SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Caroline Manzo “ClicheCaro” on FoxNews… Teresa Giudice Says “ShutUP Melissa MARCO…Ima Sue You!”… WWC Podcast is UP!!… Guess Who’s “Separated At Birth”

September 27, 2012  4:05 pm

Get yerself on over to our friends (well, we’re actually MORE than friends…those wedding preparations for the nuptials on December 13 are getting ridiculous!) at TVGasm and take a listen!!

“This week, Matt takes off to live the life of a thin person while Ben Mandelker (bsideblog) and Ronnie Karam (TVgasm) are left alone to their own devices. The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Stripper Extravaganza is delved into, as well as Aviva’s complete transformation into a Joan Crawford character from fifties cinema and Mama Elsa’s rice abuse on Real Housewives of Miami. Have a listen, and if you like it share it!”

NOTE:  The bridesmaids selection is STILL going on!  Never knew how difficult it would be to select only 30 bridesmaids!  The list of baby names has never been easier… should we just skip the wedding and go directly to producing intrawebby progeny??


DonCaro stopped by to see Brownstone patron, Steve Doocy and the dumbest blonde on TV, “journalist” Gretchen Carlson at FoxNews… to chat about her upcoming book.  There were just SO many questions DonCaro has gotten from SO many viewers, KEVIN DICKSON she was FORCED to write all the answers in book form!



This time, it’s Teresa Giudice v Melissa MARCO Gorga!

“I usually don’t comment on stories about me, but I cannot ignore Melissa Marco’s vicious lie that I assaulted her at my own children’s birthday party while she was holding my baby nephew,” says Giudice.

“It is completely untrue in every way. To make such a horrible accusation that involves our children is beyond despicable and speaks to her true character.”


  “I got yer back, BernieBabe!”

BernieTheInsultChef is one of the people whose declaration to the judge in the Adrienne Maloof/Paul Nassif child custody dispute has given Paul Nassif supervised visitation rights to his three boys …

From ROL:

“The family chef also alleged that he observed “Paul drinking large amounts of alcohol and in particular, scotch on a daily basis. While at the residence Paul had a nightly habit of drinking one-and-a-half highball glasses full of scotch without ice or water…..When Paul drinks, Paul tends to fight with Adrienne. I have overheard many arguments between Adrienne and Paul and during some arguments I have heard Adrienne say, ‘Get off me. Get away from me.’”




                         “Don’t worry… if anyone mistakes you for Christopher Lowell, you just let me know…”

… and Christopher Lowell!!

                                                         “Oh, PUH-LEEEZE!!!  Moi mistaken for BigGayGreggy?  I’d never be caught in flip-flops!”


Doin’ Anderson in the AM, then later yesterday...Teresa Joo-dice Jeew-DEE-Chay Joo-Da-SHAY Joo-Dee-Shay-Hay WhateverShe’llAlwaysBeJOO-DICE at SH! Giudice was out with JuicyJoeJoodice last night at the NBA par-tay!


(Thanks to SH readers “CathyFromFTM” and the twitter follower who thought of the Christopher Lowell resemblance!  Sorry, cannot find your tweet or twitter name!)

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152 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Caroline Manzo “ClicheCaro” on FoxNews… Teresa Giudice Says “ShutUP Melissa MARCO…Ima Sue You!”… WWC Podcast is UP!!… Guess Who’s “Separated At Birth”

  1. Good for Teresa for responding to that allegation. If this really did happen 9 months ago, we would NOT just be hearing about it now. That cow would have been milked for all its worth during the incident. Also, interesting how she called her Melissa Marco. Can’t even stomach calling her by her own family’s name? Hmm…!

    • I know, she’s sending Melissa a message your not a part of MY family. Teresa knows exactly what Melissa is doing and that is playing victim again. Making up a lie that Teresa twisted my arm while I held my baby, get real. I also think there may be another reason why Joe is defending Melissa so much. Do you think that she knows about the dropped rape charge that he wasn’t arrested for? If she knows it could be something that she is holding over his head, but I may be wrong. Teresa could go after her guns blazing but she’s afraid of hitting the brother but the way the brother is acting maybe he should get some flak.

      • Buck, her brother is not her brother. For any brother that was once loved like a GOD to do what he did– he is beyond the point of return. T would be the biggest fool i history to ever accept him back into her life and I hope Juicy never lets that happen. I am sickened that a man would so easily believe anyone other than his loyal sister. He really believes the worst of her and there is nothing redeeming about him.

