SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Lauren Manzo “PillTalkin”…The Gorgazoids Pushing MORE Products!… Joe Gorga “ConstructionSite”… Paul Nassif “PizzaPicturePerfect”… Nene Leakes “StillWithGregg”

September 30, 2012  2:33 pm

Lauren Manzo was concerned about her relative… 


Have da Gorgas gotten into bed with da Manzoids??   From the Gorgazoids tweets, it certainly seems so… or maybe it’s just good “business” dealings!   AND… poor BubbaJax!  Bubba is ALWAYS promo-tweeting!  Wonder if DonCaro gave Bubba dat job designation?!  Shouldn’t Bubba be readin’ up on autism instead of spending all her time promo-tweetin’??

NOTE:  “Inventor/Entrepreneur” Anthony Laurita told the WaynePatch that, just like BubbaJax,  he’ll be “giving back” too… by donating paving!  Wonder how that charitable instinct is goin’?  Will Anthony be holding a par-tay via SparkleSpeaks… maybe the Brownstone needs new paving! 

“I guess it’s in my genes to start new businesses, and this is one I really believe in,” Laurita Sr. said. “I’ve never started a project with a feeling like this, like it could lead to good things and opportunities for so many people, not just for me.”

The company has already founded a non-profit entity, “Rebound Responds,” that donates paving to organizations in need.”

NOTE:  Check out JoeGorga’s construction website… looks like he’s done building houses and will be installing water ponds!


“Paul Nassif was spotted sharing a pizza at Mulberrys Pizza in Beverly Hills. When he spotted the paparazzo, he hid his face with the pizza box. September 29, 2012″


“The New Normal” and former ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes shows off her belly in some unflattering denim shorts as she attaches a microphone to film a segment in West Hollywood,Ca.”   NOTE:  That’s Gregg on the left!

(Thanks to SH readers “RF” “ChHy”!!)

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38 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Lauren Manzo “PillTalkin”…The Gorgazoids Pushing MORE Products!… Joe Gorga “ConstructionSite”… Paul Nassif “PizzaPicturePerfect”… Nene Leakes “StillWithGregg”

    • Or dead, since I am sure that whatever pill Lauren Manface Manzo is passing around/abusing should not be mixed with alcohol.

        • That would be great for Caroline! A sympathy card more solid than Jac’s son? The Manzos would literally wet themselves with glee. I know that sounds incredibly mean, but this is the attitude they have presented to the world. FEBUS.

      • In all seriousness, I agree Bullie. I poke a lot of fun, but I feel bad for Lauren. I believe she’s troubled and she has a BAD MOTHER who made her that way. Unnecessary surgeries, one weird, deprivation diet after another including one called ” the anorexic diet “, liquid egg whites, repeated cycles of weight loss and gain, hcg hormone injections, excessive alcohol consumption, alleged xanax use and maybe MISuse ( and typically, if you’re taking ONE of those drugs, you’re taking a few or have taken a few ) dangerously high blood pressure spikes and on and on. All this combined with her clearly fragile mental health doesn’t bode well for her future. She’ll never completely “get away” from her mother ( who does ? ) but I sincerely hope she does learn to understand that her mother doesn’t always have her best interests at heart and also to put their relationship into perspective. She should be focused on her career and her relationship with her fiance’ instead of obsessing about her brother’s relationships and friends and protecting her “innocent”, defenseless mother from ” attacks”.

          • Actually no, brother’s WAS correct – I guess I was just talking about Albie, AS IF Chris Manzo has ever had a “relationship”! Singular was fine!

            • @Guilty- I agree that Chuckie holds a lot of the blame for Lauren’s issues. But Lauren isn’t an impressionable teen anymore. She is old enough to decide how she wants to conduct her life and makes her own choices. Look at Breanna from OC.

        • Lauren is a hot mess and her upbringing is all down to Mommy Dearest. I have daughters and listening to Chuckie talk to her daughter frightens me. Lauren is already in deep water if she is mixing drugs and alcohol ?? Scary that Don Caro calls herself a parenting expert with this going on and so publicly. Consider what Lauren unthinkingly puts out there on social media and you can bet there is a ton more that we don’t EVEN know. karma is going to bite Caroline in her bigger than size 4 behind. All the times she confronted and lectured Teresa about Gia? Oh honey it ain’t gonna be pretty.

        • Lauren is a grown-ass woman that is capable of making decisions for herself. Unfortunately for her, she makes stupid and uniformed decisions. She is just too lazy to learn anything. She will remain an ignorant fool following mama around for the rest of her lazy and dependent life.

