure they don’t have a high heeled leg, a swimming leg, a take a crap leg.

A montage of Ramona vs. Heather is shown. Everyone is over this.  I have to hand it to Heather, she says what she needs to say to a person’s face and not behind their backs.  Heather handles herself well and I ended the season a Heather fan.  Now she needs to do the smart thing and not come back for another season.  Heather needs to pull a George Constanza and leave on a high note.

Poor Ramona is having a hot flash on the couch and freezing the other girls out of the studio.  It’s hilarious.

I am interrupting this recap to give you the order in which I like the ladies dresses ( and I really like them all).
1.) and this is killing me, Aviva;
2.) tie between Ramona and Carole, although Carole’s  is more my style;
3.) Luann;
4.) Heather;
5.) Sonja–it’s a little too short, that’s why I ranked it last.

FINALLY–we get to St. Barths.  Ramona yelling, “Take a xanax!” is hilarious.

Aviva requesting a banner is even more hilarious.

Aviva apologizes to Ramona and Sonja.  Aviva is fooling no one.  She is only apologizing because the blogs went crazy bashing her.

Heather says that Luann stirred the pot when she told Aviva that Ramona during that conversation about asking Reed to leave and it was just playful banter.  HOLLA!

I really think Ramona should accept Aviva’s apology and buy her a really expensive gift.  Because of Aviva, everyone now likes Ramona.  Aviva is the best thing that could have happened to Ramona. Kind of like Kenye West was the best thing that happened to Taylor Swift because let’s be honest here ,people—her songs suck.

Reed gets called out on calling the women overweight.  BRING REID OUT!  Let’s burn the bastard at the stake!

The reunion ends with Ramona telling Aviva she needs a new therapist and me laughing my ass off.

Preview RHONY Reunion Part II…

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84 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK RECAP: Season Five, Episode Nineteen… Reunion Part I

  1. Best Recap ever, Sandi! My favorite part: “I really think Ramona should accept Aviva’s apology and buy her a really expensive gift. Because of Aviva, everyone now likes Ramona. Aviva is the best thing that could have happened to Ramona. Kind of like Kenye West was the best thing that happened to Taylor Swift because let’s be honest here ,people—her songs suck.”

  2. To all women, especially women over 40 (and I am 48): less is NOT more. Ramona looked absurd, with her shiny leather bodice 80s disco dress and gaudy necklace. Sonja’s dress was far too short, and it had a horizontal pattern, which makes one look wider; she had her legs so tightly crossed and kept her hand covering her bare thigh, and that insecurity in itself ruins the look of her dress. And stop with all the sparkly dresses already! Rhinestones and sequins are barely attractive on young stick-thin super models. Luann is a very striking woman, with a facial bone structure that is amazing, but that spaghetti-strap dress does her no favors–let’s face it–as we get older, not having sufficient breast support (AKA a bra or corset) makes us look saggy and consequently older than necessary. Actually, it’s an epidemic among all women, younger and older; I’ve seen TV award shows where I cringe at even the young women with no support garments and (naturally) hanging breasts–it’s a bad, bad look. Aviva’s dress was pretty, but it was NOT her color; it washed out her complexion. Carole’s dress was not flattering to her figure–it had bust line/bodice enhancing sequins, but she’s kind of small-chested, so the effect was lost on her. Also, I was completely distracted during the whole show by Carole’s bad makeup job–I don’t know what it’s called–the cupid’s bow?–she had lip color only on the center of her top lip and lower lip. Why didn’t they apply color on the sides as well? Heather’s dress was the best of all . . . it was tasteful, age-appropriate, yet still sexy, without the silly sparkles and stuffed-sausage look that many of the NJ and NY women are addicted to.

    • Stacy, you are right on the mark, thank you!! The stuffed sausage remark, especially, thosewomen attire themselves in tight dresses yet sit ramrod straight, with their hands on their knees, its so obvious they’re endeavoring to conceal their stomachs. Sigh. If you’re gonna wear a dress like that, you have to work that dress.

      • Exactly! Same thing with the NJ women–they look as if they will split the seams of their dresses if they move one inch. That is not elegant. Even if they can’t afford it, which they will all deny (especially Melissa, who can afford her McMansion house “10 times over,” NOT!) they should try to dress themselves, not in prom/pageant/bridesmaid/escort style, but in Armani, Calvin Klein, Escada, Chanel style. They don’t have to buy those designers’ clothes, but if they would buy something in the same vein, they would look sleek, classy, and chic.

