SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Sonja Morgan “BankBlast”… TVs Most Influential Women “IncludeHousewives!”… Jax Laurita “AutismEvent”… UPDATE: Melissa Gorga “U/UR Husband Will Be Exposed”… KimD Says “Melissa’s Checks Bouncing!”

September 28, 2012  11:20 am  9:20 pm

There is some discord going on between Melissa Gorga and KimDePaola…




NOTE:  What would it take for KimD to “expose” da Gorgas… and MORE than they’ve already been exposed??   And… a picture of MeGo on the toilet ala Wretched Rossi ain’t no big deal!


From NYPost:

“Real Housewife” Sonja Tremont-Morgan, who famously lost nearly all of the $3 million divorce settlement she got from banking heir John Adams Morgan, must feel completely at home in an empty JP Morgan vault. Her event-planning company, Sonja in the City, hosted a party at Bobby Van’s “The Vault” Grill inside the bank vault built in 1902 for J.P. Morgan, founded by Adams Morgan’s great grandfather.”   NOTE:  Check out all the photos from the party… which include KomaKathy, RancidRichie and GayRosie… at Starcasm.


TV’s “MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN”… #1 is Kim Kardashian (!?)… and coming in at #7 are the Housewives…

7. The Real Housewives

“It started off in the beachy, money-obsessed O.C., but now theReal Housewives franchise now boasts series in New York, Atlanta, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, and Miami. The shows, about wealthy women who love to scream at each other, have become a cultural phenomenon and have made Bravo one of the most powerful networks on cable. Bethenny Frankel is the most successful former Housewife to date, but plenty of other cast members have parlayed their sudden popularity into lucrative outside ventures. Kim Zolciak got her own spin-off series, Don’t Be Tardy to the Wedding, Nene Leakes is trying her hand at acting on The New Normal, and Teresa Giudice has a cookbook called Fabulicious!. Though some point to flagging ratings as a sign that the Real Housewives reign might be coming to an end, we think the boozing, bratty ladies will be around for a while longer. After all, what will the tabloids write about if there are no more Real Housewives cat fights?”

NOTE:  Bravo is throwing out Housewives franchises fast and furiously… like testin’ the doneness of pasta!  Bytheway, throwing pasta at a wall to see if it sticks is NOT the way to test for pasta doneness!   However, there will be plenty of tabloid fodder when the Housewives franchises have stuck to the wall and are DONE!  Bravo is well aware that ratings for the Housewives have been down; which is why they have Andrew Wang creating “scripted” shows for Bravo.   That is a bit strange, as we all know the Housewives shows, despite EVERY Housewife who does an interview insists otherwise, are scripted!


From MilburnPatch… BubbaJax raised $17,000:

“Laurita, whose son was recently diagnosed with autism, hosted the event to raise awareness for the disorder. She spoke to the sold-out crowd about how 1 in 88 children are on the autistic spectrum, Polow said.

The Sparkle Speaks benefit raised money with $100 tickets and a tricky-tray for Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization.   NOTE:  Don’t forget that “FEE”!!

“Our Center wanted to support Jacqueline and the Autism Speaks organization,” Polow said. “Jacqueline is bringing awareness and hope to parents of children with Autism.”

Over dubbed “bye-bye” by Nick…

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155 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Sonja Morgan “BankBlast”… TVs Most Influential Women “IncludeHousewives!”… Jax Laurita “AutismEvent”… UPDATE: Melissa Gorga “U/UR Husband Will Be Exposed”… KimD Says “Melissa’s Checks Bouncing!”

    • Sonja Morgan wants more money pure and simple. In the prenup he was “forced” to pay more ( I would like to know what the cirumstances where in that). Look at how she was trying to be in the same room with Morgan, why was that? I think she was attempting to kiss up to him again and he take her back and then make promises and when they break up again she goes to the court and the judge says well you shouldn’t have did that you negated your “contract” with her by being “nice”. She was given as I can tell child support the townhouse money and the supposedly the house in France. But the problem with these lawsuits is that we only here her side of the story and not his.

      Remember Sheree, she already got her settlement from Rob or bob but ran throught that and wanted more money. Just because she says it’s so doesn’t mean it’s so.

      • Shame on Sonja for milking her time on camera to portray herself as the “wronged wife.” Outsiders, no matter how well they think they know the married couple, never know what goes on in a marriage. It is common procedure, when a divorcing couple is using mediation/arbitration instead of going to court (not sure if that’s what they were doing) to have each spouse sit in a separate room, and the mediator shuttles between the two rooms to make offers and negotiations. This is actually a good thing, because it can prevent emotional outbursts that would take place if the couple were sitting face to face. Ramona was way off base when she criticized Sonja’s husband for not seeing Sonja in person. Sonja is 1000% playing gullible viewers when she said she wishes she could have seen her ex during the divorce negotiations because they were such good friends, blah, blah, blah. She’s making him out to be the bad guy just because he’s following normal mediation customs, and Ramona is feeding into the nonsense saying Sonja is still so in love with him. Again, none of us really knew what transpired in their marriage, but honestly, being married to Sonja probably wasn’t a picnic, and she was likely a social liability to her husband with her lack of class and breeding.