    • Do they even realize that its a FELONY to share prescription meds?!! It says so, right there on the damn bottle! And they’re just putting it out there, on twitter, for everyone to see! Why don’t they just hold a sign up that says “Hey, police! I’m illegally distributing my meds to my family/friends!”

  1. I predict Lauren Manzo will be a full-blown prescription pill addict in 5 yrs. I also predict Chuck will muscle her way onto some desperate media outlet and will cry/laugh saying ” I can’t ! I can’t! “. Finally, I predict she will blame Teresa Giudice for Lauren’s addiction.

      • Its the same down here in Texas, too. I’ve heard that some of the meds ER’s have, is stronger than heroine!(Never done it, so I don’t know)But, if that’s true, then no wonder so many people are getting addicted! Not to mention, my best friend is in college, becoming an Orthopedic(Back/Spine?) Surgeon, & she says they studied addiction, for only about 2 weeks, & that was it! There aren’t many Doctors that seem to understand the severity of pill addiction & they just keep handing out these prescriptions, like candy!

        • I have learned one thing from RHONJ.

          In the Italian community, “disgrace” and “shame” are apparently some of the worst insults anyone can give. Am I getting that right?

          They are Caroline’s and some others favorite go-to in any name calling, so I’m extrapolating.

          • I think so, but those insults seem to be only for women, along with “whore”. The men have a different list of insults, with “fag” seemingly the worst. Right? haha!

  2. What’s with these dopes and Twitter and personal info? Don’t they have an unlimited text plan? lol Lapband is an attention whore like her Auntie Jax. Albie, otoh, knows how to keep is life private.

  3. Rebound surface is another one of the Laurita backed businesses. This business has been around for about 10 years but they just decided to worm into it like they did BLK water. Don’t any of them work.

    • seriously, does chris laurita have a job? i don’t believe blk is working out for him. Iam not getting this rebound surface thing. Is this a new job for him or his brother’s job?

  4. Do these morons realize twitter is public? It’s not texting. They put way too much personal info on twitter. Such idiots& so don’t find them funny or “cool” . Shocked Lapband admitted to passing Xanax @ reunion, so illegal. Even if in her twisted mind she thought she was funny,not even! Way too many people die from these drugs & even mixing w alcohol is much worse. She is on a reality show that thrives on drama so instead of Xanax just leave show! Problem solved loser.

  5. These mini mobsters are weaseling in on Irish Traveler territory with this repaving (BS) “business”. They better be careful: Travelers don’t play!

    • I agree with you….it said “former housewife” in the caption yet it shows her mug in the promo’s that she still is one. Did they let her go for the following season?…(the one not fimed yet)

  6. Personally I would not get involved in any thing that involved the Lauritas or Manzos. If the paving business thinks that having people like crazy Jax advertise for their business they are not to business wise. Like everyone has said all the products,services as well as trying to break into the music business is likely not going to do to well if they are associated with liars,theives,alcoholics and people with the last name Manzo or Laurita. Good luck on trying to sell pavement because they are going to need it…

  7. I just think that Lauren is way too young too be having that lapband done , And the family always
    on get rich quick .
    No one really work’s but the dad and he was trying too get over claiming he live’s some where other
    then his home .
    Just saying people who live in glass house’s shouldn’t throw stones.

    • Yes. She wasn’t obese and is so young I’m sure her health wasn’t in immediate jeopardy. That girl just needs to get off her ass and do something other than put on make-up all day. Maybe she can start with scrubbing off that hideous spray tan–that’d be some pretty intense cardio right there! ;-)

      • Had to laugh when she said she has tried losing weight her entier life? I don’t think so. She isn’t that old!

    • ITA, Rachel! I replied to some other posts, upthread, saying the exact same thing! It’s HIGHLY illegal to be passing out prescription meds! I can’t believe they’re posting about it, on twitter, of all places! Plus, Jax’s tweet about getting Xanax from one of the employees, at the reunion! Then, turning around & saying, “oh, just kidding!” If she thinks that will keep the DEA from raising an eyebrow, she’s SADLY mistaken!

    • Hopefully the physician prescribing these meds will have seen this or at least heard about it and tell her no way jose when she comes back for a refill.

  8. How stupid do you have to be to tweet something like that? Do the Manzo’s think they are above the law or that this crap is normal?? Wait, they think water should be black, so I answered my own question. Morons!

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