    • Yeah the Miami trip where Avia has no problem being in her high rise condo but has a anxiety attention fit (not going to call it attack because it wasn’t) when they go to Carole’s friend’s Rajana’s (I know I killed the spelling) penthouse. I don’t think I can find one thing that I can positively talk about Aviva or her scamming husband about. Whenever I either saw her come into the tv screen or heard her shrill voice I hit mute and made like it was a commercial break.

      • good call @shakin my head… must agree with you on pt’s anxiety. she tends to use it when its convenient. and you may have come up with a new diagnosis. ie anxiety attention disorder.

        • Or let alone get in an elevator. Remember when she had to hold “I believe it was Carole’s hand) in the elevator when they all met for drinks at a roof top bar and once there all of a sudden Reid showed up to help hes damsel in distress. The episode where they gave Aviva crap about Reid not wearing a wedding ring. But yet she can go up and down the elevator in Miami no problem to her condo.

  3. “take a crap leg”, omg that is funny and so true. Didn’t Ramona say Aviva was apologizing only because viewers had turned against her? That seems true, and yet, Aviva s apology also seemed heartfelt…
    Also, great recap. And i agree, Carole is there to promote, but also, and maybe even more so, it’s for ATTENTION.
    And, I felt sorry for Luann, which is suprising, because she really p!ssed me off during the Morocco trip.

    • I didn’t like how Aviva played the leg game again… She was bleeding for 3 hours, bull shit.. She would have been dead.. And it was her foot, and she choose to have it take higher… Why does she always want people to play that game.. Enough… She was exhausting to watch, nobody gave her slack… Luann was kind of quiet, I liked that… Finally women that will keep her in place… I will watch next week, because Luann will get the pirate in her face :)

      • I couldnt’ agree more @shelagh5, about hearing the leg thing…and in this telling it was climbling up her leg…I cant listen to her one more time talk about not wanting to talk about her leg

      • Regardless of three hours of bleeding,that was traumatic come on now,i couldn’t imagine the pain.I go crazy if i get a paper cut never mind getting my foot cut off,cut her some slack

        • Of course it was traumatic, I don’t doubt that… I have had a traumatic experience in my life to… Which I don’t have to go into, I was 3 and remember it too… Do I talk about it, no… I have grown from the ordeal… Scars and all… So I will not give her sympathy, or her stupid father who told her to scream. That’s just wrong …

      • The shocking part to me was her saying her dad was telling her to yell. Normal parents dont do that. He should have been calming her.

        • She played that leg to often for me… I know that some people here don’t agree, but its my opinion… And her father, please… Scream, hell he should have been a father, not a damn wanna be lawyer..

  4. And give me a break about Aviva’s ex Harry. That just shows that the women on this show who dated him are all in the same low-to-mid societal level. Harry never was high society or “internationally loved (as Sonja said);” he’s just a guy who likes to have sex with lots of women, period. When Sonja said her marriage was a “partnership” and she contributed to it with her own money, I couldn’t believe no one challenged her on that. Let’s see . . . she was a restaurant hostess and her husband was a Morgan banking heir. Either she’s delusional or she thinks we are all stupid. I’d like to know how her hostessing wages could have paid for all of their homes, etc.

    • Sonja’s comment re. her marriage really bugged me too. How she said Aviva knew what she was getting into with Harry, but Sonja’s was different and a partnership? I call BS on that! Sonja was the 3rd or 4th wife of John Adams Morgan – shouldn’t Sonja have known what she was getting into? He cheated on her and left her for a much younger woman…now his 4th or 5th wife. Surprised Aviva did not come back with that.

      • You are so right Jojo. There is a sadness hovering over Sonja because clearly she is in denial as to what is going on in her life. Aviva may have her problems but I think she was right to speak of Sonja being in a “downward spiral”. Sonja needs to accept the fact she is getting older, her looks may not be working for her and clearly her ex has moved on. Sell the house and live somewhere that you can afford as a single mom raising a daughter.

