REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY RECAP: Season Four, Episode 21… Reunion Part 1


Season Four, Episode 21… Reunion Part 1

by Sandi Duffy

Much like the housewives, I had to pop a Xanax before recapping this reunion, but don’t worry folks, I have a legal prescription.

Before I start, though, I’d like to clarify a few things.  I have been accused of being Team Teresa in my recaps.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Since season one, I have found all of these women, including Saint Dina and Sociopath Danielle, to be vapid, ignorant, uneducated and just plain mean.  In season one I described the women as the Fat One (Caroline), the Bitchy One (Dina), the Crazy One (Danielle), the Stupid One (Jacqueline) and The Ugly One (Teresa).

I find it disgusting that Teresa and Joe lived way beyond their means and tried to declare bankruptcy in order not to pay other hardworking people.  And I rather enjoy poking fun of Teresa’s butchering of the English language.  The only reason I may sometimes come off a little more on her side than the others on this show is because, while I have clearly stated my reasons for my dislike of her and her husband, I can’t figure out for the life of me why the others dislike her.

Unlike someone like me, who pays my bills, my taxes, doesn’t live beyond my means and expect other people to pay the price for it, and doesn’t lie about where my primary residence is so that I can hold a bogus government job, the rest of these women and their husbands are guilty of all the same things Teresa and her husband are.  So why all the animosity?  And why is everyone ganging up on her?  They all live in glass houses.

Now that I have clarified this, let’s get to the reunion.

So the reunion is taking place at the Borgata in Atlantic City.  I’m heading there on October 20 to see Rick Springfield with one of my BFFs and partner in crime, Lisa. She’s the Sonja to my Ramona.  That’s right folks, there may be skinnydipping, naked spooning and too much booze.  I hope Aviva isn’t going to be there to ruin our buzz.

Kathy has a new nose and had her lips done.  Caroline still doesn’t look like she’s learned how to run a comb through her hair.

Melissa’s hair is lighter.

Jacqueline explains why she didn’t go to the reunion last year.  I still really don’t know exactly why she didn’t go.  Why was Jacqueline is such a bad state of mind?  Why did she have a breakdown?  I mean, seriously, the “set-up” had nothing to do with Jacqueline.  Jacqueline also claims to have recordings and texts that prove Teresa set up Melissa, yet cannot produce them.  Teresa accused Jacqueline of setting her up.  Frankly, I think both these women are way too stupid to set anyone up.  Duh!  BRAVO set everyone up!  I would give up my 403b retirement account to see the lighbulb finally switch on in these moron’s heads and have them all turn on Andy in the reunion.  “Andy, you bastard, you destroyed our family, our friendships and set us all up at the Posche fashions show!”  Now THAT would make great TV.

We get an Ashlee montage.  Why would you send a troubled teen to Vegas?  I’m a gown-ass middle-aged woman and I get into trouble in Vegas.  I can’t imagine what kind of trouble a teen with no judgment can get into.

Jacqueline talks around her bankruptcy issues and instead of answering the questions, she talks about Teresa’s bankruptcy.  I wish someone would bring up Albert Manzo’s lying about his primary residence and collecting government money for a fake job until Governor Christie found out.

The ladies all get into an argument over who’s tweeting what.  Blah, blah, blah.  I have a twitter account, but don’t really use it.

Next we have a Jacqueline montage about trying to get pregnant and then having her son, who has recently been diagnosed with autism.  I hardly think Jacqueline is the appropriate spokesperson for autism.  Caroline and Jacqueline sit on the couch sobbing about Nicholas.  Melissa pretends to wipe tears from her eyes.

Caroline pulls the Christmas pageant dress line on Teresa.  Teresa calls Caroline and old hag.   Hahahahahahahaha!  That’s funny.

Andy asks why Jacqueline decided to reveal her son had autism in a magazine.  Jacqueline claims it was to bring awareness.  Riiiiiigggghhhhtttt!

So far, I don’t think Kathy’s said a word.   Methinks Kathy is too boring and won’t be back for a third season.

After a commercial break we see the ending of Jacqueline and Teresa’s friendship.  I think I finally may have figured out why this friendship ended.  It seems that Jacqueline is pissed that Teresa wasn’t supportive enough when she was trying to get a diagnosis for her son and instead tried to drag Jacqueline into her problems.

Andy reads emails about Caroline and Lauren that are all negative, calling them both bitter, shit-stirrers, bitchy, etc.  Gotta love those viewers.

Ugh, Lauren comes out.  She might look better on the outside, but she’s still ugly inside.  Lauren blames her weight for being such a bitch all season.  Lauren claims to work 3 hours a day.  Yeah, and I have a bridge I’d like to sell in Brooklyn.  Caroline claims to have been as tiny as Melissa when she was younger.  Uh huh!

Teresa calls out Caroline that none of her kids have jobs.  Then she calls out Caroline for having a tummy tuck and still being fat.  Caroline brags that she’s had no botox or fillers and Teresa says she should get them.   Caroline should really get her money back for her tummy tuck.  Then Teresa tells Lauren that some people get the lapband and put the weight back on.  Lauren goes after Teresa’s young children.  Oh no she didn’t.  Even I won’t go after underage children.  Lauren and the Manzo kids are fair game.  They are in their twenties and can make their own decision to be on the show, but how dare Lauren talk about Teresa’s young children…or anyone’s young children.  Like I said, Lauren is still ugly on the inside.

Someone asks what Jacqueline has done to her face.  I can tell you.  Too much filler and botox.  Jacqueline has no facial expressions.  She looks like a mannequin.

Ugh!  We are back to In Touch Magazine.  I guess Teresa apologized to everyone in the magazine.  Who reads that crap?  Melissa accuses Teresa of having a weave.  Teresa accuses Melissa of copying the glitter eye shadow she wore last year.  Wow, these women are petty.  Jacqueline yells at Teresa that this is the crap she would bother her with, while she was dealing with her son and not being supportive.

I am so sick of magazinegate.  Teresa brings up a good point.  These women can name every single magazine article about her.  They want to be her.  That is the first lucid thing I’ve ever heard Teresa say.

We finally get to Kathy.  I forgot she was even there.  This montage is soooooooo booooorrrrriiiiiinnnnng.  I almost forgot how vile her husband is, though.

Kathy and Teresa get into an argument over whose husband is hotter, Richie or Juicy Joe.  I just vomited in my mouth.

                                                                          Paul Nassif… “Hey, Sandi!  Will give you a call!!”

The househusband I really like is Paul Nassif, from RHOBH, and I hear he’s getting divorced.  Hey, Paul, call me.

Oh not she didn’t.  Kathy drags Teresa’s mother into everything and calls her a liar.  Ok, old people and young kids should be off limits.  Hey Kathy, want to pick on my 94-year-old grandma?  THEN Kathy calls Teresa’s father a coward.  Ok, I’m adding sick old people with heart problems to the list.

Pat, I mean Rosie, comes storming out from behind the stage.

