JOANNA KRUPA: “HookerStory” Dropped… Joanna Huge Star On Polish TV… ‘Cept Countrymen Ain’t All That Impressed!!

October 5, 2012  11:15 am  FoxNews

The “JoAnna Krupa Was a Hooker” story has been dropped.  

                                 Joanna Krupa… “Hey!  That’s lasagna!  Where the hell are the pierogies!”

If you didn’t know it, Joanna is a huge star on Polish TV!   

From email received:

My Polish friend said people from her country don’t like Joanna at all, they all make fun of her and find her stupid… 

  “You told me you’d have pierogies for me!”

The Polish description of Joanna’s appearance:

22 października w TVN Style odbędzie się premiera programu Joanny Krupy „Real Housewives of Miami”, czyli ”Dżoana i jej przyjaciółki z Miami”. Czy to prawda, że gdyby nie ten program, to jej związek rozpadłby się? Dlaczego brakuje jej seksu? Jakie rady dla narzeczonego Joanny ma Marcin Prokop? Do czego zachęcała go w programie Krupa? Czy planuje dzieci i, czy rzeczywiście dała narzeczonemu ultimatum: albo ślub, albo rozstanie? Co chce robić za 10 lat? Joanna Krupa w szczerej rozmowie w programie Dzień Dobry TVN!

Two English translations:

1) Premiere of (prime minister of) program of joanna Krupy will proceed in (to) 22 october style „ real miami ” TVN Housewives of, or ” Dżoana and with (from) friend miami ”. If (or) it will will part truth, that if it program not, would disintegrate it relationship (association) ? Scants it why? Has what (which) advice (council) for fiancé of joanna marcin Prokop? For what encouraged (nerve) it in program Krupa? If (or) it plans children and, if (or) it has given fiancé really ultimatum either (or) marriage, will will part it either (or)? Wants to make what 10 too? Joanna in sincere conversation in program good day Krupa TVN!

2) October 22, in TVN Style will be held as Prime Minister programme Joanna “Real Housewives of Miami”, means “Dżoana and its friend with Miami”.

Pics of Joanna at a press conference and on the set of a TV show ( in Warsaw, Poland.

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99 comments on “JOANNA KRUPA: “HookerStory” Dropped… Joanna Huge Star On Polish TV… ‘Cept Countrymen Ain’t All That Impressed!!

  1. any questions – I can answer, I’m from Poland and I know the subject quite well
    and it doesn’t feel good when they mix name of the country and those claims especially when it’s all gossip
    as far as I know Joanna’s nationality is american and she is known as american model and actress

    • @SH:

      Oh, for the love of God!
      If you are going to post a translation, at least ask someone who speaks the language to look it over. (Native speaker would be preferable since there are a lot of colloquialisms that might me missed otherwise, or simply mistranslated with hilarious results). What you posted is not just a total nonsense, twice, it is actually ridiculous, stupid and quite sad. I realize that you must have used some of those moronic auto-translation programs that spring all over the internet, but when you have a blog, it comes across as disrespectful to post an incoherent, illiterate-sounding piece of crap like that.
      Here is a proper translation, by a native speaker:

      “On Oct 22nd Polish TV show ‘Style’ will premiere Joanna Krupa’s series ‘Real Housewives of Miami’, a.k.a. “Joanna and her Miami friends”. Is it true that without the show her relationship would have fallen apart? Why is she not having enough sex? What advice did Marcin Prokop give her fiancé? What was she trying to get him to do on the show? Is she planning on having kids, and did she really give the fiancé an ultimatum: marriage or split? What will she be doing in 10 years? Joanna Krupa, in a candid interview with ‘Good Morning’ TV show”.

      I know – they make it sound like SHE is the main star and THE reason for the show’s very existence. But that’s how Polish media ALWAYS used to report on Polish celebrities who emigrated and made it in another country. No matter how big – or small – their success truly was the home-country media always presented them as HUGE stars abroad (e.g. Joanna Pacula, who was just an actress, came over to the US in the 1980s, got several roles on TV, although nothing significant, and then presented herself to Polish media as ‘an American MEGA-STAR’, ‘the Princess of American TV’ ). I’m amazed to find that the practice is still going on. Make of it what you may.