        • She also has the house in Paris I believe that is where she said or she may have said France, hell sell that one. Girl is definitely living in the past life trying to hold on. She is trying to grab another sugar daddy and making a fool outta herself in the process. Fro the sake of her daughter Sell and live within your means until she does get her divorce settlement or whatever I am sure that her ex is paying child support for their daughter just not the alimony to Sonja. (I don’t know as I don’t know their divorce business). She could make millions on selling her 2 houses pay her debts re-negotiate possibly her movie judgement against her and start over. Housing prices are down in outlying areas yet she can get top $$’s for her NY place.

        • Agreed, and I do like Sonja. I was just saying that Sonja’s ex was also known to like the ladies…and was married several times before Sonja. Sonja should have known what she was getting into too.

      • I think Aviva opened the door on that when she made comments about Sonja’s marriage on the show and on twitter. All of which were very hurtful comments. I’m Glad Sonja gave her a taste of her own medicine. I think Sonja has a whole lot more dirt on Aviva, heck SH has a whole lot of dirt on Aviva. Aviva should learn to play nice.

  5. Oh no. i wanted to like Aviva and I did for sometime, for one reason which was to see someone really give it to Ramona and give her a taste of her own medicine. That clip about the banner she was expecting was too much (that Aviva, she is a hoot) but what really got me was her constant back peddling and apologies.

    If you are going to be bat sh*t crazy then stick to your guns!! I can respect a lunatic who believes in what they say and do but I can’t stand a double dealer…..the real double dealer, Aviva.

  6. Sandi, loved your recap–exactly how I felt about this show. Was disappointed that Andy didn’t get the quote from Reid correct he said “OLD, overweight girls gone wild” which is a really nasty statement but it seems that is all Aviva, Reid and her perverted father do is call people nasty names. They have insulted everyone who does live in a mobile home, is overweight, middle-aged (this includes me) and with the nasty incest remark they have disparaged all people who are currently suffering from abuse. Bravo really needs to get these people off this show they are a disgrace. Carole not only should have said to sell her book but also that she needs the money. She stated she was not “mean or malicious” but I guess that’s in the eye of the beholder because every diary shot and blog was nasty mean and malicious.

    • I have to agree on Carole. She doesn’t seem to be self-aware. And she still has not made a single comment on Aviva on her blog – I was thrilled to see her finally say something on the show, but just a little something. I was also thrilled to see LuAnn admit she did the “Indian” thing just to get on Carole’s nerves. Honestly from LuAnn? I’ve never liked her, but if she can keep it real, I might like to see her another season.

    • george and avivia win most UNdignified of all the housewives of all time for their name calling behavior. avivia apologizes and then negates the apology by saying”I meant trashy”… so she just didn’t mean “white” trash…..just some sort of generic trash I supposed? glad she clarified….”trashy” is soooo much less offensive. ramona sees through her as do the viewers. she has made herself unredeemable at this point

  7. You are totally right that Aviva saw the fan’s reaction and adjusted her fake apology, the weight thing really ticked me off since women have thyroidal and hormonal weight imbalances, and medication can pack on the pounds, I suffer from chronic pain and as we age constipation can really act up and you can carry a very heavy amount of waste. I was thin all my life until I started medication I used to not like Lulu but she has changed now that the new ones are here(she does not have her allies). I loved Sonja and I loved her dress, she always looks better on a talk show and she was not drinking and articulated herself wonderfully about Aviva and was glad Heather and Carole saying it was dark, and they didn’t liked being called “old cougars”. Carole is trying to be the “hippie, politically correct chick. I’m from the South in Louisiana and I’m not going to tell what they call you if you have Indian blood. It is as derogatory as calling out the N word, and I hope it is dying away. Since I also lived in Oklahoma while my dad worked on a national science foundation grant where for entertainment we went to Pow wows, which were so much fun! I danced with a guy named Johnny Thundercloud an extremely handsome guy(I was little), my dad was one quarter Cherokee and I have Blackfoot on my mom’s side. I am not trash because I was an Okie(Made Piley, bet you can pull up ” Okie from miskogee” by Merle Haggard, I song I still love I am excited to see Ramona tell Andy next week to quit lyin or quit saying things! Finally he will get busted for his behavior, love her or hate her I’m tired of his machinations and manipulations. He is most likely among the wealthiest in the country, not like the 99 percent fan base. I was completely shocked Jill Zarin is back also demanding answers about her firing, that it was like a death and how hurt she was and is! Also to say “white trash” and ” trailer turd” is below the belt, I have friends and used to have a sibling and cousins that lived in trailer. They were big, new and nice. It is a slur on retired people, people who can’t afford a house, but don’t want a tiny apt. etc, it was bitchy and something only the elite entitled who look down on the majority of America. Great blog Sandy!

