KATHY WAKILE: KomaKathy on the RHONJ Reunion Show… Along With “FishyRichie”!… VIDEO

October 1, 2012  2:15 pm   NOTE:  Uh, wasn’t the “HappyEndings” term used by Tree Joodice at ALL of her cooking appearances??  And, of course, what could be better than a husband like Richie to give such a glowing sound bite about his wife?


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60 comments on “KATHY WAKILE: KomaKathy on the RHONJ Reunion Show… Along With “FishyRichie”!… VIDEO

  1. Seriously? He said that?! I haven’t been watching the show because I can’t take it – unless I had some Xanax (and unlike the RHONJ I can’t get drugs without a prescription). I keep up with the show through SH and the rest of the comments (commenters) and had seen it mentioned that he said this but it just didn’t hit home til I saw the video. This guy is VILE and DISGUSTING. No wonder Teresa is weirded out by him.

  2. That pig’s favorite dessert is KATFISH she tastes like FISH. Hopefully these 2 waste products are gone. Calling an elderly relative the names she did makes me so disrespect her. I hope QVC terminates her contract after seeing the show.

    • Katfish just surpassed all the other villains as far as I’m concerned, and is the most despicable human being. I am glad her true colors showed so brightly, she isn’t puppies and sunshine, but piss an vinegar.

      • She sure did, Antonella. How do you call your aunt a f*^&%* liar and your uncle a coward on TV? She is a disgrace. I hope it’s all worth it. Family is ruined for a little bit of fame. I hope it was worth it. Also, if Kathy is not invited back to the show and Melissa is- there goes that relationship!

    • BARB i know, she calls tre’s mother a liar, her father a coward. only then did tre insinuate
      that her dad helped them out sometimes. really? how did caro think that is o.k. i thought she
      was all parents are off limits. i thought kathy was “old school” show respect. what phony, it
      shows you they r all phonies, and did come on the show over jealousy for tre. and to market
      themselves. well kathy your true colors are out. so r rosies’s disgusting mob mentality. respect?
      laughable, if u think what your husband says about u is respectful, then u r a moron, and u
      let u r kids witness him. what phonies u both r w/ your oh so good parents act. u r more
      disgusting than any of them, because u r such a phony lying bi***

      • do not worry q.v.c. will definitely terminate her. they are very christian, as are all their
        hosts/hostess,s. even if they do not, the viewers/shoppers will boycott her. just watch.
        if she thinks if only n.j. buys from her she will be o.k. think again. these people are an
        embarassment to n.j.

        • I’m not a QVC shopper, but I would they they might take notice of some emails to customer service…

    • I think QVC terminating her contract would be the lesson she needs to learn. Want the fame Kathy?? It comes with consequences. Get a PR team and shut that trap!

    • At last!!! I’ve been ranting and raving about Kathy saying that!!! It was a total ripoff! Thanks for pointing that out!

      • Yes sd and when that clip was played last night Teresa didn’t even call KatFish out. It ain’t even worth it I guess. Btw, did Chucky laugh at KomaKat about her cannoli kits? :-| Oops

        • I noticed that too, I was hoping that it was because she plans to sue her for it later. Guess we will see.

        • DIY Cannoli kits, as if that’s some new, unique idea. I know Tre was probably seething last night when Andy congratulated her. Kathy is even more pathetic than MeGo when it comes to trying to come up with a “hook.” She doesn’t have any charisma or charm, business smarts are looks. She doesn’t have the “it” factor to sell like Tre does. I can’t explain it but either you gots it or yous don’t.

          • I don’t even understand what a DIY Cannoli kit is. If you can’t make them all from scratch, wouldn’t you just go to the freaken bakery? Is Chuckie slinging cannoli kits too?

            • I just Googled “Cannoli Kit” and there are tons of them out there. Sams Club even has one. Why would anyone order one off of QVC? She must really think we’re all idiots.

            • I know right? And honestly, are women who watch housewives really interested at all in making fattening desserts from scratch? Hasn’t it been proven time and again that housewives viewers are mostly interested in booze and dieting? We buy Betheny’s products with the promise of a “skinny” Margarita. We buy T’s cookbooks cause they tout healthier, low calorie Italian cuisine.
              Kathy is an idiot.

            • DIY Cannoli, No Batteries Required
              by Tracy Schneider on December 09, 2009
              You can bet I wasn’t out looking for a cannoli kit when I can across this one at Costco today. I didn’t even know that such a thing existed. I grew up in a town with two amazing Italian bakeries. Caffe Caruso and the Florentine Pastry Shop have been serving cannoli, tubes of fried pastry dough filled with ricotta cream, to Uticans for generations, and I eat my way through their cases whenever I’m back in Upstate New York.

