CAROLINE MANZO: DonCaro’s BravoBlog… Teresa’s “BlubberComment” Don’t Bother DaDon…Blog Is Short ‘Cause DaDon “Don’t Wanna Ramble”…

September 30,  2012   Bravo

Hey guys, so what did you think of RHONJ Reunion Part 1? Pretty intense, right?

First and foremost I want you all to understand how taxing the reunion taping process is. We are literally sitting rehashing what feels like every single moment of the season for nearly 12 hours. I think we experience every single emotion during that time, and when we are finished we are completely drained. I have to be honest, sitting here writing this blog isn’t exactly a blast either, but I suppose we each owe you the chance to read our take on things one last time.

I have so many thoughts running through my mind right now, and I don’t want to ramble, so I may keep this short and do a summary at the end of Part 3, let’s see where this goes.

Let’s talk about my nephew, Nicholas. Our beautiful, beautiful little man who happens to have autism. It took quite a while for Chris and Jacqueline  to get a concrete diagnosis on Nick, and I fully understand and agree with their decision to keep it off the show until they had all the answers they needed. Everyone knew about Nick’s condition, and I respect and want to thank Bravo for their understanding in keeping it quiet until Chris and Jacqueline were ready to discuss it.

Having said that, watching that video was both heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. I’m sorry for my outburst, but that was about Nicholas and I believe it was disrespectful and selfish of Teresa  to infuse herself into that moment.

That’s all I’m going to say about it. I wish Chris and Jacqueline strength and patience on their journey to heal our beautiful little man, Nick. God knows he is surrounded by the love of his family near and far, and if love can heal, he’s going to be a winner.


The “old hag” and the “triple blubber” comment… I’m a big girl, and I’m very aware of my shortcomings. Yes, I am getting older, and yes, I do struggle with my weight and have a wrinkle here and there. I got a tummy tuck when I was 39, which was 12 years ago. I’ve never hidden it, but I don’t understand the relevance; in the spirit of full disclosure I had the chicken pox in 1970 and a hang nail about a month ago. Oh wait, I also get kidney stones, migraines, and have recently developed hypertension (I wonder why…).

All kidding aside, the comment didn’t hurt me, because I won’t allow it to. I have the power to not let it affect me. Maybe it’s just a basic maturity that we, as adults, should have. On the other hand, there are people in this world that struggle every single day with their self-image and sometimes they aren’t capable of brushing negative comments off, my daughter being one of them. I love her to death for sticking up for me, but I don’t like seeing my children dragging themselves into the mess. What Teresa said hit home for her, and she needed to let Teresa know how she felt about it. Sticks and stones.

At one point I really tried to talk to Teresa. I was sitting next to her on the couch, and I saw something in her eyes that I was hoping I could address and give her a little clarity on. I know many of you love to refer to me as a bully. Trust me, I’m not, I have a heart and I have feelings. I tried to make a point. There’s more to come on this, so next week, let’s watch and see what happens.

As far as the chaos that ensued between Kathy, Teresa, and Rosie shortly after, I tried to have a conversation with Teresa. I think we have to let that go for now to — it got VERY deep and VERY emotional. SAD.

I’m rambling, even though I said I didn’t want to ramble. There’s so much more coming that ties into what you saw tonight, so I will just leave it off here and wish you all pleasant dreams.

See you next week.



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162 comments on “CAROLINE MANZO: DonCaro’s BravoBlog… Teresa’s “BlubberComment” Don’t Bother DaDon…Blog Is Short ‘Cause DaDon “Don’t Wanna Ramble”…

  1. Trying to make this reunion or any show about Jac’s son and autism is WRONG. Many many parents would rather have a dx of autism than the disease or cancer that effects their children. Really just deal with it Jaq and quit the show, at least to show your son he is more important than a stupid show. I’m sick of this autism crap already.

    • Nonna, I agree with u completely. Some of us have childern who are much worse than Nic, not saying autism is something i take lightly. My nephew has severe autism and my sister has said many times, she would never change places with me. Jac needs to be thankful that her son doesn’t have a life threatening disease. Please Jac, just stop the bs and care for your son.

  2. Jac’s actions last night should be cause enough to put her in the looney bin. What a nasty piece of work she is. And Rosie should be in jail for making threats. What an obnoxious POS! Talk about someone with issues.

    • IDAGAL i could not agree more. why oh why play the autism card; if u wanted noone to
      mention it and all complied, why now r u blaming tre. jac is really crazy, or drugged or
      some mental health issues. i feel truly sorry for this child, and the fact that she is his
      primary caregiver. get off twitter, t.v. be a real mother. u were not there for ashley, maybe
      now u get another chance. if anyone in the laurita/manzo family really cared they would
      get her some help. maybe lauren and her filthy mouth, could swear off her trash mouth and
      take a class in chld ed. and really help. oh i forgot, she does not like to read. what a waste.
      chris has got to reach out to someone in his family who is not demented, and ask for some
      help. maybe dina. i remember a picture of dina, jac, tre walking along. the good old days;
      and they all looked so happy. jac think for yourself and get those girlfriends, who would have
      always been there for u. and forget all the brainwashed crap. god bless your son.