        • Totally agree w you.. Whole divorce story never seemed right to me.. We r def missing a lot . Liked last part of ur comment re Sonja being social liability& think u may b right .

        • I never got the impression that she was trying to play the “wronged” wife other than she had her heart broken and her life turned upside down when she went from A list to D list

      • Exactly. “She was attempting to kiss up to him again and he take her back.” You said the magic words. I’m fairly familiar with divorce laws, and usually the longer you are married, the greater your divorce settlement/benefits will be (depending on the state). So maybe her strategy was to get back together with him and extend the length of their marriage so that when they did break up again, more time would have passed and she would have accrued more “marital” money.

        • @ Stacy I believe the divorce has been final but she is contesting the pre-nup. I don’t think she has received a settlement yet.

        • @stacy, I don’t dispute your knowledge of divorce proceedings and you raise some good points. However, I didn’t get the impression Sonja made this monetary issue her platform for the show. Call me naive, but I don’t think she had any choice but to have some of it played out on the camera as it could involve quite a life style change for her.She could be the Sheree of NY some degree.

          No one likes a gold digger, however the father of her child will hopefully do the right thing. And as you’ve pointed out, we don’t really know the whole story anyway. Perhaps he has done just that, altho Sonja alluded to things being to the contrary for her daughter. I say toomatoe you say tamato…who knows how these people define not well off. Sonja won’t be able to the social seasons like her other lunching friends unfortunately.

        • depends on where you are .. here in Florida, unless you are married for 17 years you get no part of anything the other person entered the marriage with , are entitled to 50% of everything accrued during the marriage and the % for child support is cut and dried based on income …

      • I feel badly for Sonja, I don’t care about the prenup, what would it hurt Morgan to toss her a few more mil to be comfortable. That man is richer than dirt, to him a few mil is a trinket necklace for his now wife or a tiny vacation house. You have to look at it relative to the finances, a few mil to him is like a few hundred to most. A man of integrity would make his ex comfortable, within reason of course.

        • Perhaps he has integrity and he wishes not to give anymore than necessary on point of principle. She wasn’t there for him and to him, she might be the cause of the marriage breakdown. Allegedly according to TWOP, it was her own fault. He certainly pays towards the kids costs (which is great considering how she paints him as a deadbeat, + it is important and essential) and has already settled a French House, NY town House and 7 mill to his ex-wife. If she blew the lot, he should not pay her more cos she effed it up. Sonja needs to learn to live within in her means. I do feel her, no one deserves bankruptcy and she has been stuck in a rut. She has to help herself.
          Selling the NY house to live across the street in an apartment- isn’t major. She will still be in the same group of Ramona.
          French House- Now, the costs of maintaining that, taxes etc… has she rented the french house? It could mean more income in the meantime before selling it. An idea for her.
          NY townhouses- it is difficult to maintain those type of properties so God only knows what the french house will be like.

          • I’m sure she gets ample child support and the child wants for nothing. I would think he does not want to pay for her extravagant lifestyle. I mean please, how can she expect that from him? She’s far better off than most women who are married or divorced. I don’t feel sorry for someone that says while her friends are vacationing and relaxing she has to work. Poor thing. Welcome to the real world Sonja with a j.

            • I can tell you divorce is a terrible ordeal but it is much easier to go through if you don’t have to worry about finances. Sonja needs to face up to the fact her life has changed and change with it.

          • I don’t know anything about what her marriage was like, who was at fault (maybe both of them) and the financial aspect of her settlement, whether or not she’s gotten anything yet. It sounds to me that they haven’t settled on anything yet or they would not be “in separate rooms” mediating anything. If she was arguing the prenup, that wouldn’t include mediation.

            Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is I don’t understand why she doesn’t sell the townhouse and move into a smaller condo or apartment. She talks about all the floors she has in her house now and while I don’t know the square footage, I’m sure she would have ample room in something smaller. As it is now, she has the high costs of maintaining an older townhouse which she is obviously struggling with. She should sell it before it is in such disrepair that she’ll have no choice than to sell it for a much lower price than she will currently. I understand that she is trying to keep it since it’s her daughter’s childhood home but c’mon now. She shouldn’t do that at the cost of possibly losing it completely at some point. She needs to come back down to earth.