  8. I hope they don’t breeze over PT’s perverted “incest is best” daddy, the daddy “who gave me LIFE” and taught Carole all about squirting orgasms and clit licking lizards.

    • PT: I’m going to hell…but enough of the leg story. How I wish one of them would have said what Kim Richard’s boyfriend, Ken, said to Kyle “we don’t care”.

  9. I laughed at watching Ramona (who has admitted to excessive armpit sweating) having the two pillows under both her arms. That’s why she wears a lot of sleaveless dresses. That that was funny. And she was hot. LOL

    • A couple seasons ago she was filmed getting botox injections in her armpits for her excessive sweating. She said at the time she did that so she didn’t even have to use deodorant as it stopped her sweating. Maybe she stopped doing that?

  10. Have to disagree with your ranking of the dresses. Ramona looked liked whe was wearing a gladiator chest plate in blue leather and the it didn’t seem to fit her body. Definitely the worst look of the evening.

  11. Sandi great recap.
    As for PT bashing Harry incessantly, she’s been bashing Harry since 2005 in the ny post, they are all direct quotes/lies from her. She does the usual, gets dumped and like the psycho she is smears the dumper to save face. Smart ppl get what she’s doing, dummies like Reid, well………
    And then PT has the nerve to project on to other women they are the ones in her predicament……..unwanted hag that is.
    Everyone looked great especially HOLLA, but poor PT she looked like one washed up usd old rag/hag. Ramona at 55 looked fresher and younger than her. U need a haircut PT and some baby powder to soak up the grease.
    I’m on Carole’s side regarding Lumann and designers, Lumann had the nerve to make it seem she was doing Naeem khan a favor for wearing his dress……are u kidding???? Life and style? Puh-leeze.

    • BTW PT don’t think for a second we missed you stammering and studdering when sahnja called you out on your lies in the nypost………LMAO! POS

        • I’ve noticed that too – her eyes blink constantly when she is uncomfortable or has that pit in the stomach feeling. I first noticed it at the restaurant with Ramona (the post-Barth’s breakfast where she had that tight pulled back bun hair with the fur collar). Ever since, I look at her “blinks” to see how uneasy she is.

    • What bothered me is that Carol was upset because she felt that Lu Anne put her friends in an awkward position because they are so close with Carol. Carol didn’t want them to obligated because of Lu Anne and her relationship on the show. Carol was trying to say that Lu Anne should have asked her if it was a problem before she asked her friends for favors. Aviva jumped in and said it was because Carol was being possessive. What was the need to her to jump in on the questions to Carol. Plus I watched a rerun and Carol never said that Lu Anne couldn’t wear the clothes she just said that A listers were the ones he loans his designs to for exposure.

  12. I am not on twitter so would someone please tweet Aviva and let her know that “White Trash” to southeners (which I believe is where this term originated from) usualy refers to fathers who are sleeping with their daughters. Something I recall her father referring to Aviva on the show. I believe this make her “White Trash” and not Sonja and Ramona.

    • Tucsonbelle, sorry but you are incorrect. I am a southerner and your definition is offensive. White trash is a state of mind it is people who are not educated and don’t attempt to better themselves. It is people who live on welfare and dress slovenly.

    • Now that you mention it, did you notice in this reunion and NJ reunion that they reffered a lot more to the what the fans thought and how the fans percieved things? I know twitter is big but it made me smile because I think that some of it is what we say here too! Never has social media or blogs firgured into the housewives the way the have lately!

  13. Didn’t make it through the whole reunion episode. Once I saw Sonja coming on with a vengeance to reclaim her self respect (after such horrific displays of humiliating herself week after week) I just tuned out. Ramona is someone I would avoid like a pox if I knew her. The other women don’t register any reaction at this point. Total Ken voice-‘don’t care.’ No wonder they’re scraping the barrel by bringing Jillz name back into play but this barrel is dry.