That’s it for Part 1.  Part 2 looks like another doozy.  In the immortal words of Ramona Singer, this reunion is giving me diarrhea.

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531 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY RECAP: Season Four, Episode 21… Reunion Part 1

  1. Lauren had no right being there and did not act like a young lady. The arguments had nothing to do with her. She should have stayed home. Caroline should be embarrassed they her daughter called another woman a dickhead on national TV. Lauren tweeted that she loves Rosie. Rosie is a crazy animal. That is who Lauren admires.

    • She says “twat” on TV in front of her mother, too. Why should “dickhead” be any different. Then again, her lovely mother called her an “asshole” in front of all the world.
      Apple didn’t fall far from the tree, eh? Those ladies sure is dainty and elegant ain’t they?

    • I couldnt agree more!
      As soon as Lauren pulled out that “Napalm” comment, which Im sure will go down in Bravo history, my first reaction was to sit there wide eyed. That was NOT a good door to open little Lauren. I know Tre isnt the most educated person in the room but…NEITHER ARE YOU! You didnt go to college and you cant even pay your own rent! Im so glad that she is losing weight and that she addressed the all too REAL reality of her weight coming back and how she plans on handling that – it shows shes being realistic about her weight loss and regime, but lets not break out the “Im smarter than you” argument when your parents still pay your bills. Also, her only defense to Tre’s comment about her kids not having jobs at 18, 19, 20 years old was “we all worked at the Brownstone.” Yeah, thats a real job.

  2. How long until Missy uses Chrissy Teigen making a total ass of herself on WWHL to state how much she would love to do a duet with John Legend? Hopefully for his sake he won’t replace Pitbull as the artist Missy is obsessed with.

    • OMG Chrissy on WWHL was ridiculous, and it was completely stupid for them to have two Manzo loving “celebs” on right after the reunion. I suspect they will do that for all the segments as well.
      Your going to show a photo of you having a PJ party with the Manzo’s at the beginning of the show, and then try to pretend you arent bias the rest of the show?? Yeah right.

  3. well this is a first ..i cannot argue any point you all have made so far(other then the we dont respect our elders) I am so disgusted with what i saw tonight everyone was out of line
    i have no words.

    • Lisa thats ok. Sometimes words just cannot express how we feel.What we do have to express how we feel sometimes is some sort of bodily function. My favorite is to puke out all the disgusting feelings I sometimes have for certain people…LoL Tonight was one of those nights for me also…Not to be to crude passing excessive gas sometimes expresses certain feelings I might have for certain people also..LoL Have a good nite Lisa hopefully we can all put this miserable exhibition out of our minds till we can feel good enough tomorrow to write down how we really feel…

  4. I wish Fashion Police would cover reunions. Teresa, looked amazing! Most age appropriate dress! Do these ladies not have stylists? OMG so much stuffed sausage! Melissa looked good too. Teresa was the winner. Low blow Caroline with the whole Christmas Pageant comment. Teresa looked great. Also, Tre never came out swinging but she played some awesome defense!

    • That emerald green color on Teresa was not flattering on television. What looks good in real life doesn’t necessarily transmit well on t.v.. You have to dress for one or the other. Caroline’s comment, while petty, was dead on. The color was way too Christmas-y and not elegant. The cut of the dress was fine but the color ruined it. I think there’s a theme running on these reunion shows. What color each housewife wears has something to do with how they are going to portray themselves during the reunion. Last year Melissa wore red and was the devil, this year it’s Jacqueline who’s in red. Too bad Teresa couldn’t keep that detail straight.

      • WRONG! The emerald green looked stunning with Tre’s black hair. Don’t know what you were looking at. It was vibrant and set off her skin and hair beautifully, unlike Jax sausage-skin tight bright red dress that did nothing for her complexion or upper arms, and also clashed with her brassy hair.

        • Agree totally, Tre looked gorgeous. The dress fit beautifully and the color was rich and offset her hair and face beautifully. Melissa looked gorgeous too, I like whatever work she’s had done on her face, it looks great and her dress was classy.
          The rest of them looked horrible and like someone sucked the life out of them.

      • I disagree.. Love the color of Tre dress& thinks it worked fine for TV. I get what you say about clothes not working on TV esp when there are prints. Dressing people for TV is a tough job due to many requirements& such. The jewel tones like Tre dress is “IN” @ the moment so I think it was very appropriate . Many of these women dress very inappropriate for their age , ex Don Caro never dresses her age. Jacko always wears way too tight of clothing! MeHo looks like Bebe, Forever 21. Style is one thing Jersey is lacking. IMO as a stylist.

      • I think Theresa is the worst of the bunch, but her dress, astonishingly, was gorgeous! And her body looked fab in it.

      • Agreed, while a Low Blow that dress was something that should be reserved for pageants and tacky high school proms. Melissa’s dress was very pretty, as was Kathy’s, I can’t run Carolyn down, everyone’s always bashing her looks, but shoot she dose good, my mom never looks like that, shoot half the people commenting how bad she looks are I am sure sitting in their sweats and no make up while they type it.

    • I felt like Jac’s dress was out of style and unflattering, and Caro’s was just not the right pick. The other couch was better dressed, IMO.

      • Jac’s dress was too small and with her arms she shouldn’t be going sleeveless. These women have a difficult time dressing accordingly for their body types or their age. Melissa only gets away with it, to some degree, because she’s thin enough and anything will hang well on her. Style icons they are not.

        • I think Jac’s dress is Christmas Pagent red…I am so clever can’t believe I came up with that on my own :) JK

          I really hope next season is better. I hate all of this fighting between family. I would rather have Kathy and Melissa off the show just so that family could start healing. Although I know from my own personal experience that the family will never be the same.

        • Idk where to put this so it’s going here. That people magazine photo makes Jacqueline look like a Mexican maiden named Lupita. Lupita Laurita is her name from now on.

    • I have to give worst dressed to Jacqueline. She looked awful. I would have to give best dressed to Melissa, in spite of the fact I really don’t like her.

      • I cant get over Don trying to piously school Kathy about the proper way to sit when one wears a dress to short for them. I dont get why HW insist on doing this. Tree dressed better for the occasion. All of the others were in danger of flashing the chuck. Perhaps Kat’s chuckies bark is just bigger than her bite?

        • Hahahahaha! Something tells me the last thing you would want to see on any of those women is their chuckies! Just sayin! Teresa looked nice, actually blue looked good on Kathy, but the dress was way too short and she was way too old and hateful for it!

          • lol@ too hateful for it. Now thats what we need character clothes so we can identify the crappies of the world on sight.

    • Did anyone notice that the cut of Mels dress was the same cut (above the chest area) as the crazy feather dress Tre was wearing in her interviews that she got torn apart for?? Yes Mels was less hideous, but seriously, Mel needs to get her own stylist. And if copying Tre is something people keep pinning on you, maybe try to stay AWAY from things she has worn.

