REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Awaiting Tonight’s Reunion Show… Part I

September 30, 2012  4:30 pm

                     Cast of the RHONJ, Season Four… “Don’t mess up my pose, KomaKathy!  Can we just leave KomaKathy outta this picture anyway?  The only drama she brings is when she’s talkin’ to the camera!”

While awaiting the dreaded RHONJ Reunion, Part I… there is a “HereComesHoneyBooBoo” marathon running on TLC and June is just about to reveal her mangled-by-a-forklift-foot!

Less than six hours to go until Bravo airs its version of “TortureTV”… and just noticed that the reunion photo issued by Bravo speaks volumes!  Especially when it comes to Melissa Gorga.  MeGo is connecting with no one… and certainly not touching her nemesis, Teresa Giudice!  MeGo is posing as if she wants all eyes on her… “I’m the star!” pose.  MeGo’s not even touching her BFF KomaKathy Wakile!

From Bravo:

“Hosted by Bravo’s Andy Cohen, Part 1 brings Caroline ManzoJacqueline LauritaTeresa GiudiceMelissa Gorga, and Kathy Wakile to discuss some of the most talked about antics of the season.

 “You said I could come on the reunion show, Andy!  You better pay me that bonus money, too… and I ain’t takin’ no LapBand adjustment as payment!”

Lauren Manzo joins the group to weigh in on her stunning transformation and the season’s drama.”

NOTE:  Was Bravo being ultra sarcastic by using the terms “LaurenManzo” and “weigh in”… and “stunning” and “transformation” to describe LM …or was that just a fluke?  It HAD to be a fluke… none of those Bravo interns are bright enough to have purposely written that!  

AND… if you believe the “sofa position” theory…BubbaJax will be back for Season Five.  But, who the hell believes that ridiculous theory?!  BubbaJax is gone…

HEY!  MamaJUNE’s forklift foot ain’t no big deal!


Outtakes from RHONJ Season Four…


Preview of tonight’s RHONJ Reunion…

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441 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Awaiting Tonight’s Reunion Show… Part I

  1. OMG I’m watching the sh*t fest… but I am. Thank God or the mute button. Lauren is so horrible. I hope she can recover when she grows up. Ugh.

      • Lauren is definitely DonCaro.2.0. Words cannot express how much I dislike these people and how thankful they are not my family.

    • Lauren will most likely never grow up or reach her full potential. Uneducated (and really to stupid to realize it) unwilling to work? Problem solved. Mommy will buy you a store. Lazy? Overweight? Mommy will fix that too with drastic surgery. Anxiety? Pop a pill.
      Lets be honest we have all met spoiled and indulged adults in our lives. The Peter Pans of this world are courtesy of Caroline Manzo. Bullying has been profitable for the Manzos but would you want Lauren Manzo as a friend for your daughter?

      • No way. And you are exactly right about these people churning out kids that the rest of society has to deal with I have worked with SEVERAL Lauren-types over the years. Its so frustrating. Also this ignorant kindergarten mentality of “fair” that has beat into these kids brains causes them to grow up pissed off when they see other people get stuff they dont.(magazine covers, buisness opportunities) But for some reason there is a disconnect with this type and they never learn how to quit bishin about it and just get it for yourself. It’s a NATIONAL CRISIS.

      • the following tweet shows just how uneducated she is:

        Lauren Manzo‏@Laurenmanzo

        Guys- when I spelt Napalm I was being OBVIOUSLY sarcastic why would u even think ANYONE would assume there was a Q in Napalm?!? #RHONJ

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        @Laurenmanzo Well its spelled, not spelt. Smart moment fail.

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        5:59 AM – 1 Oct 12 · Details

        Tweet textReply to @HousewivesLives @Laurenmanzo

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        @HousewivesLives @Laurenmanzo well if you don’t know the past tense of spell, then how would we assume you could spell napalm correctly?