  2. Huh? ……don’t get it at all. So, ‘hooker’ story dropped because untrue or unfounded? Doesn’t matter however I don’t think she presents herself as being particularly bright. She speaks and laughs at her own jokes in a way I notice some very, very pretty women do which I feel conveys the attitude, “I can say anything ridiculous and it doesn’t matter because I look great.” Like Gretchen.

    • Do u think he really cheated on Joanna with random girl at the club? Why else would his employee call Joanna at 4am to bust him? Maybe said employee wants Romain….

      • I dont know. What stands out for me is that Roman had told her she wasn’t “supposed” to drink that night. She must have an ongoing issue with that. Situation is rip for the pickin if some girl at work wanted to hug up on him.

        • I confess. I have a crush on Romain, so everything I say from here on is biased. How hot when he calmly says ur embarrassing me, no screaming, no theatrics, WOOHOO!!

          • I concur. He’s a fine specimen with sex appeal. Of course he was making out with some chick. Good luck ant go get Ur man lol northern Italians have blonde hair! (dont know which part of italy ur from)Does anyone notice that crazy blink he’s got? My brother says people who blink like that use/d drugs. That would b a shame but being inthe club business it’s not surprising.

          • And how happy he was when he became an American? So precious. We might end up regretting all this sunshine we blowin up his butt later but for right now, Ima likey.

            • Yeah, he could end up being a total d-bag, but I agree with you. What sealed the deal for me was when that awful Adriana came onto him at Mynt, saying he needed to try her chocolate instead of sticking with blonde vanilla, and he totally blew her off.

            • I couldn’t believe Adriana when she said that to him. He was so calm when he told he liked his vanilla. So hawt.

            • Yeah I thought it was cute that he tried to ease Joannas mind about women flirting with him. Saying he is used to men hittin on her but he dont get hit on that often. Now OBVIOUSLY that was a fib but it was just sweet how he tried his best to float that one.

        • I think he also told her (while they were discussing it on the beach) that she was supposed to be cutting down on drinking in general, or something similar. I think she’s an alcoholic.

    • By watching the show first time yesterday, I have fell in love with Romain, haha j/k j/k but I do feel sorry for him. (Don’t hate me gals in here) I just think he deserve someone better!!

      • I have to eggmit she is absolutely beautiful. My husband, who never pays attention when I watch RHW, was like “who is that?” and then when I was watching NY he said “Is the Polish girl on this one?” LOL

    • I know! :-) All the dramz is on Miami… Adrianna/Joanna beef and MissElaine and Marysol’s drama add in Lea and everyone hates Karent ‘cept she didn’t get the memo until last night when Lisa finally broke it down to her.

      • Theres something off with karent besides the annoying way she spells her name. She tries too hard to be a popular girl or hang w/ pop group and defend her nonrelationship to rico suave

        • What is up with her? Why is she with that guy? He’s cheating on her and her parents don’t like him. She can’t get anyone else? Maybe he’s a front.

        • I don’t mean this in a rude way, but how did her name originate? I’ve never known any Spanish people with that name. Could her parents meant to have named her “Karen,” but on her birth certificate they (or someone else) mistakenly wrote a T at the end of her name? The name KarenT is just bizarre.

    • I definitely got that escort vibe from her. What people don’t understand is that there are levels to escorting. Street walker to ads on eros or craiglists and online to UTR (under the radar) escorting to big money. I will post a comment someone said that is totally true from Eddie (you’ll see). To me she gave off the UTR (under the radar) escort vibe big time.

      Re: A Fast Eddie Memorial
      “In Fast Eddie’s memory, and without dropping any names ( Sorry ), I will explain it as it was explained to me by no less than three people in the know. The first is a long time friend who got me invited to my first Beverly Hills UTR Party. The second is an agency owner with whom I stay in touch and the third is a lady friend who’d done a lot of modeling and some acting, while doing a little UTR escorting on the side.