        • Well both those bitches, Kim D and the other owner, need to get their style cards pulled. They are horrible with what they pick. I have no idea where she gets those pasley shirts for Rich. She also needs to tell him this is not the 80′s and that popped collar shit is so passe.

  5. I could clearly identify on Teresa’s rhetoric. Meaning: i could see that Teresa’s people is reading this website to pick up things to formulate Teresa’s “defense”.

    Im glad Andy seemed a bit neutral but didnt miss the opportunity to let Caro “try to mend” the argument between Rosie’s sister and Teresa. Caro, of course, took that golden chance.

    Teresa is still very self-absorbed and an egomaniac….I cannot believe she tried to insert herself in the conversation about Nicholas. LOL

    • I am so glad you posted this! I just wrote a very long post, but acidentally put it under the wrong subject. I put mine under the write up on the pre reunion.
      I could not find ONE post on that thread that disagreed with Tre’s point of view and thought, am I really the only one who thinks that she is wrong?
      I could not agree with you more about Tre inserting herself in Jaqs story about Nick!!! So wrong and such a low blow for attention.
      Just wanted to tell you that=).

      • :) Teresa is getting a lot of support because people dont like to watch a bunch of hypocrites gangging up on one person. I admire Teresa’s strength but she is far from gracious. Im team Tina Fey! LOL

      • I couldn´t agree more, it is quite frustrating to read all these Teresa-worshipping posts on SH. The Tre fans just don´t seem to have a critical mind about anything. In their eyes she can simply never do anything wrong. Just like Teresa, they always have an explanation for everything Tre does, logical or rather not… I think they buy into that victim act that Teresa plays so well.

        Oh, and to MS SH, I am so glad you pointed out that you are not biased towards Teresa. But, honestly, there are so many more reasons why Teresa is a despicable character. Just take the failure to own her actions or admit she is ever wrong, the lying, the manipulating, the pretending, the meanness, the blaming others, the minimizing of others, the unwillingness to share the spotlight, etc. etc. ….

        Just because the other HWs have their own crazy and faulty traits, doesn´t take away from Teresa´s horrible character. Teresa´s fans don´t seem to understand that. They put her on a pedestal and excuse everything she does by putting the blame on the others.

        It gets really tiring and quite frankly I don´t enjoy reading this blog as much anymore because of it.

          • the only thing pro-tre posters can say in her defense is the others are as bad or worse, which is exactly what tre says when she’s being confronted.

            birds of a feather…

          • After Kathy and Rosie’s comments last night, I can see why Tre wanted to keep family business private. Tre is not the evil mastermind you give her credit for—

            • Once you sign the contract you have no more family privacy. Privacy Goes Straight Out The Window, when you are the star of the show!

          • Not too worry. Last night’s WWHL poll- who do you believe Tre or Jac- Jac won by 66% so only a third of the voters believe Tre. Isn’t it funny Tre can’t really stand up to any points, instead she name calls “you old hag”, “you expect me to talk to blubber, blubber and blubber”, (something like that), etc. Tre is obnoxious and vile who has a pea sized brain.

            • Dont put too much stock in those polls Mamarj. I wish Tree hadn’t said the blubber thing. But then again, like I have said before, if she didnt stick the petty stuff and started spewing the truth about these people, Don and Co would end up slobbering heaps of emotional wreckage shivering in the corner in a puddle of their own bile.

            • Those polls have been fixed since the wars started on NJ… Jac didn’t win… No one can get through for Teresa, it has happened to me…

            • Yes, but even if the polls are accurate, which I doubt, Teresa is still getting a 3rd of the viewers support. Anyone who likes any of the other 4 ladies is going to side with Teresa. Therefore, each of the other 4 ladies can’t even get a full 20% support each. OK I realize I am sounding like super nerd right now, but my point is that she’s still got over 1/3 of the viewing audience on her side. Numbers wise, even with a slanted poll, she’s still, by far, the most popular. I think even those who hate her would be tuned in just to watch her. They sure aren’t tuning in for Kathy Wakile IMO. My guess would be Caroline Manzo would be the 2nd most popular, then Melissa, then Jac and Kathy at the bottom.

              • Oh and for the record, I’m not saying that Teresa is always right, but I also don’t think she set Melissa up.

              • Great point!! You go girl :D

                You know, I thought most of the season was really boring. I couldn’t even watch a full episode. Only the last 3 or 4 shows were interesting but over the top mean to each other so can’t really say I liked watching that either.

              • I totally agree. Entire season was a snooze for me, literally. I couldn’t keep my attention on the show. The drama failed to be interesting. Overkill.

              • Thanks every now and then I have a smart girl moment. The rest of the time I’m lost! LOL This season gave me a migraine yet I couldn’t stop watching???

              • While I follow ur numbers I thought the poll was tre vs Jac? So supporters of the other 3 we can’t really speak to in this case. But I like the way u think Lisa1844. I’m all for using stats to make ur point. It beats the “u did it off camera and I have proof u did it” charges that somehow stick against tre. That I don’t understand… I’m not fond of thought processes that lack scrutible logic. Lol.

              • LOL I know. I have been watching those polls all season and whether it’s Tree vs the Manzos, Tree vs. Everyone, Tree vs Melissa, she always stays around 33% which shows me that she still has majority of the popularity among the ladies. I know exactly what you mean. I wish I could say to a judge, “I have proof I didn’t run that red light, wanna see it?” Then when he says yes, be like, Oh well I can’t legally show you. blah blah blah. It’s not really that I am a Teresa fan, because she can be as annoying as the rest of them, It’s more that I am wanting to see the smoking gun. I kept waiting for my AHA moment LOL

        • And these other RHWNJ women DO admit when they’re wrong and, of course, aren’t manipulative, mean, lying, pretending, blame-shifting characters? What world are you living in? Certainly not reality! H*ll, Lauren isn’t even a housewife, yet she is allowed to bring her foul mouthed, v-jayjay laden vocabulary to the table, acting like mommy’s little “a**hole.” No, Teresa is not perfect nor does she belong on a pedestal, but she plays her character much better than the rest and tries to keep her nose in her own business. Unlike the other Tre-obsessed HWs. I am glad Tre showed up at this reunion “loaded for bear” because she was ready for all of them. She has had to morph her character to accommodate all the b.s. bullying she’s put up with, finally saying, “Bring it, biatches!” Jealousy does not bring out the best in the other HWs.