  2. Kathy is finally!!! exposed for the evil, nasty, b|+ch she really is :) what a sneaky, vindictive DID I SAY NASTY?! JEALOUS HAG

        • What Lapband doesn’t understand is that when you bring up things like this, you just expose that you really are worried about what Teresa does. Apparently she reads and critiques Tre’s blogs, so she just showed everyone that she is very bothered that Tre’s blogs are better than mommy’s. Hey Lapband, spell Lauren for us. J-E-A-L-O-U-S.

      • Yes, she did but it’s ok because Lauren has dyslexia. Bravo was kind enough not to include that fact in filming, as Lauren and Co. didn’t want to share it with the world on national tv. It will; however, be detailed in the next issue of People magazine.

  3. I can’t beleive Kathy did that, now, s Caro is giving advice shut up? So glad Kathy showed what a piece of garbage that she is!!! Oh now Rosie is bellowing!!! This is un- real!!!!!!!! So stupid!! Lol

    • WHY are the other housewives ALLOWED to KEEP bringing up Trees Children?
      They are NOT ADULTS like Chuckies.

    • She s such a weirdo. She is there to defend the Manzos. Maybe she is bored with her life with John Legend already. Doesn’t she have anything else better to do? What a loser.

  4. Restraining order against arose . Stat. The fact that the previews shoe that she is invited to sit with the housewives after that murderous statement is outrageous! She should have been escorted out of the building.

  5. Katty calling Tre’s mom a f***ing liar and her dad a coward. Finally, we all got to see the real Katty Wakile tonight.

      • I agree. I will NEVER support anything that Kathy does or those who support her. Who in their right mind calls their Aunt a liar and uncle a coward on national television? Where was Rosie’s and/or Melissa’s outrage for that? Oh wait, it doesn’t count because they are TERESA’S parents. Apparently only Teresa and HER family are free game.

    • What did Tre say about their Father that got them so worked up? I sure must have missed something. I like it that Kathy can call her Aunt/Uncle names like she did, but never, never should her Father be brought up???

      • Tre is the one who brought Kathy and Rosie’s father up first, if I am not mistaken. Tre said that her dad was more of a dad to Kathy and Rosie than their own father (who is deceased). I can’t remeber who brought it up first, but they both must be equally accountable. If it is disgusting for Kathy to do it, it would just as disgusting that Tre did it…I would think. What Tre did may be a bit worse since Kathy and Rosies’s father passed and he is unable to defend himself.
        I am glad someone asked instead of just saying how awful Kathy is with no mention of the horrible thing that Tre said about her dad=).

        • I wonder what was up with the the dead daddy that made his wifes’ brother’s fambily have to step up to the plate to do his job. Prison? Alki-haul? What? It sure did touch a nerve, just like the truth always does.

            • Which I am sure they will find a way to blame on Tree. Bottom line, it would NOT have been brought up if Kat hadn’t called Tree’s mom a liar and her daddy a coward.. Actually if she would have stayed off the show NONE of this would be happening. In fact one of Kat’s segments revolved around her momma telling a sad sap story bout how stubborn her brother(tree’s dad) was over some minuscule amount of $ regarding the show repair business. Kat bashed first. So when the septic tank of issues from Kathy’s side of the fambily starts spewing forth it will be sorry bout your bad luck. I am figuring it for quite the stinker.
              Now what about those other siblings?

              • ITA and we know that Andy Cohen loves a bottom line—a sparkley bottom line! And speaking of sparkles, Melissa is just loving watching Kathy go down in flames cuz it makes her look so sweet and innocent.

              • :) yep them sparkle bottoms. The fact that MeGo didnt speak up for her in-laws says all I need to know about her character.

          • I’m curious about that too MP. More skeletons rattling in the closet ? It’s like a hoarders house with all the trash these clowns have in their closets !

            • I sorta dont want to know Kas. Because IF its as dirty as we are thinking its gonna turn out to be then that would just cause Bravo to resign her. So she can play long-suffering daughter of a fill-in-the-blank daddy.

