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    • Haha I watched this twice….wondering “what the heck is she spelling?” “That word doesn’t have a Q!”……What was eeyore thinking? What kept rolling through my mind was she herself not knowing how to read a simple mile sign in Napa! Sure, she is sooo much more intelligent than Tre!. NOT!

      • That was the best thing that happened OnThe reunion show… I watched it later..my goodness, those Manzos are just plain stupid… To bring up a word, try to embarrass Teresa with napalm, and the act all high all high and mighty, and spell the damn word wrong…I wonder if her family is calling her stupid this morning, and laughing at her again, like usual!!

    • I wondered what this complete idiot was spelling when she threw in Q’s and U’s and such. At first I thought it was a joke and now I think she didn’t know how to spell it also. I bet anything she didn’t know what they word meant and wanted Teresa to tell her so then she could better have a defense against it.

  1. Lapband fell flat. She obviously knew she had 3 minutes to spew and that is all her poor ged educated brain could come up with. She just showed how dumb and disrespectful (she is not on the same level as Tre/how dare she talk to another adult like that!) she is.

  2. Is Lapband photoshoppin’ her twit pics or something? Because she looks like a completely different person on film than her recent pics. UsWeekly needs to stop with the LaurenisSkinny tweets because its just laughable, inviting a WTF? response.

    More importantly, so DonCaro had a tummy tuck at 39? Is that the age she found out about Jill? WHY 39, you know? Two surgeries and still wearing her rolls proud, LOL! Waste of Brownstone $.

    • My guess is the lapband was a waste of taxpayers money not the frownstone. I know. I know. You have to be a certain risk for insurance to pay for it….but all you need is a doctor who says you are. Thank you Chris Christie for smacking these people off the state payroll.

    • I really hate the Jill comments. Someone wrote a comment on the internet and suddenly it is true. Jill is just another Roxy Poxy to me.

  3. Young adults the age of Albie, Lauren and Chris should be embarrassed their parents participate in reality tv show bullsh-t, not clawing their mother’s co-workers eyes out to get a little extra camera time.

    • she may have someone help her or write her blog for her….but so what….she’s aware of her deficits and does something about it….more than I can say for the others….aside from that she’s out there working hard for the money to pay back their debt….she doesn’t have the time for nonsense

      • Spellcheck works wonders, too. Also, there are words that I use, in the correct context, but have trouble explaining what they mean…..this whole debate is pointless. I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal?? I, personally, don’t think she’s lying about writing her own blogs, because it doesn’t make any sense to lie about it! Teresa’s not the one that keeps getting called out on lying, every time she opens her mouth, the other ladies are…..so why would she lie about something so trivial?

  4. Jacqueline needs a lapband for her neck rolls. That is some weird looking neck. Probably all the tissue that she has frozen on her face from the botox and fillers is migrating to her neck.
    Glad I kept my vow to not watch. I can see it was the same old Teresa bashfest.

    • I watched about 5 minutes in total (I think – switched it on during commercials of MNF). It was ugly…. I think the worst ugly came from Teresa’s own family though so I’ll reserve my criticism when SH posts those stories. Completely disgusting…..

      As to Lauren… she made a fool of herself but what else is new. Tried to hop on the ‘that’s what causes people to commit suicide’ band wagon – but she should look in the mirror first… what they’ve done to Teresa for 2 years is the lowest anyone could go. I’m surprised that woman is able to keep her head up – so for that she gets a kudos from me. Funny… I’ve never been a ‘fan’ of anyone… and I can’t say I am now, but whether she lies or whatever, I have to hand to it Teresa for keeping a smile in place. That mess would’ve crushed lesser mortals.

      • Did anyone else noticed Lauren said she got the lap band because of “d*ckheads like Teresa” (who never called Lauren fat on the show btw) but then immediately after days she doesn’t care what Teresa thinks? Huh? Why did you get the lap band then? So dumb. I’m surprised they didn’t bleep out d*ckheads

        • We all know personal responsibility is not in the Manzo repertoire How old is Lauren. Perhaps Lauren will eventually learn that stupid and mean is never a good look. Sadly she is both and does not even have the good sense to attempt to grow and change. Blaming others for lack of self worth is a trap..