      Unless you are an “A List” actress or have a steady endorsement contract, you are NOT making the big money. LaLa Land is an expensive place to live. California taxes are high. Divorce is the state sport.
      What’s a gal to do ? The market for trophy wives is limited. Well if she wants to keep driving her Mercedes, keep her house in Malibu, Bel Air or Brentwood and get to shop on Rodeo Drive and/or keep her kids in private school, she needs income. Many are land rich and cash poor.

      As I’ve posted before, the highest rate I know of for a fact IN THIS COUNTRY is the $ 25k an hour two former PMOY got. They got MORE in Hong Kong and Dubai. I’ve heard about $ 100 k for two former Miss Universe title holders and one former Miss USA but again that was paid for work OUTSIDE the U.S.
      I know for a fact that NONE of them could get anything more than a booking or two at that rate in this country.

      There was a time when all sorts of numbers were flying around. $ 100 k ,$ 200 k even $ 250k an hour. That was several years ago ; Pre- Lehman Brothers ;Pre- Spitzer and Pre – Tiger. Is it possible that there is still six figure jet set action ? Yes, but not as much and it’s being done with a LOT more caution and care than previously.

      As I posted earlier today, I was advised of the availability of several well known models and actresses. Not so much for my benefit but because A. I was trusted with the info with the understanding B. that I would make very discreet inquiry with some whales aka high rollers that I knew to see if they would be interested. The ballpark numbers ranged from $ 5 to $10,000 an hour. A couple gals were 25k for a 3hr. minimum. Those are current numbers and a number of us knowledgable about these things are probably all struck by how relatively low they are. That’s right. First it was the porn gals who were forced to lower their prices. Then it was the Playmates and now even the straight actresses and models are getting less than they used to. One very simple reason : Supply and Demand, Supply and Demand.

      Here’s the real shocker. A few are MARRIED ! I was first exposed to this phenomenon in Miami where a LOT of the higher end ladies are married. It’s no different in LaLaLand. Just not as common.”

      I think that she was a very hot Eastern european girl who saw that she was able to get big money and big money men (who knows how Ramon met her, he could have been one of her clients). There is a few sites that offer exclusive VIP membership where you pay 1500 to 2500 dollars to join (this is in order to check you out) and there you get hooked up with certain escorts who don’t want to be known because they are “famous” or embarrassed but still hot looking. And if you stay with them use there services for a length of time they will allow you another level which will include actual actresses (A list and more) But with anything you have to have the lifestyle aka money. Also there are clubs for uber wealthy that cater to men and women who say I want that person and they will get her for the right price.

      I think that Adrianna knows more than she is letting on. The story was “dropped” (the reason is that the person who may have outed her would have to confess to prostitution, and thats not worth just outing a person. Might as well say it and let the world dig) but not forgotten. She doesn’t model that much and have only a few appearances, she has to be someones sugarbaby (not Romain in the beginning) in order to live the lifestyle.

      • Romain was very aggressive on twitter with the guy who originally broke the story the hoople who is or was married to Lorenzo Lamas’ daughter. They were going at it hard. Romain told him he already had lawyers on it.

        • Gregsloosehole just tweeted…there are women on Stoopid Housewives fighting over Romain Zago. What the heck is he talking about? Ive already won. The fight is over.

          • LOVE Greg’s LooseHole. He also tweeted that one of the creditors in the Signature Apparel bankruptcy is the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation for the amount of $18,000! Wow! What a bunch of scumbags the Lauritas are. I have no doubt that they will be dipping their sticky little fingers into all of that autism charity money.

            • Yuck. I saw that too about the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer being a creditor of theirs. Im sure we can expect Jac to tweet something about this soon….its all over twitter. Disgusting. Im so sure SGK Breast Cancer Foundation is totally just going after them for no reason. Because thats what they do with their time. And everyone likes to be involved in a bankruptcy suit. Why would any business want to get involved with BLK given what we already know about Chris and Jacs business ethics? This has been the number one thing that pisses me off about the Lauritas. How dare they even utter ONE COMMENT about the Giudices bankruptcy! And the Lauritas bk is still in the discovery phase….meaning, creditors are still coming out of the woodwork. 55 million and climbing. Disgusting.