              • WTH was I THINKING !! LOL ! You are right MP, garbage like this is what bravo trives on exploiting !

              • I know. I have to agree with the people that are saying the eyeshadow thing was petty. But then again, its not like Tree popped off with sumpin like “The makeup artist did a good job of covering up your c**e ravaged face, Melissa.” Now THAT would have been an explosive lil bomb to drop. Allegedly. Goes back to my theory about Tree censoring herself regarding all these people. To protect the parents and the children. Too bad all she is left with when she does that are the petty things. Bravo would wet their britches over the possibilities with a lil nugget like that. Tree knew this when she first heard that they signed on.

        • I know my point is lost on die hard Tre supporters, but I was trying to say why does Tre get a pass and everyone else is the scum of the earth if they say something bad to her? Tre should not have said what she said and Kathy should not have said what she said either. Why is it ok for Tre to say Kathy’s father was not a father, but her dad was more of one. Calling someone a liar and claiming someone was not a father are not even in the same ballpark. I was just saying personally, just my thoughts, what Tre said was WAY WORSE!

          • First of all Fishface started the whole thing by saying vile things about Tres mom and dad. Her Aunt and Uncle. And what the heck is this pass people keep writing about? How can you dispute Tre saying her father was more of a father when no one has any information or details on the situation? The way it sounded was that their father had died and Tres dad stepped up. OMG how terrible is that to bring up? The reactions of MegaRose and Fishface were to over the top to not think that something was not quite kosher about their dad. Calling one’s parents a foul name(especially parents who helped when needed) is much worse than saying that maybe their dad wasn’t around all that much so Tre parents stepped up. Shame onTres parents for helping their nieces out…

      • According to TweetMaxine, (and consider the source) Kathy’s dad was a child molester and a drug kingpin who sold drugs to minors. When he died they let him be buried in a paupers grave.,

        • ^ Judas Priest ! That’s real nasty IF true. I was under the impression that that tweeter was a yeah consider the source.

        • What was his name? It should be easy to confirm. He died 10 years ago? I don’t know about the child molestation part. But I did smell prison in there somewhere. Something about the way they were nutty about anyone speaking about him. I sense shame.

          • That could explain the no- talky about it AND the “mystery” of why you hear nothing else about or from any of Koma and Sweaty’s other siblings. Hell they literally have brought on everyone and their mother on the show, I’m waiting for their freaking mailman to make an appearance on the reunion ( of course only if he is anti-Tre )…so I wonder about the kid glove handling of this side of the family.

            • Yes. Starting to feel like Kathy’s jealousy of Tree goes far deeper than her being the star of a reality show. She must have resented Tree’s two parent household from way back. And no matter how good the Gorga’s were to her and her siblings, she is hurting because her daddy wasn’t there. Despises the lucky Tree for it. Her “what luxury you have” was a tell. And now she wants her “piece of the pie” I should feel sorry for her, but I cant because whoopity do. Get over it. Live aint fair.

  6. Kathy showed us tonight what Teresa has been saying all along. Kathy is not the saint she pretends to be, she really did come on that show to take Teresa down and she decided to go after her elderly parents too. She didn’t need to go after her kids because Caroline did that by saying that Teresa whored Gia out thus reffering to Gia as a prostitute. Disgusting.

    • I guess Caroline forgot she let her lapbanned daughter and her bloated man face to be whored out to US Magazine. You can’t have it both ways, Manzos. Either children are safe for discussion or they aren’t. Either their age matters or it doesn’t. The hypocrisy is INSANE.

    • Yep…they were acting like 5th graders….I think carol even used “sticks and stones” in her blog….children all of them….caroline and her daughter forgot the cardinal 5th grade rule…. everything they said bounced off tre and stuck to them…..

      • Surprised they just didn’t start going “nah,nah nah nah” to each other ! Maybe they graduated to 6th graders now and are proud of themselves that they can fluently recite childrens rhymes. Idiots !!