  3. I really don’t think there’s anything that can be said or done where
    DonCarowhine is concerend. She’s in that state where she’s going to believe what she’s comfortable believing. Sad to say but not uncommon. Now of course, Tre’s got to be the bad guy. That’s just how that works with the Carowhines of the world.

  4. I understand why Caroline feels the way she does now. Tree and her family gave us a good picture of how they interact! When she ran over to Caroline during the fight with Kathy she was inserting Caroline into her business. When Caroline tried to help none of them could stop long enough to listen or less the argument. In the next sentence Tree will accuse Caroline of breaking up her family. Tree’s Family is goes for the jugular and anyone near is collateral damage. Being in the middle of this family would turn me into a total witch. It’s sad because bringing on Tree’s family took away the only support system she had (Manzo’s /Larita’s) . Tree’s version of her family may have been tainted but it was her version of the truth. When she turned to Caroline for protection from Kathy it was very telling. I don’t think Caroline was the evil witch she has been painted.

    • Respectfully disagree. Allowing one’s adult child yo use the reference whoring out in terms of Gia tells me the Manzos have no boundaries.

      • I think it was Caroline that made the reference. My point was that it wasn’t about Gia but rather about her mother selling out her child for fame. Not my opinion but Caroline’s. I do find it troubling that Tree needs to address Laurens lap-band. Tree is a grown woman fighting with an Idiot. For the record most 24 year olds think they are adults but don’t realize until they are much older that they weren’t.

  5. I had read that Katfish had three brothers with drinking and drug problems and that is why they aren’t brought up on the show. How the hell messed up do they have to be if Rosie is the one who it is safe to bring on television. Or was that just a calculated risk Fishsticks had to take to bring in a gay sibling for Mandy’s approval. Rosie may have been given the mazel of the season, but she might also be why Fish N Chips was fired. That Rosie is a huge liability, she must be insane to have been screaming that stuff. I understand not wanting anything said about her father, but Teresa’s Mom and Dad had just been called a liar and a coward. Rosie sounded like a psychotic killer.

  6. They all lied on Season 4. Some hid better than others.There is no voice of reason.All baised for different reasons.Tre wears rose colored glasses when it comes to her hubbend.I hate when women defend their mate no matter what he says or does.Same with one that lets them beat the crap out of them and do not call the cops or do and do not press charges.Some many women are in denial when it comes to love.Rosie is a greasy low class pig.Katifsh looks awful with the nose and lips.What was it with the new hair color or wig.She is not attractive so accept what you look like.Her lizzard lip hubben is gross too.Would not F@@K him for any amout of $$.His breath would smell like FISH!!!!

  7. Wait, am I missing something, or is Jackaholix not “whoring out” her autistic kid for sympathy and a storyline?

  8. if anyone is whoring out their kids its teresa. The way gia is dressed in some of the pix i’ve seen would be provacative for a grown woman let alone a 12yr old kid. I know, i know its teresa and if she allows it then it must be perfectly fine with this site and its followers

      • Ok I am officially creeped out by someone imbuing a child’s clothing with sexual connotations.

        • One time when my daughter was in forth grade, her school called me at work to tell me to pick her up as she didn’t have any underwares on.(She had them, she just didnt put them on-typical) Well I scratched my head wondering how this could possibly interfere with her academic pursuits. Anyway I picked her up, took her home, made her touch her toes, made her do cartwheels , hand stands all that and nothing inappropriate was viable thru her shorts which her dress code approved. This is a NINE year old. So I call the school, sorta pissed demanding to know who and HOW anyone even noticed my child’s lack of undergarment. Who in the sam hill is looking that close at my daughter’s rear end to see that she has no panty lines and THAT was what lead them to ask her about it. Turns out it was a mom volunteer who was helping them with a school play that was “concerned” I prolly could have tore a hole in that school literally and financially for allowing such a dingbat to have access to my kid. But my daughter had been through enough so I let it go. People are SICK.

          • Ugh, Made. Just ugh. I think when we get to Hell the devil will be calling himself a “concerned parent”.

            • I know thats true Parkview! I should have stuck my foot up her butt and wore her around like a flip flop but that just wouldn’t have been ladylike. :) One of those moments in life that just caught me totally off guard.

  9. Hello everyone. I had to take a huge break after the reunion. It’s all just too much. From Chuckie interrupting and not letting Jax, or anyone else speak, to slamming of children, to Lapband’s assertion that it’s because of Tre that she had to get a lapband….all too much. I must’ve glazed over at some point. Could someone tell me what KatFish said about Tre’s parents? I know she said Mama Gorga was a liar. What else? What did Tre say about Kat’s Sainted Father? I remember being pi$$ed off that Kat went there, but Tre can’t say a arn thing.
    Lastly, was it me, or did Andy seem to lay off Tre a little bit? He seemed a bit more neutral.

