SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Lauren Manzo “PillTalkin”…The Gorgazoids Pushing MORE Products!… Joe Gorga “ConstructionSite”… Paul Nassif “PizzaPicturePerfect”… Nene Leakes “StillWithGregg”

September 30, 2012  2:33 pm

Lauren Manzo was concerned about her relative… 


Have da Gorgas gotten into bed with da Manzoids??   From the Gorgazoids tweets, it certainly seems so… or maybe it’s just good “business” dealings!   AND… poor BubbaJax!  Bubba is ALWAYS promo-tweeting!  Wonder if DonCaro gave Bubba dat job designation?!  Shouldn’t Bubba be readin’ up on autism instead of spending all her time promo-tweetin’??

NOTE:  “Inventor/Entrepreneur” Anthony Laurita told the WaynePatch that, just like BubbaJax,  he’ll be “giving back” too… by donating paving!  Wonder how that charitable instinct is goin’?  Will Anthony be holding a par-tay via SparkleSpeaks… maybe the Brownstone needs new paving! 

“I guess it’s in my genes to start new businesses, and this is one I really believe in,” Laurita Sr. said. “I’ve never started a project with a feeling like this, like it could lead to good things and opportunities for so many people, not just for me.”

The company has already founded a non-profit entity, “Rebound Responds,” that donates paving to organizations in need.”

NOTE:  Check out JoeGorga’s construction website… looks like he’s done building houses and will be installing water ponds!


“Paul Nassif was spotted sharing a pizza at Mulberrys Pizza in Beverly Hills. When he spotted the paparazzo, he hid his face with the pizza box. September 29, 2012”


“The New Normal” and former ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes shows off her belly in some unflattering denim shorts as she attaches a microphone to film a segment in West Hollywood,Ca.”   NOTE:  That’s Gregg on the left!

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