          • standing up cheering ! She should have stopped trying to maintain the charade and lifestyle she could no longer afford

  1. I’m in shock. I did better than Sonja in her divorce settlement. I guess being married for the long haul and creating your own business pays better in the long run.

    • Yes, it does; but many people will never learn this. Congratulations on both the successful marriage and successful business!

      • To a successful divorce, remarriage and life in genera! Hopefully that was only a cash settlement for Sonja and she had property as well. There is no way she could live in new york and play rich on 3 mill.

            • She said she could lose that house in Ny. She will have to stop playing rich…going to be a huge life adjustment. The Countess doesn’t seem to have missed a beat.

              • Yes, but who knows–the “Countess” could be spending way beyond her means. Almost all of these women do that, except perhaps for Kandi Buruss on Atlanta–she seems to be uniquely financially conservative and savvy.

              • The house in NYC appears to be huge, but what ruins it for me is that it’s next to a parking garage. At least, that’s the way it appeared on camera. Yuck!

              • I am wondering if the house was paid in full and she did receive it free and clear but took out loans against it? Its hard to imagine that the Morgans would carry a long term mortgage.

          • I’m watching the reruns right now. she just said “if I don’t get a settlement, I could lose my home” .. now, whether she is referring to them taking it as part of the 7 million judgement against her or not being able to afford the taxes and maintenance, I don’t know

      • if she got the townhouse paid for and a property elsewhere, 3 mil would be more than enough if she pared down her lifestyle commensurate to her new circumstances. I can’t imagine he’s not covering ALL of the cost for his daughter and that the child support isn’t ample to cover private school tuition, medical, etc. etc

        Figure, the interest alone on 3 mil is sufficient when your only bills are are property taxes and daily living expenses .. unless you are still trying to live the lifestyle afforded to you during your marriage

  2. I despair Kim Kardishian and the Real Housewives as “influential”. How? I only watch trash like these shows (housewives, mobwives (which happen to be shown on 4 am in the morning on those small cable channels) and a few British reality shows) to be entertained. Nothing like a Victorian Freak Show on telly. But influential- are we being serious here?
    Sonja- $3 million. How did she lose all that? Nice to see a father with his daughter oh I mean, husband and wife.

      • Well, there is the only way is essex (which is light and fun hearted). Remember, when you thought the British were intelligent beings (far more than their European neighbours) that they could go around telling how crap we are – well The Only way is Essex shows us dumb people. Seriously dumb people!
        MTV (UK) has bought us their version of Jersey Shore. Geordie Shore (showcases the great city of Newscastle and their inhabitants) and The Valley (basically Wales is one gigantic place rather than a country :s). They are far worse than Jersey Shore. They leave me shocked but it is addictive.

        • I’ve never watched The Only Way is Essex, the dumbness of the cast actually kills my own brain cells (seen them on other show’s I do watch). An example, on a funny quiz show (Celebrity Juice) a cast member is asked, ‘Which county borders Wales and Scotland, the first reply was London, followed by a second guess of Russia! Geordie Shore is funny but admittly shocking. I’ve not seen The Valley’s yet, but I would presume it’s not far off the Geordie Shore mark.

          I would love to see a Real Housewives based over here, ideally where I am from (Yorkshire) for the humour factor.

          However, “Remember, when you thought the British were intelligent beings (far more than their European neighbours) that they could go around telling how crap we are”, was there any real need for this?

          • Well, I am sorry for the last comments (you highlighted). I have been to the UK and visited Manchester (which was AMAZING), seen Liverpool during their Capital of Culture year – it was quite nice little city, Glasgow/Edinburgh (loved the accents and everything) and obv London. Perhaps I should go to Yorkshire on the next visit.
            I caught The Only Way is Essex on the tv over there, it was shocking to me to see them so dumb but at the same it was nice to see something light-hearted.
            Geordie Shore (and the valley online) was shocking. But in a weird way, it was very addictive. Geordie Shore especially, some times there was too much going on and the drinking – I don’t know what to say. I loved it. Wish they air it in US. British Shows get shown all over the world from Australia to Canada to even Poland. The US never ever sees those little gems (like Geordie Shore, lol)
            I was surprised Real Housewives are shown on Cable channels in the UK and one of the channels, from s1 to the latest season is shown every weekday in the mornings. I heard they were doing a housewife show in London but they have done one in Dublin and in Finland I think.

