September 30, 2012  12:10 pm   Insider…   NOTE:  Dear Lord, PLEASE make the RHONJ end quickly…

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169 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE, MELISSA GORGA: Tree and MeGo are STILL “Debating!”… VIDEO

  1. Is it just me or is anyone else offended that they are playing a clip showing Nicholas tonight? While I feel bad for Jac, I don’t get it’s relevance to the show. I really hope Bravo/Jac do not bring this into S5.

    • I hope she’s GONE GONE GONE exploiting her AUTISTIC child to the nation is dysfunctional and SHE should me reported to the AUTISTIC FOUNDATION and so should BRAVO. That poor little boy is going to be scared for life. His parents are P’s O S.

    • And what a lovely and appropriate venue to do the Big Reveal. Women fighting, screeching, finger pointing and accusations. Showing this amidst a giant cat fight? Did Bravo pay extra for the video. Is it before or after the xanax was passed around? Is it before or after the men almost coming to blows.

  2. Sniff, sniff so sad about snort MeHo? Didn’t her sniff! Sniff! hubs call Kim D an old coke ho? Hmmm….did he get his info at Lookers ? Ya know that place where MeGo worked for a second, a minute, an hour , a day, a week, a year?

      • I have read that too…although everyone has a bad day ever now and then…plus it has to take toll on Teresa being away from her family and juggling her busy schedule. Kudos to her as she does hustle…wish juicy joe would respect her more.

      • Teresa works her butt off. Not a great life running from point A to point B and away from her family. I doubt she didn’t smile and was most respectful of all the people who showed up to see her. Everyone is allowed a bad day once in awhile.

        • I met Teresa this past summer and she was delightful. In this last year I’ve read 1,000′s of posts and have never heard a negative comment about any of her signings until today. Hmm!!!

    • That could just be a team everyone else fan to begin with. Maybe or maybe she didn’t really meet Teresa. But if she didn’t like her from the start, she’s going to see someone who she thinks is nasty.

    • That’s a lie. I met Teresa at a book signing. It was hot and crowded in the bookstore and there was a long line of people waiting to meet her. She was SUPER nice and gracious to EVERYONE that came out to meet her. She took time to talk to every single person, take a nice photo and write a personal note in their book. She never rushed anyone and made everyone feel really comfortable.
      She may not speak English perfectly but she is an extremely hard working business woman. I would hire her anytime to promote something for me. She never disappoints.

  3. Hey Melissa. If you don’t want anybody to know you were a stripper, why are you always talking about it and changing your story every three minutes! The Denial of Lies Tour is still not ending.

    • The reality of it is, that it is a “Gentlemen’s Club” and I guarantee bartenders aren’t getting 100 buck tips for serving drinks.

      • Bartenders definitely do not get free implants for wearing “tank-tops and sneakers” and serving alcohol “during the day once a week.” LMFAO This broad thinks whatever new “truth” she comes out with is her past. It’s like she makes herself believe it, it must be so!

    • She wasn’t even a stripper. If anything she was a dancer in a bikini at worst. The women aren’t allowed to strip in NJ in a place where alcohol is served.

  4. Yes and I get my truth from twitter. So verifiable! LOL! Glad Teresa stays positive and does not find it necessary to call people out on twitter. Or discuss her family issues on twitter. Or discuss pills and alcohol or use FU (albeit in a “cutesy ” way on twitter.

  5. isn’t this kind of like clapping and say Yeah! Teresa’s miserable? So that is some how good for one’s team? Speaks volumes about the person tweeting that.

  6. The average normal person with an unsavory past would tread lightly around people who know their secrets. Not Melissa or Jacqueline, they know how loyal Teresa is. Sadly, like she told Dina, she’s not willing to hurt their parents. They’ve all taken advantage of her. Lauren and Ashley both could’ve learned a valuable lesson in respect and loyalty from Teresa.

  7. Teresa appears to come from a much different background than these other broads. She’s more authentic Italian and closerknit to her parents and maintains blind loyalty to her parents and brother. Thre calculating interloper Mego will never understand these dynamics. Mego will be divorcing her bro within a few years and unfortunately he will be heartbroken and blame Tre. He is this dumb and as much as Tre wants to protect him she cant. He is a slave to his poison and his poison is Mego. An Italan-American tragedy.

