VICKI GUNVALSON: Brooks Ayers…Loves Vicki’s New Grandson!

September 29, 2012  5:20 pm   NOTE:  Have been anticipating Crooks’ acknowledgement of Vicki’s new grandson, Briana and Ryan Culberson’s new son, Troy… Crooks has FINALLY said something!!

(Thanks to SH reader “PG”!!)

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19 comments on “VICKI GUNVALSON: Brooks Ayers…Loves Vicki’s New Grandson!

  1. Well of course he does, Crooks doesn’t have to come up with any child support for this one. That sweet baby has 2 wonderful parents that will love him and take care of him. Too bad grammy is crazy.


  2. Vickie needs to keep “Grandpa Brooks” away from that baby. Brooks seems to have had one hand on Vickies heart, and one hand in her purse…lol


  3. And I’ll bet he can’t wait to hug little Troy. What, with him being a hugger and all that. And hugs don’t cost him anything.

    I hope they stand by their statement to keep the idiot away from Troy because you know if he’s anywhere within picture distance he’s going to take pictures of Troy and sell them to the highest bidder.


  4. he’s beneath contempt and she’s a pathetic narcissistic .. among other things …
    I would LOVE it if they would trash the entire cast and rebuild with Br, Ry and the younger generation


  5. Babbling Brooks keeps babbling along. And “Victory” has hitched her wagon to the wrong star… Brokes is such a hillbilly, I’m surprised he isn’t strumming a banjo on his knee. I sure hope Briana and Ryan keep that leech away from their son. Crooks would probably give live interviews from the baby’s crib to make a few $$s.


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