            • Thanks for replying Bumblebee and the apology. How lucky you are to have travelled like you have, I would love to visit America, there are so many places there I would love to visit. If you do come to Yorkshire, be sure to visit York, it’s Cathedral is beautiful, and you can walk down a street (named The Shamles) which dates back to a 1318 meat market. It has been preserved. The museums are fantastic (and not over priced). Whitby is a beautiful coastal town, and it is there that Bram Stoker wrote Dracula! If you like shopping Leeds is fantastic, or if you want a night out Leeds again has plenty of venues (the Geordie Shore lot love going to Leeds lol). I’d gladly meet up with you and go for a cup of tea somewhere quaint if you did decide to visit :D

              Now you mentioned it, I vagley recall a housewife show based in London, but not heard anything else about it. You might like the UK (original) version of Shameless, that is set on a Manchester council estate and follows the lives of a defunctional family based on the creators own upbringing. It’s shockingly funny ;)

              We do get the HW’s show’s over here but the reunion’s have already been aired and forgotten long ago before they are shown on TV in the UK. Our satalite TV provider (Sky) dropped the Bravo channel a couple of years ago, so the show’s have to be bought by Bio, ITV2 etc then shown.

              • thanks. Next time, I go, I would love to visit York and Yorkshire. I have heard of York and the fact that it is a beautiful quaint city. Would love to visit there. I love Shameless, I not watched the UK version but will check it out. . I loved the North West (Manchester and Liverpool barely 20 mins journey) and the Chester Zoo, Aquarium and Oaks. It was phenomonal. I loved shopping in the UK especially the trafford centre, liverpool one (small shops was quite nice mall) and Manchester City Centre Arndale (loved the Northern Quarter- bohemian, reminded me of New York). The best shopping experience has to Glasgow- everything is there and the accents add something to the shopping experience. Edinburgh the shops were amazing and loved the whole independant retail and cafe culture that was there. I loved the Westfield London, London Oxford Road. I loved it in the UK, could stay there. Any excuse to shop in the UK and visit York now, I will be there… Does York have a John Lewis? John Lewis was the nicest department store, I have ever been. Everyone is friendly and not over the top like in the US.
                I don’t know what the shop was called, there was a gorgeous cake shop, (they are everywhere in the UK) – do you have any idea what it is called?
                I remember watching the OC housewives on UK telly, and each and every episode is shown daily in the mornings. Surprised me! In US, there is a week gap.

  3. The pics of the wackoffs and the quote from bulldog Rosie in the starcasum link crack me up. “Where they go I go.” ? What is she now ? Koma and Perv’s bodyguard ? Once again she looks like a complete slob.

    • Exactly Dosi, so far I like Miami. That Joanna sure is pretty but she is a total coocoo bird when she drinks. For some reason I really like the plastic surgeons wife, I find her funny and she doesn’t take herself too serious.

      • I like Miami too. I’m so done with burnt out with NJ. The only thing about Miami is they have to many women on the show and you don’t really get much of a sense of who they are.

      • Miami is the only one I can watch straight through … just enough drama and sniping but it doesn’t seem contrived ,. scripted and over the top. It reminds me a lot of the first 2 years of the OC

    • I really like miami and hope SH will follow their episodes and gossip. NJ is so over and NY is just about finshed. I would prefer miami survive rather than atlanta. can’t believe atlanta is back with frikkin Nene and Kim. Hate those loud-mouthed bitches and was hoping they were gone for good. I didn’t even watch atlanta’s reunion last year cuz it’s the same ole shit. Nene vs. kim. BORING

  4. So 400 people attended WackoJacko’s event. Even if 50 people were comp’d tickets, that would be 350 @ $100 a pop. It was held at the Brownstone, so couldn’t Al and Carowhine reduce the cost for the event at that location? You’re telling me it cost $18k for the event? Wow. Is this the norm for events like this? Any SH readers do party planning that can slice and dice it for us?

    • Wasn’t there also a tricky tray (not familiar with that ) ? What were the proceeds from that? The fundraiser cost more than 18,000 if the tricky tray proceeds are figured in. Usually charities have a silent auction with donated prizes to offset the cost of the fundraiser. If you have connections you can get the printing comped . A really proficient person who knows how to network can usually provide very high end prizes. Tickets to sporting events , spa days , vacations, gift cards to boutiques, fine dining. In order for a fundraiser to succeed you must keep control of the expenses and get as much comped as possible. The cost per person according to my calculation is almost 52.00 per person.
      If you have 350 people in a room , you need more than dinner to generate money if that is what your goal is. Most people who attend an event like this expect to spend money so you have to have a variety of avenues to do just that. You can also do a direct appeal at the end of the evening for those who are happy to write a hefty check. Also helps if you have sponsors who will underwrite the actual event. You acknowledge their donations in a program.

      • Tricky trays are bundles of goods or services that people and businesses donate. Attendees purchase tickets and place the tickets in a container corespondent to the tricky tray they want as many tickets as they want. At the end of the evening tickets are picked and the tricky tray/s awarded. Makes more money than a silent auction. I’m surprised the Brownstone didn’t donate the cost of the hall and food for a tax deduction unless they split the money charged, after expenses, with the Laurita’s in order to make a quick buck.