  5. I can’t wait to get my hands on that new advice book written by Mother of the Year Chuckie Manzoid. I have a young daughter and I would most assuredly want her to be just like Lauren. Best get my ass off to Amazon to pre order my copy. If the Chuckster didn’t interrupt Lauren what the hell jobs was she going to list for herself and Albie?

      • Same here. She said Chris worked at the Brownstone, but that was it! Nothing about herself, either.

          • In Season 1 Lauren worked at The Brownstone as a bridal assistant. Carline called Lauren, “A Bride’s Bi*ch.” Then Caro decides Lauren needs to go to Beauty Scholmso she can own her own salon someday and Lauren said, “I’m not shaving anyone’s chuckle.” I think Geresa brought up the job issue because Caroline said to someone she was going on Season 4 tomgivenher kids exposure.

            • And exposure they got. Exposure of the worst kind. The Smirk brothers are beyond juvenile and were incapable of asking an intelligent question at the CA Winery. Lauren is not very bright. frankly it is sad that she was bullied by her her brothers and her Mom and took the easy weigh (pun intended) out by going the lapband route. Too bad she cannot fix the inside. What possible client wants to buy a beauty product froma mean girl stuck in Jr High>

              • Oh yes it’s a case of dumb and dumber in season 2. Ashley has her faults but at least is living on her own. I hope Ashley matures into an independent young woman.

  6. Lauren needs to learn what democracy is and how to read a highway sign before she can even begin to try to call Teresa out for the Napalm comment.

  7. Was just reading twitter postings and Lapband, while making fun of Teresa for not knowing how to spell napalm, spelled the word spelled spelt. Oh Lauren, get a lapband for your big stupid mouth, or a muzzle. Why don’t you tell us something useful on twitter like where the hell you ever worked. Daddy bought you a business and you closed after one day. Also I would like to see a lie detector on you while you tell how you work out 2 hours in the morning and an hour at night, that is as big a lie as your mother is tiny and never had to deal with weight issues. Does anyone in your freakin family ever tell the truth?

  8. Lauren does know how to spell napalm. She misspelled it on purpose, looked over to Teresa, and then Teresa nodded her head in agreement–as if she were agreeing that Lauren had spelled the word correctly. Lauren was mocking Teresa with that spelling. This seems to be the only site where people think Lauren actually mispelled napalm. If Andy thought Lauren had misspelled napalm, he would have called her out on the reunion show, or the Watch What happens Live show.
    Teresa is a twit. I have read her blog and she either DOES have a ghost writer, or she is a genius and just plays stupid on TV. Guess which one I pick?

    • Go on the mensa candidate Lauren’s twitter and see how she spelled the word spelled –SPELT. I wouldn’t be so high and mighty about her prowess in the spelling department.

    • Lauren can’t spell it either. She is what is known as a twit. She is only trying to convince everyone that she spelled it that way on purpose, NOT!

    • I’m quite certain that you ,Ivy, resorted to name calling when presented with logical factual arguments. Ask any reasonably intelligent third grader if spelt is the proper spelling ?

    • Watching Caroline screaming about how she is going to educate Teresa the fool , is proof to me that someone was able to mate a hysterical hyena with a lying sack of shit.

    • No Ivy, it is a site to share opinions. The mate a man with A monkey comment was proof you are A MANZOID GORGAT PLEASE REPORT TO THE WAKILAURITA FLOOR…. …Z-O-I-D-S.,…Z-O-I-D-S….ROCK IT BABY..YOU ARE A MANAZOID DON’T. FORGET TO WIND YOURSELF UP……OOOOOO KISS YOURSELF.