  14. Sandy, I gotta give you props on especially pointing out Aviva with her missing leg regarding our brave troops coming home. They just had the Tunnel to the Towers Run in NYC and there were multiple Wounded Warriors that completed the course many many amputees including a triple amputee who completed the whole course on crutches. Yet we have Aviva week in and week out talking about not wanting to talk about her leg and also explaining how intricate her legs are to look life like and how she has high heeled, low heeled, swimming and God know how many other legs she needs to get through her busy day of whatever it is she does with her law degree and multiple languages. About the only good thing that came out of her being on the show this year although selfish and fake on her part was the little boy Jake who received running legs through the “setup” of Aviva’s storyline. That’s it.

  15. I already told yall what is so offensive about the “white trash” tag. Regardless off all the dancing around the truth of it that the ENTIRE cast has engaged in, they all know it too. Someone must have told Aviva because she did mention skin color last night. I still don’t believe she is sorry. And I still believe she feels that way. Confirmation of that was the look on her face when the camera panned to her face one last time. That look said it all.

    • oh, heck no, that woman is far from sorry. I couldn’t believe her tone as she was pretending to apologize to ramona and sonja…again with the tone like she is reprimanding her children…and man, did she take that apology back stat when they werent having any of what she was serving.

    • I loved when Mandy (who WHO detests and has been absent lately) asked her where she found her definition of white trash. It is an elitist term and demeaning. Trailer turd is the same. They are words used to demean and belittle and seem to flow out of their mouths with no thought. I for one take offense having live in a mobile home when I was first married and finished college. It didn’t make me less of a person or socially unacceptable. It was where I lived not who I am. I happen to have a home now that would put any residence Aviva or her father may have to shame and it’s paid for. Which is more than Aviva can say and i didn’t have to Rip off an Old man to achieve it!

      • I actually lived in a trailer too in our early years of marriage(married at 17 so it figures) In fact, it was in one of the rattiest trailer parks in town. Not even a nice double-wide on a plot of land but a straight up trailer park. Huge step down from my middle class upbringing for sure. You do what you can do to get by sometimes. And I thank God for those times now because it does make me more grateful for what we have now.

        • I was in a beautiful trailer on the river. We lived in a small town in LA and you had to take what you could get rental wise. The thing that gets me about Aviva is that she has this picture of herself that doesn’t mesh with reality. Is there such a thing as upper west side trash. I will have to ask Girlfriend.

          • Mine was a single wide but it was new(er) and had one of them fancy smancy “garden tubs” I thought I was livin large at the time. Bless my heart.

            • Cyn and MP bless your hearts, you both come far from humble beginnings, a testament to your characters, and I remember Cyn saying she had received a good settlement in her divorce….woohoo! As for UWS white trash was never aware of it till rhony/George,aviva. They’ve added an entirely new dimension to those words haven’t they?

      • @originalcyn1 — It IS an elitist term. I’ve never lived in a trailer, but there are some very nice parks nearby. I’ve also known some very fine families that lived or still do live in them. Not sure what the problem is.

        • Many hard-working people live in mobile homes and it is certainly no disgrace as Adiva and pervert George imply. These are people who take care of their children, do not live above their means taking handouts from the government. I would much rather live in a mobile home than steal money from people like George and Reid and his brother have done to live in illegal grandeur. Sorry but calling people names that hurt innocent people really is straight out of the gutter.

  16. This is a pretty dead-on recap of the RHONY reunion.

    Carole should have been upfront, “Girl, I did this show for the publicity, the money, to get my first book back on the bestseller list and to get a publisher interested in my second book!” Nothing wrong with a little opportunism.

    Luann came in guns a-blazin’. Unfortunately, she came off defensive and rather unsuccessfully tried to shine the light of negativity on Carole. Luann, just say, “Me wanting to borrow a dress is not that big of a deal. Get over it, Carole.” But trying to make yourself a victim for being told that you’re not the First Lady of the U.S…. sigh. This is hardly the worst insult ever doled out.

    Aviva… same deal. Just apologize and leave it at that. There is no need to further explain your ill-behavior. You were an a–hole in St. Barth’s. Own it and leave it at that. I will however state that I don’t feel her apology is any less sincere just because she gets called out by viewers months later. So maybe she realized she was a jerk BECAUSE hundreds of people told her so. That doesn’t make her self-realization any less real. I just think she could just leave it at the apology.

    Also, folks, Aviva’s backstory is that she had a horrible incident occur to her as a child. It informs her behavior as an adult now. Should she work on not letting it affect her so much? Yes. But to demean that experience makes *YOU* an a–hole; not Aviva. I’m much more interested in Aviva working on on being a spokesperson for the disabled community. That episode with the child getting his new running legs was the most touching and sincere scene in all of Real Housewives history. Aviva would do well to remember that this is how she can be best utilized on this show; to highlight a cause that really needs more awareness.