          • Hohohoboken, (is there a name I can call you?) You were do on point!!! BRAVA!!! I am so sick of watching Lauren, Christopher, Albie, Greg, as well as the husbands… is a show about the wives and now we have to watch the husband’s talking heads, except Joe Guidice, as well as grown asp kids talking heads. Teresa gets bullied from every way…she can’t say anything because she is dammed if she does and dammed if she doesn’t. Why didn’t Joe Gorgas call out Kathy when she called her Aunt, Teresa & Joe’s mother a f **king liar and their sick father a coward…….nothing said. Andy said nothing either. Joe Gorgas called his sister and Kim D. “Butt-buddies” and not one person has said anything either……yet Teresa has been crucified for her husband’s “gay lord” comment in Season 1. A gay slur is a GAY SLUR. Shame on Andy for not calling him out on it. I think we should figure out a way to contact/petition the head honchos at BRAVO, and send Andy a copy with as many signatures as possible calling them on the producer bias, the gay slur of Joe Gorgas, that they should play the Gorgas audition tape as well as shoe the messages to Danielle, the obviously phony time line, and the bullying. After all Beverly Hills had a suicide they used. WE WANT OUR HOUSEWIFE SHOWED BACK……ENOUGH OF THE SPOILED ROTTEN RUDE GROWN ASP KIDS AND HUSBANDS & ENOUGH OF THR “GANG UP” MENTAITY. Anyone interested? We could write a form letter and others could print it sign and send or get as many signatures and handle it like a petition. Also tell them to get a new “moderator” or at least one that is not biased. Andy’s pride was pricked when Teresa jumped up at Season2 reunion and pushed him down when Danielle said that about her nephew ….just one of the many pieces of information Melissa had been feeding Danielle about her sister in law. Time for some changes!!’
            information Melissa had been feeding Danielle

        • Miajaja…so agree with you. I too am getting tired of the Theresa supporters. Theresa is a low life and because she is bullied does not mean she should receive any support. She brought it on herself!

          • I honestly don’t like any of these women, yet strangely, like a train wreck I can’t stop watching them? I think a lot of people who support Teresa don’t necessarily agree with her, they just find the other women’s contrived petty reasons to hate her hypocritical and stupid. JMO

            • Lisa I was not posting to you as I wrote in here. Sometimes the posts goes under the wrong reply. So forgive me for that error.Wow…So in your opinion people who are bullied deserve it in some way or another? And then you believe that some of the people who have committed suicide due to bullying somehow deserve it? Who are you to decide if someone who is being bullied deserve it? No one should be bullied and never by a pack such as these women.I went back to read the post I was replying to and found it wasn’t Lisa it was housewifeaddict. So housewife addict this post is for you as well as Mia. You keep making comments aimed at tres supporters and seemed to feel we don’t have the right to our opinions because we are to outspoken about it? And to be honest the reason people have blogged here for certain people to leave is because those people have stated many times they wanted to leave and bitch and moan about us so much that they get advised to move along. Go to a site that can agree with everything you say.But be real. When you minimize any kind of bullying or blame the person who is bullied you are way out of line. I pray to god that neither you nor someone you love are ever in a bullying situation and someone tells you its your fault deal with it. Seems like you are just not getting why people here are so upset about the bullying and lying to provide an opportunity to bully.To me it sounds like the same comments a wife beater says after hitting their wives,”you deserve it so quit bitching” Or when someone kills someone then excuses it by saying “they deserved it”. I know thats an extreme example but to the person being bullied it is extreme to them……

            • Well said Lisa1844. That and the lack of on screen story – and only a plethora of finger pointing but little in the way of proof about any of the transgressions they’ve accused re of. The disparate agendas united for a common goal makes it appear as if “where there’s smoke, theres fire”. Yet two seconds of thought shows each has their own selfish agenda and reasons for knocking Teresa. Teresa is far from perfect but I like to see something which indicates someone did something before I presume another person w an obvious agenda is being honest. Maybe it’s just me…

              • If I was a betting woman, I think the Manzo/Laurita hate definitely comes from business deals Teresa got or turned down, Dina, and Jac not thinking she did enough when she found out about her son being Autistic. The last one is the one that kills me though. Teresa is not the type to meddle like the rest of the women, so if Jac had wanted her to be there, why didn’t she call her?

              • I’m under the impression that Tre knew about the problems with autism, but didn’t care. She cared far more about “bringing M down” and behaving like a gossipy 10 year old than being a good friend. I, personally, know people like this.

          • Sooooo… if one IS IN FACT bullied , as you stated, NO support is allowed or any response to be made by that person or in that persons defense ,unless “supporters” or observers IGNORE critical examination of ALL the circumstances which could have led one to behave as she does sometimes.Didn’t know to just first check out the evolutional development chart cliff notes for the show (ghost written and provided by bravo) to distingush for us which cast members are “low lifes” and “high lifes” . Cause and effect my friend, cause and effect.

          • I concur…they all need to leave the reality show business and get their lives in order. Women can be very catty and its a shame. The Nicholas segment had me in tears and then of course Tre made it about her, she didn’t care about it at all, because if she was a REAL FRIEND, SHE WOULD HAVE PUT ALL THE BS ASIDE AND GAVE JAC JAC A HUG!

            • Sorry but with all the nastiness and venom being spewed at her, there is no way on earth I would give Jac a hug. While I would feel sad for her, there is no way on earth I would want to give her the time of day.

          • No one gets all personal and nasty about MeGo/Caro/Jax supporters. And frankly I am really more disgusted by the hypocrisy–every last one of these women (pronounced “woman” ala Danielle) are train wrecks. If you have a problem with Tre, that is fine–we are ALL entitled to our opinion. But don’t attack people based on their beliefs. Expressing our opinions and engaging in meaningful debate is what this site is all about.

        • Please ignore commentaries from others who say “well then leave.” Some comments can come across as petty as these housewives. I agree w/ you Mijajaja that there are some people WAY TOO overzealous to defend Teresa.

          The thing is they are all disturbing. The simple fact that they accepted being on television not just one season, but multiple proves one thing and one thing only – they are self absorbed but beyond that they are OPPORTUNISTS. In this particular series, Teresa seems to be the only one successfully capitalizing but even the others are putting stuff out. Make your money and run. I can’t hate them for this because ya gotta make your money, but at the same time I cannot defend them when the pendulum shifts and they are viewed as negative or their endeavors bear no fruit.

          If I had only these 5 people to choose from I’d side with Teresa this season as I think she is the lesser of the evils. BUT she is not without her own issues and I don’t try to defend those. She does lie. She is egotistical. She deflects things. She has some questionable legalities w/in her family life. Same can be said about all 5 of the woman on this show on varied levels. They are, frankly, all scum.

          This show is about entertainment. It’s hilarious the amount of emotion and time invested in it by us who don’t and will never really know this people. I yell at myself all the time for being to invested and yet here I am. It’s my brainless reprieve. But we shouldn’t be arguing about it. State your opinion. Find people who agree with you. Disagree with others and do what these housewives aren’t able to do. MOVE ON.

          I plan on finally letting go of this after the reunion. I just can’t spend this much time on BS anymore.

        • I agree with you to a point. However, even though I don’t like Tree, I am with Duffy (and most of the posters on here), when I say that although Tree has a lot of faults, most of the others are attacking her for faults they share, but that have not been revealed on the show. This grammar is terrible. Sorry. I know I’m an English teacher, just too exhausted to edit my own post.
          I will say that I’m quite proud that I neither watched nor recorded. Yay. From the comments, nothing new or surprising happened.

