RHONY: Season Five Reunion… Carole Radziwill Talks Behinds NY HWs Back…

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36 comments on “RHONY: Season Five Reunion… Carole Radziwill Talks Behinds NY HWs Back…

  1. Am still in the honeymoon phase with CR as a housewife. Plus she can write and seems to have a brain!!! Love her humor too. In a room full of negatively charged hairdos, she seems like a set of heels a bit above it all. The narcissistic trenches anyways. ;)

  2. Something about this clip give me the impression that Aviva was handled with kid gloves at the reunion.

    • I thought she was trying to regroup to where she started. A nice lady (whom did give “Ra-moi” a benifit of the doupt) until she found what everyone said about Ramona was true and devastating! Then she lashed out!

      This “instance” Ramona agreed with Aviva. As I thought Ramona was “acting” on her pretend – calm “stance.” Ramona has to be privy to these and all blogs and noticed the public are calling … ” a spade a spade!”

    • if it was her time with Wacko, then I would’ve been peeved too. Why doesn’t anyone ask Wacko about what business ops were lost due to T? I never got that answer and if it was answered, sorry, can someone please repeat it?

  3. I dunno, I think I lover much less than before…… She is a little too impressed with herself, but then again I guess she would have to be to even go on one of these shows.

  4. No….carole tries to make her malicious comments seem funny….I see you mz radziwell….
    pumpkinhead isnt funny….neither is calling someone out for what she considers a politically incorrect
    statement at a huge dinner party….nothin funny there miss jokester

    • Absolutely, she must think everyone is stupid. Also to act as if there was really nothing objectionable about PT’s psycho behavior, Carole just another phoney two-faced hag.

      • Mandy called the Lewann a countess you next Tuesday, on his show, just kidding Luann, hahaha, just kidding, it’s not like I play favorites or am biased.

    • Girl, we are on the same page concerning this character. I was suspicious of Carole’s spiel from very early on in the season. I found her to be wishy-washy, very sly (a trait I HATE!), and she’s someone who ONLY talks behind people’s backs and ducks behind the old “it was meant to be funny” line when she’s confronted face to face. She DOES act like she thinks she’s above it all and as if she thinks that she’s smarter and above Ramonja AND US, the viewers. It’s so obvious that she only deigned to come on the show to advertise her book.
      What a phoney that Carole is, taking us with her as she went to Occupy Wall Street in her old motorcycle boots, and/or fingerless gloves, then befriending and defending arrogant, elitist pigs like Aviva and her father who actually think of people as “white trash” and “trailer turd” and dare to call them that to their faces. Carole exhibited very (white) trashy, “inelegant” behaviour when she gleefully began engaging and encouraging an old man, whom she just met, in nauseating dinner-table conversation. She went so far as to ask the old man:”When was the last time you had sex?” Ugh.
      Btw, I wonder what Carole thought when she saw her mouth in this footage. All season I’ve resisted name calling and saying that Carole’s bucktoothed mouth looks like a beaked fish – like a barracuda- but in this footage she seems to have injected a full syringe of filler into just the middle of her top beak so now she looks like a barracuda with a tumour.

      • I remember when Ellen Degeneres said in her comedy routine, that some comments people make they try to defend by saying they were only “kidding”, to which Ellen said, “Well, then, you don’t know how to ‘kid’ properly.” I think this applies very well to Carole. She was chatting a little maliciously to PT about the Countess, and then backpeddles and asserts she’s not being mean at all. Whatever, Carole.

        • “Well, then, you don’t know how to ‘kid’ properly.” Awesome. Thanks. I’m going to store it for future use Too many people like to use that “kidding” excuse (e.g. Teresa) when they want to be catty and insult others underhandedly.

    • At first I found her witty trying to find the good in everyone.. Then I thought she was nice, but sneaky… And know I find her to be a trouble maker… Everybody’s friend, but a snake… She laughs and talks behind your back, and puts a smile on to your face… That’s a snake, I hope she is called out on the reunion but I doubt it…

      • You think so? I think that Sonja and Luann will at least try to call her out. Though someone has to call out Sonja for being so entitled.

    • I agree. Also, I found her to be a little hard on Luann in London. I mean, when someone says something, you try to be nice and respond, to keep the conversation going, So, Carole says her mother had five kids, and Luann responds. Is there something wrong with discussing things in common? Why must it be interpreted as one-upping? And I hate, hate, hate, when people, such as Carole, assume something and then call it fact; why not ask Luann if that’s what she’s doing, rather than talk behind her back? It makes you afraid to say anything around other people, they always assume the worst. Is no one allowed to respond, Carole, when you speak? Should we all have a moment of reflective silence when Her Royal Highness, deigns to comment upon her sublime past? Oh! Her mother had five kids, whatever you do, don’t comment, even it you had a similar experience! The HRH has spoken! Christ.

  5. I am NOT impressed with mz radzy….she thinks she so witty & above it all. When she took up for PT is when I was done with her. In the words of RHONJ…done, Done, DONE!!!!

  6. She does seems to believe she is above the fray and I have to bring up the yucky orgasm statement she made at her book release party…..the epitome of “inelegance”….just another hypocrite….throwing that comment in shows just how low she will stoop…..who in their right mind would quote anything a pervert spouted off? (and think it would be received as remotely funny? she’s as “off” as the rest of ‘em….)

  7. Remember when, a few seasons ago, Luann said the same thing? I’m gust being funny….(haughty laugh). They’re kinda similar, except Carole is not as “thick” as Luann (that lunch in London where Heather was trying to tell Luann to chill a little and it went completely over her head). Still, the honeymoon is over for me. I was surprised she told Ramona last night to apologize to PT for removing George. Way to support a friend who was feeling harrassed.

    • Totally spineless or morally confused and just as nasty as incestuous George. Maybe it’s trendy like her stupid fingerless gloves.

  8. What floored me is Luann accusing Heather of talking behind her back!! Heather has supported Luann ALL season EXCEPT when Lu was blatanly lying about Tomas’. I believe H only spoke about it during her RH interviews, which, of course, is shown to the viewers! Anyway, Luann owes Heather an apology!!!!!!!!!!!

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