September 30, 2012  12:10 pm   Insider…   NOTE:  Dear Lord, PLEASE make the RHONJ end quickly…

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169 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE, MELISSA GORGA: Tree and MeGo are STILL “Debating!”… VIDEO

      • There is prolly some sort of deeply satanic backwards hidden messages in the footage that compels us. I don’t think there is one of us that truly wants to keep tuning it.. and yet we do. Has to be the devil.

    • ChiantiDeb ~ I’m with ya, just when I thought I was ready I clicked the link above, WHY….Oh Missy just own that u wanted 2 be on the show just own that ya used Teresa 2 get on it, STOP the, oh I didn’t remember who that man was? You know everthing else, ya just lost me @ Teresa’s Just when I want 2 believe ya you start talking, OMG Hollywood here she comes ~ Oh well Cheers!

  1. That screenshot is priceless!! Fab work per usual Miss SH! You really Rock!! TY for keeping me entertained while recovering from surgery! Can’t thank you enough for filling my boring days w such fun;) anyways, pic of MeHo is super, who me? I’m just a mom of 3& want peace, blah blah blah .. How these people lie constantly is really disturbing.. Only 3 more episodes of these liars.

  2. On a side note, any other peeps here read RT(dont want to write it out)? I had to stop viewing that blog& now my only go to is SH& Fame. I can’t deal w the way they write there& their views are beyond obn, IMO. Miss SH, you truly are the best& hope you realize how many people love you! That’s all! Just wanted to spread the love before the nightmare tonight airs!

    • Not to mention the people who write the show recaps are complete idiots and don’t know how to spell or do proper grammar.

    • Yeah, they banned me from commenting for disagreeing with them. The site admin even wrote me 2 emails to say that even though I wasn’t saying anything worse than anyone else, that she had to block me from commenting bc she had to make her long time, regular posters happy. Mary i think was her name. Wasn’t she the hag face guest blogger for round 1 of Teresa on Anderson Cooper? She is someone who sides with whoever is feeding her inside information because she wants to feel like she’s close and friendly with these quasi famous douches. Anyway, that website is the worst.

      • They banned me for making fun of it all! After a few days of not reading there I realized how negative it really was. They just fight and argue all day and it’s VERY SERIOUS. lol!

      • No way??! Sorry just reading this now.. That site is pathetic .. Can’t even check it out anymore.. It’s whack! I only come here&2 others now ..

        • Oh they were so bad….quit going when I got attacked every time I posted some innocent comment. I’m never really mean spirited….either here on any of the other sites.
          Oh, and speaking of whack sites….the US magazine commenters must be a bunch of adolescents. You can’t make an intelligent comment without some hateful, hating, hater making a nasty comment back at you. If you reply with a reasonable explanation (they all seem to have serious comprehension issues) they will go off relentlessly. You’d think that RT and Us and some of the others as well would moderate the comments. Isn’t the idea to increase your fanbase and not allow commenters to drive away newbies.
          Luv and appreciate ms SH’s approach. She has her rules and she monitors every single comment. Can’t thank her enough when I see how these other sites are run. Guess that’s why we all keep coming here.

  3. That Melissa is one smooth talker. If someone doesn’t know the truth from sites like this then I can see how they would fall for her schmoozing. Teresa’s brother, simple minded, never had a chance with a woman like this.
    Love Teresa!

    • When someone lies like Melissa, they are really good at it.. Actually people surround themselves with the likes of her… She has the crowd circling around her… And then we realize she is just pathetic… They dislike her as we do, actually she gets me sick… Her turn is coming along with her low life sidekick… I hope that Teresa’s kids beat the shit out of him someday… The reason I say kids, well he is about their size, and they want a piece of him after what he has done to their mother… I hope we get to watch that low like on video, crying for forgiveness… He doesn’t deserve, never..

