REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Awaiting Tonight’s Reunion Show… Part I

September 30, 2012  4:30 pm

                     Cast of the RHONJ, Season Four… “Don’t mess up my pose, KomaKathy!  Can we just leave KomaKathy outta this picture anyway?  The only drama she brings is when she’s talkin’ to the camera!”

While awaiting the dreaded RHONJ Reunion, Part I… there is a “HereComesHoneyBooBoo” marathon running on TLC and June is just about to reveal her mangled-by-a-forklift-foot!

Less than six hours to go until Bravo airs its version of “TortureTV”… and just noticed that the reunion photo issued by Bravo speaks volumes!  Especially when it comes to Melissa Gorga.  MeGo is connecting with no one… and certainly not touching her nemesis, Teresa Giudice!  MeGo is posing as if she wants all eyes on her… “I’m the star!” pose.  MeGo’s not even touching her BFF KomaKathy Wakile!

From Bravo:

“Hosted by Bravo’s Andy Cohen, Part 1 brings Caroline ManzoJacqueline LauritaTeresa GiudiceMelissa Gorga, and Kathy Wakile to discuss some of the most talked about antics of the season.

 “You said I could come on the reunion show, Andy!  You better pay me that bonus money, too… and I ain’t takin’ no LapBand adjustment as payment!”

Lauren Manzo joins the group to weigh in on her stunning transformation and the season’s drama.”

NOTE:  Was Bravo being ultra sarcastic by using the terms “LaurenManzo” and “weigh in”… and “stunning” and “transformation” to describe LM …or was that just a fluke?  It HAD to be a fluke… none of those Bravo interns are bright enough to have purposely written that!  

AND… if you believe the “sofa position” theory…BubbaJax will be back for Season Five.  But, who the hell believes that ridiculous theory?!  BubbaJax is gone…

HEY!  MamaJUNE’s forklift foot ain’t no big deal!


Outtakes from RHONJ Season Four…


Preview of tonight’s RHONJ Reunion…

441 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Awaiting Tonight’s Reunion Show… Part I

  1. I thought Kathy was the nice one. Guess not. Maybe Tre has been right all along.
    What a horrible thing to say about anyone’s parents. Kathy… you don’t have to act nice anymore. THAT cat is outta the bag.
    I did see a brief flash of what I used to like about Caroline. She sort of attempted to calm Theresa down. But it was brief.
    Lauren……Oh geez.
    Tre does look good in emerald.


    • I thought Doncaro’s treatment of Tre was condescending. Like she was trying to calm down an out of control child or something. Chuckie seemed extremely arrogant to me in that moment…
      But I also agree with you Cable critic. I thought Kathie was the nice one too, before today. And that Rosie. Yikes. call the cops or what? she is SCARY.


  2. This show left me sick to my stomach. They all took turns insulting Theresa and then all jump on her when she tries to fight back. It doesn’t matter who’s right at this point. Theresa was the only one who didn’t behave horribly tonight.


  3. Ok, clearly, my opinion will not be a popular one after seeing all the previous posts, but it is just my opinion and I hope no one blasts me for it;-).
    I think there may be some confusion about the lapband. Everyone keeps saying lapband 2.0 and I don’t get it. Caroline had a tummy tuck, not a lapband and they are two seperate things. A lapband is an exsisting stomach band the that helps shrink the stomach and make the person feel full faster so they don’t over eat (which Lauren has admitted is her issue) and a tummy tuck is one surgery that removes excess fat. Not the same thing at all.
    Next, it was wrong of Tre to try to insert herself in Jaqs story about Nick. I really do think Jaq is trying to bring awareness to autism and after doing work for many charities/non profits I have learned ANY exposure will be helpful ingetting people involved with a cause! I think Caroline got involved in the story about Nick because Jaq is her family. Chris is her brother and after hearing people tell their touching stories on this board about people they know that are affected by Autism, I would hope you would get involved in protecting those people at all costs. I really think that is why she involved herself. As far as the people article Jaq did…it really was about her son and his struggles. She was not talking about Tre or anyone else for that matter! It can not even be compared to what Tre does with the rag mags! She uses her girls for her own personal gain and in case some did not catch it, she did NOT get paid for her story. Tre has a habit of using everyone in her life to line her pockets.
    I think the reason Kathy was upset was two fold. First, her father is no longer living and Tre basically said he didn’t take care of his kids and HER dad was more of a dad to Kathy and Rosie. I do not agree with Rosies outburst, however, you can’t make claims like that about when a person is no longer around to defend themselves. Also, Kathy has been ripped to shreads over being so passive and not standing up so, she finally does and she is being ripped to shreads for that too! It really is a matter of she just can’t win.
    Tre was saying horrible childish things to everyone!!! I felt like I was watching a 7 year old. She was calling Caroline an old hag and blubber, picking on Richie’s teeth and rolling her eyes when Kathy talked about her surgery, calling Mellisa a copycat for wearing the same eyeshadow and she did on the last reunion and basically just acting like a big bully herself.
    One last thing, I am pretty sure Laurens mispelling was intentional. I really, honestly doubt she would confront Tre like that is she didn’t herself know how to spell it. Come on, really? I am hoping people don’t think she was honestly mispelling it;-)
    Again, just my opinion.


  4. After watching this all I want them all gone.

    Jacqueline is mental. Girlie needs to get some prof. help.

    Caroline is beyond this already. The show cannot afford her anything and her true negative and bitchy self will just get even more displayed.

    Teresa is MEAN. I get that she’s mad but holy crap. Some restraint would be good. I feel sorry for her because she’s really been sucker punched here. But honestly, this show is too dark

    Melissa – good lord woman. Did you practice your saintly shocked face in the mirror all week? Start being real because you are faker then fake!

    Kathy is not relevant. end of story

    Pack them all up and scrap this entire thing. It’s dark, its not fun and I feel bad for most everyone. Even Andy’s face at many times was just the picture of sadness. Its not funny or entertaining. The animosity was palpable.


    • I really agree with you except the Andy part about the look of sadness. Andy makes sure this all goes down including the set up at fashion show, the only look Andy has is happy, laughing all the way to the bamk. I will no longer watch the show, just done with grown adults acting like children.


  5. Poor Mego, she tries so hard & seems so convinced she’s really really a star if the right person would just catch her on stage! Her support team is an anxiety ridden sad ole clown whose hubby doesn’t come home (despite the fact the “fambily” is important) alot of nights. Then her buddy Jaxindabottle with all her problems (legal & otherwise) angry but pretty pretty Rosie, & KomaK who may be a great fisherman but otherwise not much going on. GO TEAM MEL!! ;p


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