      • A “tricky tray” is ( PC term) what used to be called a “Chinese Auction”, if that helps at all? Before my kids were school aged I used to drive around town and see signs for a “tricky tray” hosted at various schools and I had NO CLUE what it was until I asked and was told, “you know, what we used to call Chinese Auctions”.

        • Thanks for the response. It would be difficult to guess the proceeds from tricky tray without knowing the content. How much do the tricky tray tickets sell for? The most the charities i volunteered for ever made was 25,000 and that was years and years ago.

    • The amount they raised is paltry. I’ve participated in Autism Speaks walks and my walking team alone raised over $10K in donations.

  5. I don’t know why I suspect that Jacqueline and the Manzos are going to be sacked and Dina is going to rejoin the show as Teresa’s friend. Call me crazy.

  6. I think maybe Jac was fired that is why she is flipping out. Caro is tweeting a pic of flowers and said life is good. I bet she was asked back. She said congrats to Andy Cohen for his WWHL show. I can’t figure out what the Manzos will be filmed doing next season if they dont interact with Teresa. Maybe sitting at their restaurant bar discussing how Teresa sucks. Jac is in big trouble financially if she loses that Bravo pay check.

    • Jac has told many people on twitter including Teresa that she just signed a “multi million dollar deal”. Hope the trustee for Signature Appeal has a copy of that tweet and goes after her for the 8 million they stole from the company.

  7. Interesting how Caro and Lauren follow Kim D on twitter. How come they don’t care if Kim bashes poor sweet Melissa ?

  8. I want what;s next!

    Fill In The Blank: _____ housewife gets 2912 intewieve with Dali Llama.

    The Queen en Que!

    who will step up?



    Princess Radiz?



  9. these HW and wanna be hws need to have their Cell phones taken away and they need a time out in the corners.

  10. I think Kim D should just spill the darn beans already! I do know the Gorga’s just had another civil filing against them in 7/12. In the amount of (around) $2500 and from a plumbing/heating outfit. Maybe the toilets in the house couldn’t keep up with the crap they spout and the pipes burst? Or because MeGo is such a cold fish to Poison Joe he had a Beefheater 5000 Furnace installed to warm her lady parts up? Hey it’s Friday night and I’m on my 3rd glass of wine….as opposed to Jacqueline, who probably just opened her 3rd bottle of WHINE.

    • That’s odd that it was a HVAC company. I thought that’s what his beloved SIL’s husband did for a living? Perhaps even they know better than to do business with JoGo , sissy lovin aside.

      • Which beloved BIL? Scotty Potty Mouth Simpson or the other one? The Kim Pirrella moron husband?

        Joseph Gorga
        Type: CIVIL NEW FILING | Amount: $2,532
        Case Number: DC00676012
        Date Filed: 07/27/2012
        Debtor Address: 8 POND VW, MONTVILLE, NJ 07045

        • Van Houten is a VERY REPUTABLE company in this area. I can’t believe JOEGO screwed them. I am sure they will prevail.

    • Cheers JerseyG! Of course they ain’t gonna pay the heating guy, they didn’t even pay the sprinkler man his 700$. lol. Yes, I’m tired of people saying they know stuff but not spillin it, if it is true, like bouncy checks, it can be proven.

    • As a sub contractor once a upon a time, slow pays are just about standard. Even big contractors don’t pay like they say. I had waited nearly three years for payment on new subdivisions. Usually money trickles in, so it covers what money you are waiting for, but it was mostly me and sometimes I get a cousin to help out when I needed it. So, unless I had the cash in hand, I did the work myself. It’s always like that in construction, regardless if it’s industrial, heavy commercial ( large office buildings), light commercial (small stores), and residential. Sometimes, you have to take legal action, sometimes a letter from your attorney will speed up the check. I have spent more in legal fees, than what the job paid, on those, I never worked with that contractor again. If it takes a few years to get a check, or sue, it’s not worth the hassle. A person’s reputation usually is what you go by, sometimes it’s a gamble working with a new contractor. That said, I even had a problem getting paid from union contractors, but I just had to contact the local and I would get my check. The business manager would be holding the check from the contractor. I have heard of contractors getting the heave ho because of slow paying, at the time my local union only worked Industrial and heavy commercial. So, the amounts are pretty small if it were in the millions, then yeah, there is a problem, but a couple slow pays isn’t a big deal. Sometimes the paperwork gets lost, and after a couple calls you get your check with a we are so sorry and an explanation of why it took so long. You DO NOT want a rep of slow pay or no pay, can’t get subs to work for you especially if your the main contractor, rep means a lot in construction business.

