REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: “Revealing Email” From “INSIDER” Sent To SH… Uh, Really?… Is Author Of Email Simply A SH Reader?

September 28, 2012   12:50 pm

  Real Housewives of New Jersey… as interpreted by “HousewifeHoe“!

SH readers “SO” and “PDM” (Thank you!) sent this, which was included in the latest from “OhNoTheyDidn’t!“…

“DRAMA by Bravo – Are the Real Housewives shows scripted?

The following letter was sent by the author (who shall remain anonymous) to Fame-Whorgas (the author says she also sent it to StoopidHousewives) on September 26, 2012, with permission to publish.   NOTE:  This email was never sent nor received by SH.

I love reading your blog, and I am an avid reader of Stoopid Housewives, as well.

You are really on to something with how these shows work. I come from a show business family: my father, who recently died, was an old studio actor from way back in the day [edited out details about family connections in Hollywood to protect privacy].   NOTE:  Anyone can make up “background details”… 

When I was out to LA in March, we had a group of close friends out to dinner [edited out details to protect privacy] NOTE:  Anyone can state dates, times and restaurant names…makes the sender seem a bit more “authentic” to an amateur armchair sleuth…  and some other execs in the industry; but the interesting part was that to my right was a young lady I had known forever, but I never knew what she did until that night.   NOTE:  This person is out with “other execs” and  has known this “young lady” FOREVER… yet not one hint of this person’s involvement with the “industry?”  PUH-LEEEZE!

I asked her and she said, “I am a storywriter for Epic Productions.” I confirmed that that is her actual title. Her job is to put together the RHOC and RHOBH.   NOTE:  HOW exactly did this author “confirm” this information?   “Epic Productions” has thousands of websites…

 Here is what she told me. [This has nothing to do with RHONJ, because I assume they use east coast people, but I assume the formula is basically the same.] I am telling you this to give you confidence in your producer-induced set up information.   NOTE:  VERY INTERESTING AND TELLING that the author of this email uses the term “PRODUCER-INDUCED”… as that term has been used by SH forEVER!  Just doing a very quick check, the term was used in a RHOM post back in March 2011… if there was time, would do a deeper search as the term has been used BEFORE March 2011, but this will have to do for now!

Not that it is directly helpful to you in any way. Just FYI.  NOTE:  This is ALL very common knowledge… SH has been on to all of this from the days of Jacob Huddleston, the RHONJ producer who’s best pals with BigGayGreggy.   From SH October 2011…  

Every Housewife has a producer/ storywriter assigned to them. I will call them producers from now on.  NOTE:  No kidding!  Perhaps non-SH readers are amazed at this info, but this is nothing new to anyone at SH.

In the case of the O.C., in the beginning of the season they write a rough draft of the story of the show and how they would like it to go. It is true that they do not just randomly film them for hours on end hoping for something worthy of television. In the beginning they suggest to the cast what they want the conflict to be. In your case [RHONJ], it would be tabloid magazines. The reason it seems like such a clusterfuck is because (a) it was a poorly chosen topic that the fans did not care about, and (b) they didn’t get what they wanted out of the cast because Teresa didn’t care.   NOTE:  MORE non-info… and more “info” which could have been taken directly from the October 2011 Jacob Huddleston item on SH (click the link above)!  This is all “logical projection”… which many sites use to compose their “exclusive” items (one of the latest is Teresa being fired from RHONJ… Tree is not fired from RHONJ).

Here is a concrete example from RHOC. Two producers get together after filming tons of footage of Vicky and Slade and Gretchen. They [the producers] find something they know will piss off Vicky: this is what they look for. Slade’s kid has cancer. They are not allowed to mention it on camera — it is in the contract, but it is widely known. Slade says that Vicky knows nothing about cancer, her daughter’s cancer scare was nothing compared to what he has been through, she is just milking it for attention. They tell Vicky that Slade said this — hoping that the next episode they put together, Vicky will explode. Vicky can’t tell Slade off about what she really wants to tell him off about because it was told to her in confidence by a producer. So she goes off on him at Bunco night about something silly, and the audience thinks she is over-reacting to whatever he just said. They do this all the time.   NOTE:  Tell SH readers something that they don’t already know.   Part of Wretched and Slimey’s story line for Season Seven WAS Grayson’s battle with his illness…and a benefit for Grayson was filmed at Wretched’s hair salon courtesy of the owner, Victor Paul.  Unfortunately, that storyline was cut.   From SH December 2011.