        • I bet she will once Mel takes off for deeper pockets. It’s obvious that she worships the ground he walks on as her only brother. He’s a douche for sure but, I think the one and only thing that might make Tre leave Juicy is if he gets between her and her brother. He does try to protect her but you can see, she’s very protective of her little bro.

          • yea, Just me. I think that you might be right. I am projecting me and if I saw what we have seen for the past two years and suspecting an even worse back story; there would just be no relationship. I can’t get over it and I don’t want her to. I really don’t want T to have a relationship with Melwhore and Stumpy because of what message it might send to the kids. I know there is no way to predict what kids may or may not do but damn, now days, all you have to do is go to the internet and BAM, it’s all there for the world to see. Why should melwhore/stumpy benefit from the successes of T?

          • Another thing Just me, I know that Juicy can be an ass with his words, but I do not believe for one minute that he doesn’t deeply love his wife. I hope that Juicy makes her see that her brother is not what she thinks he is.

    • There is absolutely no way Teresa said or wrote that statement. Her ghost writers
      obviously even have to do that for her. “beyond despicable and speaks to her true
      character” did not come out of Teresa’s mouth.

      • When the leader of our free nation writes his own statements and speeches then I will expect teresa too! What does it matter who wrote it as long as the message is conveyed and received!

        • that seems to be one of the biggest issues with Tre haters … she has a ghost writer because she’s an obvious idiot .. who had the common sense and brains to hire the right people and turn her 15 minutes of fame into a flowering income producing business

            • I don’t think most people care whether or not they are her exact words or her words cleaned up and organized by a ghost writer as is the case with the majority of folks writing books, giving speeches etc. etc. .. But, we’ve all been down that road. You all say “it matters, she’s a liar” .. we say “we don’t care, etc” no use in wasting time having the same conversations when you know neither person’s mind is going to change

              • And, for that matter, you never know .. with time, spell check and a good thesaurus, she may very well write her own blogs … personally, I don’t care if they are her words exactly or her thoughts cleaned up and organized. If folks care that much, perhaps they should ask her directly via twitter or her website

              • Exactly Just Me. I can’t balance my checkbook to save my life but my computer can! :) it doesn’t matter to me if she wrote it stark naked standing on her head.I only care about the message could give two craps who penned it for her. A lot of people act like Teresa is functioning at a 3rd grade level but give her credit for being this master manipulator and the power to control peoples thoughts, minds and actions. Some people just don’t have the ability to express themselves one on one but have a talent to write out their feelings with plenty of clarity.

              • I’m not quite as incoherent as she is however, I tend to write far better than I speak because I tend to be very passionate when I speak but have the ability to collect my thoughts and think when I write. I give a lot of seminars which were a disaster when I started doing them. Toastmasters was fantastic for me. I can’t imagine Tre’s not getting some coaching on her public speaking skills although, she may be since she’s been much more calm and able to stay on point as of late

              • Probably is, I took public speaking in college broke out in hives and would have asthma attacks till the 5th week in then it was just a mild rash for the remainder of the course. LOL

            • Is this good-bye for real this time? Because I think you or your writer has several times said you were leaving. I thought when you just posted here again it was a drive by posting again and looks like it was….

              • I was referring to speaking and giving seminars as opposed to writing however, I did enjoy your attempt to take a sentence out of context to snipe. Unfortunately, it was a fail

                I’ve got a master’s degree as well as 2 companies which I’ve found and have managed to run quite successfully during these economic times and none of which I feel the need to use a “writer” for unless it’s my secretary who “writes” invoices and thank you letters

                have a great week end. As Ms SH would say TFC

              • Laurie, remember sand’i? The pos’ter that didnt know how to u’se apost’rophe’s and she wrote like th’is. She also would tell us we were “jely’s” all the time of Alexis because she loved her. She meant jealous. That chick was effin with us. Now we have another.

              • Hi Romo thanks for the heads up. I kind of felt some one was effen with me but I wasnt enjoying it so figured wasnt worth my effort..LOL…Had an ex like that……lol

              • it’s only a reality show ….. that you are incapable of “debating” about with facts instead of emotion and one which needs your “writer” …. Let me guess, social experiment on pack mentality , trolling or some other such topic?