        • Thank you so much Miajaja! Sometimes I feel all alone in my views and you are right, being attacked for having an opinion, makes this way less fun:-(. It is hard when all you are trying to do is get others to see a flip side. Especially, when you are not trying to be rude while doing it. Don’t let anyone run you off, ok? =).

          • I believe there are more of us out there… ;-) They just don´t dare to speak their mind for fear of being bashed by Teresa fans. As the tree, so the fruit…

            • Hi Mia and Ripley. I am not sure you are on the same site as the rest of us. No one (at are not suppose to) attacks people who have different opinions. I think you might be misinterpreting the difference between good natured disagreeing opinions with written attacks.I have noticed several people who have decided that anyone here who has said anything protesting the bullying ofTre are being called Tre lovers or bad mannered posters. As far as “getting someone to see your side of things”, are you saying that you expect our opinions to change because you wrote something that should convince us that you are right and we are wrong? Kind of doesn’t work that way. Don’t think just because someone reads your posts and still disagrees with you that they are being mean or attacking you. I don’t come here to prove anyone wrong.I just like to be able to express my opinions and get feedback or just to get the recaps on what happened on the show as I don’t watch it anymore unless I have taken enough of my meds to stomach it….

              • Hi Morninglaurie.
                I am hoping that you understand the point I was trying to make is excatly what you are trying to tell me. Maybe, I am just not saying it right. I don’t feel I was out of line at all. As far as being good natured, some of you are and some are not. I feel like I can make a point without all the nasty talk and cussing and I have never called Tre the names that others who are just trying to be mean call her. Like I said just trying to get others to see the flip side NOT trying to get them to BE on that side. If you will notice there are a huge amount of Tre supporters on this site and that is what I was trying to say when I mentioned seeing the other side. I would not feel good about attacking someone I don’t know for someone I don’t know… so I don’t. I am just trying to make a comment about the show, not the other people who post,unless someone is nasty to me, in which case, I will defend myself. It is all just good natured on this end. I am not trying to change anyones mind I was just making a comment about the show and a couple other nasty posts that have been directed at me. That is all=).

              • Ripley I am sorry I got you wrong. I guess I have been tired of all the attacks lately and was a little bit on the ,ok am going to say it! The bitchy side….So am apologising to you for the misunderstanding. I also am still burning from a comment by TRUTH!(very wrong name for such a piece of crap). You might think wow that girl is really out there, what the hell she just got through saying no attacks or name calling here. Well see this person made a horrible comment to our SH leader at this time of great sorrow. You will find her post in the SH blog about the sister of our friend SH committing suicide. Truth felt it was time to insult SH and write some very inappropriate comments to her. So am sorry I am writing about my anger again but I think this is something we can agree on.

              • Thank you, thank you so much! I knew you were reasonable and that is why I took the time to try to make sure I wasn’t coming off the wrong way and my point was not being lost in translation. I would not even bother with those people (truth) because some people just want to argue. I am sure someone (truth, most likely) will blast me on this, but it is true, and so mean of her to say something like that to you. Sorry to hear about that. It is nice for people to make their point without having to abuse people they don’t even know. Just ignore that stuff.
                If only the Real Houswives were big girls like us lol!! I guess that would be boring to some, but it sure is a lot more mature and normal for us grown adults=). Thank you again.

      • I don’t think she was trying to take the attention away from Jaqs, she was being light. Caroline just freaked the hell out! If Caro would have stayed in check the whole comment would have been light and Jaq could have moved on with her story. Caroline is such a freaking broken record with her “Don’t Mess w/ My Family” act. Give it up already.

        • Yeah I don’t really thinkg she was trying ot deflect. I think she tried to make it light. They always used to joke that those two little ones were boyfriend and girlfriend. I can see how she tried to say that it was sad that she didn’t know all that was going on and because of the mess how the two little ones lost the relationship they used to have.

        • Caroline wouldn’t let jac answer anything… She had to tell her what to say… I was so sick of the bunch of them… Kathy, that sweet innocent lady has a mouth like a drunken sailor,a d her side kick Rosie, what a piece of shit… I bet her momma is really proud of those two… I ca see their mother blocking her eyes, thinking those are not my daughters… How shameful..

      • Heres the deal. Im not even a hardcore Tre fan. But people are coming off that way because we are seeing ONE person getting gained up on season after season meanwhile everyone else is getting off scott free for all of their mistakes and manipulations. We are sick of it, thats it. They all make mistakes, say stupid things and talk behind each others backs. Tre is the only one getting heat for it. Plain and simple.

        Thank God Tre isnt unstable and suicidal or the tables would turn in an instant. She is strong, not letting it get to her and continuing to make money for her family through the cookbooks, endorsement deals etc. and keeps her fan base. If she were unstable like Jac or Lauren Manzo, god forbid! After 3 seasons of being bullied by EVERYONE including editing??

      • While I agree she shouldn’t have interrupted u notice she didn’t for the remainder. With adrenaline so high w a year of this nonsense tearin her famly part, I’ll grant her a faux pas.

    • Bubba has been all over the media, social and otherwise, saying Teresa has not contacted her about her son. So why was it wrong for Teresa to speak. Both Bubba and Teresa laughed about Audriana and Nick dating when they were first born. Why would Chuckie use a neutral statement to tell Teresa to STFU, mention her dress (again), and tell her that she will go after her if Teresa doesn’t stop. Talk about overreacting. Teresa can’t say boo without the other 4 mumbling (with subtitles) about her calling her a crazy bitch, etc. Pathetic.

  6. Did you notice how much brown shading Melissa had on her nose? A stripe down each side. Maybe she had her makeup done at Cafface?

    • THANK YOU! They MAKE IT the Teresa show. I dont know what they expect when every story line is based on her.

      Btw, Kathy butchered her face. My husband laughed out loud when he saw her. I feel like that shed some serious light on some serious issues she has.

  7. The show tonight was so uncomfortable to watch….and I thought last years was bad! No one was listening and people talking over one another. My brain has trouble translating two convo’s at once! I watched it again just to hear or see what I missed. Jaq and Tre are both acting wacko!

  8. I think they’re all unlikeable. Used to like Tre, but she is soooo self absorbed and dumb (the glitter eye shadow comment was ridiculous). I have the feeling that the only reason she attracts so much sympathy is because the other women are just worse. In real life I would’t want to be friends with any of them – time for an overhaul. It’s getting seriously boring: no proper story lines, just shout shout shout, scream scream scream, offend offend offend – yawn!
    btw @teapot: ti ruskaya? every time I watch RHONJ I think ‘targofki na bazaari’ :D

    • Ha! Perfect description! They are targovki na bazare from head to toe! It would be a much more fitting name for this show:) I love you for pointing it out haha!