  4. Geez, “I did not know who he was I worked there only one day a week during the day!”
    OH PLEASE MEGO we all saw your job stubs for a year’s work.
    “I never saw him before he was the night manager, not my manager!”
    Is that why you instantly knew his name and said it in the bathroom first?
    If Teresa did call you to warn you about some “set-sup” that you already knew about, you would probably think say she set it up anyway and deny any phone calls. “What phone calls! tee hee”

    • I agree. And, did anyone else notice, during the ladies room scene at the fashion show, Melissa said “I was a teacher,” to which Teresa responded, “You were still in school.” Melissa said, “No, I was a teacher.” We know that Melissa did not graduate until after she was married. Her name was listed in the list of graduates as Melissa Gorga, not Melissa Marco. So then, if she hadn’t yet graduated when she met Stumpy (supposedly at Lookers), how was she already a teacher?

      • Good point. My sister is a dental assistant. She used me as her “patient” when she needed to get a grade on taking ex-rays well before she graduated. So MeGo;s insistence that she was a teacher back then would be as stoopid as my sister saying that she “worked on my teeth” back then.

          • LOL! IMO you would have to be positively bi-polar to switch back and forth between all that second grade innocence and adult filth. I wonder if MeGo collected the lunch money and stuffed it down her bra. Old habits die hard!

            • Bahahahaha. To be honest I would be more worried about the nasal bump(allegedly) that she had each morning. Not to mention access to all those children with their ADHD meds. Just saying.

            • Aint, MeGo was far too comfortable getting down on her knees in front of everyone she knows and simulate a blow job. Who does that? Oh, an ex ????

              • MeGo looked like a professional , didn’t she? The virtuous wife and mother, innocent second grade teacher routine is a bit difficult to stomach when we can see MeHo does not mind being filmed simulating a bj. Lovely for the kids to have these moments on film for their teenage years.

              • I wish you hadn’t brought that picture back in my mind. it was so gross…especially with Saint Caroline laughing in the background. I need brain bleach.

            • okie doke see yall later. :)
              Jax latest
              Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita

              I tweet a lot because I do a lot of research on the computer all day on Beauty and Autism, so it’s convenient for me. So what.:0) I enjoy it

        • Right. And too stoopid to take listen for Tree’s verbal cues. Tree was trying to get her to clarify what she did(eggmit it was just a student teacher) because she KNEW that the viewers, the bloggers would uncover the truth and her trying to church it up would not fly when there is clear timeline that does not support a day time career as second grade “teacher” for that timeframe. This alone is enough to tell me that Tree was STILL trying to save MeGo from herself. Those days are over. And MeGo has no one to blame but her “tell her shame on you Joe. tell her!” self.

          • Yeah, at the bikini bar where she wore a tank top, shorts and tennis shoes. That’s why she needed the implants, for the week she worked there in her tank top. Hmm, credible? LOL

            • MeHo needed the implants to teach second grade. Reading, writing and stripper pole was MeGo’s lesson plan. Except for that one day a week. You know where she bartended at the club, that one week, that one day and some guy just randomly shoved a gift certificate and appointment down her tank top. Voila ! boobies. Thank you random stranger. Cough, cough

          • I’m sure that’s when the big spenders>choke choke gag cough< made their way to this oh so stellar establishment. You know the $100 fellers?

            • You would think MwHo would maybe stick to one of the other versions she has already said. Now, she’s saying something completely different. That is why I believe Tree. Her story has always been the same, and MeHo’s changes daily.

              By the way, MP and Aint, you are both hilarious!

              • Thanks Fab. I love posting on SH but kind of intimidated at how intelligent and really funny all the posters are on SH. MP is always spot on and I am one of your followers as well.

              • @Aint and Made, thanks. You are both lovely ladies. Don’t feel intimidated, Aint, you’re posts always rock.

