12 comments on “LuAnn de Lesseps… and Her Pirate…

  1. He has to know she slept with this slimeball. Funny Sonja said it was Jacques that she didn’t trust….she was getting the right vibe, just the wrong person.

  2. I can not understand why LuAnn would even consider having sex with this man…..he lives on an island and appears to have sex with everyone he can, even Sonja. She states she scared to death of losing Jacques….what does she think, he wouldn’t find out? It’s a very sad situation for a woman her age and of her “class” to be having sex with “island boys” while attempting to maintain a relationship at home that would hopefully create a child. So sad….no class.

  3. i don’t believe for a minute that lulu had sex with the pirate ..
    good way to create drama though …

    • Im not sure if Lu and the pirate had sex. I think she definitely did and said some things that she should not have, given her committed relationship with Jawk. That would be enough for most people to call it cheating. I think this may be in reaction to things she has heard around town about Jawk. Sonja, love her or not, is well connected. I would take heart to her advice. She seems to think Jawk is unfaithful to Luanne. Ive always been suspicious of his motives….he seems so young and camera ready. This relationship is all but over I think. Im just not sure who to blame…or both?

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