SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: AndyCoop And AndyCo… RHONJ “CreepyGuy”… Dina Manzo “Niece’s Wedding”… Kim Zolciak “Spinoff Show”… JoAnnaKrupa “HandsOffRomain!”… Kyle Richards “RHOBH Won’t Disappoint”… Marysol Patton “AnotherOceanSetUp”… ScaryMovie V

September 29, 2012  9:45 pm

You know that it’s gonna be a girls gabfest this week on “Anderson… well, on Thursday anyway!  Set your DVRs!  One of GigglingAndyCoop’s BFFs will be his co-host…


NOTE:   Was it really necessary to re-make “Steel Magnolias”??  


No, the RHONJ crew was not photo-bombed!  It’s the original “creepy guy” posing with the Gorgaritas… and Christopher Lowell!

The “creepy guy” is PR “pro” Jonathan Cheban… who used to be Kim Kardashian’s BFF.    How “creepy guy” has fallen… from being on the inside with KK down to dealing with the New Jersey sub-humans!

The RHONJ are sub-humans….



Well, not ALL New Jerseyites are sub-human!  Interesting that @DinaManzo tweeted photos of attending her niece’s wedding… were the other Manzos there???



Kim Zolciak got her own spinoff show…from TMZ:

“…But Kim’s not too beat up about the lack of screen time. We’re told her short-term series, “Don’t Be Tardy For the Wedding” — which aired on Bravo earlier this year — was a ratings hit, so producers decided to give KZ a full-time spinoff of her own, which is already filming in GA.”


Joanna Krupa on Adriana de Moura “flirting” with Romain Zago on RHOM… from Parade.

“I feel bad for her fiancé, because why is she flirting with mine?” Krupa asked. “She wasn’t even wasted, so if I had to choose, I’d rather have a meltdown because I had too much to drink (while protecting my sister) than be sober and hit on other men and disrespect my fiancé because I am just so desperate for attention. Hopefully her man wakes up one day and realizes that she is just a big flirt. He should have more respect for himself.” Meow!


Marysol Patton does ANOTHER photo op in the Atlantic Ocean!… from Daily Mail.

                                                   “Come on, Marysol, let’s do an indoor shoot!   The paps want extra for getting wet!”

Note to Marysol:  How about changing locale for your next meeting with the paps??


HagfaceKyle Richards chats with HauteLiving… nothing new:

“You and your cast mates from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have experienced monumental success in the first two seasons. You are one of Bravo’s top rated shows as well as the most successful franchise of the Real Housewives set. What can we expect from the upcoming third season? Is there pressure to really bring it more than ever?
I don’t feel pressure ya know? Were just living our lives and the first two seasons were not short on drama and this season is not short on drama at all. A lot of glamour and fun things this season as well. It definitely will not disappoint (laughs).”

For Kyle’s no-info “interview”… Ken said it best!


Mike Tyson has joined the star-studded cast of Scary Movie V

The movie will include a brawl between Mob Wives’ Angela ‘Big Ang’ Raiola and The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Sheree Whitfield as well.


(Thanks to SH readers “PO” “DiVe” “MaDi” “FLPhil” and “JoZee”!!)


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  1. I’m beginning to think that they are trying to raise Anderson’s ratings by the housewife drama. Playing us again.

    • For sure! That’s why the desparate Andy Coops lowered himself and verbally attacked a woman that is constantly being attacked by Bravo just for the ratings. Andy Coops exposed himself to be just another low-class TV personality…really disappointing…

  2. Speaking of tweets, Wack Job finally protected her account. I know this because the bish blocked me, lol! It happend maybe 5 to ten minutes after I tweeted her something not so nice. She’s really on it all day and night! How sad.

    • Actually, I don’t think it’s protected, she just blocked you. The exact same thing happened to me, too. When I was logged onto my twitter, I noticed that her account was protected; then when I viewed it again when I logged off, I could see her tweets. It feels kind of weird to know that you bothered a horrible person like Jacqueline enough to have her block you…I’m not sure if I can consider than an achievement or not.

