FOR ALL SH READERS… Everyone Else, You Know What To Do… SH Studied At LaSalle University!

October 3, 2012  11:35 pm   LaSalle University…   NOTE:  Pay ATTEN-SHUN, puh-leeze… all you “highly educated” Housewives!  

Thought all SH readers… and especially SH commenters would be very interested to know that SH is included in the syllabus of a Social Media class at LaSalle University!

The Professor conducting the class has been verified… name is being withheld.

This is the email received at SH:

“I’ve attached a photo from notes on a white board that I jotted down during a class discussion on “the social consumer,” which is one of four zone theories in social media. I’m a professor at La Salle University in Philly.

I am a die hard fan, but unfortunately I am a lurker. (You’ll see from the notes on the board that membership in an online community can be suppressed by the fear of being flamed.)

I enjoy all of the comments as well as the way you handle the community. I often use your site as an example,  but this was a first for actual analysis.

You have now become an integral part of a university syllabus!

Keep doing a great job, and yes, in addition to mentioning you as setting the “standards of behavior,” emerging leaders were mentioned.”

NOTE:  There are thousands of SH readers who remain in “Lurkerville.”  However, readers who have taken that jump outta “Lurkerville” find their space at SH.  Again… SH would not be SH without ALL the wonderful readers and the wonderful, thoughtful, intelligent, witty commenters!