            • zxtry: While it’s true there seems to be a majority of Tree-huggers here, I do think that it’s due to the way she was portrayed to have been treated this season (and last season). People always want the underdog to win. It’s probably Bravo’s intention too. We’re all just falling right into it……………

              • ZXTRY:There are a lot of tre huggers here But with a few exceptions everyone is real nice to those who dislike Tre Like myself Its all in how you deleiver the message one or two on both sides just dont get it and attack no matter but they are the minority
                I had to change my approach after taking advice from the ladies here. Don tleave just Embrace what they try and say I express my opnion and have nice debates 99% of the time,

        • and, the point is what? To rediscuss the same discussion had many times here? Did she or didn’t she? If she didn’t who cares, it’s not like she’s the only person in history to have an attorney draft a complain or a PR person write a blog or a ghost writer write her book
          She’s a liar, she shouldn’t say she wrote it if she didn’t …

      • I am so sick of the T didn’t write shit debate. The best writers in the world have editors! Editors will always tweak the sentiments of the writer, some editors are better than others.

    • OH GOOD GRIEF, isn’t the issue whether the stripper lied about an assault that allegedly occurred 9 months ago and numerous interviews ago wherein the stripper never said a word. Who cares who wrote the statement and whether it was issued by Teresa’s PR people. Asking who wrote the statement instead of it’s contents is like refusing to accept a rape victim’s affidavit because words are misspelled.

  2. I am sure she would have called Joe G … she called even on a simple “Hello…you used to work for me” from Angelo. Can you imagine if Tre “HURT” her?!?!?! I am sure her house would have been burnt down already.

  3. GOOD GOD…When “Unsweet Caroline” talks about herself in the 3rd person it’s strange… and that laugh of hers looks like it could burst into tears at any moment…

    • Caroline Manzo’s fambly is as thick as thieves. It is what it is. Let me tell you something. My boys worked hard to be where they are today, taking the world by storm. My daughter, Lauren Manzo has self-eteem issues because of Teresa Guidice. I, I mean we thought of the idea for cacaface when everybody told me I looked like a clown. why not take that idea and run with it. Lauren is a successful business woman because she has only just begun to shine. And I do mean shine. Did you see the highlighter plastered all over her face at the Posche fashion show? That was another cosmetologist’s original idea. You can use vaseline and WD 40 if you have misplaced your highlighter. My sister in law tweeted me that message at one in the morning. I am so proud that Lauren makes other people pretty for a living. Because she is such an unfortunate creature and looks like Albie. She is blossoming I tell you, blossoming. blossoming.Pretty

  4. This confirms it for me – Caroline Manzo is NOT “tiny”, she’s SMALL-BONED and SHORT – NOT thin. She has plenty of pork on her frame. How do I know this? I really don’t think of Gretchen Carlson as ” thin” and yet she looks quite a bit smaller than Chuck.

      • And what the heck is she wearing? Doesn’t anything from the vintage, classic clothing Lapband have at Cacaface fit her tiny size 4 body? I thought she was coming from yoga class in that outfit. Of course, the external appearance mimics the internal low self-esteem and lack of class. She is going to pat herself on the back for those three kids? Yeah, right.

  5. Why is she doing publicity for a book that isn’t even out yet? It doesn’t make sense to me that she is out shilling for a book that hasn’t been released. Am I missing something here?

    • Agreed. I don’t get it either. I can think of one or two situations where ppl who wrote like political books or something and happened to be on a show for some other reason briefly mentioned they had a book coming out in a few months. But to go on like a PRE-release, semi formal, book tour? No. Could be the publishers tested/teased it by putting it on Amazon so early and having Chuck talk about it and realized there isn’t much interest – AND that she has one hell of a big image issue. So maybe they told her ” get out there on tv and pretend you’re a happy, normal person cause we’re gonna be pretty pissed if we print thousands of these things and can only unload a few! “

    • Ana, I think her 15 minutes is up and she’s trying like hell to keep her face out there… When her book comes out, people will say who’s Caroline? It’s over for her, and she knows it…

    • Ana, she needs to get all the publicity in now..after the reunion she’ll be a nonentity!!
      I’m thinking by March it’ll be Caroline who??

  6. I love it when Chuck tries to be all cute, happy, positive and coquettish. Her bile and venom come through though, no matter how hard she tries to hide her true nature.

    • By “love it”, you mean it irritates the heck out of you, right? She does think she is cute, with the combo shoulder shrug and head tilt and that gruesome smile she thinks brings out her dimples, but in actuality scares small children and animals.