      • BUCK, great post and extremely accurate. I believe that Joanna was/is a UTR escort. These types never see themselves as genuine escorts , but that is what they are. There are different levels of prostitution, but it’s ALL prostitution. If you’re living well and you’re a single good looking girl, there are 3 ways that is possible. Family $, booming career(which Joanna doesn’t have), or a man. The man can be a beau/john. Most unfortunately fall into category 3. Here in NYC even educated women with careers have rich married men on the side paying for their apts , clothes, trips……’s glorified prostitution, no way around it.

        • Yes roman has not married her yet, obviously Joanna is having trouble closing the deal. Maybe roman isn’t so stupid.

    • Lol, high hooker boots! I was just thinking that Joanna may not be a hooker, but she kind of dresses hookerishly

    • But I am getting bored of that, Miles. ‘Sides, Joanna and Adriana just had a NeNe/KimZ moment on WWHL last night. Funny stuff. When we are done with Miss Joanna we will send her on over to you to tickle or whatever the hack it is she did in that video. ;)

      • Made — RHOM has always seemed boring to me whenever I’ve tuned in for a short time. Is it worth watching?

        • I like it. I could listen to Adriana talk all day. Cant decide if I like her/agree with her but she is fun to watch. Also HAVE to know what caused the face punch shown in the promos. On WWHL when Joanna called in one of them used the ole stand by “but we were in a good place…” And Roman has kinda sorta stole my heart for a bit. I am sure that will change. It always does but for right now I could just pinch his checks. The plastic surgeon dude reminds me of this guy…

  3. She appears to have a drinking problem as well as a superiority complex. She really does not fit in at all with the other “ladies.” Her boyfriend is a major “player” who lives with her?

        • Thanks! I like Joanna’s accent. Marta’s doesn’t seem as strong which makes sense if she was born in the US. They are both gorgeous but wear too much makeup. Especially Marta. She would be much prettier if she toned it down a bit. Same with Kim Kardashian. She is so pretty when she does a more natural face.

  4. I love her character – flawless on the outside but one-hot mess on the inside! She’s atleast worth looking at when she becomes unhinged – much unlike Dumpy DonCaro.

  5. She’s as dumb and annoying as she is beautiful.
    People like her should never be allowed to speak – it completely shatters the illusion.
    Joanna and her sister Marta both suffer from extreme forms of narcissism; they desperately need to be at the centre of everybody’s attention at all times, it’s really pathetic and says a lot about their lack of confidence. It’s all drama drama drama, scream scream scream, notice me, notice me, notice me, all the time.
    This sort of behaviour gets boring and tiresome real quick.
    Entertaining to watch though, as I think the dentist and the lawyer will be quite boring and the plastic fantastic Barbie’s just another cliche’.
    I’d still like to know what’s going on between Lea and Marysol…

    • That reminds me of Pauline Porizkova in her early modeling days. Absolutely gorgeous, but looked like a jack-o-lantern when she smiled.

    • Yes, Joanna loves to repeatedly tell Romain how many guys are just lined up waiting for her, in case Romain isn’t interested. How insecure and tacky is that?

      • Exactly. And if she doesn’t think chicks are checking him out, she’s got another thing coming. There’s nothing more attractive than a good looking guy who doesn’t seem to know he’s good looking….

  6. This “hooker story” is an example of why I would never want to be “famous.” Too much negative attention; not for me.

  7. Hookers, strippers, wow, we watch some good stuff! JoHo is a winner, pretty girl, live wire! Every franchise has the drama and sometimes drunk out of control girl and JoHo is the one for Miami. Side bar – notice we can’t really blame the drink on NJ; have we every seen any of them drunk? Traylor’s been trashed, Ramona and Sonja, Gretchen. Any hoo, back to JoHo, her and her sister stir the pot, bucking for Academy Awards. After last nights episode now we see where they get divided. Leah has that sharp tongue; I agree with Karent backhanded compliments. Titty women is starting to get on my nerves; running back to Karent telling her the other ladies aren’t her friend. Marysol handled herself well, she doesn’t want drama and what’s He/She name will have to get over it.