  7. I agree they should have escorted Rosie out. She is nuts. They are all low class. I am glad Tre pointed out to Jaq that she should be more concerned with her son instead of the show. She is so right about that . Maybe he would not have regressed. He looks like such a sweet little boy.

  8. The Ad hominem attacks do not help Tre. She is neither young nor especially beautiful, and calling someone an “old hag” with “blubber” is insulting the vast majority of her cookbook fans. Pointing out the Manzos percieved hypocrisy would have been much more effective.

    • I totally get your point, but my take on Teresa is that she can hold it in for just so long, and then she just blows. I’m surprised she hasn’t blown sooner and much, much worse, after Caroline’s attack on Gia at the field day earlier in the season. IMO that was the worst scene of the season.

      • What kind of people hold another kids hostage in their basement forcing a child to hear a toddler book read aloud? Like that’s teaching the kid anything except for the fact that her mothers “friends” are nuts. I agree, it does win the prize for being the worst scene of the season. Using a child to punish a parent is beyond offensive.

        • ITA. And berating Gia at the same time. All Gia did was call Poison Joe on his cheating, and she got attacked for it. Really disturbing

          • I felt that the entire segment with Lauren was out of line, and when she started bringing up Tre’s minor children it was beyond the pale.The parts with Kathy spouting off about the Senior Gorgas and Rosie’s backstage rantings capped it off for me. The entire show last nite made me sick, I literally started feeling anxiety from watching it. I couldn’t stomach seeing the show a 2nd time to catch what I missed the first time. I’m not sure if I can stomach watching the next 2 parts of the reunion. I felt like the entire show was baiting Teresa to go to her lowest common denominator (the personal attacks, insults, etc.) and it was sad to see her go there. She looked like a cornered animal that was lashing out at anyone that came near. I hated this reunion. :(

    • Next to Caroline, Tre is a supermodel. Heck, even Jax is hot next to Caro. But the fat comment was an appearance jab in response to Caro’s appearance jab. It is irritating how the “ladies” jab Tre, then they condemn her when she jabs back…

  9. I wish Tre would stop taking so much pride in being on the cover of tabloids. Any semi-intelligent person knows that those rags thrive because of the county’s collective schadenfreude. You don’t see Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan boasting about being on the cover of Star.

  10. WOW! I can’t believe what I watched tonight. Tre (my FAV) should of punched Koma Kathy in the face for insulting BOTH her parents!!! I would have and MORE…then Goofy Rosie would of been next!!!

  11. Stil waiting for the reuinion on the west coast…from reading the comments I’m kinda scared too watch.

  12. Melissa acts like a CHEAP SOAP OPERA actress , you can tell that she is a lier and jealous .
    Kathy she still looks bad , with the new nose lips she looks bad and trying too dress like she is young not pretty.

    • Yep. Kathie’s new nose, her new lips…both are fine. Even the fillers are OK. But leave the wig/extensions at home! It’s too much.

      • I think Kathy’s trying to look and dress a lot younger than she is. Caroline does that also, to some extent — I’m really not enjoying looking at her cleavage — but Kathy does it more.

  13. The whored out gia statement was a real sad. That hurt my feelings! Now can anyone answer my question? ok I watched a tiny bit of the show when it 1st came on. I purposely waited for the rerun. I didn’t want to help ratings of this mess. By doing this am I helping ratings anyway???

  14. I thought Kathy was the nice one. Guess not. Maybe Tre has been right all along.
    What a horrible thing to say about anyone’s parents. Kathy… you don’t have to act nice anymore. THAT cat is outta the bag.
    I did see a brief flash of what I used to like about Caroline. She sort of attempted to calm Theresa down. But it was brief.
    Lauren……Oh geez.
    Tre does look good in emerald.

    • I thought Doncaro’s treatment of Tre was condescending. Like she was trying to calm down an out of control child or something. Chuckie seemed extremely arrogant to me in that moment…
      But I also agree with you Cable critic. I thought Kathie was the nice one too, before today. And that Rosie. Yikes. call the cops or what? she is SCARY.