  3. Alex is a doll…wonder why the Manzo moniker is on her twitter acct. Dina has to be relieved she’s no longer on the show.

  4. @Brindle_Girly
    I am friends with Ashley, Jacqueline’s daughter. Last season all the beef between them was because Ashley knows about her mother’s past as a stripper, and Jacqueline had a lot of guilt due to that and was afraid Ashley would hint at her past on the show. This is why Ashley moved out to Cali on money she made from the show, even though her parents made it seem like a ploy on their part to get Ashley out of the house. Jac became so paranoid, and was trying to use whatever excuse she could to get her daughter to move away due to the skeletons in her closet. Also Ashley was told by her mom in Season 2? to threaten Danielle Staub, make fake facebook pages, and do other things to hurt Danielle in order to continue living in her home she told me. Ashley was so tired of her mother acting like a goody-two shoes on TV when she hasn’t been the most perfect mother. She was also tired of the manzo kids acting like they had their shit together, while making fun of her on TV when they were still getting money from their parents. It’s also why Ashley got the tattoo of the skull head on the back of her wrist as a reminder to always be honest to herself and to never keep any skeletons in her closet like her mom and other members of the family.

    #RHONJ Comment posted by someone on Fameworgas Website

    • Intersting. Very interesting indeed. Think about it, the Manzos have always had a target to bully and pick on: Danielle, Kim G., Ashley, Gia, Teresa. The pack leader (Cacaroline) condones and encourages the behavior. Anyone who is a fan of theirs is clueless and should look into all the hypocrisies that can be found with the skeletons in their closet.

    • Very interesting. Not to mention that Ashlee knew all of Chris’s secrets. Bet those former investors would love to depose Ashlee about who was paying for all the booze!

    • I think I remember the scene when she was passive aggressively singing to Nic about Ashlee while she was trying to get her out of the house. Wonder what autism book that tactic was in?

        • I remember that too. What a cruel mother. Her sense of humor is inappropriate jabs.
          Also, Did Bravo dub in a voice for little Nic when Ashlee was leaving for the airport? Bravo shot the scene of Jac holding Nic and a little one’s voice called out “I love you!” It didn’t sound authentic.

    • Ive always thought it was a matter of time before ashley realized that she is an outsider in the manzlaurita clan. And her mother needs to belong so badly she is willing to side with them. Guess the skeletons are coming out anyway Jac.

    • Everything that was said about Ashley being a spoiled brat when she was on the show was not totally unfounded. She really did come off as one at times. BUT reading this does say something about Ashley … she was totally pushed under the bus by family members mocked and bashed time and again. To think now that her mother allowed this treatment and even played victim and martyr and Ashley kept quiet and respected her mother’s privacy more than her mother respected her is surprising to say the least. Ashley knows a lot of family secrets. She knows if her mom was in fact a stripper. She knows why Dina isn’t talking to Caro and Jac. I still think Ashley was a sassy brat. BUT kudos to her for her loyalty to those who did not treat her with the same respect.

      • Yes, Ashlee was a brat. She was 17 when the show started (?) Every girl and her mother has issues at that age. The way DonCaro’s kids treated her was mean. Ashlee was the sapegoat in that family’s dynamic. It was her that had the problem – not the entire family system.

        • And Caroline’s oldest son wouldn’t even help her carry her luggage down the stairs when he took her to the airport & dropped her.
          I hope Ashlee has been, or will be, tested for ADD. Some of the symptoms are not being able to read common social signals and then reacting inappropriately, also being scattered & getting lost.