  8. KarenT reminds me of that woman who talks to other womens men like shes just going to gobble them up. Invades personal space. They are right. She needs to tone it down. All those constant ear to ear smiles are making it hard for her to enunciate her words. Knock it off. Too much for anyone with a smidge of cynicism to spend more than a minute around. She makes you feel like a Chuck even if you are not.

  9. Oh and the men? Heres my “thus far”..,….. Romain is a cutie….didnt see it at first….now Im seeing boyish good looks and ambition about to be trashed by his girl who may not understand how hard it can be to make the dough. Rodolfo….Do women really throw themselves at him? No sex appeal. Average looks. Soaps must hold more water in Soutg America than they do in North. Adrianas guy? Fred? I think hes hot. Sex appeal. Not conventionally handsome, but he has that something. Anas ex? Hes alright. Anyone else? Oh that drag queen is a good looking dude. Shouldnt be playing Barbie with the girls.

    • With you on that one, not a fan of Rodolfo, think he is lying like a rug on the floor. If Karent thinks he faithful; then she thinks Unicorns run on the beach at night here on South Beach.

      • Dont have much to say about Lisas dude except to say I forgot about him in my last comment. So Ill go with “forgetable”. For now. Subject to change without further notice. …….As a whole, Im wondering if these guys may get alot of breaks because of the NJ boys. They are all less boisterous, less flashy, less bitchy….They are kind of a breath of fresh air. And it does appear as though at least some of them have JOBS. You know, like when you leave the house in the morning, go somewhere where they pay you to perform a service or produce a product.

  10. After reading Buck’s comment above about the exorbitant fees paid to Under-the-Radar hoes, I’m wondering “how much $$ do their Pimps/managers make?”
    Perhaps our suave and beautiful Romain is able to keep his nightclub in business with high-priced hookers. incl current girlfriend JoHo who is now passed her prime.

    • UTR “escorts” don’t necessarily have a set middleman/pimp/madam. The others, couldn’t tell you what the cut is.

  11. Oh BuckHenry…not only is your comment super freggin’ fascinating, but it’s also one big fat tease!
    Obviously a couple of big model and actress names come to mind immediately, but I’d absolutely love to know more…
    Can we assume that sometimes when an actress and/or model is photographed in i.e. Dubai or HongKong, she actually isn’t there to ‘promote’ anything? Or is it more along the lines of: get into the private jet, get into the hotel/penthouse, back to private jet?

    • You would be very surprised at how much of this happens in the entertainment industry and other places. It’s low key and private, because most of the men who have the lifestyle and can afford 10,000 an hour or night or even 100,000 dollars a night are extremely wealthy and/or have major contacts into the club. Many of the actresses now and when they got started was taking paying gigs like this. As was stated, when you aren’t getting those endorsement deals or nobody wants you money still have to come in for your lifestyle. What will a (Michelle Rodriquez, Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman Kera Knightley (major clue google them)) do, work as a saleswoman at Sears after being known in a major movie. They can’t and they won’t because of the embarrassment and possible career killing end (and that isn’t even talking about the B and lower actresses who are the bulk of the actresses escorting along with models, playmates and sport fitness models).

      They won’t say escort, they will have someone who will talk to their agent or them and find out that someone wants to pay for your company and time (this is for the Actresses, the others they are told outright it’s for you know what and they know it). If the actresses (A list) who are somewhat famous take the bait, then negotiations are done and that is when sex is brought up and even she knows it will come to that. If your a woman and you find out that a man is willing to pay you 40,000 dollars for a night with you or more it’s something to think about. Because sometimes these sport fitness models and such may see one or two clients a month (if they are real famous and get that price, most will see 10,000 a night). And have their condo or house and bills paid and be able to live off that for months and you still have the next month possible rendevous.

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