JAX LAURITA: BubbaJax Responds to Teresa Giudice… Bubba Asks “Want To See The Horrible Things Teresa Has Said?”… UPDATE: BubbaJax “DONE With MORONS!”… Says Was ASKED Back To RHONJ

September 28, 2012  4:00 pm   UPDATE  8:30 pm   NOTE:  BubbaJax is studyin’ real hard and promises to share everything she knows about autism!  Hate to break it to BubbaJax, but there are autism authorities much more knowledgeable re the autism spectrum… stick to being a “student” and doin’ that learnin’ thang, BubbaJax!

NOTE:  BubbaJax tweeting that she was asked back to RHONJ is wishful thinking… BubbaJax has known she’s been out!

True friends also share their feelings… on TWITTER!!

In response to Teresa Giudice’s latest revealing texts, Jax Laurita has taken to the bottle the bottle of Xanax  the bottle of GinJuice  the bottle with a boat in it ’cause she can’t figure out how it got in there  her favorite form of communication, twitter.

BubbaJax’ best tweet?  

This one… @JacLaurita:

NOTE TO BUBBAJAX:  If you got those “HORRIBLE” things that Tree has said, of course everyone wants to see them!  Get your brain outta tryin’ to figure out how the boat got in the bottle and start puttin’ out all those “Annus Horribilis” messages from Tree!

BubbaJax’ SECOND best tweet?

This one:

NOTE:  Isn’t that clever of BubbaJax??  Bubba ALMOST went for the Manzoid’s famous motto “FEBUS” (F Everybody But Us)… and just did a simple “FU”!

The rest of BubbaJax tweets:

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  1. Many of her tweeters who have pictures kind of look related to either the Manzos,Lauritas and possibly the BlowMeJoes families. The comments are ridiculus and maybe she has been sharing her bottles as well as her xanax with many of them. One person mentioned her blacking out names. Well dumbasses would have jumped her for not covering them claiming she is trying to ruin somebody elses family…Geeze what a bunch of weiners…


  2. Uh, ok bubba, so, where’s the horrible things Tre has said? Why tell us, if you can show us? And please no pics, bring out some transcripts, for a small fee you can usually get them from your service provider. I have a feeling this is more she said she said nonsense to keep viewers interested.


      • Just as Caroline has never revealed those damning e-mails she supposedly has and kept mentioning at the Season 3 reunion, now Jacqueline says she has tweets from Teresa which we all now she would reveal, probably in a paid interview with People magazine, if they actually existed.


  3. I hope the trustee for the investors of Signature Apparel know about this new “multi Million dollar deal” that he just signed. That will be one way for the investors to get their money back.


    • Ya, and isn’t Jax in the suit too? They can taker her RHONJ wages, she can pay back for the cars and clothes, one paycheck at a time….


    • old NJ girl. I was thinking the same thing. I hope the investors check that out, and also the IRS cause if they cheated the investors, chances are they’re probably cheating the government, too.
      And, hopefully the FTC got enough complaints from consumers to check out the bogus
      claims that were made that BLK helps with autism.


  4. I really would like to know how the franchise can go forward with Jax and Chuck stating on record that they never want to see Tre again? And all of the ugly shit that went down at the reunion?


  5. egggxactly what will the story line be???? how fake will it look? if jack and coke and her hubby do jail time how will they explain that since they kept their dirty little secret a secret…


  6. Light-bulb moment!!!!!!!!!!
    Could the redacted word in T’s text be “producers”…think about it, The text from Jacko is referencing how low it is for them to show the phone call, T responds, “After *producers* tried to set me up at the fashion show last year nothing surprises me.
    The reason I wasn’t too sold on it being a person that is known to us, the viewer, is that Jacko responds back “none of us are safe, take the money and live your life. Who cares what anybody thinks,nobody lives you day to day but you.”
    Operative words: “none of us are safe”. So, imo, it has to be someone not in the cast that orchestrated it along with a cast (of whom all are at the mercy of the producers) of willing participants. Except Teresa.


  7. Absolutely pathetic. This idea that she is now a reputable source on autism is ridiculous. Why does she think she has anything to share? She isn’t doing research, she hasn’t gone to school to study anything relating to autism. Reading a book does not make you an expert, especially when you have no knowledge to critique the book on. Autism is an important cause to me, and I have experts (people with degrees in biochemistry and nutrition) who I rely on.

    Even more pathetic are Jacq’s followers. Twitter turns people into dolts, who think that tweeting a housewife something like “Remember, pray for your enemies and laugh your way through life!!!!” is them being friends.

    Bottom line Jacq is all talk. It’s always “you’ll see”, “wait until it all comes out”, “I have so many exciting projects”, “everyone will soon know”. She NEVER delivers the goods. And all this caring mother persona is BS when you consider the way she treated Ashley with such disdain.


    • Parkview: Exactly! But, she also didn’t say by whom she was asked! Was it by MissAndy’s dog walker?? BubbaJax has known from the time she refused to participate in the Season Three reunion, she was out. TFC!!! SH


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