  15. This show left me sick to my stomach. They all took turns insulting Theresa and then all jump on her when she tries to fight back. It doesn’t matter who’s right at this point. Theresa was the only one who didn’t behave horribly tonight.

  16. Ok, clearly, my opinion will not be a popular one after seeing all the previous posts, but it is just my opinion and I hope no one blasts me for it;-).
    I think there may be some confusion about the lapband. Everyone keeps saying lapband 2.0 and I don’t get it. Caroline had a tummy tuck, not a lapband and they are two seperate things. A lapband is an exsisting stomach band the that helps shrink the stomach and make the person feel full faster so they don’t over eat (which Lauren has admitted is her issue) and a tummy tuck is one surgery that removes excess fat. Not the same thing at all.
    Next, it was wrong of Tre to try to insert herself in Jaqs story about Nick. I really do think Jaq is trying to bring awareness to autism and after doing work for many charities/non profits I have learned ANY exposure will be helpful ingetting people involved with a cause! I think Caroline got involved in the story about Nick because Jaq is her family. Chris is her brother and after hearing people tell their touching stories on this board about people they know that are affected by Autism, I would hope you would get involved in protecting those people at all costs. I really think that is why she involved herself. As far as the people article Jaq did…it really was about her son and his struggles. She was not talking about Tre or anyone else for that matter! It can not even be compared to what Tre does with the rag mags! She uses her girls for her own personal gain and in case some did not catch it, she did NOT get paid for her story. Tre has a habit of using everyone in her life to line her pockets.
    I think the reason Kathy was upset was two fold. First, her father is no longer living and Tre basically said he didn’t take care of his kids and HER dad was more of a dad to Kathy and Rosie. I do not agree with Rosies outburst, however, you can’t make claims like that about when a person is no longer around to defend themselves. Also, Kathy has been ripped to shreads over being so passive and not standing up so, she finally does and she is being ripped to shreads for that too! It really is a matter of she just can’t win.
    Tre was saying horrible childish things to everyone!!! I felt like I was watching a 7 year old. She was calling Caroline an old hag and blubber, picking on Richie’s teeth and rolling her eyes when Kathy talked about her surgery, calling Mellisa a copycat for wearing the same eyeshadow and she did on the last reunion and basically just acting like a big bully herself.
    One last thing, I am pretty sure Laurens mispelling was intentional. I really, honestly doubt she would confront Tre like that is she didn’t herself know how to spell it. Come on, really? I am hoping people don’t think she was honestly mispelling it;-)
    Again, just my opinion.

  17. After watching this all I want them all gone.

    Jacqueline is mental. Girlie needs to get some prof. help.

    Caroline is beyond this already. The show cannot afford her anything and her true negative and bitchy self will just get even more displayed.

    Teresa is MEAN. I get that she’s mad but holy crap. Some restraint would be good. I feel sorry for her because she’s really been sucker punched here. But honestly, this show is too dark

    Melissa – good lord woman. Did you practice your saintly shocked face in the mirror all week? Start being real because you are faker then fake!

    Kathy is not relevant. end of story

    Pack them all up and scrap this entire thing. It’s dark, its not fun and I feel bad for most everyone. Even Andy’s face at many times was just the picture of sadness. Its not funny or entertaining. The animosity was palpable.

    • I really agree with you except the Andy part about the look of sadness. Andy makes sure this all goes down including the set up at fashion show, the only look Andy has is happy, laughing all the way to the bamk. I will no longer watch the show, just done with grown adults acting like children.

  18. Poor Mego, she tries so hard & seems so convinced she’s really really a star if the right person would just catch her on stage! Her support team is an anxiety ridden sad ole clown whose hubby doesn’t come home (despite the fact the “fambily” is important) alot of nights. Then her buddy Jaxindabottle with all her problems (legal & otherwise) angry but pretty pretty Rosie, & KomaK who may be a great fisherman but otherwise not much going on. GO TEAM MEL!! ;p

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