SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Sonja Morgan “BankBlast”… TVs Most Influential Women “IncludeHousewives!”… Jax Laurita “AutismEvent”… UPDATE: Melissa Gorga “U/UR Husband Will Be Exposed”… KimD Says “Melissa’s Checks Bouncing!”

September 28, 2012  11:20 am  9:20 pm

There is some discord going on between Melissa Gorga and KimDePaola…

NOTE:  What would it take for KimD to “expose” da Gorgas… and MORE than they’ve already been exposed??   And… a picture of MeGo on the toilet ala Wretched Rossi ain’t no big deal!


From NYPost:

“Real Housewife” Sonja Tremont-Morgan, who famously lost nearly all of the $3 million divorce settlement she got from banking heir John Adams Morgan, must feel completely at home in an empty JP Morgan vault. Her event-planning company, Sonja in the City, hosted a party at Bobby Van’s “The Vault” Grill inside the bank vault built in 1902 for J.P. Morgan, founded by Adams Morgan’s great grandfather.”


TV’s “MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN”… #1 is Kim Kardashian (!?)… and coming in at #7 are the Housewives…

7. The Real Housewives

“It started off in the beachy, money-obsessed O.C., but now theReal Housewives franchise now boasts series in New York, Atlanta, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, and Miami. The shows, about wealthy women who love to scream at each other, have become a cultural phenomenon and have made Bravo one of the most powerful networks on cable. Bethenny Frankel is the most successful former Housewife to date, but plenty of other cast members have parlayed their sudden popularity into lucrative outside ventures. Kim Zolciak got her own spin-off series, Don’t Be Tardy to the Wedding, Nene Leakes is trying her hand at acting on The New Normal, and Teresa Giudice has a cookbook called Fabulicious!. Though some point to flagging ratings as a sign that the Real Housewives reign might be coming to an end, we think the boozing, bratty ladies will be around for a while longer. After all, what will the tabloids write about if there are no more Real Housewives cat fights?”

NOTE:  Bravo is throwing out Housewives franchises fast and furiously… like testin’ the doneness of pasta!  Bytheway, throwing pasta at a wall to see if it sticks is NOT the way to test for pasta doneness!   However, there will be plenty of tabloid fodder when the Housewives franchises have stuck to the wall and are DONE!  Bravo is well aware that ratings for the Housewives have been down; which is why they have Andrew Wang creating “scripted” shows for Bravo.   That is a bit strange, as we all know the Housewives shows, despite EVERY Housewife who does an interview insists otherwise, are scripted!


From MilburnPatch… BubbaJax raised $17,000:

“Laurita, whose son was recently diagnosed with autism, hosted the event to raise awareness for the disorder. She spoke to the sold-out crowd about how 1 in 88 children are on the autistic spectrum, Polow said.

The Sparkle Speaks benefit raised money with $100 tickets and a tricky-tray for Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization.   NOTE:  Don’t forget that “FEE”!!

“Our Center wanted to support Jacqueline and the Autism Speaks organization,” Polow said. “Jacqueline is bringing awareness and hope to parents of children with Autism.”

Over dubbed “bye-bye” by Nick…