REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Ratings Plunge… What Happened!?… Waiting on “MissElaine!”

September 29, 2012    8:10 pm

                      Ana and her daughter… A “who cares?” story line.

According to the MiamiHerald, Thursday’s Real Housewives of Miami took a ratings plunge.  Well, who didn’t see THAT coming!?

From MiamiHerald:

“Last night was a big TV night, but not for the ladies of The Real Housewives of Miami, unfortunately. The show’s viewership has tanked again, this time going from last week’s 9 p.m. numbers of 1.025 million viewers to last night’s 0.967 which, in ratings talk means 967,000 viewers. Yikes.

To compare, though there’s really no comparison, The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Sunday scored a whopping 3.4 million viewers; Wednesday night’s finale of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo brought in 2.7 million and last night’s Grey’s Anatomy premiere, airing at the same time as RHOM, had 11.7 million people tuning in, according to TV By the Numbers.

The RHOM rerun at 10 p.m. also lost viewers compared to last week: last week’s rerun had 815,000 viewers while last night’s dropped to 711,000.

Despite the numbers (or lack thereof) speaking volumes and a general apathy about the show, the Twitterverse was abuzz last night over the debut of drag personality Elaine Lancaster, who eventually gets into it with the show’s main sideshow, Elsa Patton.”

Unfortunately for the RHOM, they got battered by Bravo again!  

 PierogiePrincesses Joanna and Marta Krupa… another “MEH!” story line!

If you were not aware, the first season of the RHOM was thrown into the Bravo lineup as a quick replacement for the dismal dailies MissAndy was receiving of the Real Housewives of New York.   It was reported that the Morocco trip was disastrous, as were the new New York Housewives, and the much-anticipated season four premiere of the RHONY was delayed, as MissAndy needed more time to fix the footage before airing on Bravo.

  The RHOM even got slighted at their reunion… it was held in MissAndy’s Clubhouse!

In its place was “Miami Dinner Party”… which title was quickly changed to the “Real Housewives of Miami” to fit in with Bravo’s Housewives franchises.  If you need more detailed info re RHOM’s first season debacle… read “AndyCohen Prepped RHOM For Failure” from SH April 7, 2011.

          Cast of the Real Housewives of Miami…

So, what is the problem with the RHOM?  Why are ratings tanking?  What the hell is going on??  Everything should be going perfectly for this second season of the RHOM!

Here’s what’s going on: 

  • MORE Housewives in a franchise does not mean MORE interest.  The RHOM have too many Housewives!  Bravo knows by now that viewers become attached to a franchise because of the characters portrayed by each Housewife.  The RHOM gave CrispyRice and LarsaPippen da Bravo Boot… and then replaced Crispy and Larsa with Karent Sierra, Joanna Krupa, Ana Quincoces AND Lisa Hochstein.  A four-for-two deal!  Bravo would have been better off going with the “less is more” dictum and added no more than two new Miami Housewives!
  • MORE Housewives franchises airing at the same time does not mean MORE interest.  The masterminds of programming at Bravo premiered the RHOM while the Real Housewives of New York AND The Real Housewives of New Jersey are still going strong.  Bravo used the same thought process and executed the same timing for the RHONY this season, and the RHONY ratings are also less than expected.  Viewers get invested in their particular franchise… and get invested in their particular Housewife and/or Housewives.  The agonizing season of the RHONJ is STILL clinging to life, as the New Jersey reunions shows have yet to air.  The notoriety of New Jersey is STILL going strong… and BOTH the RHONY and the RHOM are eclipsed by the goings-on with New Jersey!
  • MORE of MamaElsa does not mean MORE interest.  Everyone knows Lord of the Housewives’ MissAndy’s perplexing adoration of MamaElsa… and MissAndy thinks that RHOM viewers share his absurd devotion to Elsa.  MissAndy/Bravo is continuing the push for Elsa Patton to be their “breakout” star by making mumble-mouth-hardly-a-psychic MamaElsa the “star” of her own online series, which involves selling her own coffee.  Yes, MamaElsa is cruising Miami in her custom coffee truck, peddling “HavanaElsa” coffee to Miami residents.

Here’s what’s NOT going on:

It was surprising… no, “shocking” is the better word… to find that Miss Elaine Lancaster was not included as a Miami Housewife!  It was even astonishing to find that MissElaine was not even included as a “Friend” of the Miami Housewives over at Bravo!   It was even more stunning to see that MissElaine was not even mentioned as appearing in a “recurring role” on the RHOM!

                    Miss Elaine Lancaster… “Thought MissAndy liked gays!”

MissElaine was one of the “characters” which drew attention on the last season of the RHOM.   IMO, Bravo missed the boat in not emphasizing MissElaine’s character!

Bravo chose the wrong person in Miami to get behind.  Instead of “what-the-hell-is-she-talkin’-about” MamaElsa to spotlight, the BravoBrainiacs should have gone with MissElaine!   Miss Elaine is the Miami personality everyone has been anxiously waiting to see!

 RHOM’s Lea Black and MissElaine Lancaster… 

Going by comments on SH when the RHOM premiere date was announced… many commenters said that they were looking forward to seeing MissElaine.  Not one mentioned their excitement in getting a glance at MamaElsa!

 MissElaine Lancaster… “See that boat that just passed?  MissAndy missed it!”

Is Bravo purposely setting Miami up for failure again?  The RHOM is beautiful to watch… the production values have increased 100% over its first season…. and RHOM has some interesting characters; however, too many for viewers to become invested in after a wicked New Jersey season… and the RHONY is still not over yet!

Will simply hope that Miami gets legs and its rating grow… ’cause that’s all Bravo is interested in… is ratings!  Otherwise, don’t look for season three of the Real Housewives of Miami.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed… and our crosses crossed, too… for Miami’s survival!

MissElaine…April 16, 2012

RHOM Preview…

(Thanks to SH reader “RF”!!)