        • I doubt she was appealing at 17! In all of her pictures even as a child she had this dead look in her eyes. Idk what Lapband Sr. was attracted to.

      • Ana, long lines at the grocery store irritate me. Chuck inspires a visceral, highly unpleasant shudder. I find her to be one the most unappealing human beings to ever grace television.

      • Ana, the shrug, the head to the side and then she speaks, like she has a mouth full of well something, sometimes I think that something is going to shoot out of her mouth… And the person she is talking to has to duck…

  7. Seriously – I don’t remember the leather bike party? Was that ever filmed or am I losing my mind?

    I remember watching Christopher Lowell a LONG time ago. My husband said his gayness was a farce.

    • I think that was like some kind of contrived “costume party” they “spontaneously” threw together in Punta Cana. It’s a cut scene. No idea why. Melissa simulated oral sex on midget Joe that night in front of everyone – there’s a picture of it. CLASSY. Something tells me they cut A LOT of juicy stuff from Punta Cana. I’m still not convinced they don’t have tape of infamous bar fight.

      • Omg, guilty
        She really faked giving a bj to the midget? That is getting someone’s attention for the wrong reason… Why doesn’t carol whine say something about that… Well does she really know what it means… I think they woman is cold as ice.. I know she has never been on top, and probably thinks she’s great….

  8. My God woman – get a stylist puh-leese. She looks like the grape from the fruit of the Loom commercials. How many times do we have to tell you this? And if you do have a stylist, fire BGG immediately.

  9. Why does she flirt like a silly school girl with every man includiing her sons? It’s like a switch flipped and she she twists and turns her head and giggles and raises the pitch of her voice and says useless silly things. Its wierd. Wonder if she is even aware she does this. Scary.

    • Duh – she’s trying to pretend she has a smidgen of estrogen. And no, I’m not making fun of post-menopausal women ( I’m 40, not that far off ). I’m fairly certain she ALWAYS acted like a guy.

    • I can answer that one! She flirts with every man because she only likes men. She despises women, even her own daughter.

      • You got that right! I have known LOTS of women like that- they only like men, and don’t play nice with other women. It explains WHY she has NO women friends and only has her kids for company!

  10. I think she sees herself as being charming & cuter than she is. Most people with narcissistic personalities people do. She doesn’t see what she’s become & no one around her ,other than Tre would be willing to tell her the truth. If the truth comes from Tre , then it’s just an insult , of course. ‘Cause anger & bitterness make for a realllll cu-tea- pie! hahahahah!

    • I think she knows that bad stuff about herself too tho. In the beginning she used to say she was boring and put herseld down a lil. I remember because when i hear her say it, i think to myself- she shouldnt have said that on TV. shes putting the ideas in other peoples minds that she is boring. she IS boring. And knows it. Vicious too

    • I wonder how she gets along with her inlaw’s. she does’nt seem to get along with many in her family, and as far as i know, they haven’t had any of Al’s family on the show for anything.

  11. Well, Caroline got one thing right. She said she did the show so she could tell her children “Look how crazy grandma was.” Mission accomplished, I’d say.

    • What self-respecting man or woman would get near her “babies” long enough to procreate. I am still convinced the Manzos pay Vito to take Lauren out.

      • Remember when Mommy put the “babies” on Millionaire Matchmaker? What a study in abnormal psychology that was.

        • Hersandra – and how. Remember her sitting in the other room watching the closed-circuit video of her “boys” picking out their girls like a rancher picking out prime cattle at auction? She gave her opinion on each one of them. ” I like her. I like the way she’s sitting. She’s poised.”, “Oh, no way.” ( referring to a girl who dressed a little trashy ). My son is only a young teenager, but he already likes girls BIG TIME and I’ve already been told in a very polite, respectful, yet FIRM way that this area of his life isn’t going to be something he’s going to be sharing with mommy. I’m sure he wouldn’t marry a woman who was disrespectful to me or anyone else, but he has NO interest in my opinion of the girls he likes. I can’t imagine how he’d take me trying to tell him who to like NOW, let alone when he’s an ADULT. Caroline Manzo is a SICK woman.

          • I don’t understand why the father doesn’t get more involved. Wouldn’t he want his boys to man up? And why isn’t he trying to soften Caroline’s approach to Lauren? He is her dad, her protector. And he had weight problems like her so he knows what she is going through (for the most part).