      • I don’t know if this is for the personal residence of the Goraga manse, or one of his “properties”. Either way, you pay your business bills before you take the salary and spend $50K on a birthday party for a kid who will only have memories of said $50K party from pictures. You don’t claim “rich” while your subs are suing you left and right….and your wife has a closet full of designer shoes/clothing and you just tossed a $50K party for your kid (that you might also have skipped out on the bill for). This isn’t the first, and it won’t be the last.

        I understand where you are coming from. We used to flip. Until we flopped. Once in a while we had GC’s and sometime’s we were the GC’s because we had our own subs. But WE took the hit when the RE bubble burst, we paid all our debts and sucked it up. These two fools keep trucking along and pretending it’s a hot market and keep getting sued. Over plumbing and windows and landscaping….which SCREAMS to me that they are just getting by, and by the skin of their teeth. I can’t find who their business partners are…but they are no way buying up these abandoned buildings for the price they go for and getting loans to re-hab…with a “staff” to help out, by themselves. So FULL OF CRAP these two are.

        I know what a spec house is, I KNOW what Missy’s “dream house” that was a “gift” to her REALLY was and why they had to do the financial dance around it and strap their shore house along for the ride. I get it.

        They don’t have what they pretend to. A plumber isn’t going to sue for $2500 if it was a $100K job – not when Gorga takes old factories and turns them in to condos. You know a mere $2500 was already padded in to the bill.

        Maybe this was a rogue plumber, but by every account, Gorga didn’t pay up. It’s “his” business and one pair of his wife’s shoes (and a few of the tops she insists on wearing) could pay for all that he owes.

        Is he going to be the next Chris Laurita? Found to take business profits to subsidize his wife’s closet and lifestyle while leaving creditors empty handed? Gorga’s an LLC, from what I understand, so it won’t be so drastic.

        I’m thinking Kim D is right and the Gorga checks are bouncing all over the place.

              • I don’t think you can write checks either if you have bad credit. Many places don’t take checks anymore because the police department won’t press charges on bad checks anymore.

              • Kim, probably didn’t use VeriCheck, etc. as many retailers do – thinking her checks would clear. lol

                Doubt Kim D. would lie about this. I’m sure she’s got copies of the checks and fees her bank charged her for MeGo’s NSF check(s).

        • Great comment! My fiancé also deals w this daily & I can’t deal w his stress of peeps not paying! Anyways, they r pathetic in every way but one thing I gotta say is that Mego’s closet is not full of super expensive stuff. She may have a few pieces but can assure you it’s not designer.. She comes off as a fashionista w designer goods but in reality it’s mostly cheap . She likes to pretend a lot & its one of my biggest gripes w her! She just had to hire new stylist& he is no better. Some catty girls @ work love to use her as example of inappropriately dressed & always such bad fashion statement.

          • I agree w/ you that Mego has terrible taste but she does wear louboutin’s and Gucci. So just b/c she looks trashy doesnt mean she didnt pay a pretty penny for it. Remember the Countess dissing Alex about how even LV makes mistakes when making fun of her Herman Munster shoes? That was probably the greatest comment ever from Luanne.

            • Luanne’s comment was great, and I love how she dresses. Some of these women are like Lucy and Ethel in the Jacques Marcel episode — when Ricky and Fred sewed Jacques Marcel labels into burlaps sacks and horse feedbags for hats. They think just because it has a “designer” label, it’s good-looking and flattering.

    • I wonder why Kim D won’t speak, what is her reason not to? Unless she wants to be on the show and then spill the beans, Seems like she is dangly a carrott in front of Andy

      • I think ANDY is dangling the carrot in front of US. People have been saying for the longest time that they want to see Melissa exposed…. so now the hoopla begins. Bravo wants us to stay interested and ANTICIPATE next season…. ohhh we just have to watch to see Kim spill it on Melissa… NOT! To ME, Melissa is already exposed, those who don’t see it now probably never will. I don’t think there is any story line that Bravo could come up with to keep my interest for next season…. its OVER.

          • ITA! That is exactly what we dd for a whole year, waiting and anticipating, and then…poof! Nothing happened. Still can’t figure out why MeGo is so pissed off at Tre and why Jax didn’t attend the reunion or why Chucky hates Tre. I’ve read between the lines and waited patiently, as did all of us. And this is how they are going to try and hook us all in again, with Kim D? Pathetic

            • I think there aren’t REAL reasons for them to be mad at each other. I think it’s all scripted. They pick up their outlines, know who they’re supposed to be “mad” at and we try to pick up details and figure it out but it’s all muddled because IT’S NOT REAL. Wouldn’t it be unsettling if they really do all speak to each other and they’re laughing it up, thinking the audience is so stupid, meanwhile they’re cashing their checks?? I seriously think they’re all playing their parts and none of it is real.

              • i’ve often wondered if that is exactly the case and they all cash their checks and laugh their collective botox’d asses off at how many people who don’t know them and see a few hours of their lives are so invested in their feuds and such.