  10. I don’t think Tre slid in on a “sacred dramatic moment” with Jaq’s kid either. She was just saying what came into her head when no one was talking. Jaq and Manzo were busy fake sobbing for the world. It may not have been the smartest comment, but, it had nothing to do with making it all about her and Manzoid acted a fool. Those idiot women use every op to stab Tre and they insult my intelligence with that nonsense. Really, I am insulted as a viewer. It pisses me right off. I’m so glad Katfish revealed what she really is. I knew it! And her scummy insane sister who Bravo tried to make their poster child for gay goofballs. She needs mental help, not a Rosie For President banner on the unholy channel’s website. Shame on all of them.

    While I’m at it, I might as well say, that I for one, do not give a shit what’s wrong with Jaqoholic’s kid (but, good luck to the poor kid, he’ll need it with that family). He’s not part of the show. He never has been. Campaign for Autisim on your own damn time, if you can get your fat botoxed drunk ass off Twitter for two minutes. Oh, and Lauren…OMFG. She’s as intricale to this show as little Nicholas is. She may be a few pounds of blubber less, but, she’s one mean, stupid, angry, burnt orange cheeto and I don’t need her. No one does.

  11. ImThePuppeteer, Tre said her mother knew about Katfish and Ritchis marriage problems and Katfish went wild calling Tre’s mom ‘a f’ing liar.” Then she said Tre’s dad was a coward. Tre changed seats then and there was a lot of OMGs. Tre then told how her father was always there for Kathy and her siblings and how they worshiped him and he spent more time with them that their own father. Katfish flipped out saying her dad was sacred and untouchable or some shit and at that point Rosie went off the rails backstage and threatened to kill Teresa and cut her tounge out.

    • I think Teresa should take that threat seriously and get a restraining order again wacko Rosie. Teresa those pictures of you in In Touch were beautiful. Please get some help for yourself. Stay away from the phycopaths. You are a beautiful lady with 4 beautiful children. I don’t know about your husband but he needs to put you first and wise up. Hug your mom and dad….they are precious. Obviously the other don’t feel the same way about theres.

  12. i cannot believe that people r really that crazy, foul mouthed, ignorant, disgusting, insane. is rosie still ms. andy’s mazel? i saw a pic of meho, joe simulating a sex act w/st caroline laughing. i did not
    think i was naive. these animals ( apologies to all animals) are beyond the pale. bravo if u want to have
    a porn show, warn us ahead of time. and w/the manzo family, febus, they r raising another
    generation of sub humans. lauren is the worst of them all. and not a housewie. why is she there?
    she was all over ashlee, like she was going to straighten her out. she looks for anyone worse than
    she is. stop looking lauren u r the most foul mouth young woman i have ever witnessed. get help.

  13. Listen, under normal circumstances it would have been rude for Teresa to chime in during Nicolas’ moment and “make it about her.” however, they (Jacqueline, Caroline, Anderson Cooper, and Co.) had already made it about her when they asked/said that Teresa hadn’t “reached out” or been “supportive” so this was a chance for Teresa to clarify that she had known, they had had play dates before their falling out, and there was a close bond between the families/children, hence the “they were boyfriend and girlfriend bit now they broke up” comment. Yes, we have established that Tre is not the most eloquently nor has the best timing and delivery, but she was completely in her right to speak up.

  14. If only LapBAnd would stand up for herself during the bullying she endures from her mother and brothers the way she stood up to Teresa for supposedly bullying Chuckie about her rolls of blubber. Really LapBand, Teresa saying, “Blubber, blubber, blubber” is the reason people commit suicide? How ’bout your own mama calling you an @sshole. And she did say Lapband is an @sshole. She did NOT say “behaving like an @sshole” the way she says she did in her revisionist history. @sshole, chunck a munk, 5 pounds of sausage, Al in a dress, etc. Chuckie is a bully and the reason people commit suicide.

    I think LapBand has a lot of misplaced anger. That is the only explanation for how she can get so outraged at Teresa’s blubber remark and ignore the cruel jabs of her mother and brothers.

  15. I have heard (god, help us) that there are 2 more episodes of the reunion. These filmings seem like some kind of weird torture. Dress women up in tight, borrowed dresses; sit them under hot lights; make them interact with people they can’t stand; and repeat for hours and hours . I’m waiting for the day when someone has a heart attack or starts flipping tables or chairs (lol).

  16. It was reckless to put the two Joes on this reunion show. I was shocked. They are both so volatile. Very irresponsible of Bravo Andy. He is lucky nothing happened. He did not throw Rosie out! She is an animal. Lauren tweeted love you Rosie! Unreal.

  17. Yeah, I was reading the article with InTouch. Tre looked great in the pics. & Lauren’s misplaced anger issues, I wonder where those come from. Bad example-mommy much? I guess seeing Carowhine deal with her prolems that way taught Lauren to do the same.

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