SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Caroline Manzo “ClicheCaro” on FoxNews… Teresa Giudice Says “ShutUP Melissa MARCO…Ima Sue You!”… WWC Podcast is UP!!… Guess Who’s “Separated At Birth”

September 27, 2012  4:05 pm

Get yerself on over to our friends (well, we’re actually MORE than friends…those wedding preparations for the nuptials on December 13 are getting ridiculous!) at TVGasm and take a listen!!

“This week, Matt takes off to live the life of a thin person while Ben Mandelker (bsideblog) and Ronnie Karam (TVgasm) are left alone to their own devices. The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Stripper Extravaganza is delved into, as well as Aviva’s complete transformation into a Joan Crawford character from fifties cinema and Mama Elsa’s rice abuse on Real Housewives of Miami. Have a listen, and if you like it share it!”

NOTE:  The bridesmaids selection is STILL going on!  Never knew how difficult it would be to select only 30 bridesmaids!  The list of baby names has never been easier… should we just skip the wedding and go directly to producing intrawebby progeny??


DonCaro stopped by to see Brownstone patron, Steve Doocy and the dumbest blonde on TV, “journalist” Gretchen Carlson at FoxNews… to chat about her upcoming book.  There were just SO many questions DonCaro has gotten from SO many viewers, KEVIN DICKSON she was FORCED to write all the answers in book form!



This time, it’s Teresa Giudice v Melissa MARCO Gorga!

“I usually don’t comment on stories about me, but I cannot ignore Melissa Marco’s vicious lie that I assaulted her at my own children’s birthday party while she was holding my baby nephew,” says Giudice.

“It is completely untrue in every way. To make such a horrible accusation that involves our children is beyond despicable and speaks to her true character.”


  “I got yer back, BernieBabe!”

BernieTheInsultChef is one of the people whose declaration to the judge in the Adrienne Maloof/Paul Nassif child custody dispute has given Paul Nassif supervised visitation rights to his three boys …

From ROL:

“The family chef also alleged that he observed “Paul drinking large amounts of alcohol and in particular, scotch on a daily basis. While at the residence Paul had a nightly habit of drinking one-and-a-half highball glasses full of scotch without ice or water…..When Paul drinks, Paul tends to fight with Adrienne. I have overheard many arguments between Adrienne and Paul and during some arguments I have heard Adrienne say, ‘Get off me. Get away from me.'”




                         “Don’t worry… if anyone mistakes you for Christopher Lowell, you just let me know…”

… and Christopher Lowell!!

                                                         “Oh, PUH-LEEEZE!!!  Moi mistaken for BigGayGreggy?  I’d never be caught in flip-flops!”


Doin’ Anderson in the AM, then later yesterday...Teresa Joo-dice Jeew-DEE-Chay Joo-Da-SHAY Joo-Dee-Shay-Hay WhateverShe’llAlwaysBeJOO-DICE at SH! Giudice was out with JuicyJoeJoodice last night at the NBA par-tay!


(Thanks to SH readers “CathyFromFTM” and the twitter follower who thought of the Christopher Lowell resemblance!  Sorry, cannot find your tweet or twitter name!)

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  1. Good for Tre. I am glad she didn’t let that bs from Mego pass by. Mego has to learn some boundaries, you can’t just keep saying crap without proof.


  2. WTF? Why no one call DonCaroChuckyFace/Melevolent/Jacko out? Who is/are their publicist?? The tough questions are only for Teresa!! Thats ridiculous


  3. Teresa comes off as a volatile, rage-filled person. Seeing her act out, flip tables, grab her cousins face, I believe she probably grabbed Melissa or something in a heated moment. Also, calling her by her maiden name? She’s been married to Teresa’s brother almost 10 years. Teresa has some unnatural expectations of her brother, too. He’s a married man with 3 children. They’re not kids anymore. People grow and move on. Lots of adult siblings drift apart a bit. Her ego and creepy hold on him is painful to watch.


    • what planet have you been living on. she said she saw him on Christmas and at family functions. she never had a hold on him. she misses seeing him because she has not seen him in a year. IT has been well stated by everyone at the party and the place that it was held, that they saw melissa and tre together and tre never touched her. Another flat out lie by melissa. Also based on her past actions, if Tre would have done this, it would have been in the news teh next day, and Melissa would have called the cops right then. This never happened and there are about 50 eye witnesses who have come forward and said it didn’t. Stop spreading falsities when there has been not one ounce of proof, and the fact that she never brought it up until now.


      • Totally agree and I honestly do not how people can watch this show and blame Tre?? She may not be innocent nut fer F’s sake, the last 2 seasons have been her family trying to tear her down!


    • Caroline is a miserable, angry jealous control freak of a witch and a hypocrite who has raised 3 loser children who still suck on her tit because they cannot make it on their own and because she has no other friends. It’s pretty simple. She judges everyone else’s marriage and children while seemingly oblivious to the fact that her husband is a criminal who (admittedly) would rather work than spend time with her and her children are in their 20’s with no discernible skills or job prospects.

      I will stipulate “based on what we’ve seen on the show, through her twitter and her blog ” as you are correct, I don’t know her personally.


    • So you came back to debate with with people your shaking your head at, over people you won’t ever meet either? Because many of us do not share your view, we are somehow unworthy for you to discuss any thing with? That is a totally contrary statement that makes no sense. Sounds almost like political spin to me.
      You can like Caroline, I used to, I feel sorry for Jaq sometimes too, but the way they and her family bash Tre isn’t fair.
      I think a network that has gone to the lengths Bravo has for ratings is vile, and those who participated in are equally as vile.


    • Teresa does not have “unnatural expectations” of her brother. That was a story line created by bravo to explain the tension between them without having to tell the truth.


  4. there are many sites on the internet that have supporters of caroline and jaq and melissa. I would suggest that you frequent their site. When Traylor Trash, Armstrong Ford Huges, etc, was spewing all her lies, the majority of posters here called her out on everything, but there were still people that supporter her, like I am sure you did at the time if you can support Caroline and her crew. Happy blogging on a site that supports your views. We all like the truth around here, and we support the facts as we all see them. The producers admitted Tre did not set up the posh event, yet Melissa nd Caroline and Jaq a year later are still spewing their lies that Tre did it. We like to support facts around here.


  5. Hey, I have to say something about the speculation that Tre doesn’t write her own blog and press responses. I’ve had a major stroke and if you talked to me face to face, you might think I was drunk. I falter for words that are in my mind, but, won’t come out my mouth and I speak slowly. But, as you can see, I write differently. Maybe Teresa writes better than she talks. Some of us get that. She’s already proven to me that she’s not a dummy and she does have some sort of education. She also has best selling cook books. I’m giving her the benifit of the doubt.


  6. I don’t think many of us care if Theresa has an assistant helping her with her blogs. they are still her feelings and emotions. If I had an assistant, I would definitely have them help me word things better, or more correctly. Theresa has always been smart about taking advantage of good PR people, good guidance counselors for lack of a better term. I admire her for that. The rest of the NJ Housewives could benefit from a better team of advisers.


  7. I hate caroline so much. Then jacq is right behind her also mellisa. Kathy is two face. Tre is real, all the rest are some fake ass bitches, with caroline’the wicked’ before.


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