              • That’s so true… The smartest people are on SH… Funny, cute, sassy, and dammit nice! If someone smacks you on this site, they have your back… MP, ain’t, cyn, all of em. I kind of come here to relax if that makes any sense… Smile, and enjoy the girls. Wow, I don’t know about tonight, I am thinking I might not watch this reunion, just come here and see what the pros say..I guess it’s all about having a heart here… And I am not sucking up to anyone, it’s the truth!

              • You are a sweetheart Shelagh! I come here for my reality check. Ms. SH don’t play! She tells it straight up!

    • But, on the show she said she only worked there one week. She really needs to write her lies on the palm of her hand so she can refresh her memory of the current story.

      • Yeah, that’s the pronlem with lies. One has to make up more lies to cover up the other lies. Pretty soon, everything gets mixed up and >>>BUSTED. It must be so exhausting.

  5. oh boy Melissa has done some practicing!
    For the most part, she is believable HOWEVER!!! She says herself that “things” were bad before she came on the show. So if things were bad, WHY COME ON AND SHOW THE WORLD THAT? I’ll tell you why-because she cares more about being on tv than she does about “fixing” her husband’s relationship with his sister-no matter what she says. Melissa is a fool-but even a fool knows that sticking a camera in a bad relationship is gonna make it worse.
    Teresa’s delivery isn’t as smooth and I’m sure many will use that as proof that she is trying to remember her “lies”-but please keep in mind that all this turmoil really hurts Tre, and gets her upset, while Melissa is only concerned with looking good on camera and doesn’t give a rat’s ASS about the discord in her husband’s family. No matter what she says.
    I can only hope that Tre ignores her next season. Let’s see what happens when she doesn’t have Teresa for her storyline.

    • Well said. Also I think a lot of Tree’s choppy speech patterns has to do with her censoring herself from telling the truth about these people(Manzo, Laurita AND Marco). She is still holding their secrets. The big ones.
      If she was free to just let it rip i am sure the delivery would be a bit smoother.

        • Testify MP, Cam and Lena. IMO Tre knows where the bodies are buried. Probably made it her business to know when baby brother started dating this trick. The Gorga’s finances are about to go over a cliff and that’s the least of it.

          • I think part of it is censoring herself but I would like to add that italian is her mother tongue and probably all she knew before school – I suspect when stressed or anxious she thinks in italian and the translates in her head. We are english but are right beside Quebec – we live in a bilingual town and my kids first language is actually french. Put into daycare at 6mths so the amount of time they spent with us awake was about an hour at night and wknds. They learned french 1st (wanted this as they need both languages for employment – and it’s paid off) once they were old enough to understand and talk about it I found out they thought and dreamed in french. I think this is a possibility with Teresa as well.

      • Yes, but seriously, can’t she afford a speech pathologist/therapist? Hell even a public speaking coach. I adore T but her lack of command when speaking drives me a bit crazy.

        • I dont think that would work if she is actually trying to censor herself. For instance when people(ok me) are speaking to their grandmother about a touchy family situation that would ordinarily evoke some rather salty language out of them (ok me), they(ok me) have to censor their(my) curse words so they(ok I) dont curse in front of their (my) granny. I hear some of the same stops and starts out of Tree. And I only speak one language… well two if you count cursing while pissed.
          So I am imagining these truths are bubbling up in her throat threatening to burst forth just like my bad language sometimes.

          • Just to clarify I am never ever ever angry at my granny for any reason ever. She is the best person on the planet period. I am just talking about the times I vent to her about stuff.

      • yea i agree too about fighting herself about whats shes about to say. I believe she thinks about everything she says ( well most) and if she says something she’ll think of the backlash so then she’ll change the answer. I think she does alot to save grief for her family and her bros family.

    • Melissa is a better communicator than Tree for sure – not by MUCH, but enough to give her the advantage in certain situations. Another advantage Melissa has is she is FAR more calculating than Teresa. She plans, she practices, she strategizes. I swear, she’s running like a presidential campaign – anticipating every move of her “opponent”, making sure she “punches back” at just the right time and with just the right words. I really don’t believe Teresa even thinks like that. As she’s said many times, she’s BUSY and just lives her life. Melissa is playing chess and Teresa is well, not even in the game.