      • I think it has less to do with loyalty and more to do with a sort of brainwashing since infancy. It took me decades to come to realization that I owed my hypocritical and thieving family members nothing…least of all to cover up for them.
        Ashley also knows deep inside that once she does stop covering up for them, she will be kicked to the curb. It takes a long time for abused kids to understand that they don’t NEED their parent(s) for security or survival.
        I’ve always felt for Ashley. Her mother was awful to her and her scuzball dad & step dad were no better. They all spoiled her rotten then blamed her for it. I hope she stays out in CA for a long, long time. She needs time and space to heal from these vultures.

    • Wow I can’t say I’m shocked. This makes alot of sense. I have a mom that put us (her children) out of the house for her husbands. I was the youngest only 14yrs old at the time. I have not been home since. Its very damageing! I have some compassion for ashlee. Now ashlee has to let go & understand her mom has issues. Mothers like that you have to love from a distance!!

      • This is EXCATLY why I think and autism storyline on the heels of what she has done to her daughter is not a good idea. So sorry you had to go through that watusay. Yes the mom has issues and this is a fact that I am sure production is banking on and more than likely feeding her head with all that “you can make a real difference” crap. Something I am sure she wants/needs to hear…and they KNOW this. Using it to their advantage. Jax needs to understand that these people are not her friends and certainly don’t give a hoot in hell for her children. They have proved that with Ashlee. If Jax only had the mental capacity to see it or care about it. They tried to get Tree to ambush Jax with it last season. Not good people at all. She has a duty as her children’s mother to protect them from slimeballs like that. But like you said, not all mothers are capable of that. and it is damaging.
        You hearing me Jax?

    • Hey Jac, that’s not research, that’s Google. There are real researchers out there. You’re just gathering information to educate yourself. Please don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re an autism expert.

      • Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita
        There is so much information available on Autism out there & sometimes I just feel overwhelmed by it all. I need the path broken down for me

        4h Shawn Jarvis ‏@Doxielover_03
        @JacLaurita talk with a doctor. Not on twitter
        Expand Reply Retweet Favorite

        Do u realize how much help I get4my son on Social media by professionals&other Moms that can relate?Docs dont experience all @Doxielover_03

        I think this is some sort of pitch for BubbaJax 2.0, Autism Information Curator

        • So when this Signature Appearal thing blows up its gonna catch her too right? Since her employer is Chris and Jax and her boyfriend is Anthony Laurita. Ole girl needs to be looking for employment outside of this fambily for sure.

          • That’s her boyfriends father. Her boyfriend is named after his father. He goes by Tony while his father goes by Anthiny.

          • INTERESTING!! I would bet on it. The complaint against Signature alleges that Chris & Tony used investor cash to pay out salaries for jobs that didn’t actually exist, and specifically names BubbaJax as receiving a salary for NO WORK. Wouldn’t be surprised if Sarah was paid from Signature for her babysitting gig. Or if the trail of cash given to BubbaJax ends in Sarah’s bank account. One of the two. I’m sure we’ll have confirmation soon enough!

            • A-ha. I am wondering itf the younger Ant’ny works for BLk. Seems to me that no one works outside the fambily business’. Usually not a problem.. til there is a problem.

            • YES!!! Great minds think alike, I just put this together myself. ABSOLUTELY worth looking into…I think there is definitely some business going on behind the scenes between Manzo/Laurita/Gorga families. The way the Manzo’s promote MeGo’s singing is overboard…

            • Eureka! And this ties in nicely with the theory that Tree turned down “investment opportunities” with the Lauritas. Its odd that Don and Co go out of their way to still keep some sorta door open with Juicy Joe… he does construction too right? With his brother? Could get sticky for them (Lauritas and Manzos) if Pete and Shelia join the show.

            • HAHA i just notice the Rebound post says that Anthony partnered with a European company. I wonder why? Because it would be easier to defraud someone overseas? Because the Signature Apparel suit wouldn’t be known? Would this “European partnership” make it harder for the feds to investigate their books? Let’s not forget the bankruptcy trustee looking for assets.

            • And wasn’t the idea for Rebound Surfacing pretty much stolen and slightly modified by Big Tony? BLK-style MO. I can just see them now, sitting in the Laurita home office scheming for their next business venture. Ugh, “serial entrepreneurs”.

            • @madepiley LOL! Can you imagine the legal fees building up? You know there is an attorney billing hours for tweet monitoring BubbaJax. All those multi-million dollar deals.

    • That was another wedding. This is a Laurita wedding. The Manzoids including Don Caro are in Pa pushing Blk with Albie, Chris and Chris Laurita. More siblings Don does not speak to.

    • Of course you do and that’s why anyone can claim they know stuff. There’s an audience waiting for insider information. And avid fan that follows these housewives can say the have stuff twist it and make it sound true.

    • I know one of Ashlee’s good friends. (I grew up a town over from Franklin Lakes, and my town + Franklin Lakes + Oakland go to the regional high schools together.) Her “gossip” is unsurprising… just that they were best friends for a very long time and once Ashlee got “famous” from the show, she fell into a drinking/smoking/”cool kids”/NYC kind of crowd and dumped all her former friends. Her mother (the friend’s mother) was telling me that her daughter was very hurt/felt betrayed. Then, recently, she bumped into Ashlee at a local bar and Ashlee was trying to be all friendly with her and even took a picture and tried to post it to her instagram, but the friend covered her face with her hands because she was like “I don’t want people to know I was with this fool.” lol.

  5. Could Jackass have any more books on the dining room table.She is probably looking at SH or her blogs rathter than researching Austism.Ashlee knows alot of dirt on her mom and stepdad.Probably the whole Manzoid clan.Ashlee made the comment 1 time that her mom stayed in the middle of trouble to be relevant.Something to that effect.Jackass is not a peace maker she is a trouble maker looking for dirt.

  6. Adriana went too far making a play for Roman. He is sort of shady to me anyway. Sorry but I think someone has to be very smooth and slick to run night club, schmoozing club goers. The scenes with Roman and Marta must be exaggerated because it’s not likely either woman would tolerate so much (sexual?) tension between a sibling and a boyfriend. *a remake of Steel Magnolias? Say it ain’t so!

  7. Had the chance yesterday to meet Teresa. She was down my area (45 min away). She was seated next to me and some friends. Was able to go over and say hello and have my pic taken with her. 1st, she is much prettier in person and tiny. 2nd, she was so nice and friendly and took the time to talk to everyone that approached her. Only one security guard and she didn’t look bothered at all. Was laughing and having a good time with her friends. It was nice to see, but when you look closer you can see the sadness in her eyes.

      • From whom is she supposed to need this “help” from? Jax? bahahaha. But seriously, could you imagine the chitstorm if Tree had tried that bullcrap with Jax ON CAMERA??? ” Come on, Jax, I can tell >as your friend< that something has been bugging you lately? Are you suuuuuure everything is ok with Nic? Please let me in and tell me aaaaaaall about it… RIGHT HERE ON CAMERA… just , ya know, like a real friend." Would have been a pretty dirtball move wouldn't ya say?

          • I don’t think is should effect anyone else but her. None o f the quotes used were things that the cast had not said to her ON CAMARA. In fact all these heifers give paid interviews in the form of talking heads and as we see that bash the hell out of each other. The rest of them are just jealous that Tree found a way to get paid outside of Bravo paycheck.
            I am disturbed by Nicolas’ People magazine cover. But more disturbing than that was the first pic that Jax(as Chris) post to his twitter of his beautiful wife thoroughly enjoying reading said magazine. But again Tree respected Jax need to not have this info out during the filming.

            • I am sure she would have told us if it was any other magazine because the horror at first sight of that picture caused many comments. Usually she will go “and for the record…..” It was just really not the best picture to put up. I really hope she is not going to make the autism part of her storyline. This is Bravo. They would eff up a wet dream. I wouldn’t chance it … at all!

