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October 1, 2012  Bravo


We had an amazing season and I want to thank everyone who tuned in to watch and who took the time to read and comment on our blogs. I feel like the season ends with unresolved issues between some of the girls and I hope that during the reunion, we can see some healing and, maybe, forgiveness?

I was glad to support Carole’s charity by playing in the ping-pong tournament and while I wish I played better, I had fun. The tension between RamonaSonja, and Aviva didn’t overshadow the positive vibes at the event and I was glad that for the most part, the ladies controlled themselves.

If Aviva were a real model and had asserted her demands to any designer other than Heather, she would probably have been booted from the show. Heather specifically asked Aviva to wear the jacket because it was part of a look and since she allowed Aviva the honor of closing the show, you’d think that Aviva would have done what Heather requested. Overall, jacket or no jacket, I thought Aviva looked terrific on the runway.   NOTE:  PT Housewife told a London paper that she “fought to be a model“!!

Ramona and Sonja were out of line at Heather’s fashion show and they shouldn’t have spoken to the photographer the way they did. It’s unbelievable to me that both ladies don’t see how much Heather did for Sonja. If Sonja is unhappy with the package design, she should hiresomeone to do it and pay them. I wasn’t surprised that Heather was still angry the following night because she deserves praise not criticism for everything she did to help Sonja.

Aviva is still miffed about how Ramona treated George at the charity event but Carole’s bookparty was the wrong time for her to confront Ramona. Aviva should have chosen a more private setting to have this conversation.

It would be nice if the girls could resolve all their issues but this isn’t the case thus far. Ramona and Aviva can’t get past their differences and even though they’ve argued it out, neither is willing to back down. I think Sonja and Heather will eventually move on from the toaster oven debacle while Aviva and Ramona have a long way to go to mend their friendship. I feel pretty good about my relationships with all the ladies and for me, the season ends on a good note. I’m happily in love, my children are doing great, and I’m feeling better than I have in years.

Until the reunion, cheers!

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  1. Sonja will definitely move on….she’s one of the wives who gets the bigger picture….
    And heather and the design team did get paid in essence, through free advertising and exposure….


    • I agree, heather keeps saying she did this for free.. If I got paid the way she has for doing this for Sonja, I’d be rich.. The free advertisement she has gotten is priceless.. When will she stop barking about this.. I do believe that this is close to the last year for New York… They are all boring.. The only thing interesting this year was the pirate.. That slept with 2 house hos… That was interesting.. I can’t wait until louann is comforted on the reunion and how she spins it..


  2. who is stealing my line. i have always said on this site, that carole and heather are by far my favs.
    they r kinda “gansta chic cool girls”. they r the coolest heads; and can say what they want.
    aviva, sonja, ramona are just a lot of noise and i have to mute when they r on. luanne, boring. sorry.


  3. I forgot Luann was even in this season. Her only story line was the fake baby and the fake cheating storyline……. other than that she just got pulled into conversations as a witness.


  4. If Adiva ever saw the picture up top she’d see that they were ALL dressed up and dancing on the table like crazy party girls! I’m sure she wouldn’t have is she’d been there since A) she’s a killjoy and B) she’s afraid of heights. When she was going off in St. Barths I wonder if anyone ever tried to correct her and say EVERYONE was dancing on the tables and Sonja wasn’t the one only who brought a man home. She’s making false statements.
    Just like at Ramona’s charity event. She didn’t have her father thrown out. Did Ramona ever get a chance to tell her that she’d asked her father, politely, to leave several times. It was when he persisted and ignored her that she had to get help to have him removed. Once again, Aviva wasn’t there so she was making false statements.
    Do people stand up to her and we just don’t see it (as we know from RHONJ Bravo is very creative with their editing) or do they not want to deal with her when she loses her shizz?


  5. Adiva’s version of her father’s eviction from the party made it sound like he was manhandled by two burly security guards. I think someone said it was actually a couple of waiters.


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