          • That is pretty much how it is in old school Italian families. If the gf doesn’t get the mother’s okay, it’s a no go unless he’s just dating her for a little somin’ on the side while he looks for the mother of his children and keeper of his home .. I kid you not.. that’s how it is. I think that’s why the midget’s family dislikes Mel so much ….. she is clearly the piece on the side material NOT the wife and mother of their grandchildren material

          • YES!!!!! And remember how she giggled during the conversation about whether her “babies” were into butts or boobs? Shelagh5 – Watch for it in reruns. It’s not to be believed.

      • Lesley – forget whether or not someone would be WILLING to procreate with Lauren, with all the years of yo-yo dieting, excessive drinking, xanax-taking, surgeries and hormone manipulation, you have to wonder if her body will even be HEALTHY enough to conceive and carry a baby.

  12. I always thought BGG reminded me of someone, now I know who!!!
    Why do these people keep writing on their skin? What’s up with that? Their “gang” mentality makes them seem ghetto and that’s insulting the entire ghetto community. It was strange enough when Prince did it years ago.

  13. The other day , someone pointed out how much Carowhine has aged in the last couple of seasons. Looking at a episode from season 1 she really does look different . She may be thinner but she looks strained . You would think she could at least see that in the mirror.

      • Sometimes unattractive people can make you forget how homely they are by being pleasant, kind, helpful, charming, polite or any other nice adjective you can think of. Caroline is so nasty that it actually increases her lack of physical appeal. She really is just hideous inside and out.

      • Only if you lose it too quickly. If you lose it slowly (& properly), you should look more refreshed and 10 years younger! She’s just ugly, inside and out.

  14. I’d like to recap Caroline’s segment above on F&F: Hello, this is Caroline, our guest. Watch this clip where she overbearingly controls her adult daughter before she aggressively demeans another adult woman. *hearty laughter* Hi Caroline, let’s talk about Teresa. What’s your relationship like with her? How do you say her last name? *Halfway into the interview* Now, this is our guest, Caroline. Caroline has a husband she hasn’t divorced. Caroline has three children. She is promoting her book. Brownstone, earn it, twitter, hearty laughter.

    -> thanks for the clip, stoopid, I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise and I found it entertaining.

  15. HousewifeHoe, I love this rendition of Carowhine’s book cover! Great job! (if I haven’t mentioned it already) :)

    • Thanks Stlrfan8! I really need to do something special for the reunion… but my damn job seems to get in the way though. LOL I’ll try to whip up something new.

  16. Shar wonders why Chuckie is promoting a book that has not even been to print. Shar wonders if i will even make print since it already has such bad press online. (Shar is going to refer to herself as a 3rd person)

    • Shar, Chuckie is trying to get “preorders” on Amazon. They probably won’t print the thing unless a certain amount of preorders come in. And it comes out next March. Nobody is going to be thinking of Chuckie then. Loser.

    • Parkview thinks its because she is no longer a housewife and nobody will want to talk to her once bravo announces the season five cast. Thats what Park thinks.

  17. I didn’t sign in last time and it redirected me to do so, then it brought me back and I just said lol.
    Looks like Melissa can’t keep her lies straight.
    In the comments of this post, they talk about how Melissa lies in the post saying she couldn’t go to Milania and Gia’s party because 2 of her kids had a fever, but that night she appeared on Watch What Happens Live.
    Also Elveria calls Melissa a liar.
    So everyone knows, on another blog I had posted a post about Avivia here because it was funny, how SH worded it and everything, I got accused of trying to pimp this site which wasn’t true. I don’t pimp sites. Some bloggers take this way to serious. I can understand if someone steals your work, but to accuse someone of pimping when I cleary stated look how the blogger words this.
    Anyways, just wanted to let you know I am not trying to pimp this link either. Want you to read it and the comments.

  18. It is good to see Teresa and Joe at the NBA party having fun. She needs a break! I wonder where Meho was? Wha…you mean she wasn’t invited to perform among the A-listers??? Probably she had a gig at a local bowling alley and lounge.

    • Um, you will see Melissa at the next NBA game OK, just like the Yankee games Teresa went to, and Mego was right at the next game literally the next day. Hey maybe they have the same ticker scalper(?)

  19. I am going to say I loved i loved tres blog and her ref, to mel about having morals. YES I loved it. carolines hair looks like crap pola and you can pronounce it crap poola if ya want toooo.