  9. OMG ppl! Read Laurens tweets! When she spelled Napalm the wrong way, she was mocking Tre! She was acting like thats how Tre would spell it! Do u actually think she would come on the reunion to bust Tre & not know how
    to spell it? Tre doesnt write all her blogs! Especially the 1 about Alice in Wonderland….it was very obvious! Shes not the sharpest tool in the shed!

  10. First off, there are a lottttt of people on the street that wouldn’t know the answer to that. & the remarks about waiting on Carowhine’s advice book on how to be a great parent . Cute :) She believes what she wants to believe doesn’t she :P

    • I love the smell of napalm in the morning. I’m not sure what it is, incendiary materials used in bombs during Vietnam? Defoliating chemical like agent orange used in Vietnam? I could look it up, but I don’t really care.

      I will say this to the manzoid children, I have been working since I was 16 years old, I worked my way through college and had bought my first house at age 23. They are LOSERS, they speak and say nothing of consequence, waste of oxygen, losers, their parents should be ashamed to feature such losers on national television.

  11. Wow , haveta’say the pic of Jax (the wallpaper) she has an awfully sad look in her eyes. I guess that’s Tre’s fault too.?? I really do think she needs to step out of this spin & get her own life back. Really sad. Hard to believe she’s the same girl from season 1.

  12. Did anyone else notice that they had NO PROBLEM saying Teresa PIMPS OUT HER 11 YEAR OLD KID!!!! but she wasnt allowed to make a comment about the manzo kids. And Lauren was allowed to make stabs at CHILDREN but again Teresa cant give her opinion on grown adults.

    Kathy can call Teresa’s parents liars and cowards but she cant even BRING UP kathy’s father because he passed away? so what?

    And Lauren and EVERYONE ELSE on the show can bad mouth and shit talk teresa for two seasons but that’s ok because they didnt use any buzz words like “fat” or “retarded” but TERESA is the reason people kill themselves every day?

    ALSO caroline said they dont CARE she is in magazines except for when she drags THEIR names into it- BUT THE ONLY REASON MELISSA GOT A COVER WAS BECUASE SHE DRAGGED TERESA IN TO IT.

    • The whored out Gia thing was mind blowing. So vicious. So stoopid. And obviously something that Lauren is super jealous of. Even her leather encased body didn’t rate a full cover when she tried to whore her own a-hole self out.

      • I know..Lauren hey you have just lost 35 pounds and instead of brining it in your leather dress and partial chuckle reveal, you start a spelling bee with Teresa? Fail.

      • Ignorant and repulsive at the same time. Wow, Jax has come a long way, huh? Again, jealousy and lack of emotional control trumps intelligence. Sounding more and more like she needs her brain examined, seriously.
        The functions of the frontal lobes involve the ability to recognize future consequences resulting from current actions, to choose between good and bad actions, to override and suppress unacceptable social responses, and to determine similarities and differences between things or events.

        • Interesting about the frontal lobe. Can this be organic(is that right word?) or could injury or alki-haul also cause this? That inability to see the similarities and differences of events could account for her illogical twitters-especially the ones she sends when stressed. I am thinking organic and passed down from her mommas side because that woman was off the tracks a lot of the time too.

        • something about her makes me believe that her emotional growth was stunted….I’ve heard that as far as alcoholics and drug addicts, that their maturity stops at the age that they began their addiction….wonder if she began drinking or experimenting with drugs at a young age…..she is just so very immature

  13. I have no Idea why Tree didn’t cop to having help. I respect the fact she knows she has short coming and seeks help. It’s too bad the others don’t!

  14. Ultimately, I don’t care if these women (Tre included) tear each other apart. But they need to leave the kids out of it. Caroline and Lauren talking about Gia was completely unacceptable. On the one hand Caroline says she did not like season 4 Caroline, and will not be that person again. She might want to look in the mirror, because she IS that person.
    Andy should never have allowed them to go there and talk about the kids. He is disgusting for allowing that on his network.