      • That picture of a much younger MeGo on the toilet may have been Kim D’s warning shot to the Whorgas. If indeed there is a CD full of pictures of MeGO as a “dancer”, etc. that may be just the beginning of the pics.

        MeGo may know this.

  11. has there been any discussion somewhere about lysa, melissa’s sister having access to joe gorga’s twitter?

    I realize it’s likely that Melissa has access to her husband’s twitter, but if she has shared that access with at least one of her sisters then it’s starting become clear to me why some of his tweets border on unnecessarily cruel in direct and indirect ways toward Teresa.

    I saw a tweet regarding it that summarized some of my initial suspicions. It is very slimy and sick if Melissa’s sisters go on Joe’s account to deliberately present themselves via his profile as his favorite sisters knowing the painful rift between him and T. Teresa wouldn’t stand a chance of reconciliation with her brother if he is surrounded by people who seem to relish Teresa’s removal from his life. Does he genuinely feel that way? :(

    • please don’t excuse Joe Gorga by blaming it on Melissa or the sisters! It’s HIS account and he shouldn’t allow any tweets bashing his own sister on it. Joe needs to grow up and take his balls out of his wife’s purse

      • I don’t excuse the umpa lumpa, but I think he is surrounded by women who fill his head with crap. I also think the main problem is he feels inadequate compared to Juicy and Juicy’s relationship to Papa Gorga, sprinkle a lot of whispering in his ear by his wife and her sisters, and u have a toxic blend.

        • hit the nail on the head … add to that a group of women who tell him what he wants to hear and make him feel like a man and it’s no surprise that he’d throw his sister and family under the bus

      • thanks cam, you make a great point and I agree with you after I thought about what you wrote. I don’t think I was ever so confused about RHONJ before I started reading the blogs, twitter and other forums- I never realized how much is happening behind the scenes for better or worse.

        • LOL I hear that! I had to go back to season 1 and start over after I started reading blogs and looking at Twitter!! I was so confused! Totally different show! Sort of like Big Brother-if anyone watches that. If you watch only the episodes on CBS and don’t find out what’s going on, in the house, day to day, you have no idea what’s REALLY happening.

          **And now that I think of it, the Housewife shows are probably very much like Big Brother now. The producers totally influence who wins and loses on that show, and they can change the game at any moment**

    • Joey Marco has a very strangely close relationship with Looker’s sisters. Lysa especially has her hands all over Joey Marco all the time.

        • Will Love said he ran into one of them at a gay bar, but he stopped short of ID-ing the husband. Folx on the blogs/Twitter seem to think it’s Lysa’s husband, but to me the other one seems gayer than a row of rainbow lorikeets on Christopher Radko’s patio.

        • I get the Marco hags mixed up too. Which hubs is gay though? That’s news to me. Could be all of them for all we know. Including JoGo.

  12. Curious which house needed the installation repairs? Maybe the hot tub at the Jersey shore house had to be sterilized after the grope and Whip it Party?

    • Don’t think so. How i read it, Posh is her competitor and she owns Posche. Could be wrong, not the first time. lol

    • Yep, 2 different ones.
      Kim D’s original Posche is in Franklin Lakes

      The Posh Mel promotes (no S or E in its name) is in is in Towaco (basically Montville where both Teresa and Mel live) and is owned by Jairo Arias. It opened in 2010. They started doing fashion shows last year. This year’s is scheduled for Oct. 24th and Mel & Kat are promoting it –

  13. Can we all agree that NJ is done? Who wants to invite family squabbles into their lives (meaning us)? Jeez, make us laugh, smile, feel emotion, you know, ENTERTAINMENT. Teresa would be interesting on a spin off so I can see how a clown does business despite herself. It would be a service to the unemployed (of which I am). Maybe a PSA, like “Hey this broad’s making money, so can you!” I’m not in a good mood today, sorry.

    • You have a great point. Once upon a time these franchises were to be a peek into the glamorous lifestyles of the rich and society folk. Who hijacked the bus? Drama is expected and commands viewership but this? Pitting family members against each other? What makes anyone sell their soul for this crape? To do what peddle red velvet flavored wine? Gimme a break.
      On another note Kim D. is not to be trifled with at all…wonder if Mego is hiding in her longer on display.

    • I have to say, since both my parents died, my family has collapsed in on itself like a dying star. Of course the issues were nothing at all like the rhonj problems, but the emotions are similar. Not to be too pollyanna about it, but seeing other people go through the same type of family crap I did (even if the people were these crazy over the top wackjobs)– made me feel just a little bit better. It made me feel not so all alone as it was going on.

      • Taco all families have issues….things do change at times when the parents pass. I’m reminded of some family members when the HWs demand proof or claim to have it to back up their “case”. That’s how they get going in a fight ..childish.

