104 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Tree DOES Know What Napalm Is!!

  1. At least she knows she needs help when writing her blogs. She should just admit it. Who cares. Betther than looking like an idiot like Lauren. That was too funny!

  2. but caro and jacko had bullied gia on the show rmember? while she cried for her mother. and went on to defend their actions. they are not good people.

  3. Peeks in…is it safe here yet are we all in agreement the Reunion sucked hard bioled eggs

  4. Lauren is her mother’s daughter – mean and ugly. For someone in the fashion industry she failed the styling courses! Her dress was ill fitting, inappropriate for sitting down with any modesty and showed that her shoulders and upper arms didn’t get the lapband memo ! IMHO, Bravo left the incorrect mocking spelling in the final cut to show Lauren for the person she is in real life.

    • I think LapBand’s dress looked like she got it at Target in the Halloween section. It is actually a french maids costume and she left off the frilly apron.

  5. HAHAHAHAH and Lauren cannot spell…spelled. The idiot thinks it’s spelt. LOLOLOLOLO. Yeppers she really is that stoopid. Lauren calling out Tre? Huge mistake. Lauren apparently cannot even master 3rd grade spelling. I doubt Lapband could recognize the proper spelling even if she bothered with spell check.

    • What a wasted opportunity for Lauren! I loved it when Tre looked at Andy and said “next.” Tre doesn’t have to answer any questions from anyone but Andy. Spell F-A-I-L.

  6. Lauren is a genius any way it’s spelt. Mom, how you read the highway sign? Let’s call the builder man, maybe he knows.

  7. Sweet how Lauren and Caroline named their business after each other. Lauren (chubby a$$hole, Mama’s words) named hers “CalfFace” and Mamas catering hall is named Brownstain.

  8. Ok. Let’s just get a couple things straight. None of these women have a.n actual education, so expecting them to communicate properly went out the window. Teresa got the job done. Her ignorant “housebuilder” went broke so she used.what she had in front of her. Why would anyone find.fault with her taking care of her immediate family ? Jaqueline went all insane b/c Teresa shoukd have told her all about their legal & money problems? Wha? The sister in law is a total stripper/hooker… she dresses.like a prostitute. Kathy, that poor broad. Being married to the most unattrwctive man who said she “tastes like fish but gets the job done”? I wouldnt show my face to the world til he was.6.ft under. Lauren is inexcusably hateful. And for the record, I don’t think she.knew.how to spell napalm, and cought herself, covered with the “it was a joke” excuse. Now. Caroline is the evil -doer. She is the most jealous hateful bitch. She has promoted Teresa has bad b/c of something that happened to her personally, dragged her vendetta out in front of her dopey husband’s banquet room and sold memberships to the Tre-man-woman-haters-club. Eeew! And mega fake! “he’ll say it a again!” Oh. My. God. Creepy. And then theres Jaqueline. Just hairdresser from Vegas. Always crying never sahing anything nice to or about anyone, and expects.people to treat her like their best friend. Forever. Stalker.

  9. Sounds like there are a half-dozen Tre sychophants rotating a variety of handles to make it seem like Tre isn’t the batsh*t, insecure moron she appears to be on the show. Hmm…she’s not above paying $$ ($$ she doesn’t have, BTW) to hire a ghostwriter, so it would hardly be a stretch for her to hire a few freelance trolls, too. Not gonna bother coming back to this site ever again. Have fun in LaLa Land, B*tches!

    • name calling is a tool of the ignorant and my best guess (based on verbiage and syntax) is that you are the only one doing that which you accuse others

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