    • You make a great point. I feel empathy for Teresa, but I’m not sure how I’d feel about being friends with her. She’s a bit self absorbed. And the rest of them… forget it! I’d NEVER want to be in their friendship group. Then again… (back to Teresa) if I were her friend I think I’d have to understand her strengths and weaknesses and decide to be her friend. I wouldn’t ditch her after 10 years of friendship – just because she’s being herself. Bunch of silly women. This isn’t fame they’re getting… it’s embarrassment

    • Agree with you, London. It’s relatively easy to root for Teresa at this point because she has stayed pretty true to herself. All the rest of them started out trying to portray themselves as kind, wise, generous, spiritual, and giving women just trying to do the right thing. Truth is, they are all as greedy and crass and stupid as Teresa has been since the beginning. But at least Teresa never lied about it. The rise of “Team Teresa” reminds me of the old line: ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend, grasshopper”!

      • But Teresa does lie about it. She constantly points out that she doesn´t say or do anything to hurt anybody. Well, obviously that can´t be true…

        • Why? Maybe if you could state all the times Tre has set out to attack, set up someone, or has lied about something that has been proven a lie and not just because someone said it was a lie. Thats the problem here Mia. Over and over people have written statements saying Tre does this, and Tre lies all the time. Where is the proof? Where are the facts? Jax says there is proof but never seems to come up with it. Melvin says she said or did this but just because she says it doesn’t make it true. Where is her proof or facts? Rumors and innuendoes. Seems that so many people have jumped on the lets burn Tre bandwagon the last couple seasons that they don’t have to prove anything or back up what they are saying. Do you kind of understand why its frustrating to be on one side of things and are only asking for some kind of factual information to either support Tres side of things or the same to prove all the allegations and rumors that the Manzos,Wackies,Laurritas and Gorgons have tried to slam Tre with. Am I wrong to ask? Is it attacking because am asking? Sorry if you feel that way…

  9. There is something seriously wrong with Jax (I realize I’m stating the obvious). She has the mentality of a 14 year old. Someone needs to intervene and get her off of Twitter and this show for her own well-being and that of her son. Her excuse that she spends all day on Twitter because she’s researching Autism is ridiculous. I have an autistic nephew and between all of his therapies, doctor appointments and his normal day to day activity my sister barely has time to shower much less sit on the internet all day. He consumes the vast majority of her time. He also feeds on her moods, so, I can’t imagine how Jax’s son does with all of this. I hope that she gets some perspective (or her husband knocks some sense into her with a ball peen hammer) and she gets the hell off of this show, Twitter, etc. and devote all that time and energy to her son.

    • She was HATEFUL last night. It is unhealthy. Sheesh, woman, get a grip! To go from crying about Nic, to spewing more hate, then on the preview for next week saying Tre walked in on Joe with a woman on his desk. She is mentally fragile and not in a good way! She shouldn’t have said that about Joe because of the effect it will have on his girls. LAME.

      • I totally agree. That comment was unnecessary on so many levels. Disgusting how nasty she is. I am waiting on Joe to see how it goes. The preview had him say, you really want to go there Jax, or something of that nature. I am sure he knows a lot of Chris’ business as well. Not a single one of them are innocent. They are now fighting to show who is the most hateful and disgusting person in the bunch. I understand you open up your business being on these shows, but something that may/may not have happened in the past, that was shared in confidence, shouldn’t be thrown out in the public eye. Jax is really showing how nasty of a person she is behind all that soft talk, nicey nicey shit.

    • I think she’s also drinking more. It seems like every time you saw her this season she had a wine glass in her hand. I believe she’s leaving to attend to Nicholas.

    • Thank you for this. You said this in a way that makes so much sense without being hateful, and I couldnt agree more. I work with children (and have worked with autistic children) for years, and I agree about their schedule and feeding off of moods. She is unstable and someone needs to intervene. Shes becoming certifiable.

      It did break my heart when she cried after hearing Nicholas say “I love you.” At first I thought she was being A BIT extreme, but after hearing he regressed and doesnt say it anymore I understood. I could tell Tre was surprised by hearing he regressed in that way too, and it was completely ridiculous for Caro to jump all over her for trying to talk to Jac after not hearing about it for a year.

      • I thought Nic was non-verbal and the video was some other child dubbed in??? I could be wrong – but even Jacqueline said on twitter that he is non-verbal.

        • Jaq explained that he recoiled. Basically, he was doing ok and developementaly was doing ok and then he just stopped talking and communicating. Our neighbor has a son that plays with our son and he is autistic and that is what happened to him. He just stopped, that is how they even knew to ask the doc what was wrong with him. According to my neighbors peditrician, that is very common with autism.

  10. I just had the pleasure of watching Lauren Manzo and her mouth. What an angry, foul mouthed POS. Caroline,way to go. You’ve raised a nasty, spoiled, entitled brat. I’m disgusted and outraged by her behavior. Do these ladies ever shut their mouths? Jac goes from 0 to 60 in no time flat. Her voice hurts my ears!! And we still have 2 more episodes. Lord have mercy :)

  11. Why doesn’t Kathy or Rosie for that matter open their mouths when they speak? Lol. I know, I’m nit picking but, again I’m disgusted with this insignificant , shit stirring , cannoli kit making Teresa wanna be..Known as Kathy Wakilie. That Rosie boy, what a class act!!

    • Rosies meltdown was ridiculous! Rosies sister called Teresa’s mother a liar and Teresa’s father a coward…then Teresa only said “my father was there for you when your daddy wasnt it” that was enough for those women go crazy. They think Teresa should just sit there and take it all their sh**

      • See, that is the thing with Tre … she does NOT go into the family dirt like the Kat, Jax and Rosie, unless she’s pushed beyond the point of self-control (and that is when she starts getting emotional and sounds crazy). I believe that she really DOES try to keep the dirt where it belongs, under the rug. These others see fit to just air it all out, when it’s really only their own opinions and not fact.

      • I actually think she called her mother a f—ing liar… Twice… I thought that was the lowest point of the show… Then when Rosie started with her rant, well. I shook my head, and thought what a waste… I should not have stayed up to see this…a bunch of losers trying to get a check, acting like idiots.. 15 minutes, when its all over, they will live forever, as fools… The money gone… You bunch of morons..

        • For KATFISH to call her Aunt a *F—–g* liar I hope QVC cancels her and those 2 guys get rid of her. Any Company with scruples like QVC should never allow anyone who speaks like that on National TV. I also feel that Andy and BRAVO have lost a lot. And I mean credibility.

  12. The montage of Nicholas pictures proved two things–that is a stunningly beautiful little boy and that Laurita DNA is STRONG! He looks like Chris, Cookie, Caroline, Jamie and every Laurita who has ever appeared on camera and is the spitting image of Dina! Beautiful child, looks like an angel. In real life, because anyone who still doesn’t think all this is directed/scripted should look at the outtakes clip again(in which they all manage to sit and even exchange a word or two with each other without launching into claws out screaming)I hope that all the Laurita family is able to find it in their hearts to essentially say, “Whatever, Caroline is a bitch, Chris how can I help you and your little boy?”