        • IMO MeHo gets the better edit in most cases. Just watch the talking head above and catch the slicing and dicing. I am rewatching last years reunion. MeHo definitely gets the velvet glove treatment. At this point Bravo has already gone to her head. She knows how to goad Tre because she is a mean girl and that is how she operates. Striking how Teresa does not know how to use mean girl tactics. That is not how she plays……

      • Guilty, your absolutely right about the calculating part of Melwhore. She really does practice her speeches and if you look at her closely (never a good idea), you’ll see that her eyes glaze, her body shifts and she has a slight smirk when speaking. She’s full on lying. I can’t take her anymore—- pray that she’s not back next season! NOTHING, I mean nothing will ever be healed between the two because the damage is too great. Why should she get to capitalize even more on T?

    • That’s what MeHo wants. She NEVER wanted Tre and SloJoe to be close. She benefits from all the turmoil.

      • Ding! ding! We have a winner! Excellent point. MeGo does not have a storline if she can’t sir the shite with Tre.

  6. “I never said she was a stripper. I heard rumors she was a stripper. I just spread the rumors she was a stripper but I never actually said she was a stripper.”

    Teresa Guidice, Victim

    • True plus she said she didnt care if she was a stripper either which is a lie she cared enough to whisper it in her parents ears,to tell joey and others if she truly didnt care she wouldnt have spread it around

      • Wait…..it’s already been said that she did NOT tell her Father that MeGo was a stripper. JoGo was lying about that……

    • ” I didn’t go on the show to take Teresa down. There’s just a TAPE of me saying I wanted to do just that and I just spent the last 2 yrs making nasty comments about her in talking heads and misrepresenting her every word and move to viewers, but I don’t actually want to take her down.”

      Melissa Gorga, Conscience-free Manipulator

  7. Ya know what? They’re now BORING!!!!!!!!!!! Who cares?????? Same old lies. Same old lines. Melissa is believable, but when you repeat, word for word, the same things, it gets boring! And, Tree–I’d like to make her sit on her hands when she’s speaking. It’s so distracting to watch her hands constantly fly in the air. The only thing we got out of this was Melissa “eggmitting” that she and Tree DIDN’T get along before she came on the show. There goes their “perfect family” lie. Tree makes it sound like things were great before her brother came onto the show. I don’t believe a word any of these chicks say anymore. They’re handed lies to spew and they’re not even good actresses.

  8. Yep, I’m bore of this too. Melissa is so practiced at lying, Teresa stumbles over her words and Melissa ruined her young fresh face.

    • Melissa sure did. She is well on her way to being a puffy potato head like the cosmetic procedure queen of NJ, the newly Asian Jacqueline Laurita.

  9. Re-watching the reunion (with Danielle) and it is crazy how obvious the Manzo -Laurita went after Danielle. I am not defending Danielle but OMG. After watching two years of destroy Teresa at any cost you can see a pattern emerging. Jac is a shit-strirrer and a manipulator. She used texts and tweets from the get go to set up Danielle. Jaxstabber has a nasty pattern of using tweets to defame her victims and presents them without any context. Combine that with Melissa’s nasty intentions. I am over this darkness. Why is it necessary to portray women as if we are only capable of nasty vindictive and cruel.

      • ITA Lisa. IMO Danielle was not always the instigator as I once thought. Some one was yanking her chain on a regular basis.

            • LOL, that was my intention. I’ve got a lot of Chuckie-isms stuck in my brain. I am not well :)
              When I see your name I think of making that great hand gesture – hand under jaw.

        • Jax likes to throw out threats of defamation suits as part of her MO. She did that to both of them.

          You know, Danielle was out there without the strong support system that T has, with her family, husband, wide fan base and people who defend her. Danielle had none of that. It’s a wonder she didn’t crack.

