27 comments on “LuANN de LESSEPS: Jacques FINALLY Says What He REALLY Thinks… About LuAnnie!

  1. I think he will put up with what ever she says. How else can he be on TV? Sure bet he nevers trusts her though.

  2. What is Jacques’ history? Nobody mentions this, although I got that he is not from France mainland. I’m always curious when someone avoids simple questions about their past.

  3. Lol….wonder if they’ll still be an item next season? He does sound like Peppe LePew.

  4. She needs to powder that shiny face and he has way too much Botox.
    The top of his face can’t move so he’s straining every possible muscle to be able to smile.
    His eyes look like their going to pop out of his head. If this isn’t the result of Botox than he’s just bizarre looking.
    Ugh, I can’t stand these two dummies.

  5. Ha ha pepe lepew. Love this site. I sure hope her affair with the pirate comes up on the reunion. I agree, that jaques guy want some tv time. Or David schwimmer.

  6. I thought it was just an ego boost for him being able to say he is with a “Countess”. There was an episode where he and Luanne were trying to name drop to Princess Carole who wasn’t falling for it and he looked far too eager and disgusting.

  7. The best part was when Luann was speaking French on the phone and chuckled saying “I know…I never change” ha ha… oh yes! it is just hysterical that you would be proud of cheating on someone you love…”money can’t buy you class!”

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