They [producers] tell each of the other cast member things that they know are going to piss them off about another person so that when they film, they are full of grudges and rage against the person. When they want to start trouble, they usually have a go to a person who doesn’t mind coming off as a bitch. It is usually someone with a thick skin who really needs the money and can’t just quit. In this case, it is Tamra Barney — she will do whatever the producers ask her to. Vicky won’t play; they [the producers] hate her. They love Heather and especially her husband; they are producer favorites. They all despise Slade, and he has a babysitter to keep him out of meetings, etc. Originally, it was Gretchen who was offered the wedding (free). She turned it down and they offered it to Tamra and Eddie. It would have been far more controversial for Gretchen and Slade to get married; and Slade knew it, and was holding out for a bigger wedding package when they called his bluff and offered it to Tamra and Eddie.   NOTE:  This was all on SH… May 2012March 10 2012

They have to have four major events every year that every cast member must attend. And they build off of that. That is why when you see Caroline’s sour puss: it is because she would rather die than have Teresa and Joe at Jamie’s wedding or in Napa or be at the fashion show — but it is mandatory. They (Bravo and producers) have been forbidden to discuss Taylor Armstrong or Russell’s suicide, ever. They kept Taylor on as a side housewife as they thought it would seem insensitive to fire her.  NOTE: This is BS!  Shana had a contract… there was NO “pity” from Bravo and/or Evolution Media!  Further proof that whoever wrote this email is fullofit… Camille Grammer talking about Shana/Russell/Russell’s death and how she was AGAINST going ahead with season TWO of the RHOBH.  AFTER Season Two of the RHOBH aired:

Some of the drama in these shows flows naturally, and they get a bonus out of it, and some of it is scripted. The cast knows what they have to do and say (not word for word, they don’t memorize script); and if they don’t get it on the first take, they have to film it over. So they will usually cooperate the first time around so they can go home.

Up until now, nobody has gotten caught scripting episodes, but the Cat [Rodriguez] let her feelings get in the way and went off the professional rails by becoming involved with Melissa. Which is why it is so chopped and edited in an attempt to make it go down the way it was supposed to go down. Nobody did what they were supposed to do except Melissa, who is a very reliable actress. Teresa can’t act to save her life. One more example. At the RHOBH reunion, there was no real drama to be had since there was a “lay off Taylor” mandate issued. So, everybody except Lisa was told to pick on Lisa. Brandy was kept out of the loop and waited in another room for three hours and was not privy to the set up. Everything you see is contrived.

Talking about the show will get you fired. Bravo actually bullies its own employees who don’t want to play dirty. People have quit because of bullying, but they don’t file complaints because with, their skill sets, they get picked right up for another reality show.   NOTE:  The majority of the Housewives producers jumped at the chance to make the move from SOAP OPERAS… or would DAYTIME DRAMAS make it more palatable… to “reality” TV.  As mentioned ad naseum on SH… and as many times the Housewives try to convince EVERY interview they participate in that the shows are NOT scripted… if you’ve been a reader of SH, you are well aware of the fact that Bravo changed the category of their Housewives “reality” shows from “reality” to “semi-scripted” last year.  

If you’ve been a SH reader, you would also be aware of the fact that the Housewives shows have flipped from being character driven to PRODUCER driven or as we’ve been  calling it at SH “Producer-induced” for at least a year and a half.. as RHOBH Exec Producer, Dave Rupel, explains!  From SH December 29, 2011.

I just wanted you to know that you are so on the right track with this Cat [Rodriguez] person. They hate Teresa because they think she is stupid and Joe won’t play along; in fact, he acts more inappropriately just to piss them off. He couldn’t care less how he comes across. Jacqueline is a mess because she cares. She was told to set up Teresa, and it made her feel bad.   NOTE:  The Cat Rodriguez info was on SH August 11, 2012.

I know this is hard to read, but I am in a hurry. Sorry. Keep up the good work.


NOTE:  Had the email been sent to SH, it would have been checked out further.  There is nothing in the email which has not been stated previously on SH.  Could that have been a reason for NOT sending?  Could this self-described “insider” be simply a long-time SH reader … and culled all the info from SH?   That is certainly a logical theory, as there is nothing in the email which is NEW to long-time readers of SH!  

If YOU have an item or information which you wish to share… here’s the correct email address which to send:  STOOPIDHOUSEWIVES@GMAIL.COM   The email address has been on SH from day one…  

Again, this email was never received by SH… 

39 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: “Revealing Email” From “INSIDER” Sent To SH… Uh, Really?… Is Author Of Email Simply A SH Reader?