    • I don’t know if I would use the word “pretty,” but yes, she looked better before the surgery.

    • I think the same thing. She was much prettier in her before pics then the after one’s. Maybe she had too many extensions on too. Not a good look.

    • Kathy’s not a bad looking woman and I don’t think her nose looked bad before. It looks like they took a little too much off the sides and the tip hangs down a little too far. And, looks like she had more than her nose and lips done!
      Now if only they could do something to make Lebanese Dilbert less skeezy looking. Ewwww.

    • I thought she had cheek implants and the bump took off of her nose. Maybe she had a mini face lift, her face looked refreshed. I don’t know crap about this kind of thing so I could be totally off base. Me, I thought she looked better, less tired, but that could be she had a good night sleep, and not having to deal with the other crazies on a daily bases, anyone would looked refreshed.

  13. I wonder how many days and hours Mel practiced her facial expressions and reactions for. I wonder why she did not defend her husbands parents while KOMAKATHY was slamming them.

    • I agree, why wasn’t she saying “Shame on you”, to Kathy??? That was very hurtful and awful to say….As far as Caroline consoling Tre, NOT!! Caroline and Jaqu need to stay outta their family issues…And, if Tre is really the prob between Dina and Caroline, so what Dina isn’t on the show so why are we living through Caroline and Jaqu’s aggrivation of Dina and Tre’s friendship???? These ladies are crazy!

    • WORD! Being that she’s on display, on display, on display I’m sure she wanted her expressions to be realistic and impactful.

  14. i deeply bealieve that bravo hit an all time low with this reunion and it is trully scary how after the death of Russel Armstrong they continue to push for this type of shcok value tv. It is ovboius to all of us who follow Jacks on twitter that she has some severe emotional problems and it not coping with the ups and dowsn of the show well. When I watched Jack last night i saw a tennage girl trapped inthe body of a 40 something despreatly triying to get attention and fit in with whoever in that crazy little mind of hers is on the right side of the tracks at the moment (remember there was a time when she did this for Danielle againt her own family and Chris supported her which makes me think he is not all there either). I saw a Caroline that actually had HER AHA momment and saw how trully sick and trasy that family looks taking hits at eachother like the mafia (it looked genuine when she put her hand onTre’s lap and try to calm her and get her to open her eyes to how ugly it all looked).Teresa well she is not the brightest bulb but people love her because she has spunk and she looks fun. I wish she would admitt some of her faults and come clean with the issues in her marriage so we can fully support her. She laughed nervouly and licked her lips the entire hour and once again looked a little foolish for pretending her life is perfect.(regardless of Teresa’s actions ther network should not alolwed this 4 woman to gang up on was sad to watch) Mellissa “Marco” this woman is breathtakingly gorgeus but I am so willing to bet that the outside does not match the inside. She looks cold, calculating and wishing for the magical potion that will kill al the frogs around her and turn her in to a Kardashian sister.MY guess is she will take Kanye, Lamar, Scott,Rob or even Bruce before she has to spend the rest of her life married to that little garden knome named Joe. Kathy well she is boring! People have screaming that she is boring for the las year! She and her discusting husband dont have loads of money and the solely went on this show looking for money and fame. She tries to play the supportive non threatning character but last night we saw her true colors. Calling your aunt and your uncle who are elderly and sick names on national tv is digusting and I hope that Qvc pulls herfrom her canolli kit apparance.I have never said to myself i want be a goddess where is the canoli. Kathy”s sister Rosie and her rant about killing Teresa and slicing her tongue out trully trullu trully all time low for bravo! THat type of violance should have stayed on the cutting floor since it belongs more in a Love and HIP HOp reuninon.
    Andy Cohen Shame Shame shame! WHy are you promoting this kind of violance on a networkthat useto thrive on the artistic side of 30 somthings??? Why go there? Havent you seen whathappend to VH1?

    • SOOOO TOTALLY AGREE!!!! Love the garden knome thing!!! lol….About Kathy, that is just what I thought as well, here truuuuuue colors had to show eventually!!!

    • Great comments Yali, however I don’t find Missy Chin as attractive as you say + I admire Tre not addressing or airing out private issues of her marriage for tv viewers. She can handle her husband any way she likes off camera and to defend him on camera is the best option, just my opinion.

  15. Personally I feel that Treasa was awesome in her defense lastnight and I also was glad to see Andy more neutral to the ladies….What bothered me other than the gang up was that everything that Teresa would do or say was turned around and twisted but when one of the other wifes would do just the same it was okay, very hypocritical of those women…..Tre simply stepped in to the convo of Jaqu’s Nick segment to show a little empathy for her daughter and Jaqu’s son “breaking up”…so what!!! The other wifes opened their mouths also and that was okay, basically they wanted Tre to sit there and shut her mouth and listen to Jaqu scream and get her feelings out! Wow!!!! Also, I seen Tweets by Kathy & Rosie that Tre was the one to bring up the parents first, she always does, they said…Tre was talking about her mother, she never said anything bad about Kathy’s parents…So what if she said that her father was there more for Kat than her own father, she didn’t call him any names!!! Kathy was the one that called Tre’s mother a lier and Tre’s father a coward…REALLY!!! I’d be ashamed of myself Kathy!!! And Rosie, no words just plain STUPID! I need to ask a question and see if I’m viewing this different than anyone else….But, why is Jaqu and Caroline sooo into Tre’s family buisness and so adamit about ruining her family….Caroline says no one is to get between her family, they are thick as thieves….! Those two should be ashamed of being homewreckers!!! Mego and Tre can love to hate eachother just as Dina and Caroline are who the bleep cares! I just hope next season can mellow out and some peace can come over this trainwreck!

    • I watched it twice but still couldn’t figure out why KatFish called Tre’s dad a coward. I know she called Tre’s mom a liar for telling Tre that Kathy and Rich almost got a divorce. But why did she call her dad a coward exactly?

      • From what I heard, it sounded like Kathy went back stage and tried to talk to Teresa’s mom and dad during the break, and he walked away from her. That’s me trying to fill in the blanks, of course, but that’s what I gathered.

        • What? A man is a coward because he didn’t want to talk to Kathy? I thought she would have been referring to him not rescuing someone from a burning building or not stepping up and doing something major in life. Kathy really called that old man a coward because he didn’t want to talk to HER?

          • That’s what I gathered. I may be wrong, but that’s what it sounded like to me. She was so wrong. Even if she hates Teresa, that is her aunt and uncle who have done nothing to her. I can’t even talk about Rosie. Her outburst was so crude I’m still disgusted.

  16. OMG, ROTFLMAO on the Pat/Rosie connection. Brilliant! I also want to say your blog is brilliantly written. Bravo to you.

  17. I can’t believe that Bravo let big, fat, sweaty Rosie out on the stage after she was screaming death threats at Teresa backstage. She was like a rampaging beast during rutting season and they should have gone all Wild Kingdom on her @ss and got Marlin Perkins and Stan Brock out there with a tranquilizer gun and put her down.