    Ramona, now seasoned with 4 reunions under her belt, really learned nothing at all from previous experiences. Exaggerated declarations of being attacked and abused by fellow castmates and their father makes many of us less inclined to sympathize with you. Aviva was a jerk to you; but so was Jill, Luann, Kelly and even Simon and Alex in the early seasons. Aviva’s harsh words are nothing new to you. The “I have never been…” statement needs to stop; yes, you have… you’ve pretty much done everything or had it done to you on reality TV at this point.

    Sonja also came to the reunion ready to attack. I think next week’s episode will highlight her more, she was relatively an non-entity this week. I will say that her makeover has done wonders for her. Good hair and a well-fitted dress will do wonders. The ladies need to remember that what may work in real life doesn’t always translate on TV (see: Ramona). Sonja is learning. I mean, just look at the background image of Sonja on this website. That black dress does nothing for her!

    Lastly, Heather. She gets solid gold as Housewife who really turned it all around from beginning to end. And also for being the most reasonable and sane person on the reunion sofas. Easily the most likable, accomplished and smart woman on the show. Let’s see if she can maintain that title going into Part 2.

    • Aviva demeaned herself by creating a last minute charity for rhony,she is not capable of being a spokesperson for the amputee community, when she obviously never gave a hoot about them or anyone else for that matter.

      • She really looked like a nasty piece of work last night when they showed that clip of her apology immediately followed by that Rush limbaugh comment and that disgusting smile. If all the screaming and freaking wasn’t enough to show who she really was. That moment the mask really slipped and showed us all what she is really about.

    • Ray: That scene with the boy getting legs was the most unreal scene ever concocted. If YOU would read some of PT Housewife’s back story, you would know what a total phony she is. PT just started her association with her “charity” right before the RHONY started. YOU need to do more research re PT Housewife. SH

      • Wait, the boy didn’t get his running legs? He was a hired actor? It was all digitally manufactured like a Pixar film? Please enlighten as to what was actually not touching about that scene. I’m pretty sure a cool kid got the chance to walk and run like many of his friends. And it was touching and felt sincere.

        Whether Aviva is a proper spokesperson for the charity is debatable, sure. She could be Satan embodied in a blonde woman’s body for all I know. But I don’t “need” to do anything regarding the Housewives.

      • Oh I see what you’re saying re: Aviva. The allegation is that she is exaggerating the loss of her leg, correct? I guess my point is still that something horrible happened to this woman. And it clearly is something that haunts her and informs her behavior as an adult (good and bad). You want to throw jibes at her for being a spoiled, entitled jerk, by all means do so. But to attack whether losing her leg in such a horrible fashion is somehow not that big a deal, really serves you nothing. Yes, we’ve all read that Aviva chose to further amputate her leg more so as to have a better fitting prosthetic. Are we therefore stating that because she chose to cut more of her leg off, somehow that is less traumatic or awful? And to compare the loss of her leg versus soldiers who lose limbs… I’m pretty sure no one in the disabled community is rating whose loss is bigger.

        I’m not a big Aviva fan, but it’s much more effective to attack her behavior and lack of self-awareness (and her perceived phoniness). That said, the Take A Crap Leg comment? Genius.

        • Ray, No one has ever diminished the tragedy of what happened to PT. it’s the hypocrisy, phoniness, and continuous pathological lies that are being attacked here….no excuse me laughed at. She is a fraud. MissSH has exposed much on PT in the last few months that you might have missed.

  17. I laughed so hard I almost cried when Heather said “holla” was “organic”. HUH!!!!!! I so want her to explain that in further detail. I was unaware words could be organic. Of course, if “holla” were written in dog poo it would be organic.

    And who does Carole think she is kidding about not using her “princess” title because she is American. If that’s the case, why was it even mentioned that she is a princess. I’m pretty sure she could have just identified herself as a NY Times author. No need to bring the whole princess thing into the show. And if I am not mistaken I’m pretty sure she herself has mentioned on the show a few times that she is a princess.

    • She sure does. She says it in her introduction at the start of the show. Something like, “I may be a Princess, but…” I forgot the rest.

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