JAX LAURITA: BubbaJax Responds to Teresa Giudice… Bubba Asks “Want To See The Horrible Things Teresa Has Said?”… UPDATE: BubbaJax “DONE With MORONS!”… Says Was ASKED Back To RHONJ

September 28, 2012  4:00 pm   UPDATE  8:30 pm   NOTE:  BubbaJax is studyin’ real hard and promises to share everything she knows about autism!  Hate to break it to BubbaJax, but there are autism authorities much more knowledgeable re the autism spectrum… stick to being a “student” and doin’ that learnin’ thang, BubbaJax!

NOTE:  BubbaJax tweeting that she was asked back to RHONJ is wishful thinking… BubbaJax has known she’s been out!

True friends also share their feelings… on TWITTER!!

In response to Teresa Giudice’s latest revealing texts, Jax Laurita has taken to the bottle the bottle of Xanax  the bottle of GinJuice  the bottle with a boat in it ’cause she can’t figure out how it got in there  her favorite form of communication, twitter.

BubbaJax’ best tweet?  

This one… @JacLaurita:

NOTE TO BUBBAJAX:  If you got those “HORRIBLE” things that Tree has said, of course everyone wants to see them!  Get your brain outta tryin’ to figure out how the boat got in the bottle and start puttin’ out all those “Annus Horribilis” messages from Tree!

BubbaJax’ SECOND best tweet?

This one:

NOTE:  Isn’t that clever of BubbaJax??  Bubba ALMOST went for the Manzoid’s famous motto “FEBUS” (F Everybody But Us)… and just did a simple “FU”!

The rest of BubbaJax tweets: