REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Ratings Plunge… What Happened!?… Waiting on “MissElaine!”

September 29, 2012    8:10 pm

                      Ana and her daughter… A “who cares?” story line.

According to the MiamiHerald, Thursday’s Real Housewives of Miami took a ratings plunge.  Well, who didn’t see THAT coming!?

From MiamiHerald:

“Last night was a big TV night, but not for the ladies of The Real Housewives of Miami, unfortunately. The show’s viewership has tanked again, this time going from last week’s 9 p.m. numbers of 1.025 million viewers to last night’s 0.967 which, in ratings talk means 967,000 viewers. Yikes.

To compare, though there’s really no comparison, The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Sunday scored a whopping 3.4 million viewers; Wednesday night’s finale of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo brought in 2.7 million and last night’s Grey’s Anatomy premiere, airing at the same time as RHOM, had 11.7 million people tuning in, according to TV By the Numbers.

The RHOM rerun at 10 p.m. also lost viewers compared to last week: last week’s rerun had 815,000 viewers while last night’s dropped to 711,000.

Despite the numbers (or lack thereof) speaking volumes and a general apathy about the show, the Twitterverse was abuzz last night over the debut of drag personality Elaine Lancaster, who eventually gets into it with the show’s main sideshow, Elsa Patton.”

Unfortunately for the RHOM, they got battered by Bravo again!  

 PierogiePrincesses Joanna and Marta Krupa… another “MEH!” story line!

If you were not aware, the first season of the RHOM was thrown into the Bravo lineup as a quick replacement for the dismal dailies MissAndy was receiving of the Real Housewives of New York.   It was reported that the Morocco trip was disastrous, as were the new New York Housewives, and the much-anticipated season four premiere of the RHONY was delayed, as MissAndy needed more time to fix the footage before airing on Bravo.

  The RHOM even got slighted at their reunion… it was held in MissAndy’s Clubhouse!

In its place was “Miami Dinner Party”… which title was quickly changed to the “Real Housewives of Miami” to fit in with Bravo’s Housewives franchises.  If you need more detailed info re RHOM’s first season debacle… read “AndyCohen Prepped RHOM For Failure” from SH April 7, 2011.

          Cast of the Real Housewives of Miami…

So, what is the problem with the RHOM?  Why are ratings tanking?  What the hell is going on??  Everything should be going perfectly for this second season of the RHOM!

Here’s what’s going on: 

  • MORE Housewives in a franchise does not mean MORE interest.  The RHOM have too many Housewives!  Bravo knows by now that viewers become attached to a franchise because of the characters portrayed by each Housewife.  The RHOM gave CrispyRice and LarsaPippen da Bravo Boot… and then replaced Crispy and Larsa with Karent Sierra, Joanna Krupa, Ana Quincoces AND Lisa Hochstein.  A four-for-two deal!  Bravo would have been better off going with the “less is more” dictum and added no more than two new Miami Housewives!
  • MORE Housewives franchises airing at the same time does not mean MORE interest.  The masterminds of programming at Bravo premiered the RHOM while the Real Housewives of New York AND The Real Housewives of New Jersey are still going strong.  Bravo used the same thought process and executed the same timing for the RHONY this season, and the RHONY ratings are also less than expected.  Viewers get invested in their particular franchise… and get invested in their particular Housewife and/or Housewives.  The agonizing season of the RHONJ is STILL clinging to life, as the New Jersey reunions shows have yet to air.  The notoriety of New Jersey is STILL going strong… and BOTH the RHONY and the RHOM are eclipsed by the goings-on with New Jersey!
  • MORE of MamaElsa does not mean MORE interest.  Everyone knows Lord of the Housewives’ MissAndy’s perplexing adoration of MamaElsa… and MissAndy thinks that RHOM viewers share his absurd devotion to Elsa.  MissAndy/Bravo is continuing the push for Elsa Patton to be their “breakout” star by making mumble-mouth-hardly-a-psychic MamaElsa the “star” of her own online series, which involves selling her own coffee.  Yes, MamaElsa is cruising Miami in her custom coffee truck, peddling “HavanaElsa” coffee to Miami residents.

Here’s what’s NOT going on:

It was surprising… no, “shocking” is the better word… to find that Miss Elaine Lancaster was not included as a Miami Housewife!  It was even astonishing to find that MissElaine was not even included as a “Friend” of the Miami Housewives over at Bravo!   It was even more stunning to see that MissElaine was not even mentioned as appearing in a “recurring role” on the RHOM!

                    Miss Elaine Lancaster… “Thought MissAndy liked gays!”

MissElaine was one of the “characters” which drew attention on the last season of the RHOM.   IMO, Bravo missed the boat in not emphasizing MissElaine’s character!

Bravo chose the wrong person in Miami to get behind.  Instead of “what-the-hell-is-she-talkin’-about” MamaElsa to spotlight, the BravoBrainiacs should have gone with MissElaine!   Miss Elaine is the Miami personality everyone has been anxiously waiting to see!

 RHOM’s Lea Black and MissElaine Lancaster… 

Going by comments on SH when the RHOM premiere date was announced… many commenters said that they were looking forward to seeing MissElaine.  Not one mentioned their excitement in getting a glance at MamaElsa!

 MissElaine Lancaster… “See that boat that just passed?  MissAndy missed it!”

Is Bravo purposely setting Miami up for failure again?  The RHOM is beautiful to watch… the production values have increased 100% over its first season…. and RHOM has some interesting characters; however, too many for viewers to become invested in after a wicked New Jersey season… and the RHONY is still not over yet!

Will simply hope that Miami gets legs and its rating grow… ’cause that’s all Bravo is interested in… is ratings!  Otherwise, don’t look for season three of the Real Housewives of Miami.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed… and our crosses crossed, too… for Miami’s survival!

MissElaine…April 16, 2012

RHOM Preview…

(Thanks to SH reader “RF”!!)

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  1. So far I find Miami to be refreshing! I find Jersey and to some extent NY franchises to be stale and uninteresting. There’s just too much old toxicity. I tried to be excited about watching Jersey but everytime I have been disappointed and bored out of my mind. It got to the point that now my brain refuses to pay attention! So I am glad that Miami came just in time to replace the old , tragic & boring shows (imo). At least I have something I dont tune out of too much:). I hope more people will tune in to Miami :)


  2. You’re so right that interest can’t be sustained for 3 housewives franchises airing at once. Sure, the ratings for Real Housewives of NY picked up once Aviva started going nutso, but also once Real Housewives of Orange County ended. They should only air 2 at a time.

    I fear for Miami because both Housewives of Beverly Hills and Housewives of Atlanta premiere in November. The New York and New Jersey reunions will take us through October, so Miami will get little or zero time not airing while 2 other (more successful) Housewives franchises air.

    I can definitely see Housewives of Miami going the way of Housewives of D.C. after this season, which is too bad, because they have potential to be really entertaining.


  3. I am guilty watching all of the REAL HOUSEWIVES shows in all the cities. However, D.C. was clearly the worst and Miami is pretty bad too. I think the casting is poor and they really didn’t make it much more interesting this season.

    I definitely think there are too many Miami housewives on the show this season. Not to mention enough of Mama Elsa already. Half the time you can’t understand or decipher a word she is saying not to mention she is scary to look at. I think Ana is nice, but do we really need to see her on tv? I mean, she is an attorney who still resides with her ex-husband and clearly has issues with letting go of him and also co-dependency issues. Enough said. GET RID OF HER ALREADY. BORING!

    Joanna Krupa is fun to watch, but do we really need to see her wanna be sister, Marta, so much? I mean, Joanna is drop dead gorgeous. But Marta obviously has jealousy issues since her sister, Joanna symbolizes everything that she wants (a fiance, a successful career, etc.). Marta behaves like a B***** and is often seen as being childish. Why do we need to see Marta? GET RID OF HER ALREADY!

    Marysol really doesn’t bring much to the show either. She doesn’t date, have a love interest, or anything else going on. Mama Elsa is pathetic as well. GET RID OF THEM.

    Adriana is lame too. I mean, she’s still engaged to a man who she obviously doesn’t love, but stays in the relationship for financial support in terms of maintaining her lavish lifestyle and providing for her son from a previous relationship. I had to laugh out loud when I saw the alleged “yacht” she is going to be living on. Can we say SINKING SHIP? It won’t be long before their engagement is broken and she looks for a richer and better looking lover.

    Karent and Lisa are fun to watch and they certainly add some oomph to the show. Karent has brains and beauty and is self made. Lisa obviously married well, but the fact that her husband Lenny bought a home on Star Island makes us want to see more of the exclusive Star Island lifestyle.

    Lea is so-so. She married well, but really doesn’t have much going on in her scenes either. I found it in poor taste that she would comment on John Goodman, who her husband was representing in a very public criminal trial in which Mr. Goodman was ultimately found guilty as charged and is now serving a prison sentence. I guess it’s true what they say about criminal attorneys….Throw enough money at them and they will represent people they know are gulity just to get a paycheck in the end. Tacky ambulance chasers!


    • UUGGGG DANG IT!! i should have known better than to read your entire post — i’m watching the goodman trial on TruTV — you should have put SPOILER ALERT on your post!!! i was trying to stay away from any stories because i like the suspense of waiting for a verdict — not like he wasn’t going to be found guilty — but DANG now it’s ruined!!!! :O)


      • Did you think it was gonna turn out any different? When I first heard what that mf’rs defense would be I knew. Cause danged ole Juicy Joe tried that silly crap on RHNJ. “I drank after the wreck”


  4. Taking cheap shots at an elderly ladies’ ramblings and her botched plastic surgery is nasty.
    Not all grandma’s knit all day, good for her for indulging in, what I assume is, very good wine, how long does she have left? Might as well enjoy a lovely delicious buzz in her old age.
    You go Mama Elsa – Cheers Me Dears!

    Apart from that I think that the Krupa sisters are 2 insufferable idiotic drama queens. I can not believe they are in their 30’s, they act like 13-year old self absorbed dummies who can not stand not being the centre of attention at all times. Pathetic. If the one doesn’t cry and scream about something, then the other will cry and scream about something. If I were a man I’d hit it and quit it immediately!
    I’d love to know what happened between Marysol and Lea, I like them both.


  5. i think just starting the season when NY and NJ were still on sets it up for failure — 3 shows a week is asking a lot of fans! also, i think MIAMI is really fake — that first show when it showed the dentist lounging in bed with her soap opera BF i immediately thought — she’s always wanted to shoot this scene with him since he probably does it all the time on his soap show!! FAKE!! and then that lawyer with her husband she’s still friends with — how disgusting is her daughter??!!!!! eewww are these really their family discussions???! Really??!!! FAKE!!! And yes mama elsa i wish she wasn’t on the show now sure what’s wrong with her but she comes off as really drugged up. i guess they need to show their names more or something cuz i don’t really know any of them and i mostly watched last season — the ladies were such a turnoff last year i didn’t make it through — glad the ones i didn’t like are gone (other than the art lady i don’t like her either).


  6. One more rant on why MIAMI is going to fail…. WHY couldn’t BRAVO pick interesting ladies!??!! there’s so much to MIAMI they should have picked housewives more related to the city and not just ones that are ‘socialites’ — like the goodman trial on TruTV — find a housewife involved in that uber rich polo lifestyle, maybe a rich housewife in something with Key West or alligators or the cruise industry – i think that’s why i like marysol she actually has a business and seems truer than the others


    • +1 PLM. Change the wording a bit and you could make the same statement about any of the cities the shows supposedly represent.
      Then again narrowcasting the Housewives to specific stereotypes is kind of the franchise’s brief.


  7. Not surprising the ratings aren’t there – personally I’m housewifed out and not looking to take on another show of women screaming and degrading themselves for bux.


  8. Yeah way too many Housewives…Joanna is kinda lame as is Ana. If season 3 happens, I might bring back Alexia,and keep Marysol, Karent, Lisa and Lea. And bring on one new Housewife.


  9. I’m sorry but there is NOTHING likable about RHOM or the cast.They are all SO fake & it’s hard to understand them. Bravo made a huge mistake bringing this show back.


  10. OMG so I’m gonna do my Housewives cast suggestions/ predictions (whirlwind of activity going on over here…..whatev):

    – Orange County Season 8: Vicki, Tamra, Gretchen, Heather, New Housewife, New Housewife
    The new housewife’s need to be friends of either Vicki, Heather or Gretchen. One new housewife needs to be or become good friends with Vicki, and one needs to be or become in conflict with Heather.

    – New York Season 6: Ramona, Sonja, Aviva, Carole, Heather, New Housewife
    LuAnn’s fake cheating story line got big ratings, but what would her role be if she came back? I say lose her. The new housewife can initially clash with Ramonja, but the newbie or Heather need to eventually become cool with Ramonja. Heather and Aviva’s friendship should crumble this season.

    – Atlanta Season 6 (lol jumping the gun big time): Kandi, Cynthia, Phaedra, Kenya, Porsha, New Housewife
    Kim’s spinning off, and if the New Normal keeps getting good ratings, Nene may finally say bye bye. The new castmember needs to bring it (I suggest finally adding Tameka Raymond, who seems like non stop drama and already has beef with Kandi). Cynthia and Kenya need to bring (hopefully continue?) the beef this season (otherwise, maybe ditch Cynthia and add another new wife).

    – New Jersey Season 5: Teresa, Kathy, Melissa, New Housewife, New Housewife
    Give Caroline and Jacqueline a Manzo show (please bring Dina into that too so there’s some genuine dramz and somebody not awful on it), or just ditch them. I like that idea of that Alisa Maria joining, since she’s friends with both Kathy and Teresa. The other new wife could be a Melissa friend or a Teresa one. I’d have Shelia Guidice and Heather Robinson be recurring or friends of wives, the first for major dramz with Melissa, and the second for low key fun with Kathy and Melissa.

    – Beverly Hills Season 4 (also way ahead but who cares): Adrienne, Kim, Kyle, Brandi, Yolanda, New Housewife
    Hopefully for Bravo Lisa’s Sur show is a success and she spins off. People will want to see what Maloof is up to post divorce. And the previews thus far for Season 3 confirm that they are phasing Taylor out (thank god). The new housewife should be team Brandi-Yolanda and beef with Kyle (since it seems like Brandi’s somewhat over it and that Yolanda and the Richard sisters get along). Taylor could be a Friend of Housewife (she can bring dramz), and add someone else to beef with either Brandi or Kim.

    – Miami Season 3 (if it happens…get those ratings up ladies!): Alexia, Lea, Marysol, Karent, Lisa, New Housewife

    Joanna and Ana are both interesting but have kinda fallen flat for me. Adriana is fun, but just doesn’t seem to work as a Housewife. I say bring Alexia back, since she’s kinda a fan favorite and seems like she has major drama with Karent, and keep Karent and Lisa (for comic relief). The new housewife should beef with Lisa for sure, and any other combo of 1-2 of the ladies. Alexia is still friendly with Lea, so it should be a more fluid cast group, though still ripe with tension. Miss Elaine and Mama Elsa can recur.


    • RHONJ to me was such an all out Lebanese / Italian Trash fest. Obviously Caroline is so jealous of Teresa she would love to have all her coverage. Not to mention how Inelegant Caroline is. Just because a woman is 50 doesn’t mean she has to give up on style and being a woman.No better than the Jersey Shore. Melissa really was/is a whore.
      Enough about Jersey but could help it.

      Lea & Marysol are 50 and both have style or a stylist.
      Joanna bad actress and Lisa seems real & always hot looking in a plastic way.
      Karent appears to be nice enough but a big wannabe & I don’t believe that is her boyfriend, if he is she is one needy person.
      The odd thing is how the real stars of this show in its infancy are the maids & the 10 ft. drag queen.


  11. Elaine is too bitchy..reads desperate. Pretty is as pretty does, my Grandma always said & Honey, you’re not pretty!


  12. Mama Elsa is boring…Marysol comes across as a meek little mouse. Plus, her stringy hair is totally jacked. Ihave a hard time envisioning Marysol as a high-powered business woman. Is her company/business fictional? Adriana is a hoot. Ana is boring. Mrs. Boobs is crazy to let Marta move in. Doesn’t she know the cardinal rule? Never let another female (unless it is your mother, or daughter) live under the same roof when you have a husband!


  13. I love the show I hope it stays on the air. I’m over the other housewives it’s time for a new city and new housewives and these ladies definetley bring the drama. ax the other housewives shows there getting predictable.


  14. I completely agree with everyone I never remember to watch miami housewives and dont even bother tivoing it lol. they need a star of the show………they dont have a nene leakes. caroline manzo, lisa vanderpump, ramona nutjob singer, etc.


  15. None of these woman are interesting. I mean… the Cuban girls aren’t as interesting as watching paint dry – at least paint changes colour. Ana has been nothing more than a backdrop, Marysol is sweet as can be, but she’s dull and whiney. Then you have Alexa the Cuban barbie who … who.. who we just don’t care about.

    Adriana is the loose cannon and we are always curious about her life because . . . err… wait… we want to find out about her …. no… well, I guess not. Lisa with the great body – and we all feel for her and her inability to have a child because . . . err.. .actually, none of us care because she’s DULL and not even her victimisation at the hands of her mother in law made her seem interesting. Joanna Krupa who has got to be absolutely brilliant… because no one in this world could possibly be so dense and stooooopid. This is a magnificent girl who gets drunk and acts like an idiot… a surefire success… but? NO, Even she is not likable. And of course you have the know-it-all Lea Black whom no one cares about because she is ANNOYING.

    … you want some ideas? Show Marysol’s events… show WHY she has such a successful company. Go back to Alexia’s magazine and show photo shoots with celebrities and models. Show Ana … no, get rid of Ana. Show Lea Black in action – a sit down dinner with her friends and develop her into something other than a cackling control queen.

    Really, guys… this show is DREADFUL. You got rid of the DC housewives who had some really interesting characters, especially Cat Ommanney and you kept this monstrosity of a show with not one likable or interesting person. Put it to rest… give us Real Housewives of BackSwamp – that might be less painful and more interesting to watch.


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