          • ITA with Puppeteer and Candace. Teresa looked shocked and (IMO) had a come to Baby Cheezus whenshe saw Jaxstabber hug Danielle. Teresa shows everything , every emotion and I think a tiny aha moment.

  10. How do any of us know what Teresa whispered in her parents’ ears? It’s as though the elder Gorgas are in isolation. Do we seriously believe that their friends/family (outside of Teresa) didn’t hear the same rumors and speak to them? If so, everyone must live in different communities than mine, because unless you’re totally cut off from everyone else, rumors (rather true or false) fly a mile a minute.

    Also, I’d agree with Melissa about the rsvp thing except, she and Teresa hadn’t communicated in any form for four – five months. The last time they spoke (at the reunion and the night before at the fashion show), it was U.G.L.Y! This situation then wasn’t like previous ones, there was a family totally broken and yet Melissa feels things are the same? At the very least, a text saying she’s going to attend, but I’m sure Melissa didn’t want to be told not to appear. She’s something else, and not the good something else!

    • I agree!!! Back home I lived in a community of nothing but family (my family is huge) and we talk but only amongst the ones that we’re very close to. We don’t spread rumors we keep it amongst ourselves. But I’m one of those ppl that won’t say anything until someone else brings it up, I’ll chime in later with what I heard. I have an aunt whose husband cheats on her like nobody’s business, everybody knows.

    • I agree with this. In small towns, rumors spread like wildfire, especially juicy ones. Melissa acts hollier than thou, so I’m fairly certain a rumor about her stripping would be a popular one.

      The biggest thing about the Gorgas no one talks about anymore BUT SHOULD is what Papa Gorga said to his miscreant son at the Christening. “You only think of yourself” and “you’re a mama’s boy.” I don’t think Teresa had to poison (no pun intended) any relationship between JoGoand his father…he did that on his own.

  11. Why does Melissa look Puerto Rican? It is like she is trying to be a low budget J-Lo. Is that all tanning and layer after layer of makeup?

    • Melissa is nothing But a JLo wannabe. Did you notice the new JLo hairdo she’s sporting at the Reunion? She couldn’t make a pimple on JLo’s Booty! She’s transparent and laughable. I wonder if JLo’s worried about the competition or if JLo even knows she exists.

      • LOL i can assure you JLO isnt worried… shes a REAL actress and real singer. She may not be the best singer but.. shes the real deal.. she worked hard for her fame for many years. anyone remember when she was a dancer? i forgot the show,

      • I know right? I would be cringing knowing my checks were bouncing and I owed tradesmen. Plus living in a spec house and pretending it’s your dream home? Are you serious. Just watched Andy bringing up Tre’s legal and financial issues for the umpteenth time. Apparently confrontations 1,2 and 3 were not sufficient enough to satisfy Mandy and MeGo. MeGo smirks an makes nasty play by play. Kathy and Red roll their eyes. Jax is at home hiding under the bed tweeting with her best friends Bailey and Zanny. Where are the questions regarding the Laurita’s bankruptcy. Chuckie is so up in Teresa’ family business between Bro and Sis let’s ask her? Nope! Pass.

  12. Maybe Bravo producers planned to set up Teresa as the “Most Hated NJ housewive” this season, and then NEXT season resurrect her as the “Likable One” (a la Camille Grammer RHBH.) But they failed. Viewers aren’t buyin it.

  13. WHERE’S THE PROOF? WHERE’S THE PROOOFFF? SHOW ME. SHOWWW MEEEEE!!! All I ever hear from Jax and Melissa is how much proof they have; well, WTH, give it to me. Don’t they want to discredit Teresa? So why are they holding onto the PROOF?
    I still can’t believe how that former dancer had me fooled at the beginning. I fell for her act, hook, line and sinker. I was really impressed by the character she offered to us viewers. Now, I couldn’t even finish the video because I can’t take anymore of Melissa’s lying and her extolling her own virtues as a sister-in-law, a family peace maker and a bartender when what I really want to hear are the details surrounding her communication with Danielle. And I want to see the audition video that the Gorgas sent to Bravo! I don’t need to ask Melissa any questions about her dancing days as I came to my own conclusion because she can’t even keep the same story about that for two consecutive interviews. Melissa Marco is a crafty “wench” and dim Joey Gorga is no match for her; imo when she’s bled him dry, she’ll move on. That shouldn’t be too long now.