    BubbaJax must have studied Tamra Barney of RHOC for fake crying tips. That fake b*tch with her great heaving sobs (make sure to cover face so that the absence of tears is not visible) and then she lifts her head up and is back to normal. Like flipping a switch. Her makeup was not smudged and her face and eyes were dry. She is not crying for her son, she is trying to keep her Bravo gig.

    • Exactly, Ana. That was a horrible fake breakdown moment. If anyone was genuinely crying that hard, not only would their face be beet red and a total mess, they’d have to get up and run back stage to blow their nose and compose themselves. Not sit right back and start bashing Teresa again.

    • LMAO @ “She was like a rampaging beast during rutting season and they should have gone all Wild Kingdom on her @ss and got Marlin Perkins and Stan Brock out there with a tranquilizer gun and put her down.”


  18. i watched celebrity apprentice..yes, I admit it. Tre was composed, kind, and worked well with others. While SH was dead on in her critiques of her over spending etc., I do think that she is better than the other housewives as a person. I think having to be around this hateful wenches that are constantly bashing her, makes her crazy on the show. If I could see Caroline or her kids working so well with others in a stressful atmospher for weeks on end to see a different side, then maybe I would change my mind. I do think Theresa has a kind side – eventhough she may have been tempering it for the cameras a little on CA. The cameras I think wanted to show the evil Tre side, and I think that the kind, work well with others, is more of her true nature. Jaq is hateful, and crazy. Caroline is so self righteous. Forget all their over spending etc, because they all do that, but just as people, I think Tre has a kinder side and the others just flat out don’t at all.

  19. woww I can’t believe this was just part ONE!!!
    Andy has gotten the memo, and he is more impartial as a host-however, he has gotten others to do his dirty work for him, judging from recent WWHL episodes.
    I was disgusted as usual by Caroline and Jac-but Kathy and Rosie had to be the worst!! The funny thing is, since Teresa insulted Richie’s teeth, he has gotten them FIXED! How do the people on RHONJ not notice that Teresa is the ONLY influential character on the show? She speaks, and actions are taken-which means her comments are the truth…right? Meanwhile, EVERYONE ELSE is throwing shit against the wall, and nothing changes.
    Take the Napa trip for example-Tre was the only one who didn’t make snide comments alluding to past grievances, never reacted to the bait her family and friends dangled, and therefore, everyone got along. I’d get a little tired of always being the one to have to shut my mouth to “get along” with these people too-so even tho I was a little disappointed in Teresa’s comments at the reunion, I think I can give her a pass because of how hard she tried for 2 seasons to bite her tongue.

  20. Why does it bother people so much that Tre has supporters???!!! And they are mad because we express it…… I cannot figure that out.

    So what, what do you care. Its a TV show…we can disagree you know. Like its totally impossible for people to have a difference of opinion.

    • Meadow, I have been thinking the same thing for a while. I have never seen fans who support any of the other people being labeled or attacked. Then again unlike the others, Teresa never attacks her haters, while the others do. There must be some connection.

      • Well we have to admit whether you love her or hate her- this NJ housewife, mother of four with no entertainment background I know of has become a night time soap opera social phenomenon unto herself!

      • I agree, I read some of the posts and said to myself hey this is wrong and just got rid of it. Last time I looktd we still have a freedom of speech and I can say what I want. If you don’t like it just click out of it. Thank you

      • I agree…Quit picking on us posters here who have their own opinions and just because they feel Tre is being bullied doesn’t mean they want to be bullied or attacked also… Don’t you feel kind of bullied Antonella when once again someone bitches about someone defending Tre with facts and the truth? Like said I haven’t seen one pro RedheadedSheDevil attacked because they like her. Nor people who like Melcontent,FisheySmellywoman,Lapband , and the the poster person for”Don’t Drink and use Drugs together”.

  21. Riddle me this? Would Teresa cookbooks have been as successful if it weren’t for the insults about Caroline and crew(family)?

  22. What Kathy should have said was Teresa stop lying and leave your mother out of this, your mother never said I was divorcing and Teresa would have sworn on her children’s life because that’s what they all do. Kathy then should have said bring your mother out here so she can say it to my face. Teresa would have had bewildered look on her face and that would have been the end of the discussion.
    Btw, I only watched the last 10 minutes when Rosie went off like a wild animal backstage and I laughed so hard I was in tears but I feel really bad about laughing at a really unfortunate event/situation. I just hope that Teresa doesn’t act all high and mighty because this is exactly how she has behaved in the past and for the same reason which is someone speaking badly about her family.

    • Once again someone laughs at someones disgusting behavior because that person deserved it and like the rest of the bullies tries to minimize it by saying kind of felt bad about it afterwards. And sure bring out Tres mom so her father who has a bad heart can watch his wife being attacked by another family member who they had taken under their wing when they needed them. Its bad enough they had to watch their children’s relationship go down the toilet because it got someones wife on television and gave her the in she always wanted. Maybe we could have BlowMeJoe bring his dad and out and show him how much of a man his son really is by showing his little dick and maybe have Mel do a lap dance because heaven help us if she sings to him because really don’t think his heart could take much more. Rosie should have never been there and had no right to threaten anyone. Hope you are over feeling “kind of bad” about laughing now.

  23. Nah Laurens still ugly on the outside too but lol on how hard she supposedly tried to lose weight yet every time she was on camera she would be drinking wine and eating cheese pasta or sausage. That clip of her whining to her dad how it’s “not fair” makes my blood boil – not fair is being born in a tent city in Haiti, not being born to a well off family that let’s you freeload and gives you capital to start your own stupid salon. I wonder if she even finished cosmetogy school. And yelling about bullying and “this is why people kill themselves” nice Lauren, compare your petty issues with people that have real problems. Ugh.

  24. I’m just watching this now.

    Why is Lauren the ‘make-up artiste’ wearing highlighter ALL over her face?
    Also why is she wearing a leather mini dress that would look bad on Melissa, for a show that involves sitting on a couch the whole time?

    • Its stuff like that that makes me question whether or not the producers are as Manzoid friendly as we once thought. Clearly someone had to tell her that that was a good look for her all the while laughing at her behind her back.

      • I think Lauren’s just that excited she’s not so big anymore so she wears body revealing outfits. She didn’t consider tv is unforgiving and that she was going to be sitting the entire time.

      • Lol Made. Lauren: “Hey are you sure this doesn’t look bad? My legs are still really big, I can’t breathe, and I am having a hard time walking in these shoes.” Producer: “Oh noooo, you look great! (snicker snicker)”

      • I think if Ashley came out and wasn’t so nasty, she wouldn’t look like a slug in a cocktail dress. (yes I did mean slug, but thug would apply here as well).

  25. & the way everybody is ganging up on Tree reminds me of high school. The way they have all turned against her without any real reason for it, other than the things they are making up.

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