  8. I really wish someone would make a video of all of Mego’s contradictions and lies, but that video would be like 20 mins long!! I would love of a montage of video clips of her mentioning years, timelines, events, what year she was married, graduated, and met him in Cancun(then she met him back in NJ). There is no disputing dates! She keeps changing the years on all of these events. Why doesn’t Miss Andy grill her about that, like he grilled Miss Phaedra Parks about when she conceived her child.

    • @teapot, I will never understand how this one merits a pass. Let housewife hoe create a montage of lies, MP do the vid bits and we can take turns asking her to address the contradictions and lies.

      • Lol Maybe MP saved some video clips of Lookers pulling dates and years out of her ass in her plethora of video files. Nothing adds up! Any person who says they do not know what year they graduated college is on drugs, has Alzheimer’s, or is hiding a whole lot of nastiness. Getting the dates mixed up of when you are married and when you graduated college is really unheard of. She is only 33 so I am pretty sure it’s not Alzheimer’s lol..

  9. Ok miss liar of the year…Obviously you are calling bravo liars as they came out and said Tre was not involved in the “set up”. Or maybe you cant read..Wait you taught school on your days off from strip club. Never mentionded Tres marriage,finances or anything else the whole time? OMG! You hate Kim D. Does that mean you are no longer friends with the Manzos or Lauritas as they are still friends with her? You go to b-day party because you didnt want to look bad. Tre figured the only reason you would show up was to cause drama and she was right. She twisted your arm while holding your baby?Now thats what is called a lie as people there saw nothing happened . You never wanted BlowMeJoe to make up with his sister. If he did you could no longer be friends with any of the other cast.Because they would turn on you the min you guys were close again. That would ruin your explotation of them. If you were my sister-in-law I would have cut you out a long time ago. Just because your married to her brother doesnt mean she has to make you a part of her life.Yes, can be civil and make sure that family gatherings are not battle fields, but she doesnt have to have anything to do with you. She is his wife not your sister. If you want to help your husband you will shut your pie hole and keep her name out of your mouth. There are ways to work things out so kids can still be together. But to be honest I dont think Melcontent would put any effort to work things out to make it good for Tre and her brother. How would that benefit Mel? Because in the long run if it doesnt benfit her than she has no reason to do anything. She is truely the sisterinbitch.

    • So true, Mego only does something if it benefits her in some way like a true sociopath. When Joego and Mego were leaving Napa with Tre and her husband, She kept saying “Oh you guys BETTER remember what we did for you!” “You better remember we had your back!” A real person who has your back does not have to keep reminding you.

      • teapot because it was all for the cameras. So they can say, look back at season 4, episode whatever and say, “see, how lost in fame you were, you don’t even remember when it’s clearly on camera!” I bet the only times they are there is when the cameras roll. We all know that though. They are sick. I just can’t.

  10. I’m proud to say I spotted MeGo for what she was on episode one and called her out. I got a lot of flack on my own blog for it and just said, wait and see. Not getting flack now, everyone hates her. What irritates me most, besides the lies and BS, is that ‘friendship’ Jaqoholic and CarManzo have with Katfish and MeGo. You know Caroline despises them. She despises Jaq too. But, she needs her teams of lying hos behind her fat bullying ass. I can’t wait to see Tre lay into all of them tonight. I’ll wait for the second showing, but, you know it’s KILLING me. Agggggggggggggg!

    • DDisher, I saw her for what she was too!!! I was surprised and am still surprised that she has fans. I thought I was going crazy because it appeared to me that people were all about her and I just saw her this manipulative bitch. It just sucks that it took this long for other sites to realize what a TRUE Sociopath she really is. Sprinkle cookies anyone? The dumbest argument in history as to why to hate a sister in law.

      • I’m always suspicious of overt “jesus-ness” from anyone who dresses like a slut and obviously worships money. I didn’t like any of these people from the beginning; I especially couldn’t stand Caroline and was in such a minority I kept my mouth shut–even at the hairdressers. I’m actually surprised that I am rooting for Teresa at this point.

  11. Oh, I got the sprinkle cookie thing explained to me on here. I had no idea it was an insult, a big FU to Tre and her family. MeGo is such a mean manipulator. She should have just slapped Tre, it would have been less insulting.

  12. ugh. the dates about when melissa was working at Lookers… there are just too many different time frames that have popped up, all having come from her mouth, that i’m just inclined to believe she really did work there as a stripper or a dancer or whatever for probably seven or eight months. the girl needs to spew ONE story and stick to it. *rolls eyes*

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