  20. Oh shut the F up Carolying Clownzo your kids are losers, you are high school drop out who married a guy whose family owner a banquet hall & passe don to you. You haven’t been through shit. Go be a single struggling Mom & put 3 kids through college working as a secretary like I did getting no help from anyone. She is a dog ugly chiched media whore. BOOOO RING. Blubber Blubber & more stupid Blubber.

  21. Good for Tre. I am glad she didn’t let that bs from Mego pass by. Mego has to learn some boundaries, you can’t just keep saying crap without proof.

  22. WTF? Why no one call DonCaroChuckyFace/Melevolent/Jacko out? Who is/are their publicist?? The tough questions are only for Teresa!! Thats ridiculous

  23. Teresa comes off as a volatile, rage-filled person. Seeing her act out, flip tables, grab her cousins face, I believe she probably grabbed Melissa or something in a heated moment. Also, calling her by her maiden name? She’s been married to Teresa’s brother almost 10 years. Teresa has some unnatural expectations of her brother, too. He’s a married man with 3 children. They’re not kids anymore. People grow and move on. Lots of adult siblings drift apart a bit. Her ego and creepy hold on him is painful to watch.

    • what planet have you been living on. she said she saw him on Christmas and at family functions. she never had a hold on him. she misses seeing him because she has not seen him in a year. IT has been well stated by everyone at the party and the place that it was held, that they saw melissa and tre together and tre never touched her. Another flat out lie by melissa. Also based on her past actions, if Tre would have done this, it would have been in the news teh next day, and Melissa would have called the cops right then. This never happened and there are about 50 eye witnesses who have come forward and said it didn’t. Stop spreading falsities when there has been not one ounce of proof, and the fact that she never brought it up until now.

      • Totally agree and I honestly do not how people can watch this show and blame Tre?? She may not be innocent nut fer F’s sake, the last 2 seasons have been her family trying to tear her down!

    • Caroline is a miserable, angry jealous control freak of a witch and a hypocrite who has raised 3 loser children who still suck on her tit because they cannot make it on their own and because she has no other friends. It’s pretty simple. She judges everyone else’s marriage and children while seemingly oblivious to the fact that her husband is a criminal who (admittedly) would rather work than spend time with her and her children are in their 20′s with no discernible skills or job prospects.

      I will stipulate “based on what we’ve seen on the show, through her twitter and her blog ” as you are correct, I don’t know her personally.

    • So you came back to debate with with people your shaking your head at, over people you won’t ever meet either? Because many of us do not share your view, we are somehow unworthy for you to discuss any thing with? That is a totally contrary statement that makes no sense. Sounds almost like political spin to me.
      You can like Caroline, I used to, I feel sorry for Jaq sometimes too, but the way they and her family bash Tre isn’t fair.
      I think a network that has gone to the lengths Bravo has for ratings is vile, and those who participated in are equally as vile.

    • Teresa does not have “unnatural expectations” of her brother. That was a story line created by bravo to explain the tension between them without having to tell the truth.

  24. there are many sites on the internet that have supporters of caroline and jaq and melissa. I would suggest that you frequent their site. When Traylor Trash, Armstrong Ford Huges, etc, was spewing all her lies, the majority of posters here called her out on everything, but there were still people that supporter her, like I am sure you did at the time if you can support Caroline and her crew. Happy blogging on a site that supports your views. We all like the truth around here, and we support the facts as we all see them. The producers admitted Tre did not set up the posh event, yet Melissa nd Caroline and Jaq a year later are still spewing their lies that Tre did it. We like to support facts around here.

  25. Hey, I have to say something about the speculation that Tre doesn’t write her own blog and press responses. I’ve had a major stroke and if you talked to me face to face, you might think I was drunk. I falter for words that are in my mind, but, won’t come out my mouth and I speak slowly. But, as you can see, I write differently. Maybe Teresa writes better than she talks. Some of us get that. She’s already proven to me that she’s not a dummy and she does have some sort of education. She also has best selling cook books. I’m giving her the benifit of the doubt.

  26. I don’t think many of us care if Theresa has an assistant helping her with her blogs. they are still her feelings and emotions. If I had an assistant, I would definitely have them help me word things better, or more correctly. Theresa has always been smart about taking advantage of good PR people, good guidance counselors for lack of a better term. I admire her for that. The rest of the NJ Housewives could benefit from a better team of advisers.

  27. I hate caroline so much. Then jacq is right behind her also mellisa. Kathy is two face. Tre is real, all the rest are some fake ass bitches, with caroline’the wicked’ before.

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