            • She did tell…SU magazine had a great interview…I have the magagizne.
              She tweeted the photo and her website home page has it…very classy article and photos no mention of Teresa just the show in general. Go to her website she done a few interviews with magazines not trash ones thoug.

            • She did an interview and Tree’s name was not used? Wowsers. Did the interviewers ask about Tree? Like Cooper did? Cooper is a trash show so that was to be expected. Please tell me she is not gonna use her diagnosis on the show. The trash show.

            • Teresa was having a good time with her friends. She was laughing and she really does do that thing with her tongue hitting the side of her mouth. Uses her hands alot when talking (so do I). I told her I though she was fabulous and wished her and her family health and happiness, in which she said “thank you, that’s very nice of you”. Some more small talk and then I asked for a pic. I’m not sure if it was the venue or people, but everyone was respectful. You did have to ask her security guard if you could approach the table. I sat at mine (right in front of her) and the whole 2 hours (I ate very slowly and dragged out my time LOL) she never once said no to meeting anyone. Only time I saw the guard not ask her is when her meal came and she was eating.

            • How fun. Fans have ALWAYS said that she was nice. Always respects everyone’s time with book signings and stuff. Shows up on time and all that.

            • She was a little late but if it wasn’t for the service being slow that night, I would of missed her at the table. At 1st I thought the women with her was Dina. Her back was towards me and I had to keep looking. I don’t think it was, but I think her SIL was with her, or at least it looked like her. She had about 6 people with her. Teresa looks much prettier in person. She is also smaller (height) and skinnier then she appears to be on TV. It was nice getting to see her enjoy a evening instead of having to deflect daggers and being ambushed. I did have to hold my tongue. I so wanted to tell her to let her brother go, that he wasn’t worth it, but she was having a good time and I didn’t want to be responsible for putting a damper on it.

            • Yeah I am sure she gets sick of hearing about it. I think she is basically a good person that is most comfortable with a smile on her face. And a real friend would embrace that about her… instead of picking at her scabs. In fact, I wonder when, in the production process, the opening lines are recorded. Tree’s “you find out who your friends are” just breaks my heart for her.

    • Yes it does. BubbaJax thinks viewers are dummies. Quick, get the books out on the table and let’s document my “researching” efforts.

      On another note, that’s a sh*tload of books. Money which would probably be better spent on REAL help/therapy for her son, no? Unless of course she’s getting books sent to her for FREE. I feel like her “million dollar deal” will turn out to be promoting a product associated with autism for profit.

    • Mel is a piece of work. She actually says “you don’t see me talking about Tree’s bankruptcy….” Hello? What was that disgusting bread breaking session she ans her husband filmed with their accountant? One of the first scenes straight out the gate from MeGo? Shame on them! Shame indeed.
      I know they all try to say that the Sr Gorgas dont watch the show but I bet anything they know ALLLLL about that scene as well as the one when JoGo claimed that he paid his daddy’s mortgage.

      • Yep yet she threw her digs in about paying their bills. I see Teresa is still promoting Jacqueline as the stripper…and blaming Caroline for telling her that

        • Yeah that “we pay our bills” thing will be looped and turned into a Gif or whatever just in time for the Gorga bankruptcy I am sure.
          If Jax was a stripper, I am sure she told Tree, just like she told Danielle. I also think that Caro has always known about Jax past. And prolly had a hard time “eggcepting” it. Hence the low-rent “half-assed’ gazebo wedding. :)

          • No, Teresa claims that Caroline told her Jacqueline was as tripper and that said jac wasn’t a good wife to Chris,…apparently tries to blame it on Caroline’s confusion due to menopause, that was quoted in the magazine in touch. There was sneak peak photos that showed carolines face it must be when Teresa drops that bomb,

            As for weddings…well it’s not wedding that matters it’s the marriage that counts. They are still together aren’t they?