    • Applause! You freakin’ nailed it. Chux claimed to have emails and texts. Why weren’t they ever presented? What ? Teresa wasn’t the reason Dina and Caro have a toxic relationship?

    • Ding, ding, ding!

      I hate all the dancing around with the “proof.” Either put up or shut up…reveal this so-called proof and then Teresa is completely discredited.

      Also, Aint Pittypat, I found it really irritating when Caro brought up Teresa and Dina’s relationship. Dina and Teresa can’t be friends but Caro can be friends with Melissa? Same situation…just different rules apply.

      • If any one of them had an iota of proof they would have blasted it all over the internet by now. jacko kept saying that tre had deleted tweets… if that were true jacko would have posted the (alleged) deleted tweets asap….no doubt

  14. And the story changes again. First it was “I worked there for one week”. Now it’ “I worked there one day a week”.

    • 1. She was filling in for her cousin who worked there while cousin was on vacation
      2. Her cousin owned the place
      3. A relative managed the place
      4. Old patrons offered $90 tips on $10 drinks so it would be stoopid not to work there
      5. Worked there 1 night a week
      6. Hated working there so quit after 1 week
      7. Can provide one year’s worth of pay stubs to prove bartender position

  15. I’m sorry but MeGo and Jacko trying to pray upon the sympathy of people because of Jacko’s son really makes me want to screm. When your child has a life threatening illness – give me call, until then, act like a responsible parent and do what is best for him and get the heck off of tv. Even if your child has ADD problems, the last thing that child needs is for you to be focused on a tv program. And NO I WILL NOT WATCH THE REUNION IN BOYCOTT OF BRAVO.

    • Completely agree. All these tears and hysterics about this child, as if he were dying or something, is beyond ridiculous. And then, making a public display of his disorder to create “awareness” for autism? I can think of so many better ways to raise awareness for a cause… I’m certain I sound insensitive, but good God, man! This child will thrive with proper treatment and parental involvement. Autism is not the end of the world…not by any mans. It makes life more complicated, yes, but it’s not the end of the world.

      • That’s exactly how I feel…autism isn’t a death sentence by any means!!! I understand we want the best for our children and don’t want them to suffer/struggle but there are worse things he could be suffering from. I’m a bit offended by it all.

  16. Kim D tweeted a pic of Melissa on the toilet it looks like when she was younger. You do not see anything but, that only means this is the start. lol.

    • I saw that. And there was something circled in the top of the picture but I couldn’t figure out what it was. Why the hell did she tweet it? To expose Melissa as someone who uses toilets? It just made Kim D look bad, not Melissa. And I’m all for digging the dirt up on Melissa.

  17. Is it just me or is anyone else offended that they are playing a clip showing Nicholas tonight? While I feel bad for Jac, I don’t get it’s relevance to the show. I really hope Bravo/Jac do not bring this into S5.

    • I hope she’s GONE GONE GONE exploiting her AUTISTIC child to the nation is dysfunctional and SHE should me reported to the AUTISTIC FOUNDATION and so should BRAVO. That poor little boy is going to be scared for life. His parents are P’s O S.

    • And what a lovely and appropriate venue to do the Big Reveal. Women fighting, screeching, finger pointing and accusations. Showing this amidst a giant cat fight? Did Bravo pay extra for the video. Is it before or after the xanax was passed around? Is it before or after the men almost coming to blows.