  1. I saw this already…can’t recall where I read it already. Maybe famewhorgas. I maybe wrong, but I think it was a copy and paste from there.


  2. I thought the exact same thing when I read it on FW…that all this stuff has been covered long ago by SH…that’s why I always read SH first for actual news and entertainment and all others for “entertainment” only. Gotta wake up early to fool Ms SH…she knows ALL. :-)


  3. Thank you for addressing this, Ms. SH. I saw this item,,as well as the reference to it having also been sent to SH, and I wondered if you hadn’t addressed it here because you thought it lacked credibility.

    A transcript of an interview with someone reputed to be a former post-production supervisor on RHONJ and purportedly conducted by his/her cousin, an overseas reporter writing an article on reality TV shows, has been getting some attention from people who follow RHONJ,. May I ask whether you have an opinion with respect to its authenticity, Ms. SH?


    • Real: SH does not read other HWs sites… oops, let me revise that! TRY to give a quick look daily at “TVGasm” “RihannaDaily” “Bravo” and “MobWives”…when there is any time, Read “RealFauxHousewives” “BSideBlog” and others which are on the SH blogroll when time is found. As for reading the item you mentioned, have not read it all. If the email supposedly sent to SH is any indication of the info in the “interview,” part of which I read on “OhNoTheyDidn’t”…it is BULLSH*T. Readers can read what they wish and believe what they choose to read… but, since you asked… TFC!! SH


  4. So I saw an item that Teresa has definitely been fired from RHNJ. I .won’t believe it until SH confirms this, but if she does get fired, the producers are killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Seems like BRAVO should fire the producers for coming up with a really stoopid story line that just has not been believable or interesting for many months now.


  5. SH, you mind my asking about the info on famewhorgas re: who is coming bk nxt season and who is not?
    Is that made up? I’m all confused now…doesn’t take much!


  6. I read this also and this is the only reason why I had a change of heart regarding the PFS set-up. I am not a fan of Teresa but I don’t think she knew about the setup. After reading it I realized that the producers set up everyone with lies, gossip and propaganda that no one knows who is their friend or foe. I think before someone (Teresa or Jacqueline) has a nervous breakdown the producers of the show should have a private meeting with the Gorgas and Giudices and explained that they set everyone up.


    • I dont think she knew either You can see her sitting at the table mentally putting everything together and having OMG moment Tre isnt that good of a actress to fake that look.


  7. This is creepy because in my comments on SH I have used the word “puss face” to describe Caroline and the word “clusterfu*ck” to describe the finally and the season in general. I did not write that email–now I admit I don’t have a life, but I do not have THAT much time on my hands! LOL!


  8. Raising hand because I’m lost! Excuse my ignorance but Who is shana? I did read this the other day when someone asked if I had ever read fame whorgas in reply to a comment I made. I guess I’m in the clear cuz I’m a Newbie….lol


    • Type in Shana in the handy dandy search bar for SH and you will learn ALL. Upper left side of page under pull down menu …under the poll.


  9. I don’t know if anyone read the full twitters between Wacko and Tre (Tre posted on her website in response to Wacko’s threats) BUT OMG Wacko is really really really WACKO. This is not one bit funny and everyone should NOT WATCH THE REUNION (sorry SH) – but this is really sick.


          • I just was going to leave a message stating Jax was on twitter again about the texting but was looking for a good place to post (Jax is confusing and didn’t know what she was talking about). While looking, found the above link and now everything is clear to me. Good bless them all because as T says…they all need prayers for healing.


  10. i totally disagree. my friends and i always wondered why gabriella looks so much different than the other girls!! interesting? point for bubbajax


  11. teresa mite be more believable if her blogs sounded like the person on the show or in the interviews. so obviously ghost written that its hard to gauge how she really feels. just a bunch of fluff


    • Fluff? I think that statement applies to every other HWONJ’s blogs. At least Teresa addresses some real viewer questions. The other ‘ladies’ seem to be over it at this point. They are grasping at straws!


  12. Good for you SH! I read that article on FW and knew that if you found it credible you would’ve commented on it. Oh and btw… For what it’s worth, I’ve been able to email SH very easily by clicking on the Contact Us/Contact Me button located in the header of this page. There are several ways to reach out to SH (email, FB, Twitter, this page).


    Twitter: stoopidhousewives

    Facebook: Stoop Housewives


  13. I’m glad you posted this, because I was thinking the same thing. But it seemed like so many folks were taking it as gospel.


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