            • So Caroline told Tree? I always thought that Caroline never accepted Jax. At least Tree tried to give Don an put with the menopause thing… instead of just a straight out “You are a deliberate liar Caroline” And the not a good wife thing to Chris is sorta old news. I thought that was why Jax coldcocked Don back in the day. For Don insinuating that when she had to come babysit CJ because poor Chis could not handle an afternoon with his own son. And this lil morsel was dropped via Jax and Don themselves.
              And its true it is the marriage that counts. They are still together(just like the Guidices are-ahem) But the beginning of that courtship was what prolly left a bad taste in some Laurita mouth and has caused Jax to constantly have to prove she is worthy and not just an engagement breaking up trollop piece of gutter trash from Las Vegas. Its got the be crazy-making recipe for sure. No dout a fist full of ‘kiss ma butt” was warranted. Did Jax claim to be knocked up when he broke off his engagement with his ex? She was preggers when they married right?

            • Jacqueline got pregnant four months after moving to NJ. She was engaged to Chris when she moved with Ashlee from Vegas to New Jersey. Chris married her because he loved her not because she pregnant. She gave the timeline on twitter when Jamie’s wedding aired. And Caroline can’t talk about sibling marriages when three of her sisters have been divorced.

            • When did he break up with the other gal he was engaged to? Whats that timeline? I wonder if Chris would have married that other girl if her uterus was just a tad bit quicker on the draw than Jax. Ifn ya know what I mean. ;) Everyone who gets knocked up before marriage says that “He married me because he loves me” After a while, I am sure they make themselves believe that. But there is no mistaken that the fetus sure helped to speed things up huh? Specially a long drawn out man draggin his feet engagement. I doubt that Jax wanted to end up like Chris’ other hump n dump should a BBD come along.
              And I am not saying Jax was completely at fault with the breakup of the engagement. Chris prolly lied to her too. Men.

            • Yeah, we should believe her official headline.

              She has shown herself to be really trustworthy, such as with her twittergate crap. ;)

            • Are we sure it was an ex finance or just a girlfriend. Chris and Jacqueline had a long distance relationship and even broke up for a year before getting engaged..
              Watching season 2 reunion where Danielle said she emblemshied stuff about Jacqueline.

            • Do you honestly think for one minute if it was a fiance that that would have prevented Jax from hitchin her wagon to him and getting knocked up?

            • This makes sense that Don dropped the Jax the stripper bomb on Teresa. Don calls her own child azzhole and seems to be on the outs with most of her brothers and sisters probably for telling tales out of school. I’m LMAO! Wow! Did these dummies think they could keep picking and poking at Teresa and she wouldn’t come back at them. Hello! I’m surprised she kept her mouth this long. Glad the gloves are finally off>

            • Chuck: Ive never been a fan of Jacqueline. She was a stripper back in Vegas when Chris met her. Teresa: Oh yeah? My sister in law, Melissa was a stripper too……(together in unison): tisk. Tisk.

  8. I swear that I am not just saying this because I hate the Manzo’s, but was just looking at the CRAP that they offer for sale on twitter. It looks like stuff from Wall Mart and is so expensive plus shipping costs. The gloves are 38.00 and the little scarf is 48.00 and that is without shipping added in. Can they possibly be doing good business?

    • I saw comment about the gloves, questioning the price.

      Someone said they liked their $3.00 Walmart gloves just fine.

      Seriously, what a mark up. I wouldn’t pay that.

    • It aint the stripper thing now.. its the unsavory people(it was a flea bag place that those types love to gravitate to) and the possible ongoing drug issue (allegedly) These people turn on each other and let out all the dirt whenever they feel like they have been double crossed(paranoia) never once considering the follow up question would be :Well now just how exactly do you know this stuff” And not realizing that their faces give their lifestyles away.

    • I think they all care. Old school Italian men may “date” strippers/dancers, but they sure as hell don’t want to marry them.

  9. Lexi is so pretty, she looks like a lovely girl. I’m sure Lapband is seething with jealousy and whining to her obnoxious sloppy mother!

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