  18. Sniff, sniff so sad about snort MeHo? Didn’t her sniff! Sniff! hubs call Kim D an old coke ho? Hmmm….did he get his info at Lookers ? Ya know that place where MeGo worked for a second, a minute, an hour , a day, a week, a year?

      • I have read that too…although everyone has a bad day ever now and then…plus it has to take toll on Teresa being away from her family and juggling her busy schedule. Kudos to her as she does hustle…wish juicy joe would respect her more.

      • Teresa works her butt off. Not a great life running from point A to point B and away from her family. I doubt she didn’t smile and was most respectful of all the people who showed up to see her. Everyone is allowed a bad day once in awhile.

        • I met Teresa this past summer and she was delightful. In this last year I’ve read 1,000′s of posts and have never heard a negative comment about any of her signings until today. Hmm!!!

    • That could just be a team everyone else fan to begin with. Maybe or maybe she didn’t really meet Teresa. But if she didn’t like her from the start, she’s going to see someone who she thinks is nasty.

    • That’s a lie. I met Teresa at a book signing. It was hot and crowded in the bookstore and there was a long line of people waiting to meet her. She was SUPER nice and gracious to EVERYONE that came out to meet her. She took time to talk to every single person, take a nice photo and write a personal note in their book. She never rushed anyone and made everyone feel really comfortable.
      She may not speak English perfectly but she is an extremely hard working business woman. I would hire her anytime to promote something for me. She never disappoints.

  19. Hey Melissa. If you don’t want anybody to know you were a stripper, why are you always talking about it and changing your story every three minutes! The Denial of Lies Tour is still not ending.

    • The reality of it is, that it is a “Gentlemen’s Club” and I guarantee bartenders aren’t getting 100 buck tips for serving drinks.

      • Bartenders definitely do not get free implants for wearing “tank-tops and sneakers” and serving alcohol “during the day once a week.” LMFAO This broad thinks whatever new “truth” she comes out with is her past. It’s like she makes herself believe it, it must be so!

    • She wasn’t even a stripper. If anything she was a dancer in a bikini at worst. The women aren’t allowed to strip in NJ in a place where alcohol is served.

  20. Yes and I get my truth from twitter. So verifiable! LOL! Glad Teresa stays positive and does not find it necessary to call people out on twitter. Or discuss her family issues on twitter. Or discuss pills and alcohol or use FU (albeit in a “cutesy ” way on twitter.

  21. isn’t this kind of like clapping and say Yeah! Teresa’s miserable? So that is some how good for one’s team? Speaks volumes about the person tweeting that.

  22. The average normal person with an unsavory past would tread lightly around people who know their secrets. Not Melissa or Jacqueline, they know how loyal Teresa is. Sadly, like she told Dina, she’s not willing to hurt their parents. They’ve all taken advantage of her. Lauren and Ashley both could’ve learned a valuable lesson in respect and loyalty from Teresa.

  23. Teresa appears to come from a much different background than these other broads. She’s more authentic Italian and closerknit to her parents and maintains blind loyalty to her parents and brother. Thre calculating interloper Mego will never understand these dynamics. Mego will be divorcing her bro within a few years and unfortunately he will be heartbroken and blame Tre. He is this dumb and as much as Tre wants to protect him she cant. He is a slave to his poison and his poison is Mego. An Italan-American tragedy.

  24. I really wish someone would make a video of all of Mego’s contradictions and lies, but that video would be like 20 mins long!! I would love of a montage of video clips of her mentioning years, timelines, events, what year she was married, graduated, and met him in Cancun(then she met him back in NJ). There is no disputing dates! She keeps changing the years on all of these events. Why doesn’t Miss Andy grill her about that, like he grilled Miss Phaedra Parks about when she conceived her child.

    • @teapot, I will never understand how this one merits a pass. Let housewife hoe create a montage of lies, MP do the vid bits and we can take turns asking her to address the contradictions and lies.