  14. Read an article in the store today about the reunion, very anti-Teresa. They said she tells Katfish that her mother told her she and Richie are getting a divorce, Then Kat yells your mother is a fu**ing liar. Also that Teresa says Kat’s mother in law can’t stand her. I am assuming that is when we hear the tongue threats from fat assed Rosie. Also that Slow Joe said he will kiss and makeup with Teresa right there if she will just admit to setting up the stripper crap, he then claims Daddy told him Teresa is the one going all over town telling people Melissa is a stripper. It sounds like it was brutal, I don’t know if I will be able to watch it all. Oh yeah and that Andy seems disgusted by Teresa going after Jaq, after all she is going through with her son. Heard Jaq is saying on twitter she was asked back, but we will see. I thought they are not allowed to discuss it?

    • So I guess this is why Kat and Rich were making sarcastic somments on Twitter saying”so now we’re getting a divore” and blahblahblah!! As much as I would love to see Juicy tell Joey off I am starting to lean toward not watching the reunion at all and just finally being done!! And I understand that Jax is/was going through a lot with Nick but it isn’t an excuse for her behavior IMO.

    • I saw that she posted that on twitter which to me means that she was definitely NOT asked back. She will eventually put out a statement that she couldn’t be around the evil, toxic Tree and that she needs to focus on her son…then she will spend season 5 drunk twixting about the show/ how wonderful her life is/ how evil Tree is.

  15. It’s hard to keep up with all of these housewives shows filming, but the fashion show was the finale and filmed the night before last season’s reunion. This season’s reunion was recently filmed, and was around a year later from this season’s fashion show, finale, is that right?

    If it’s been a year or so since they filmed the fashion show/finale, has anyone heard when this season will start filming?

    • You’re right on the time frames as far as I know and can keep track…don’t know when filming will resume we’re all trying to guess who is staying on this train wreck… :)

  16. Teresa’s major mistake was trusting BubbaJax and Chuckie with her confidences. Who hasn’t confided in friends regarding family ups and downs? I’ve vented to friends occasionally and it helps regain perspective. I cannot understand why Jax and Caro are never called out for betraying a friend’s trust. I’ve heard their justification but it does not ring true. Teresa could have blathered endlessly about the Manzos and the Lauritas but despite prodding from the producers she did not. Teresa has never uttered a word about the Laurita’s financial problems. Teresa only made a single comment about Ashlee, refused to discuss Nic when asked. I don’t want to give Teresa undue credit but it is something to think about. The big issue for 2 season’s has been about loyalty and yet all those pointing fingers at Teresa have betrayed her endlessly. If Teresa refuses to talk with Bravo about others then do they target her in retaliation? Or is it simply that she gives them nothing to work with so they resort to acting on all the inside info her “friends” her friends and family are willing to spill. I am well past the age of associating with women who aren’t loyal friends. I cannot imagine Bubba Jax still stuck in HS mean girl mentality. IMO guilt is eating Jax alive. She knows what she has done and she knows full well Teresa did not do the same to her even when given the opportunity even to save herself. Walk away Teresa and associate with better people who will lift you up and genuinely be there for you.

    • I have thought the same thing. She thought they were her friends and what she said would be in confidence. I can only hope my friends are true because if they spill what has come out of my mouth I’m in trouble! Especially things about my SIL. Yikes!

      • I know right? My DIL drives me crazy but I vent to friends and it helps me stay neutral and respectful when dealing with her. Teresa must feel so betrayed. She never went into great detail about Dina and Chuckalotta’s issues. She always stayed positive about the Manzo kids even when the Smirk Brothers and Lapband were bashing her like it was their career.

  17. These women and their “I have proof that you that will show who you really are” crap. Caro saying that she had e-mails that proved Tree was behind the split with her and Dina- bull crap, show me! Jaco has recordings that will expose Tree as garbage- show me! I actually do believe KimD has something on Meho, so why not expose her if she doesn’t like her. These chicks give me a headache.

  18. Actually, since everything is soooo out of control…. the cast could unite

    over Baby Jesus?

    Hey, It’s a almost halloween which means it’s almost thanksGiving and then Xmas?

    I did Yom Kippur already, when I got the interview.

    At the very least? expect a better 2013 Season, right?

  19. Re: Sonja’s party. I thought event planners are supposed to make sure the food arrives, tables are set up, the bartender is here, etc. Every event planner I’ve ever seen hustles around quietely in the background, making sure everything is running right. They’re dressed so they blend in and they don’t circulate among the guests. Sonja was dressed more like the star attraction, and the newspaper article referred to it as her event (technically the event belonged to whoever paid for it – probably Cat’s book publisher). I hope the book event was better planned than Aviva’s anniversary party (remember that one – LOL).

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