              But Italian bakeries are few and far between in the Pacific Northwest, so there was no way I was going to pass up this yummy-looking DIY project. Unlike a gingerbread house kit that can take hours (or days!) to assemble, the cannoli kit is a no-brainer. You simply pipe the chocolate chip-studded ricotta filling (already in a disposable piping bag) into the pastry, sprinkle with powdered sugar and chow down.

  3. I can’t stand them – right now my blood is boiling that they all that was funny making fun of somebody BULLYING – YES CHUCKIE. Thank God I didn’t watch the reunion. Really If I was sitting next to these people – I’d be a savage pit bull kicking the every lovn sHit out of them.

  4. Kathy’s inner beauty is starting to come to the surface. She looks awful. A little Michael Jackson in the nose area.

  5. I’m sorry but I would be mortified if my husband said I taste like fish on NATIONAL TELEVISION!! Like that takes the cake embarrassing things have happened to all of these women, but to be called ‘Katfish’ in the blogsphere mmmmmmmm!!!!!!

    • I know and almost ALMOST as embarrassing is having Richie try to say he was talking about something else. Well. do tell, Rich what is it that taste like fish? Only fish should taste like fish. And even then not too fishy.

      • I have a story MP…it has to do with one of these fish! There is a bedroom on the other end of the house that we don’t use. We keep the doors closed over there and a pipe broke inside of the wall and it flooded bigtime. Watching tv in the living room I got up to go to the bathroom which is in that hallway……its dark…and suddenly I hear…..something singing down the hall….the back of the house in that wet room….”take me to the river…..do…do…dooo….take me to the water….do…do….dooo…..What really creeped me out is that our fish like this that sings is motion sensored! I thought a ghost was havin’ a laugh at me!……I ran!!

  6. The explosion from Kathy was ridiculous and completely uncalled for. Over what? A comment/rumor about she and her husbandp possibly divorcing? So what? Why didn’t she just smile and say there was no truth to it and move on. Was it worth having a coronary over and starting in with her mouth and insults? Hardly.
    I also don’t get what T said that was SOOO offensive about her Dad? That her own Dad was there for Kathy and her sibs if their Father wasn’t around much? That’s an insult to his memory? Am I missing something???

    • I think she decided she was going to show Miss Andy she could “bring it” by acting like an over the top assh*le. Not impressed.

      • How many of the Hags of Jersey made comments about Tre and her marriage? All of them I think. And if Tre would have reacted the same way about Fishywomans mom they would’ve executed Tre on the set.

        • Laurie – not only have they talked about Juicy and Tree’s marriage extensively in the PAST, so far, that’s all they’ve done for the 1st part of the reunion too. I counted like at least 2 times when one or more of them made some snide comment under their breath about Juicy’s infidelity. Lets face it, he probably WAS unfaithful and more than once, but I’d bet my bottom dollar ALL 5 of these men have cheated on their wives – some far more than others. The rumor is Big Al has had a LONG TERM, fairly serious and involved relationship with another woman which would explain why he’s never home. These ladies have A LOT of nerve throwing stones at Joe and Teresa’s marriage. Just sayin’.

          • Sorry – I should have said all FOUR of these men have cheated. I mean, what woman in her right mind would give Richie a throw?

  7. Rich is such a big douchebag she shouldnt smell like fish….lol….Fishsmally vinegar works also..

  8. Kathy looks like she had more than just her nose done and lip plumped. Maybe its the weight she gained, but it looked to me like she has a bit of a chin implant and some cheek filler.

    • I was LOL when Andy Colon was giving KatFish a yellow caution light on having too many cosmetic procedures done and then the camera panned to BubbaJax’s circus fun house mirror reflection of a face.

    • What she really needs is work done on eye bags, a new hair style (that 70’s featured doo has got to go), new wardrobe, and a personal trainer to provide a diet and exercise routine to firm up and lose the lbs. Oh and Summers Eve…do you think KatFish and her mom had this convo?

    • Im sure it was more. I want them to call out MeGo next. They called out Kathy and Jac last night and inadvertently Caro for the tummy tuck. I want to hear about MeGos face filler that makes her look weird now.

  9. I think I just threw up a little. Is tasting like fish a compliment in NJ? B/c Katfish did not seem too offended by that comment. I think I would die a little if my husband ever said that to even one person, much less on national television!

  10. I hope and pray that I happen to be watching QVC when Katfish is on hawking her cannoli kits. I want to be put on the air, and ask Katfish if the filling tastes like fish.

  11. I can just see Richie on there helping her by talking about his balls. I bet that’s why he got those toofs fixed. I’ll watch it on YouTube.

  12. TMAU is a disorder where this chemical, trimethylamine, comes out of your body, and smells like fish. Kathy needs a medical opinon. Women should never smell like fish. We all know that aint right. Why would Ritchie think that’s normal?

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