      • Lol Maybe MP saved some video clips of Lookers pulling dates and years out of her ass in her plethora of video files. Nothing adds up! Any person who says they do not know what year they graduated college is on drugs, has Alzheimer’s, or is hiding a whole lot of nastiness. Getting the dates mixed up of when you are married and when you graduated college is really unheard of. She is only 33 so I am pretty sure it’s not Alzheimer’s lol..

  25. Ok miss liar of the year…Obviously you are calling bravo liars as they came out and said Tre was not involved in the “set up”. Or maybe you cant read..Wait you taught school on your days off from strip club. Never mentionded Tres marriage,finances or anything else the whole time? OMG! You hate Kim D. Does that mean you are no longer friends with the Manzos or Lauritas as they are still friends with her? You go to b-day party because you didnt want to look bad. Tre figured the only reason you would show up was to cause drama and she was right. She twisted your arm while holding your baby?Now thats what is called a lie as people there saw nothing happened . You never wanted BlowMeJoe to make up with his sister. If he did you could no longer be friends with any of the other cast.Because they would turn on you the min you guys were close again. That would ruin your explotation of them. If you were my sister-in-law I would have cut you out a long time ago. Just because your married to her brother doesnt mean she has to make you a part of her life.Yes, can be civil and make sure that family gatherings are not battle fields, but she doesnt have to have anything to do with you. She is his wife not your sister. If you want to help your husband you will shut your pie hole and keep her name out of your mouth. There are ways to work things out so kids can still be together. But to be honest I dont think Melcontent would put any effort to work things out to make it good for Tre and her brother. How would that benefit Mel? Because in the long run if it doesnt benfit her than she has no reason to do anything. She is truely the sisterinbitch.

    • So true, Mego only does something if it benefits her in some way like a true sociopath. When Joego and Mego were leaving Napa with Tre and her husband, She kept saying “Oh you guys BETTER remember what we did for you!” “You better remember we had your back!” A real person who has your back does not have to keep reminding you.

      • teapot because it was all for the cameras. So they can say, look back at season 4, episode whatever and say, “see, how lost in fame you were, you don’t even remember when it’s clearly on camera!” I bet the only times they are there is when the cameras roll. We all know that though. They are sick. I just can’t.

  26. I’m proud to say I spotted MeGo for what she was on episode one and called her out. I got a lot of flack on my own blog for it and just said, wait and see. Not getting flack now, everyone hates her. What irritates me most, besides the lies and BS, is that ‘friendship’ Jaqoholic and CarManzo have with Katfish and MeGo. You know Caroline despises them. She despises Jaq too. But, she needs her teams of lying hos behind her fat bullying ass. I can’t wait to see Tre lay into all of them tonight. I’ll wait for the second showing, but, you know it’s KILLING me. Agggggggggggggg!

    • DDisher, I saw her for what she was too!!! I was surprised and am still surprised that she has fans. I thought I was going crazy because it appeared to me that people were all about her and I just saw her this manipulative bitch. It just sucks that it took this long for other sites to realize what a TRUE Sociopath she really is. Sprinkle cookies anyone? The dumbest argument in history as to why to hate a sister in law.

      • I’m always suspicious of overt “jesus-ness” from anyone who dresses like a slut and obviously worships money. I didn’t like any of these people from the beginning; I especially couldn’t stand Caroline and was in such a minority I kept my mouth shut–even at the hairdressers. I’m actually surprised that I am rooting for Teresa at this point.

  27. Oh, I got the sprinkle cookie thing explained to me on here. I had no idea it was an insult, a big FU to Tre and her family. MeGo is such a mean manipulator. She should have just slapped Tre, it would have been less insulting.

  28. ugh. the dates about when melissa was working at Lookers… there are just too many different time frames that have popped up, all having come from her mouth, that i’m just inclined to believe she really did work there as a stripper or a dancer or whatever for probably seven or eight months. the girl needs to spew ONE story and stick to it. *rolls eyes*

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