  15. I use spell check. Quite sure Teresa is capable of that as well. IMO Teresa learned her lesson very well under the Donald’s tutelage. Hire the best and brightest if you cannot do it yourself. Good on ya Teresa.

    • Fools do not have the intelligence to surround themselves with the best people for the job. Wake up! All of them use advisors, stylists, etc. ALL. Of. Them.

    • because you know for fact that she doesn’t? IF so, please share the name of her ghost writer. Otherwise, it’s called conjecture not proof .. just FYI

  16. At least she knows she needs help when writing her blogs. She should just admit it. Who cares. Betther than looking like an idiot like Lauren. That was too funny!

  17. but caro and jacko had bullied gia on the show rmember? while she cried for her mother. and went on to defend their actions. they are not good people.

  18. Peeks in…is it safe here yet are we all in agreement the Reunion sucked hard bioled eggs

  19. Lauren is her mother’s daughter – mean and ugly. For someone in the fashion industry she failed the styling courses! Her dress was ill fitting, inappropriate for sitting down with any modesty and showed that her shoulders and upper arms didn’t get the lapband memo ! IMHO, Bravo left the incorrect mocking spelling in the final cut to show Lauren for the person she is in real life.

    • I think LapBand’s dress looked like she got it at Target in the Halloween section. It is actually a french maids costume and she left off the frilly apron.

  20. HAHAHAHAH and Lauren cannot spell…spelled. The idiot thinks it’s spelt. LOLOLOLOLO. Yeppers she really is that stoopid. Lauren calling out Tre? Huge mistake. Lauren apparently cannot even master 3rd grade spelling. I doubt Lapband could recognize the proper spelling even if she bothered with spell check.

    • What a wasted opportunity for Lauren! I loved it when Tre looked at Andy and said “next.” Tre doesn’t have to answer any questions from anyone but Andy. Spell F-A-I-L.

  21. Lauren is a genius any way it’s spelt. Mom, how you read the highway sign? Let’s call the builder man, maybe he knows.

  22. Sweet how Lauren and Caroline named their business after each other. Lauren (chubby a$$hole, Mama’s words) named hers “CalfFace” and Mamas catering hall is named Brownstain.

  23. Ok. Let’s just get a couple things straight. None of these women have a.n actual education, so expecting them to communicate properly went out the window. Teresa got the job done. Her ignorant “housebuilder” went broke so she used.what she had in front of her. Why would anyone find.fault with her taking care of her immediate family ? Jaqueline went all insane b/c Teresa shoukd have told her all about their legal & money problems? Wha? The sister in law is a total stripper/hooker… she dresses.like a prostitute. Kathy, that poor broad. Being married to the most unattrwctive man who said she “tastes like fish but gets the job done”? I wouldnt show my face to the world til he was.6.ft under. Lauren is inexcusably hateful. And for the record, I don’t think she.knew.how to spell napalm, and cought herself, covered with the “it was a joke” excuse. Now. Caroline is the evil -doer. She is the most jealous hateful bitch. She has promoted Teresa has bad b/c of something that happened to her personally, dragged her vendetta out in front of her dopey husband’s banquet room and sold memberships to the Tre-man-woman-haters-club. Eeew! And mega fake! “he’ll say it a again!” Oh. My. God. Creepy. And then theres Jaqueline. Just hairdresser from Vegas. Always crying never sahing anything nice to or about anyone, and expects.people to treat her like their best friend. Forever. Stalker.

  24. Sounds like there are a half-dozen Tre sychophants rotating a variety of handles to make it seem like Tre isn’t the batsh*t, insecure moron she appears to be on the show. Hmm…she’s not above paying $$ ($$ she doesn’t have, BTW) to hire a ghostwriter, so it would hardly be a stretch for her to hire a few freelance trolls, too. Not gonna bother coming back to this site ever again. Have fun in LaLa Land, B*tches!

    • name calling is a tool of the ignorant and my best guess (based on verbiage and syntax) is that you are the only one doing that which you accuse others

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